F Ocal - Corrosion-resistant Conduit Systems

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—FOcal - Corrosion-resistant conduit systems

—FOcal - Corrosion-resistant conduit systems

—Table of contentsSection FA BB ServicesF4OverviewF5PVC-coated conduit and accessoriesF12 PVC-coated conduit bodies and fittingsF22 PVC-coated boxes and coversF43PVC-coated hazardous location fittingsF45 PVC-coated strut and accessoriesF51Ocal installation productsF56 Technical InformationF66Recommended installation proceduresF72

F4O C A L C O R R O S I O N - R E S I S TA N T C O N D U I T S Y S T E M S—ABB ServicesOcal PVC-coated conduit and fittings and other ABB products –better by design to stand up to your most demanding corrosive environments.When you’re dealing with the world’s mostcorrosive environments, just any PVC-coatedconduit won’t do. Ocal has industry leading thread protectionthrough a hot-dipped galvanizing process, andindustry leading UL Listed Type 4X PVC-coatedconduit bodies. Ocal offers a full undisturbed zinc coating under thePVC coating, fulfilling the requirement of NEMARN-1 regarding the restriction of harmed or erodedzinc coating over the conduit. Ocal is UL Listed with both the zinc coating and thePVC coating investigated and listed per UL6. Ocal is UL Listed including UV resistance testing Ocal has “Double-Coat” coated fittings, enhancingcorrosion protection by applying coating to theinterior and exterior of the fittings before PVCcoating.—Which line of PVC-coated conduit,fittings and accessories can youtrust to provide a completecorrosion-protection package foryour entire electrical racewaysystem, extending its life for yearsto come? Ocal-Blue .At ABB, we’re committed to: Convenience of single-order, single shipment toyour site for thousands of stocking items Expert local point of contact for clear, consistentinformation regarding training, codes andstandards Quality brands that have proven themselves overtime Inventive design and manufacture of problemsolving products Offering a best-of-class warranty and returns policy Uniform carton labeling with additional bar-codingfor convenient inventory management Nationwide network of stocking electricaldistributors Outstanding customer service capability Supplying you with the right products, convenientpackaging, on-time delivery and competitivepricing—We deliver the solutions that makeyour job easier and offer the powerto bring it all together in onepackage. Call us today and let ushelp you profit from sourcing yourelectrical products from the leader,ABB.

F5ABB SERVICES AND OC AL – BET TER BY DESIGN—OverviewOcal – better by designOcal PVC-coated conduit and fittings represent a complete corrosion protectionpackage for your entire conduit system. This extensive product line includes the largestnumber of items in stock along with corrosion resistant supports and patchingcompounds. With Ocal PVC-coated conduit and fittings, you get corrosion protectionthat will extend the life of your electrical raceway system for years and years.A complete corrosion protection solution UL Listed with both the zinc coating and the PVCcoating investigated and listed per UL6. Industry leading thread protection through a hotdipped galvanizing process, and industry leadingUL Listed Type 4X PVC-coated conduit bodies. A full undisturbed zinc coating under the PVCcoating, fulfilling the requirement of NEMA RN-1regarding the restriction of harmed or eroded zinccoating over the conduit. Meets the requirements of NEMA RN-1 withoutexception. UL Listed including UV resistance testing. “Double-Coat” coated fittings, enhancing corrosionprotection by applying coating to the interior andexterior of the fittings before PVC coating. Custom colors. On-site installation training and certification, andextended warranty on installations conducted bycertified installers.Standards met ANSI C80.1 Federal Specification WW-C-581 NEMA RN-1 UL6

