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Daikin intelligent Touch Managerfor Building ControlApplication Guide

5intelligent Touch Manager as a BACnet ClientSystem ArchitectureProduct SpecificationsBetter Integration with Daikin Applied DOASApplying iTM BACnet ClientSetup and Commissioning of iTM BACnet Client8991010114.4.1WAGO I/O OptionPoint Type DefinitionsAnalog OutputsTypical Points and their Points typeList of approved WAGO I/O ModulesSelection of a WAGO NodeWAGO Wiring Reference131314151617175.Daikin WAGO BACnet/IP controllerFeaturesExample: Controlling a water loop system1818186.Budgeting for iTM as a Mini-BMS207. intelligent Touch Manager ProgrammingSchedulingInterlock Programming ReferenceEmail and Alarming222222258.WAGO Overview269.Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement (PICS) for iTM BACnet Client2910.Appendix-1: List of Operation Data Indoor Units and Outdoor UnitsA.Indoor Unit Operation DataB.General Outdoor Unit Operation DataC.Outdoor Unit Operation for each condenser module*3131313111.Appendix-2: IT Network Requirements3312.Glossary344.24.33

1. IntroductionAccording to a U.S Department of Energy (DOE) studyin 2012, less than 10% of the buildings have a BuildingManagement System (BMS). Over 90% of the buildings arebelow 50,000 Sq. Ft. Most buildings use 50-100 indoor unitsfor comfort cooling and heating purposes. An uncontrolledbuilding could have higher energy consumption comparedto a managed building.Buildings that are less than 10,000 Sq. Ft. in the area mayprefer smart thermostat type solution and buildings that aregreater than 50,000 Sq. Ft. can afford a traditional BMS. Theintelligent Touch Manager (iTM) as mini BMS fits the 10,000Sq. Ft. – 50,000 Sq. Ft. market segment which amounts to22% of the buildings. Typical controls scope for a buildingthat is less than 50,000 Sq. Ft. is shown below.A mini-BMS in the building could control and monitor equipment such as Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV ) system,Dedicated Outside Air System (DOAS), Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV), Exhaust Fans, Conventional Rooftops,Critical Rooms Units, IT Rooms and Lighting System. The intelligent Touch Manager operating as a Mini-BMS cancontrol and monitor the equipment mentioned above with its standard features and add-on features.The iTM could be a mini-BMS in the following applications 4Healthcare such as a private office or small clinicsLodging/hotelsRetail (other than malls, auto dealerships, large showrooms)Office spacesBanks and credit unionsPublic order and safetyReligious worshipOrder and safetyEducation (could also be adult learning or private/charter schools)www.daikinac.com

1. IntroductionThe intelligent Touch Manager can control and monitor the VRV indoor units as well as control and monitoring ofthird-party units with the following options1. BACnet Client Software option (PN# DCM009A51)2. WAGO Input and Output modules (PN# 60359653 and Modules)3. Daikin WAGO BACnet/IP Controller (PN# 750-831)This application guide describes various features and options available for the intelligent Touch Manager and how toapply them. Based on the application one or a combination of the above options can be used to control third-partyequipment.5

2. intelligent Touch Manager OverviewThe intelligent Touch Manager (iTM) is an advanced multi-zone controller that controls and monitors the DaikinVRV system as well as third-party equipment. The iTM can provide a cost-effective mini Building ManagementSystem (BMS) solution to integrate and control third-party devices through optional software and hardware. If aBMS already exists, the iTM can be used as a BACnet gateway for BMS integration with the iTM BACnet ServerGateway Option.Easy Operation and Configuration» Intuitive user interface with 10.4” LCD touchscreen.» Flexible screen views include the icon view, list view, and layout view for system configurations.» Easy engineering with the use of the Preset Tool and USB port.Advanced VRV Control Logic» Independent Cool and Heat setpoints or Single setpoint in the occupied period.» Independent Setback setpoints in the unoccupied period.» Weekly Schedule with Optimum Start and Timed Override.» Auto Changeover with configurable methods.Facility Management and Billing» Remote web access.» Automatic error and alert emails.» Tenant Billing with iTM PPD option.» Provide indoor unit and outdoor unit operation data for up to five days.Mini BMS Solution with Software and Hardware Options» Interlock and Emergency Stop for facility management.» DI, DO, AI, AO points integrated via the WAGO I/O System.» BACnet points (AI, AO, AV. BI, BO. BV, MSI, MSO, MSV) integrated with the iTM BACnet Client Option.6www.daikinac.com

