Achieve Reliable Lockout In More Circuit Breaker Applications

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GRIP TIGHT PLUS CIRCUIT BREAKERLOCKOUT DEVICES FITMENT GUIDEAchieve Reliable Lockout inMore Circuit Breaker ApplicationsIDENTIFY YOUR CIRCUIT BREAKER MODELTO SELECT THE RIGHT MASTER LOCK LOCKOUT DEVICESingle Toggle1-, 2- and3-Pole MiniatureBreakersMost Tie Bar2- and3-Pole MiniatureBreakersMolded Case BreakersMolded Case Breakerswith Oversized HandlesS3821 Lockout Device Miniature Circuit Breakers(120/240 V)S3822 Lockout Device Molded Case Circuit Breakers(480/600 V)S3823 Lockout Device Oversized Handle Circuit Breakers(480/600 V)Compact size allows for locking out adjacentbreakers. Suitable for locking out multi-polebreakers and works with most tie-bar togglesPermanently fixed cleat adds physicalblocking capabilityFold-down cleat provides enhanced switchthrow blocking when neededContact your Master Lock Representativeto discuss lockout options for TandemMiniature Breakers, AFCI or GFCI MiniatureBreakers and ISO/DIN BreakersTandemMiniatureBreakersAFCI or GFCIMiniatureBreakersISO StyleDin Mounted

S3821 GRIP TIGHT PLUSCIRCUIT BREAKER LOCKOUTFITMENT GUIDEFor 120/240 V Miniature Circuit Breakers1.53in(38.78mm)2.08in aton / CutlerHammer /WestinghouseGEModel VerifiedMfg. Product FamilyBABManufacturer.40in (10.21mm)Model VerifiedMfg. Product FamilyQUICKLAGTHQBQ-LineBDType BRTHQCQ-LineBRType BRTHQLQ-LineBRHType BRTQQ-LineCHType CH*TQBQ-LineCHBCutler Hammer CHBTQCQ-LineQ-LineGE(continued)CHPType CHP CommercialTQLCHQType CHTXQBQ-LineCLType CLHBAXQUICKLAGTXQCTXQLQ-LineQ-LineHQNPCutler Hammer CKLAGHOMHomelineQCHWQUICKLAGQOQO / QOB*QHCWQUICKLAGQOBQO / QOB*QHCXQUICKLAGQHPWQUICKLAGQHPXQUICKLAGTEYTEY / TEYFTEYDTEY / TEYFTEYFTEY / TEYFTEYHTEY / TEYFTEYLTEY / TEYFTHHQBQ-LineTHHQCTHHQLSchneiderElectric /Square DQOB-VHQO / QOB*QOM1-VHQO / QOB*QOM2-VHQO / QOB*QO-SWNQO / QOB*QOUQO-VHQO / QOB*QO / QOB*HQPHQPPQP SeriesQP SeriesQDType QDQPQP SeriesQ-LineQP1QP SeriesQ-LineQPHQP SeriesSiemens*Fits single toggle multi-pole breakers. Excludes multi-pole breakers with tie bar.For circuit breakers not included in the list, please contact yourMaster Lock sales representative for further guidance on fitment

S3822 GRIP TIGHT PLUSCIRCUIT BREAKER LOCKOUTFITMENT GUIDEFor 480/600 V Molded Case Circuit Breakers2.97in mm).55in (13.90mm).94in (23.76mm)ManufacturerABBEaton / CutlerHammer /WestinghouseGEModel VerifiedMfg. Product FamilyA1A (1P,2P)ManufacturerModel VerifiedMfg. Product FamilySACE FORMULA A1 FramesBDPowerPact B-FrameA2A (3P,4P)SACE FORMULA A2 FramesFALF-FrameS1SACE ISOMAX S1FJF-FrameT1Tmax T1GJLGJ-FrameXT1SACE Tmax XT 125 FrameHJLPowerPact H-FrameXT4SACE Tmax XT 250 FrameCCType CC Main BreakerKAClass 655Thermal-MagneticCSRType CSR Main BreakerQ1BType Q1B Q FrameE125SSeries G EG-FrameQ2LType Q2L Q FrameEHDSeries C F-FrameQDPowerPact Q-FrameFCLCurrent Limit-RED6JGESeries E J-FrameFBHFB 100 Amp FrameFEHFE 200 Amp FrameSentron ED6ITE/Siemens Type EEE FrameITE/Siemens TypeHE4E FrameSEHSpectra RMS SE150THEDE150THQDQ-LineSchneiderElectric /Square DEE3SiemensHE4HED4Sentron ED4HEGEG FrameQJType QJVL250VL250For circuit breakers not included in the list, please contact yourMaster Lock sales representative for further guidance on fitment