F6O C A L C O R R O S I O N - R E S I S TA N T C O N D U I T S Y S T E M S—OverviewWhat is corrosion?Corrosive elements cause millions of dollars in damage through lost time,materials and labor.—Corrosion protection of electrical conduit systems—Corrosion protection optionsCompatibility RatingChemicalCategoryChemicalExamplesSolvents (excludingalcohols and aliphatic)Acetone, toluene, ketones, etc.FuelsPlating SolutionsSalts and AlkalineMaterialsMild AcidsPVCJet fuel (alcohol based andaliphatic solvent based)Chrome, nickel, copper, brass,gold, zinc, etc.Caustic soda, caustic potash,alkaline cleaners, etc.Low-concentration hydrochloric,sulfuric, fruit acids, glycolic, eelPolyCarbonateCast LFNRNRNRLSLLSNRNRNRStrong or HighPurity AcidsNitric, hydrofluoric, etc.SSFFSNRNRNROxidizing AgentsBleach, chlorine,hydrogen peroxide, etc.LSLLSNRNRNR—Chemical compatibility legendSuitability DescriptionCompatibility RatingRated for all Fumes, Splash & LiquidLRated only for Fumes & SplashSRated for Fumes onlyNot Recommended—Examples of corrosionFNRThe chart above provides a general guide for theend user to choose the most suitable material forcorrosion protection. Compatibility with chemicalenvironment should be thoroughly evaluated foreach installation.As you can see, PVC-coated conduit and fittings aresuitable for almost all applications. When it comesto PVC-coated conduit systems, there is no higherquality than Ocal.

O V E R V I E W - W H AT I S C O R R O S I O N A N D O C A L M A N U FA C T U R I N G P R O C E S S—OverviewOcal manufacturing processThe Ocal PVC-coated conduit system fully complies with all standards for proper useand protection in corrosive environments mandated by UL6, NEMA RN-1 andANSI C80.1. It is manufactured right here in the United States by ABB in our Jonesboro,AR manufacturing facility.—The process of manufacturing PVC-coated conduit—01 The process beginswith 20-foot (6 meters)sticks of raw steel shell.—02 The steel shell is cut,threaded and preparedfor the hot-dipgalvanizing process.—03 The threaded shell isimmersed in a moltenzinc bath. This hot-dipgalvanizing processenables the zincto penetrate thesteel, providingthe best possibleprotection. Afterthe conduit isextracted from thezinc bath, super-heatedsteam is blown throughthe interior andover the outside of theconduit to remove anyslag. The ends of theconduit are heatedenough to blow excesszinc out of the threadcavities. ABBmanufactures steelconduit that hot-dipgalvanizes the threadsas well as the conduititself. Other methodssuch as “hot galvanizing”provide only a sprayed-onzinc coating.—04 Prior to theexterior PVC coating,2 mils (nominal) ofblue urethane isapplied to the insidediameter as well as thethreads of each conduit.After priming, theconduit is heated andthen rolled through liquidplastisol, achievingcomplete coverage of40 mils in thickness.—05 Standard colorsinclude gray, whiteand blue.5 Custom colorsalso available.—01—02—03—04Ocal offers Plant walk-throughs Installation training and certification Installation tools The expertise to ensure that you get the maximumbenefit of the Ocal-Blue total protection system Manufacturing capabilities that ensure unmatcheddelivery time on custom orders, special colors orlarge quantities Protection of each shipment with special packagingfor damage-free deliverySuperior ServiceOur reputation for dependability and customerservice has made Ocal the most trusted name incorrosion protection for the electrical industry.F7

F8O C A L C O R R O S I O N - R E S I S TA N T C O N D U I T S Y S T E M S—OverviewComplete corrosion protectionOcal has developed a process for coating the interior and exterior of all fittingswith a nominal .002" (2 mils) of blue urethane, which is baked on. This proprietaryapplication of urethane enhances the corrosion protection of your system, even ifyou accidentally nick or cut the PVC coating during installation. Flexible, overlappingsleeves on all Ocal fittings guarantee protection with a vapor- and moisture-tight sealat every connection.The process of manufacturing PVC-coated fittings Fittings are cleaned and then sprayed inside andoutside with 2 mils (nominal) of blue urethane This gives the fittings corrosion protection on theexterior as well as the interior – all fittings are“double-coated” 40 mils of PVC is applied to the exterior of the fitting Covers are coated with a molded flange and moldedintegral O-ring seal for 21 2" - 4" Form 8 and all Form7. Conduit bodies are molded with a flat surface toensure a superior seal Standard colors include gray, white and blue.Custom colors also availableABB takes pride in providing PVC-coated conduitand fittings compliant with industry wide recognized standards.It is this dedication to superior quality that makes Ocal“Better by Design.”Ocal-Blue Double-coat UL Listed Type 4X and NEMA4X Form 8 conduit bodiesFor the conduit system that has to stand up to acorrosive environment, the newly designed Ocal-BlueType 4X Form 8 conduit body meets the challenge.The key is in the cover. Ocal takes a cast cover andthen injection molds a PVC coating around it with anintegral O-ring seal.There’s no need for tools or gaskets. To meet theharsh requirements of the UL Type 4X listing, youneed only hand-tighten the stainless steelencapsulated screws to 15 in.-lbs of torque – ascompared to the 35 in.-lbs of torque required totighten cover screws on competitors’ conduit bodies.Ideal for providing corrosion-resistant performancein washdown and other tough applications, Ocal-BlueType 4X Form 8 PVC-coated cast-iron conduit bodiesare now available in sizes up to 2". Look for the blue toknow it’s a high-quality ABB product.