2. intelligent Touch Manager OverviewBACnet Server Gateway Option» Direct connection to the VRV system using the iTM as a gateway.» Individual device ID assigned to each indoor unit and outdoor unit management point.» Seamless control logic integration between the iTM and BMS.» Greatly reduces the need for BMS integrator programming.Built-in Service Tool with remote access» Operation data are stored in the iTM for the last 5 days:» Indoor unit and outdoor unit operation data» BACnet Client objects» WAGO I/O system data» Operation data can be exported through a USB drive or via the iTM web browser remotely.» The BMS can monitor the BACnet objects of the indoor unit, and outdoor unit operation data with the BACnetServer Gateway Option activated.Web function and remote monitoringThe Web function enables remote management for the Daikin VRV system with other general equipmentintegrated into the iTM so they can be accessed from a PC using a browser compatible with a flash player. Fouradministrators and sixty general users can be registered to access the iTM. Screens and operation accessible togeneral users can be restricted using the menu functions.Network/InternetProperty Manager/EngineeringUnified Monitoring and Control(*) Flash Player is required.Indoor icon view via WebConfiguration menu via Web7

2. intelligent Touch Manager OverviewAutomatic Alert/Error e-mail enables prompt response by service personnel based on timely and preciseknowledge of what happened in the system at the remote site.» Up to 10 e-mail addresses can be set.» The SMTP server authentication method is selectable from no authentication, POP before SMTP, andSMTP-AUTH.BMSBACnet /IPWeb WebaccessaccessIntegration of ThirdParty EquipmentIntegrationIntegrationof Thirdof ThirdPartyPartyEquipmentEquipmentBMSBMS BACnetBACnet/IP /IPEthernetEthernetEthernetWeb accessBACnet Server ateway(DCM014A51)(DCM014A51)Full Control of DaikinVRV SystemFull FullControlControlof Daikinof DaikinVRVVRVSystemSystemUp to 512 groups(1024 indoor units)Fire alarmDi/Pi portFire alarmFire alarmUp to Up512togroups512 groups(1024 (1024indoorindoorunits) units)Di/Pi portDi/Pi portkWh meterEthernet (BACnet IP)kWh net(BACnetIP) IP)BACnet Client 485iTM Plus entClientOptionOption(DCM009A51)(DCM009A51)WAGO I/Oone DIII-NETone DIII-NETsystemsystemMax. or(128 indoorunits) units)Max.indoorunitgroups iTM PlusiTMAdapterPlus Adapter I/O I/OWAGOWAGOLightingone DIII-NET systemMax. 64 indoor unit groups (128 indoor units)Di/Pi portMax. 64Max.indoor64 indoorunit groupsunit groupsMax. 64 indoor unit groupsFanDi/Pi portDi/Pi portLightingLightingMax. 64Max.indoor64 indoorunit groupsunit groupsFan FanPumpSensorPump PumpSensorSensorMax. 64 indoor unit groupsup to 30 nodesDedicated Outside Air Supplyup toup30tonodes30 nodes(DOAS)DedicatedDedicatedOutsideOutsideAir SupplyAir SupplyDVSDOASSystem(DOAS)(DOAS)Up to 7 adaptorsKRP928AdapterMax. 64Max.indoor64 indoorunit groupsunit groupsKRP928KRP928Adapter AdapterUp to Up7 adaptorsto 7 adaptorsLightCommercialRTUDVS ercialRTU RTUDDC DDC3. intelligent Touch Manager as a BACnet ClientThe iTM offers a cost-effective solution for building management system (BMS) applications using the BACnetClient software option. The iTM BACnet Client Option (DCM009A51) provides more flexibility to enhance the iTM’sfunction as a mini BMS with BACnet capabilities. Using the BACnet Client option, the iTM can control and monitor athird party Dedicated Outside Air System (DOAS) and other third-party equipment using the BACnet/IP protocol.» It is a cost-effective BMS solution for small and medium-size buildings under 50,000 Sq. Ft.» Controls and monitors any equipment with an integrated BACnet IP servers such as generators, third-party airhandlers, energy recovery ventilators, lighting panels, and the Daikin Zoning Kit (DZK).» Offers integrated control on Daikin VRV systems and third-party mechanical equipment.» Perform easy commissioning with pre-Engineering Tool» Add user-generated graphical user interface to iTM to view third-party units.» iTM BACnet Client software option reduces the need for a third-party controls integrator saving valuable projectcosts and reduces integration issues.» Able to download operation data from VRV indoor unit and outdoor unit and data from third-party devicesconnected via WAGO or BACnet.8www.daikinac.com

