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*80011891*TMDepartment of Finance-1127RETURN FoR NoNRESIDENT EMPloyEES oF ThE CITy oF NEw yoRkhIRED oN oR AFTER JANUARy 4, 1973Enter 2‑character special condition code if applicable. (See instructions):PRINT OR TYPE First names and initials of employee and spouse:Last name:Home address (number and street):Apt. no.:City and State:Zip Code:NYC Department orEmployeeAgency where employed:AddressChangeCountry (if not US)Spouse nNameChangeA.n MARRIED FILING JOINTLYOR SURVIVING SPOUSEB. DATE RETIRED FROM NYC SERVICE .SPOUSE’S SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERB.nEMPLOYEE:HEAD OFHOUSEHOLDEMPLOYEE: - -C. n CHECK BOX IF YOU AND YOUR SPOUSE ARE BOTH SUBJECT TO SECTION 1127.A.PaymentAMENDED RETURNEMPLOYEE'S SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER Note: If you file a joint Federal tax return but elect toexclude a spouse’s income, see the special computationSchedule A on the back of this form and use Filing Status C.A. NUMBER OF MONTHS EMPLOYED IN 2018 .nnnnTAXPAYER’S EMAIL ADDRESSDaytime telephone number:1 - FILING STATUS2018C.n SINGLE OR MARRIEDFILING SEPARATELYSPOUSE:SPOUSE: - -Payment AmountAmount being paid electronically with this return . A.2 - 1127 LIABILITY CALCULATIONAll the information you will need to complete this 1127 form comes directly from your NYS Income Tax Return. For your convenience, wehave listed where on your State tax return you can find this information depending on whether you filed a NYS Resident Income Tax Return(NYS IT-201) or a NYS Non-Resident and Part-Year Resident Income Tax Return (NYS IT-203).23456NYS Taxable Income.See instructions. Section 1127 liability plus Other New YorkCity Taxes, if any. See instructions.New York City School tax and other creditsNew York City 1127 amount withheldBalance DueRefund3 - CERTIFICATION where do I get the amount?NYS IT-201, line 37NYS IT-203, line 36AmountNote: If you file a joint Federal tax returnbut elect to exclude a spouse’s income, seethe special computation Schedule A on theback of this form and use Filing Status C.Page 2 liability rate schedulesNYS IT-201, line 51See Page 2, Schedule B and InstructionsForm 1127.2If line 2 is greater than the sum of lines 3 and 4,enter balance dueIf line 2 is less than the sum of lines 3 and 4, enter refundamount (not to exceed the amount on line 4). (See instr.)I hereby certify that this return, including any accompanying rider, is, to the best of my knowledge and belief, true, correct and complete.I authorize the Department of Finance to discuss this return with the preparer listed below. (see instructions) .YESSIgNUSEoNlyPREPARER'ShERE:nYOUR SIGNATUREDATESIGNATURE OF PREPARER OTHER THAN TAXPAYEREIN OR SSN OR PTINDATEPREPARER’S EMAIL ADDRESSPREPARER’S PRINTED NAMEATTACh A CoMPlETE CoPy oF yoUR NEw yoRk STATEINCoME TAx RETURN INClUDINg All SChEDUlESPayment must be made in U.S. dollars, drawn on a U.S. bank.80011891ADDRESSAll RETURNS ExCEPT REFUND RETURNSNYC DEPARTMENT OF FINANCESECTION 1127P.O. BOX 5564BINGHAMTON, NY 13902-5564REMITTANCESCITYPAy oNlINE wITh FoRM NyC-200V ATNyC.goV/ESERVICES oRMail Payment and Form NyC-200V oNly to:NYC DEPARTMENT OF FINANCEP.O. BOX 3933NEW YORK, NY 10008-3933STATEZIP CODERETURNS ClAIMINg REFUNDSNYC DEPARTMENT OF FINANCESECTION 1127P.O. BOX 5563BINGHAMTON, NY 13902-5563NYC-1127 20181line

NYC-1127 - 2018SCHE nce betweenthe sum of lines 3 and 4, and line 2 (subtract line 2 from the sum of lines 3 and 4).Your refund amount is the lesser of thisdifference and the amount on line 4.If the amount on line 2 is equal to thesum of lines 3 and 4, enter 0 on line 6.Refunds cannot be processed unless acomplete copy of your New York Statereturn, including all schedules, andwage and tax statement (Form 1127.2)are attached to your form.