F9O V E R V I E W - C O M P L E T E C O R R O S I O N P R OT E C T I O N—OverviewComplete corrosion protectionPressure-sealingsleeve on all hubsPVC Gasket-likeflange2-mil (0.002 in.)Urethane exteriorcoating under PVC40-mil (0.040 in.) PVCbonded to exteriorEncapsulatedstainless steelscrews standardon both Form 7and Form 8fittings2 mils (0.002 in.)Urethane interior coatingOcal supplies encapsulated screws on both Form 7and Form 8 fittings.2" C Form 8conduit bodyand cover

F10O C A L C O R R O S I O N - R E S I S TA N T C O N D U I T S Y S T E M S—OverviewEvaluating corrosion protection ofPVC-coated conduit—01 Example of Hot-DipGalvanized Threads after42-day salt-fog test—02 Example showinghow a Zinc coatingsurpasses therequirement forcorrosion resistanceWhen evaluating any electrical raceway conduit orfittings, applicable standards should be referenced.The three standards that address the design andperformance of PVC-coated rigid steel conduit are ANSIC80.1, UL6 and NEMA RN-1. ANSI C80.1, UL and NEMAhave determined the appropriate ASTM standards andtest methods that apply.Hot-Dip Galvanized ThreadsSince electrical conduit systems breathe, the threadswill be exposed to the corrosive environment for theduration of the installation. NEMA RN-1-2005 is theelectrical industry’s standard for PVC externally coatedgalvanized rigid steel conduit. Section 2.1 of this standard states, “Where unusually corrosive environmentsare encountered, it is recommended that threads begiven additional protection suitable for the intendedapplication.” Hot-dip galvanizing is the process throughwhich the steel shell is dipped in molten zinc, causingthe zinc to penetrate the steel. Ocal hot-dip galvanizesthe threads of the conduit, in addition to the conduititself. This gives the threads the protectionrecommended in corrosive environments.A compelling demonstration of the protection hot-dipgalvanizing provides is shown below, using a commoncorrosive agent, salt, on hot-dip galvanized threads.UL6, the standard for rigid metal conduit, referencesASTM B117 for evaluating protective coatings. Below arethe results of a salt-fog test using the standard testmethod ASTM B117.—01Galvanized conduit underneath the PVC coating –Preece testWith so much riding on the integrity of their electricalconduit systems, facilities need the superior protectionoffered by the ABB Ocal PVC-coated conduit systems.The simple fact is that Ocal PVC-coated conduit systemcomplies fully with the design and performancestandards for PVC-coated conduit set forth by UL6,NEMA RN-1 and ANSI C80.1., ANSI C80.1, UL6 and NEMARN-1 have determined the appropriate ASTM standardsand test methods that apply, and the Preece test is onetest that must be passed to be in full compliance.Why is the Preece test relevant to PVC-coatedconduit?In cases where the PVC protection is accidentallybreached, resulting from cuts, scrapes, etc., it is criticalto have a second line of defense – a zinc, or galvanized,coating. The zinc coating will significantly slowcorrosion and allow more time for repairs. Conduitsystems without adequate zinc protection underneaththe PVC coating are most likely to suffer catastrophiccorrosion damage. This is why NEMA RN-1 section 3.1.1requires the proper and correct treatment of galvanizedconduit before it is PVC coated. It states, “The surfaceshall be cleaned in such a manner that the galvanizedsurface of the conduit is not harmed or eroded.”—02The purpose of the Preece test is to evaluate the zinccoating on galvanized rigid conduit to ensureadequate protection from corrosion per UL6.2.2. Thetest will also determine if the surface of the conduit hasbeen damaged as a result of preparation for PVCcoating.In evaluating the test results, the conduit receives apassing grade when the sample does not show a bright,adherent deposit of copper after four 60-secondimmersions in the copper sulfate solution. The conduitshowing the bright, firmly adhering copper has failed toprovide adequate zinc protection against corrosion.The Preece test follows procedures set forth by UL6.2.2and ASTM A239 and is the test recognized by UL6, NEMARN-1 and ANSI C80.1 to adequately assess zincprotection for rigid steel conduit. The Ocal line of PVCcoated conduit systems, manufactured by ABB, complieswith UL6, NEMA RN-1 and ANSI C80.1 without exception.