3. intelligent Touch Manager as a BACnet Client3.1 System Architecture:3.2 Product Specifications:»»»»»»Communication Protocol: BACnet/IP.Wiring for BACnet/IP: Requires a CAT5 Ethernet cable.A maximum of 50 BACnet devices can be registered in one iTM.A maximum of 512 iTM Management Points can be created for BACnet objects.A maximum of 1536 BACnet objects can be monitored.The BACnet Client function supports the following nine BACnet object types.» Analog Input (7 digits)» Analog Output (7 digits)» Analog Value (7 digits)» Binary Input» Binary Output» Binary Value» Multistate Input (max 10 states)» Multistate Output (max 10 states)» Multistate Value (max 10 states)» Use the BACnet Objects in schedule and interlock function of the iTM to control third-party units.» Record and monitor operation data (See Appendix).9

3. intelligent Touch Manager as a BACnet Client3.3 Better Integration with Daikin Applied DOAS:» By using the intelligent Touch Manager as the Mini-BMS better integration can be achieved with Daikin AppliedDOAS compared older integration methods such as a D3-Gateway.» The complete equipment and control solution can be created with Daikin equipment by combining VRV andApplied Air Handlers.» The cost of controls can be reduced compared to having a traditional BMS.3.4 Applying iTM BACnet ClientWhen applying the BACnet Client, it is important to make sure the project needs can be met with an intelligentTouch Manager considering the current and future needs of the building. The intelligent Touch Manager BACnetClient uses very common building communications protocol, i.e. BACnet. Designing and building a project usingthe iTM BACnet Client creates a BACnet ready building that is easy for a possible future integration to a full-scaleBMS as BACnet is an open protocol. The project needs can be broadly classified into three parameters(1) Total number of management points allowed in the intelligent Touch ManagerCalculate the total number of points, so it does not exceed the iTM limitation. The following table below can helpin the calculation:LimitAIndoor Unit (VRV Fan Coil, VAM,Mini-splits, FXMQ OA) 512BACnet Data PointsBWAGO I/O Data PointsD3Dio, D3Di(All Categoriescombined) 512Internal Management PointTotal (A B) 650Total management points in an iTM should not be greater than 650.(2) Programming complexity to achieve the sequence of operation.Here is a list of common programming options available using iTM» Scheduling» Interlock Programming» Alarm Monitoring» History Logging and Trending10www.daikinac.comEnter the Count

3. intelligent Touch Manager as a BACnet ClientThe intelligent Touch Manager is designed to be a simple building management system and acts as a supervisorycontroller, and it is expected that the heavy programming is supported by the field controller (controller installed tocontrol specific equipment) installed at the third-party equipment.The following list provides examples of heavy programming items and these cannot be programmed at the intelligentTouch Manager» PID Loop programming.» Lead/Lag programming or duty cycle rotation.» Visualization of trend graphs.» Dynamic graphics.Applications that specifically require heavy programming can be achieved by using a third-party buildingmanagement system or using the Daikin WAGO BACnet/IP Controller. The Daikin WAGO BACnet/IP Controller isdiscussed later in the guide.(3) The third-party equipment monitored by the iTM should communicate BACnet/IP» The third-party equipment should be furnished with BACnet/IP communication module.» If the device only communicates BACnet MS/TP, then a BACnet MS/TP to BACnet/IP router is required.» If the device only communicates Modbus , then a Modbus to BACnet/IP router is required» If the device uses only input and output contacts for control, then WAGO I/O or Daikin WAGO BACnet/IPController may be required.3.5 Setup and Commissioning of iTM BACnet ClientTo setup the iTM as a BACnet client, the option has to be activated using the activation code. Once the BACnetClient software has been activated at the intelligent Touch Manager, the external BACnet devices can beintegrated. The point mapping is performed by downloading a .CSV (comma-separated value file) using a USBdrive. The .CSV file is edited by using Microsoft Excel software. The points mapping can be created remotelysaving precious on-site time.» The third-party equipment should be furnished with a BACnet/IP communication module» If the device only communicates BACnet MS/TP, then a BACnet MS/TP to BACnet/IP router is required.» If the device only communicates Modbus , then a Modbus to BACnet/IP router is required.» If the device uses only input and output contacts for control, then WAGOI/O or Daikin WAGO BACnet/IP controller may be required.Daikin also offers Microsoft Excel-based tools to create the point mapping file. The tools save time compared tocreating the excel file manually. The Microsoft Excel tools (iTM BACnet Client Macro Tools) can be downloadedfrom www.Daikincity.com, and the tools are provided along with instructions on how to use them.11