Instructions for Form NYC-1127 - 2018SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR2018 FOR SCHEDULE A, PAGE 2.If you contributed to a New York StateCharitable Gifts Trust Fund, filed a NewYork State return claiming married filingjointly status and claiming an itemizeddeduction for that contribution, you mustrecalculate NYS AGI by adding back theamount of the contribution to theCharitable Gifts Trust Fund. Enter therecalculated NYS AGI on line 1. Attach aworksheet showing the calculations. If youcontributed to a New York State CharitableGifts Trust Fund, claim a New York Stateitemized deduction for that contributionand the period of your NYC employmentencompassed part of the year, the amounton line 1 of Schedule A should be calculated as if the period of employment is theperiod of NYC residence.SCHEDULE A, PAGE 2 - LINE 5If the amount withheld pursuant toSection 1127 was included in the itemized deductions when calculating yourNew York State Personal Income Taxliability, you must reduce the amount ofyour itemized deductions for purposes ofthis line by that amount.SCHEDULE B, PAGE 2On Schedule B, report items for employee and spouse if filing a joint FormNYC-1127. Married employees whochoose not to include their spouse’sincome in Form NYC-1127, report itemsfor employee only.A1 - NEW YORK CITY SCHOOLTAX CREDIT (fixed amount)A School Tax Credit is allowed for 2018 asfollows: Filing StatusSingleMarried filingseparate returnHead of householdMarried filingjoint returnIf your income* is your credit** is 250,000 or less 63 250,000 or less 125Over 250,000Qualifying widow(er)with dependent child Over 250,000 0 0*Income, for purposes of determining your schooltax credit means your federal adjusted grossincome (FAGI) from Form IT-201, line 19 minusdistributions from an individual retirementaccount and an individual retirement annuity fromIT-201, line 9, if they were included in your FAGI.**The statutory credit amounts have been rounded.See also the instructions to Line 69 ofNew York State Form IT-201.Employees who were employed by theCity for only part of the year should useTable 2 in those instructions to determinethe allowable credit. See also instructions to the other lines of New York StateForm IT-201 referred to above.A2 - NEW YORK CITY SCHOOLTAX CREDIT (rate reductionamount)The New York City tax credit rate reduction amount is calculated as follows:Calculation of NyC school tax credit(rate reduction amount) for married filing jointlyand qualifying widow(er)If city taxable income is:but not overoverThe credit is: 21,600 37 plus .228% of theexcess over 21,600 0 21,600 500,000.171% of taxable income*Calculation of NyC school tax credit(rate reduction amount) for single and marriedfiling separatelyIf city taxable income is:overbut not overThe credit is: 12,000 21 plus .228% ofthe excess over 12,000 0 12,000 500,000.171% of taxable income*Calculation of NyC school tax credit(rate reduction amount)for head of householdIf city taxable income is:overbut not overThe credit is: 14,400 25 plus .228% ofthe excess over 14,400 0 14,400 500,000.171% of taxable income**If the period of your NYC employment encompassed thefull year, use the amount entered on page 1, line 1. If itencompassed part of the year, use the amount from line47 of Form IT-360.1 calculated as if the period of employment is the period of NYC residence.B - UBT PAID CREDITIf you were a partner in a partnershipdoing business in the City, you may beentitled to a credit for a portion of theCity Unincorporated Business Tax paidby that partnership. See Form IT-219and the instructions to that form. Enterthe amount of credit to which you wouldbe entitled as a City resident from FormIT-219.Page 3F - OTHER CITY TAXESPart-year City residents should enter online F the amount actually reported onyour New York State tax return, (net ofany credits listed in A1, A2, B, C, D, Eand G actually taken on the IT-201 or IT203) if any, as City tax (Form IT-201,lines 50 and 51 or Form IT-203, line 51).Part-year employees should include online F that portion of the City tax reported on the New York State return attributable to the period covered by this return.Attach a complete copy of your NewYork State tax return, including schedules.G - NYC CHILD AND DEPENDENTCARE CREDITRefer to New York State Form IT-216 todetermine if you qualify for this credit.Attach Form IT-216 to this form.MAILING INSTRUCTIONSIn order for your form to be processed,you must attach the following to FormNYC-1127: Complete copy of New York StateIncome Tax Return, including allschedulesWage and withholding statement(Form 1127.2)Copy of federal Schedule A, if itemizing deductionsAgency verification, if claiming lineof duty injury deductionSIGNATUREYou must sign and date your return at thebottom of page 1. If you file jointly onForm NYC-1127, the form must besigned by both spouses. Your returnand/or refund cannot be processed if itis not signed.If you have a tax-related question orproblem, call 311. If calling from outside of the five NYC boroughs, pleasecall 212-NEW-YORK (212-639-9675).ACCESSING NYC TAX FORMSBy Computer - Download forms from

Instructions for Form NYC-1127 - 2018the Finance website at nyc.gov/financeBy Phone - Order forms by calling 311. Ifcalling from outside of the five NYC boroughs, please call 212-NEW-YORK (212639-9675).PRIVACY ACT NOTIFICATIONThe Federal Privacy Act of 1974, as amended,requires agencies requesting Social SecurityNumbers to inform individuals from whomthey seek this information as to whether compliance with the request is voluntary or mandatory, why the request is being made and how theinformation will be used. The disclosure ofSocial Security Numbers for taxpayers ismandatory and is required by section 11-102.1of the Administrative Code of the City of NewYork. Such numbers disclosed on any report orreturn are requested for tax administration purposes and will be used to facilitate the processing of tax returns and to establish and maintaina uniform system for identifying taxpayers whoare or may be subject to taxes administered andcollected by the Department of Finance, and, asmay be required by law, or when the taxpayergives written authorization to the Departmentof Finance for another department, person,agency or entity to have access (limited or otherwise) to the information contained in his orher return.Page 4

4 New York City 1127 amount withheld . NYC-200V at 9 .2:A/0 0 A4.0 , or Mail payment and Form NYC-200V only to: NYC Department of Finance P.O. Box 3933 New York, NY 10008-3933 Forms claiming refunds: NYC

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