F11OVERVIE W - ADHESION TEST—OverviewAdhesion test—01 Step 1 consists oftwo cuts through theplastic to the substratealong the length ofthe conduit,approximately 1 2"apart and 3"to 4" in length. A third,perpendicular cutcrosses the lengthwiseparallel cuts.—02 Step 2 calls for theedge of the PVC thatwas cut on theperpendicular tobe carefullylifted to form aplastic tab.—03 Step 3 the tab ispulled perpendicularto the conduit with apair of pliers. Theplastic tab will tear offrather than havingany peeling effect orthe coating separatingfrom the substrate.—04 Step 4 is theevaluation of thetest, whichin this case, results ina passing grade forOcal. This result is moretestimony to thefact that Ocal is“Better by Design.”The evaluation process for adhesion of PVC coatingon conduit is governed by NEMA RN-1 section 3.8,Adhesion, which states, “The adhesion of the PVCcoating to the conduit shall be greater than thestrength of the coating itself.” This adhesion test isstraightforward and simple.There are no specialized conditions necessary toperform this test. Ocal routinely performs qualitycontrol testing – including the adhesion test – onconduit as it rolls off the line. Conduit that passesthis test demonstrates that the adhesion will provideyears of trouble-free service.The following demonstration shows Ocal PVC-coated conduit beingsubjected to the adhesion test.—01—02—03—04—ResultsWith Ocal PVC-coated conduit and fittings, you get corrosion protection that will extend the life of yourelectrical raceway systems for years and years.

O C A L C O R R O S I O N - R E S I S TA N T C O N D U I T S Y S T E M SF12—Ocal-Blue conduitThe ultimate in corrosion protectionProduct features Hot-dip galvanized steel or aluminum conduit Nominal .002" (2 mil) blue urethane coating oninterior Hot-dipped galvanized threads (steel) Minimum .040" (40 mil) PVC coating on exterior – inyour choice of blue, white, gray or custom colors Color-coded thread protectors Couplings shipped with conduit are packagedseparately—Ocal-Blue conduitPipeSize (in.)Metric SizeDesignator*Cat. 5-COND6-COND5SA-COND6SA-OutsideDiameterSteel Only(in.) (mm)OutsideDiameterwith PVC(in.) (mm)NominalWallThicknessSteel Only(in.) (mm)CONDSizeMaterial3/4LengthwithoutCouplings(ft) (m)MinimumWeight perFoot Steelonly(lbs) (kg)0.840.920.100.140.630.309'111 4"0.7921.3023.302.643.5616.107.723.030.363'111 .0021.943.020.6911 4.3935.4037.973.020.9111 1"3.325360.3062.303.704.7252.9085.213.021.5121 22.882.960.190.232.494.809'101 3.580.'101 2"6.837888.9090.905.206.2278.50187.803.013.1031'101 504.580.230.274.0512.739'101 .007.92Colour- space for color identifierG GrayW WhiteCatalog No. Example:COND3/4-G is 3 4" steelconduit coated in gray PVC.CrossSectionArea inSquare(in.) (mm)1 2Blank SteelSA AluminumNominalInsideDiameter(in.) (mm)16Note – Inches, feet and pounds are indicated in bold type. Metric measure is directly below bold type.* Metric size designator (ANSI C80.1-1994).Cat. No.NominalWallThicknesswith PVC(in.) (mm)B BlueCustom colors also available.

