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Fish Oil Supplement Tests ShowProblems with Nearly 30% ofProducts Selected for ReviewKrill Oil and Algal Oil SupplementsAlso Tested for Omega-3sAlphabetical list of fish oil, krill oil, and algal oil supplement brands in reportAdvocare reviewCardioStat (Amerifit) reviewCarlson reviewCVS reviewDr. Sears reviewFinest Natural (Walgreen)Garden of Life reviewGNC reviewKirkland (Costco) reviewLife Extension reviewLiquid Solutions reviewMaster Omega reviewMercola reviewNatrol reviewNatural Factors reviewNature Made reviewNew Chapter reviewNordic Naturals reviewNOW reviewNSI (Vitacost) reviewOlympian Labs reviewOmegaBrite reviewOrigin (Target) reviewPregnancy Plus reviewPuritan's Pride reviewQuest Longevity reviewRes-Q reviewSolgar reviewSource Naturals reviewSpring Valley (Walmart) reviewSwanson reviewTrader Joe's reviewThe Simpsons reviewVital Nutrients reviewVitalOils (VitalRemedyMD) reviewVitamin Shoppe reviewVitamin World reviewWeil (Andrew Weil, M.D.) reviewWellements review1-800-PetMeds reviewMake sure the fish oil, krill oil, or algal oil pill or liquid you take passed our tests and isright for you!Isn't your health worth it?Laboratory tests of fish oil, krill oil, and algal oil supplements by revealed qualityproblems with 7 out of 24 products selected for review. Three products contained less omega-3 fattyacids (EPA and/or DHA) than claimed. Several products (including a children's fish oil) were spoiledwhen purchased. An enteric-coated fish oil softgel released its oil too early. A fish oil supplement forpets exceeded the contamination limit for PCBs. Seventeen of the selected omega-3 supplementspassed testing as did 17 products similarly tested through's voluntary also found that concentrations of EPA and DHA omega-3s ranged from less than 20%to over 80% of the fish oil (or other marine oil) content listed on front labels. Some labels included qualityclaims with no regulatory basis making them meaningless.

Contamination and Mislabeling FoundAmong Glucosamine, Chondroitin andMSM SupplementsGlucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM supplements compared in this review21st Century Glucosamine Chondroitin TripleStrengthJarrow FormulasGlucosamine Chondroitin MSMBioGenesis Nutraceuticals ArthroGenxJoint Juice GlucosamineChondroitinKAL GlucosamineChondroitin MSMMaxi-Health SuperGlucosamine ComplexCosamin DSCVS pharmacy MSMDoctor's BEST Best MSM 1500Maximum StrengthDONA GlucosamineDr. David Williams Joint Advantage GoldNature Made Triple FlexDrinkables Liquid Supplements Liquid Joint CareNature's Bounty Flex-amin Triple StrengthElations Healthier JointsNOW VegetarianGlucosamine & MSMNutrilite glucosamine-7FeelAnew Glucosamine Chondroitin NexrutineFinest Natural Glucosamine Chondroitin DoubleNutri-Supreme ResearchUltra Joint SupportGNC Glucosamine 750 Chondroitin 600Osteo Bi-Flex AdvancedGNC TriflexPuritan's Pride PremiumGlucosamine HCLGNC TriFlex Complete Vitapak Fast ActingSchiff Move FreeAdvancedGNC TriFlex Complete Vitapak MSMShaklee Joint HealthComplexSimply Right TripleStrengthGlucosamine andChondroitinSource NaturalsChondroitin SulfateSpring Valley MSMThorne ResearchGlucosamine andChondroitinTrace MineralsResearch ActivJointPlatinumTrader Joe'sGlucosamineChondroitinTR CAPS Joint PlusCaps 8 Hour TimeReleaseTwinlab Joint FuelUSANA OptimizersProcosaVitamin Shoppe JointSolutions TripleStrengthVitamin World TripleStrengthGlucosamine HCLWebber naturalsGlucosamineChondroitin MSMWellesse JointMovementGlucosamineWhole FoodsGlucosamine and

ChondroitinGNC Triflex Fast-ActingMake sure the arthritis joint supplement you take passed our quality review and is right foryou!Isn't your health worth it?Glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM may help treat or relieve pain of arthritis caused by worn cartilage injoints -- a condition known as osteoarthritis. However, the quality of supplements for joint health varies, asdo the ingredients, dose, and price. How can you select the best glucosamine, chondroitin, and/or MSMsupplement? tells you how in this new report.Among the 22 supplements selected and tested, only 18 met quality standards andlabeling requirements. One product, from a nationally recognized company, was contaminated with one ofthe highest levels of lead has found in a supplement -- 13.2 micrograms per day. Thisis 26 times as much lead as CL permits. A second national brand also exceeded the lead limit, containing1.7 micrograms of lead. All other products were below the contamination limit. However, one was found tocontain only 71.5% of its listed amount of chondroitin and another was improperly labeled, lacking arequired consumer warning and containing an ingredient not approved for use in a supplement.Fortunately, our tests also identified many supplements containing all of the listed glucosamine,chondroitin, and/or MSM as well as being below CL's limit for lead contamination, able to break apartproperly, and properly labeled. Among these products top-rated for quality, we determined those availableat the lowest cost, so you can find a quality joint health supplement at the best price.