S3823 GRIP TIGHT PLUSCIRCUIT BREAKER LOCKOUTFITMENT GUIDEFor 480/600 V Oversized Handle Circuit 9mm)1.00in (23.76mm)1.27in (32.16mm)1.87in (47.44mm)ManufacturerABBEaton / CutlerHammer /WestinghouseGEModel VerifiedMfg. Product FamilyJSJS SeriesS3SACE ISOMAX S3S6SACE ISOMAX S6T43.40in (86.36mm)Model VerifiedMfg. Product FamilyLALL-Frame Thermal-MagneticMALType MAL M FrameML3Type ML3 J FrameTmax T4PJPowerPact P-FrameT6Tmax T6FXD6AITE/Siemens FD FrameHMDLSeries C M-FrameJD6-AITE/Siemens JD FrameKDSeries C K-FrameJJ3ITE/Siemens Type JJ3J FrameKM3ITE/Siemens Type KMM FrameSHMD6ITE/Siemens MD FrameLCLCurrent Limit-RLDSeries C L-FrameNDSeries C N-FrameRDSeries C R-FrameFGNFG 600 Amp FrameSGDSpectra RMS SG600SKHASpectra RMS SK1200TJK4J600ManufacturerSchneiderElectric /Square DSiemensFor circuit breakers not included in the list, please contact yourMaster Lock sales representative for further guidance on fitment

GRIP TIGHT PLUS CIRCUIT BREAKERLOCKOUT DEVICES FITMENT GUIDEDISCLAIMER:The chart contained within this document should be used as a reference to match circuit breaker models withthe circuit breaker lockout device. Please note that wear and tear of the circuit breaker and the lockout deviceas well as future revisions to the circuit breaker designs may affect fitment of the lockout device on the circuitbreaker. Thus, the chart does not guarantee proper fitment and should only be used as a guide.The circuit breaker manufacturer’s product family as well as lockout device dimensions are also provided tohelp determine if this lockout device will fit to the switch handle of circuit breaker application. In cases wherethe switch handle does fit within the lockout device, proper fitment is still not guaranteed.The user is responsible for verifying the lockout device is suitable for its intended use and for properly installingthe device and ensuring that it protects against unintended equipment activation. Please refer to the productinstruction sheet for proper lockout device / circuit breaker installation.ww w.m a s t er l o ck sa f e ty. c omww w.m a s t er l o ck . c omMaster Lock Company LLC, Milwaukee, WI 53154 U.S.A. 800-308-9244Master Lock Canada, Mississauga, Ontario L5L 5Z9 Canada 800-227-9599 2020 Master Lock Company LLC All Rights ReservedMOPDF Only05/20

to discuss lockout options for Tandem Miniature Breakers, AFCI or GFCI Miniature Breakers and ISO/DIN Breakers . THQB Q-Line THQC Q-Line THQL Q-Line TQ Q-Line TQB Q-Line TQC Q-Line TQL Q-Line TXQB Q-Line TXQC Q-Line . as well as future revisions to the circuit breaker designs may affect

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Step 4 - Lockout or Tagout Application Lockout v. Tagout: There is a difference! “Lockout” is the placement of a lockout device on an energy isolating device, in accordance with an established procedure, ensuring that the energy isolating device and the equipment being controlled cannot be opera

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