F13O C A L- B LU E C O N D U I T A N D C O U P L I N G S—Ocal-Blue couplingsCorrosion-protected connections for conduit sectionsProduct features Nominal .002" (2 mil) blue urethane coating oninterior and threads Minimum .040" (40 mil) PVC coating bonded toexterior – in your choice of blue, white, gray orcustom colors Straight threads (NPS) Molded ribs on outer coating for easy installation (up to and including 4" trade size) Pressure-sealing sleeves protect your connectionseparately—Ocal-Blue couplingsCoupling Size(in.) Metric SizeDesignator*Cat. 4SA-CPL1SA-Minimum Lengthof Metal(in.) (mm)Total MinimumLength IncludingSleeve(in.) (mm)WeightSteel only(lbs) (kg)1 21.503.750.131638.1095.250.063 39.700.150.43CPL1-1/4-CPL1-1/4SA-11 41.915.503548.41139.700.19CPL1-1/2-CPL1-1/2SA-11 L6-CPL6SA-21 178.581.223.7831 015587.29188.893.60Note – Inches, feet and pounds are indicated in bold type. Metric measure is directly below bold type.* Metric size designator (ANSI C80.1-1994).Cat. No.SizeCPL1MaterialColourSA-Blank Steel space for color identifierSA AluminumG GrayW WhiteCatalog No. Example:CPL1SA-B is a 1" aluminumcoupling coated in blue PVC.B BlueCustom colors also available.

O C A L C O R R O S I O N - R E S I S TA N T C O N D U I T S Y S T E M SF14—Ocal-Blue double-coat split couplingsJoin threaded conduit where you can’t use a standard couplingSplit couplings serve as speed unions for costeffective joining of two separate lengths ofthreaded conduit. Like other Ocal fittings, they’redouble coated in urethane and PVC to safeguardyour entire conduit system against corrosion.Product features Malleable iron construction Nominal .002" (2 mil) blue urethane on both interiorand exterior Minimum .040" (40 mil) PVC bonded to exterior PVC coating in your choice of blue, white and graystandard colors with custom colors available onrequest Stainless steel hardware included separatelyTCC SplitCoupling—Ocal-Blue double-coat split couplingsPipe Size(in.)Cat. No.Metric SizeDesignator*Cat. No.Pipe Size(in.)Metric SizeDesignator*TCC1-1 216TCC7-21 263TCC2-3 421TCC8-378TCC3-127TCC9-31 291TCC4-11 435TCC10-4103TCC5-11 241TCC12-5129TCC6-253TCC14-6155* Metric size designator (ANSI C80.1-1994).* Metric size designator (ANSI C80.1-1994).Cat. No.SizeTCC1Colour space for color identifierG GrayW WhiteB BlueCustom colors also available.Note: The use of standard couplings is recommendedwhenever possible over the use of split couplings, becausestandard couplings provide better overall corrosion protection.