Many Protein Powders and Drinks DeliverListed Ingredients, But Some Found withExtra Sugar or Lead ContaminationAlphabetical list of protein powder and protein drink brands in reportABB Mass Recovery reviewAllmax reviewBioPlex Nutrition reviewBody Fortress reviewBSN Syntha-6 reviewCytomax reviewEAS reviewEndurox reviewGarden of Life RAW reviewGenisoy reviewGNC reviewGold Standard reviewJay Robb reviewMetagenics reviewNature's Plus (Spiru-Tein) reviewNutriBiotic reviewPowerBar reviewReliv reviewSlim-Fast (optima) reviewSolgar reviewTwinLab reviewUniversal Nutrition reviewMake sure the protein supplement you take passed our test and is right for you!Isn't your health worth it?Protein from whey, soy, and/or rice is a key ingredient in supplements for body-building as well as inproducts for endurance, sports recovery, dieting, and meal-replacement. But how good is the quality ofthese protein powders and protein drinks and how do they compare nutrionally?Our review of protein powders and drinks revealed lead contamination in two protein supplements -delivering 6 to 18 mcg of the heavy metal in a daily serving. Four grams of extra sugar was found inone serving of a third product. The other protein supplements tested met their label claims and did notexceed contamination limits for tested all products for melamine, a cheap substitute for protein that can be toxic andhas been reported in products in the U.S. in recent years. Fortunately, melamine was not found in any ofthe tested protein supplements.

Multivitamins Put to the Test;Defects Found in Over 30% Chosenfor ReviewMultivitamins compared in report (alphabetical)All One Active Seniorsalpha beticBerkley & Jensen Men'sDaily (BJ's)Centrum ChewablesCentrum SilverCountry Life Maxi-Sorb Maxfor MenCVS Pharmacy SpectraviteSeniorDG health Adult FormulaComplete 50 Enfamil Poly-Vi-Sol with IronEquate Mature Multivitamin50 (Walmart)Flintstones Plus BoneBuilding SupportGarden of Life Raw One forWomenGlaceau Vitamin Water MultiVGNC Men's Mega MenGNC Men's Mega Men 50PlusGNC Men's Mega Men SportGNC Women's Ultra MegaGNC Women's Ultra Mega50 PlusGNC Women's Ultra MegaActiveHero Nutritionals YummiBearsJamieson Chewable Vita VimJuicePlus Garden BlendJulian Whitaker, M.D., ForwardPowerKirkland Mature Multi Adult 50 (Costco)Kroger Complete Ultra Women'sHealthLife Extension Two Per DayMelaleuca VitalityPet-Tabs CompletePharmanex LifePak Anti-AgingPure Encapsulations Nutrient 950Puritan's Pride High Potency UltraVita ManRainbow Light Cert OrganicsWomen's MultivitaminRite Aid PrenatalMember's Mark Mature Multi (Sam'sClub)Metagenics Multigenics ChewableSchiff Single DayMountain Home Daily AdvantageNatrol My Favorite MultiSolaray Women's GoldenSolgar Formula V VM-75Natural Factors MultiFactorsWomen'sNature Made Multi for Her 50 Stuart PrenatalNature's Bounty Ultra ManTrader Joe's Vitamin Crusade HighPotencyUSANA EssentialsNature's Plus Animal ParadeChildren's ChewableNature's Way Alive! Daily EnergyMultiNature's Way Alive! Once DailyMen's Ultra PotencyNOW Adam Superior Men's MultiNutrilite Double XOne-A-Day Men's Health FormulaOne-A-Day Women'sShaklee Vita-LeaThorne Research Basic PrenatalVitamin Shoppe Ultimate WomenGoldVitamin World Ultra ManWalgreens One Daily for WomenWEIL, Andrew Weil, M.D., DailyMultivitaminWhole Foods Women's Food BasedMulti21st Century Pet ChewsPetGuardMake sure the multivitamin you take passed our test and is best for you!

Isn't your health worth it?If you're worried that you don't get enough nutrients from your diet, you might want to hedge your betswith a multivitamin. But what's really in that pill, powder, or liquid? If you're not careful, you might not getwhat you bargained for. In its latest review and quality rating of multivitamins, founddefects in over 30% of multivitamins selected for review. Here are some of the discoveries: One popular general multivitamin contained almost twice as much vitamin A as its label claimed.One seniors' multivitamin contained less than 2% of its claimed beta carotene.One general multivitamin was missing 25% of its calcium.A seniors', a men's, and even a pet multivitamin all fell short of their claimed levels of vitamin A.One pet multivitamin was contaminated with lead.A children's chewable multivitamin contained more than the upper tolerable limit of niacin, and a kids'gummy exceeded the limits for both vitamin A and zinc.

Products Selected for Review Krill Oil and Algal Oil Supplements Also Tested for Omega-3s Alphabetical list of fish oil, krill oil, and algal oil supplement brands in report Advocare review Natural Factors review Solgar review CardioStat (Amerifit) review Nature Made review Source Naturals review Carlson

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