O C A L- B LU E C O U P L I N G S A N D N I P P L E SF15—Ocal-Blue nipplesSpeed up your field installations with pre-threaded conduit nipplesProduct features Made from Ocal PVC-coated steel or aluminumconduit Blue urethane coating over threads Nominal .002" (2 mil) blue urethane on interior Minimum .040" (40 mil) PVC coating on exterior –choose blue, white, gray or custom colors Color-coded thread protectors for easyidentification of conduit size Available in 11 standard lengths – close and 2" to 12"with custom lengths available on request Close nipples are coated only in urethane—PVC-coated conduit nipples – steelPipeSize(in.)MetricSize*1 2"Nipple Length (in.) (mm)2"21 2"3"31 PL1X10-NPL1X12-163 4"211"2711 4"CLNPL11/4- NPL11/4X2- NPL11/4X21/2- NPL11/4X3- NPL11/4X31/2-NPL11/4X4- NPL11/4X5- NPL11/4X6- NPL11/4X8- NPL11/4X10- NPL11/4X12-3511 2"CLNPL11/2-NPL11/2X2- NPL11/2X21/2- NPL11/2X3- NPL11/2X31/2- NPL11/2X4- NPL11/2X5- NPL11/2X6- NPL11/2X8- NPL11/2X10- L21/2-——— NPL21/2X31/2- NPL21/2X4- NPL21/2X5- NPL21/2X6- NPL21/2X8- NPL21/2X10- NPL21/2X12-CLNPL3-———CLNPL31/2-———— NPL31/2X4- NPL31/2X5- NPL31/2X6- NPL31/2X8- NPL31/2X10- ��—NPL6X5-NPL6X6-NPL6X8-NPL6X10-NPL6X12-5321 0-NPL3X12-7831 2"914"1035"1296"155* Metric size designator (ANSI C80.1-1994).Cat. No.Size x LengthMaterialColourNPL3/4 x 6-Blank Steel space for color identifierSA AluminumCatalog No. Example:NPL3/4X6-G is a 3 4" x 6" longsteel nipple coated in gray PVC.G GrayW WhiteB BlueCustom colors also available.

O C A L C O R R O S I O N - R E S I S TA N T C O N D U I T S Y S T E M SF16—Ocal-Blue nipples (continued)—PVC-coated conduit nipples – AluminumPipeSize(in.)MetricSize*Nipple Length (in.) (mm)Close1 2"2"21 2"50.863.53"31 04.8CLNPL1/2SA- NPL1/2X2SA- NPL1/2X21/2SA- NPL1/2X3SA- NPL1/2X31/2SA- NPL1/2X4SA- NPL1/2X5SA- NPL1/2X6SA- NPL1/2X8SA- NPL1/2X10SA- NPL1/2X12SA-163 4"CLNPL3/4SA- NPL3/4X2SA- NPL3/4X21/2SA- NPL3/4X3SA- NPL3/4X31/2SA-NPL3/4X4SA- NPL3/4X5SA-NPL3/4X6SA- NPL3/4X8SA- NPL3/4X10SA- SA-NPL1X10SA-NPL1X12SA-2711 4"CLNPL11/4SA- NPL11/4X2SA- NPL11/4X21/2SA- NPL11/4X3SA- NPL11/4X31/2SA- NPL11/4X4SA- NPL11/4X5SA- NPL11/4X6SA- NPL11/4X8SA- NPL11/4X10SA- NPL11/4X12SA-3511 2"CLNPL11/2SA- NPL11/2X2SA- NPL11/2X21/2SA- NPL11/2X3SA- NPL11/2X31/2SA- NPL11/2X4SA- NPL11/2X5SA- NPL11/2X6SA- NPL11/2X8SA- NPL11/2X10SA- L2X10SA-NPL2X12SA-CLNPL21/2SA-——— NPL21/2X31/2SA- NPL21/2X4SA- NPL21/2X5SA- NPL21/2X6SA- NPL21/2X8SA- NPL21/2X10SA- ��— NPL31/2X4SA- NPL31/2X5SA- NPL31/2X6SA- NPL31/2X8SA- NPL31/2X10SA- SA-NPL6X8SA-NPL6X10SA-NPL6X12SA-5321 8SA-NPL3X10SA-NPL3X12SA-7831 2"914"1035"1296"155* Metric size designator (ANSI C80.1-1994).Cat. No.Size xLengthNPL3/4 x 6ColourMaterial-Blank Steel space for color identifierSA AluminumCatalog No. Example:NPL3/4X6-G is a 3 4" x 6" longsteel nipple coated in gray PVC.G GrayW WhiteB BlueCustom colors also available.

O C A L- B LU E N I P P L E S A N D S TA N D A R D - R A D I U S E L B O W SF17—Ocal-Blue standard-radius elbowsFactory bent to save wasted time and materials.Product features Fabricated from Ocal PVC-coated conduit Standard radii in 30 , 45 , 60 and 90 available forimmediate shipment Color-coded thread protectors for easyidentification of conduit size—Ocal-Blue standard-radius elbowsPipe SizeCat. No.Radius “R”Offset “C”SteelAluminium(in.)Metric SizeDesignator*(in.)(mm)ELL1/2- -ELL1/2- -SA-1 2164.00101.606.00ELL3/4- -ELL3/4- -SA-3 4214.50114.30ELL1- -ELL1- -SA-1275.75146.05ELL11/4- -ELL11/4- -SA-11 4357.25184.15ELL11/2- -ELL11/2- -SA-11 2418.25209.55ELL2- -ELL2- -SA-ELL21/2- -ELL21/2- -SA-ELL3- -ELL3- -SA-ELL31/2- -ELL31/2- -SA-(in.)Straight End“D”UnbentLengthWeightSteel 203.5088.9021.92556.836.33160.8621 15.42391.7731 0591.84ELL4- -ELL4- 729.68753.80ELL5- -ELL5- 1660.821544.89ELL6- -ELL6- 1585.692176.51* Metric size designator (ANSI C80.1-1994).Cat. No.Pipe SizeAngleMaterialColourELL3/4---30 30 Blank Steel45 45 SA AluminumG Gray60 60 W WhiteBlank 90 Catalog No. Example:ELL3/4X6-G is a 3 4" trade size 90 aluminum elbow coated in white PVC.B BlueCustom colors also available.

O C A L C O R R O S I O N - R E S I S TA N T C O N D U I T S Y S T E M SF18—Ocal-Blue large-radius elbowsChoose the size and angle to meet your exact requirementsProduct features Fabricated from Ocal PVC-coated conduit Large radius in 90 available for immediateshipment Special radii and angles not listed available uponrequest Color-coded thread protectors for easyidentification of conduit size—Ocal-Blue large-radius elbowsCat. No.SteelAluminiumLRELL X12- -LRELL X12- -SA-Radius “R”Offset “C”Straight End“D”UnbentLengthPipe Size(in.)Metric n.)(mm)1-21 227–6312.00304.801' 9"533.409.00228.603' 0"914.401,066.80LRELL X15- -LRELL X15- -SA-1-327–7815.00381.002' 0"609.609.00228.603' 6"LRELL X18- -LRELL X18- -SA-1-427–10318.00457.202' 4"711.2010.00254.004' 0"1,219.20LRELL X24- -LRELL X24- -SA-1-427–10324.00609.602' 11"889.0011.00279.404' 11"1,498.60LRELL X30- -LRELL X30- -SA-1-527–12930.00762.003' 5"1,041.4011.00279.405' 9"1,752.60LRELL X36- -LRELL X36- -SA-1-627–15536.00914.403' 11"1,193.8011.00279.406' 6"1,981.20LRELL X42- -LRELL X42- -SA-1-627–15542.001,066.804' 6"1,371.6012.00304.807' 6"2,286.00LRELL X48- -LRELL X48- -SA-1-627–15548.001,219.205' 0"1,524.0012.00304.808' 6"2,590.80LRELL X60- -LRELL X60- -SA-21 2 -663–15560.001,524.006' 0"1,828.8012.00304.809' 10"2,997.20* Metric size designator (ANSI C80.1-1994).Cat. No.LRELLPipe SizeRadiusAngleMaterialColourX12---1 130 30 Blank Steel2 245 45 SA AluminumG Gray60 60 W WhiteBlank 90 Catalog No. Example:LRELL3X18-45-G is a 3" trade size steel elbow withradius of 18" and an angle of 45 , coated in gray PVC.B BlueCustom colors also available.

F19O C A L- B LU E P V C - C O AT E D L A R G E - R A D I U S E L B O W S / B E A M C L A M P S A N D U - B O LT S—Ocal PVC-coated beam clamps and U-boltsPVC coating evenly molded around saddle prevents exposure of metal –an Ocal exclusiveParallel (PAR)Product features Beam clamps support and attach conduit runs tostructural beams Molded right-angle beam clamps and U-boltsprovide extra protection Encapsulated, hex-shaped nuts fit standardwrenches Stainless steel hardware included Parallel (PAR) and edge (EC) clamps feature nominal.015" (15 mil) PVC coating for corrosion protection Right-Angle clamps (RA) and U-Bolts (UB) featurenominal .040" (40 mil) PVC coating for corrosionprotectionEdge (EC)—PVC-coated beam clampsCat. No.Cat. No.RightAnglePipe Size(in.)Metric SizeDesignator*ParallelEdgeRA1/2-PAR1/2-EC1/2-1 216PAR3/4-EC3/4-3 11 435RA1-1/2-PAR1-1/2-EC1-1/2-11 241RA2-PAR2-EC2-253RA2-1/2-PAR2-1/2-—21 263RA3-PAR3-—378RA3-1/2-PAR3-1/2-—31 291RA4-PAR4-—4103ColourRA1- space for color identifierG GrayW WhiteB BlueCustom colors also available.Right Angle (RA)Metric size designator (ANSI C80.1-1994).—PVC-coated U-bolts“A” DimensionCat. No.Pipe Size(in.)Metric SizeDesignator*(in.)(mm)UB1/2-1 2161.3834.93UB3/4-3 4211.5639.691271.8446.83UB1-1/4-11 4352.1955.56UB1-1/2-11 2412.5063.502532.9775.4121 2633.4788.113784.09103.98UB1-UB2-UB2-1/2-UB3-31 B6-61558.00203.20UB3-1/2-Metric size designato

ABB Sceevsri F4 Overview F5 PVC-coated conduit and accessories F12 PVC-coated conduit bodies and fittings F22 PVC-coated boxes and covers F43 PVC-coated hazardous location fittings F45 PVC-coated strut and accessories F51 Ocal installation products F56 Techncoanfml I i r ation F66

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Ocal PVC-coated conduit and fittings, you get corrosion protection that will extend the life of your electrical raceway system for years and years. Better by Design tOnly Ocal PVC-coated conduit is UL Listed with both the zinc coating and the PVC coating investigated and listed per UL6. tOnly Ocal PVC-

Ocal PVC-coated conduit and fittings, you get corrosion protection that will extend the life of your electrical raceway system for years and years. Better by Design t Only Ocal PVC-coated conduit is UL Listed with both the zinc coating and the PVC coating investigated and listed per UL6. t Only Ocal PV

PVC Rigid Conduit & Fittings 4 PVC Rigid Conduit Sch40 5 PVC Rigid Conduit Sch80 6 PVC Conduit Utility Duct DB-60, DB-100 & DB-120 7 PVC Conduit Utility Duct EB-20 & EB-35 8 elephone Duct - Type CT 8 PVC Pipe Chart Loading Chart 9 Standard Radius PVC Elbows 10 - 13 Special Radius PVC

4. Always use the proper size conduit bender for the conduit size being bent. The conduit will not bend properly and/or will be damaged if a mismatch of bender and conduit size is used. Place the bender onto the tubing with the hook pointed towards the free end to be bent upwards. Make sure the conduit is r

Part No. Description Conduit Size MXC2001XX 2" 1-Cell MaxCell 1-1/2" up to 2" Conduit MXC3456XX 3" 3-Cell MaxCell 3" or Larger Conduit MXC2003XX 2" 3-Cell MaxCell 2" Conduit MXC2002XX 2" 2-Cell MaxCell 1-1/2" or 2" Conduit MXC4003XX 4" 3-Cell MaxCell 3" or Larger Conduit Max Cell www.ptsupply.com marketing@ptsupply.com 800-238-7514

conduit stub, Fig. 6-19-134H, Fig. 6-19-134I, and Fig. 6-19-134J. B. The customer may install gray schedule 40 PVC conduit (UL approved). Couplings are preferred to bell ends. All joints must be glued with appropriate PVC conduit cement. The conduit must be the same diameter as the service lateral conduit. All conduit bends must have a minimum .

and correct treatment of galvanized conduit before it is PVC coated. It states, “The surface shall be cleaned in such a manner that the galvanized surface of the conduit is not harmed or eroded.” The purpose of the Preece test is to evaluate the zinc coating on galvanized rigid conduit

Artificial Intelligence of December 2018 [5] and in the EU communication on Artificial Intelligence for Europe [6], including billions of Euros allocated in the Digital Europe Programme _ [7]. This is due to potential economic gains (e.g. see OECD reports on AI investments [8] and on AI patents [9]), as well as economic risks (such as the issue of liability – Liability for Artificial .