3. intelligent Touch Manager as a BACnet ClientGraphics screens can also be added to the intelligent Touch Manager to display the equipment.The graphics screen can be custom created or created from templates (iTM BACnet Client GUI Templates) that areavailable to download from the www.Daikincity.com.The following flow chart shows basic steps involved in the commissioning of the intelligent Touch Manager with theBACnet Client option,Update intelligent TouchManager Software to the latestversion and activate the BACnetClient license.Add graphics to the intelligentTouch Manager. Test Communication. Setup the IP address, MS/TPMAC address, BACnet Instancenumbers for the intelligent TouchManager as well as the thirdparty devices.Using the preset toolconfigure the screens on theintelligent Touch Manager.Actual graphics may need to becreated with other software. Create ManagementPointData.CSV for BACnet server devicesand add it to the intelligentTouch Manager. Test the communication for allBACnet points.Create Closeout documentation.For the startup of iTM BACnet Client, it is essential that a startup technician is familiar with the entire project andequipment that are being integrated. Note that the equipment could come from multiple vendors and there may beother startup personnel involved; project coordination is paramount.12www.daikinac.com

4. WAGO I/O OptionWAGO I/O integrates ancillary equipment into the intelligent Touch Manager (iTM) DCM601A71 with the use ofDigital Input (DI), Digital Output (DO), Analog Input (AI) and Analog Output (AO) signals. It provides monitoringand control of non-Daikin equipment via manual control, interlock, scheduling, and remote access using the iTM’stouchscreen or web access.Max. 64 indoor unit groupsMax. total length 1640 ft.Max. 30 nodesWAGO NodeLightingPumpWAGO NodeFanSensorAHU, RTUWeb accessvia Internet» Connect various sensors to WAGO I/O modules such as Analog Inputs, Analog Outputs, Digital Inputs, andDigital Outputs.» The WAGO node can connect up to 120 contacts or hardwired points.» Up to 30 WAGO nodes can be connected to an intelligent Touch Manager. However, please note that anintelligent Touch Manager can monitor only 512 WAGO points.4.1 Point Type DefinitionsDigital Input» A Digital Input is used to monitor status as either 'on' or 'off,‘ i.e., contact status. It is a confirmation of unitoperation. For example, A switch is either open or closed; A Fan status can be ‘On’ or ‘Off’; A Room is Occupiedor Unoccupied» Use Digital Input points to monitor status (Status Object) and alarms (Error ive» Common Digital Input signals are occupancy sensor and current switch.13

4. WAGO I/O OptionDigital Output» A Digital Output is used to command a point either to ‘turn the unit on' or ' turn the unit off,‘ i.e., contact cycling.Example, A Fan is commanded ON or OFF; A light is turned ON or OFF» Use Digital Output to command ON/OFF for other equipmentCommand:OnCommand:Off» Common Digital Output signals include: Fan Start/Stop, Pump Start/Stop, and Lights On/Off.Analog InputAn Analog Input is a signal that represents a continuous time-varying quantity (It is a point that is represented by anumber) such as humidity, CO2, and temperature:IconViewListView CDATempDATemp F70.4 FAnalog OutputAn Analog Output is a command signal that represents a continuous time-varying quantity (It is a point thatrepresented by a number) that is used to send values such as Temperature Setpoint, Pressure Setpoint, Damperposition, Fan Speed.Damper14www.daikinac.com0.0%

4. WAGO I/O OptionTypical Points and their Points typePointPoint TypeTemperature (Example: Space Temperature, Outside Air Temperature, Return Air Temperature,Discharge Air Temperature, Entering Water Temperature, Leaving Water Temperature)Analog InputCarbon DioxideAnalog InputRelative HumidityAnalog InputCarbon MonoxideAnalog InputPressure (Example: Outside Air Pressure, Building Pressure, Duct Static Pressure, DifferentialPressure)Analog InputOccupancy SensorDigital InputFan StatusDigital InputDoor SwitchDigital InputGeneric Alarm ContactDigital InputFan Start/Stop (Example: Exhaust Fans, Supply Fans)Digital OutputOn/Off Command (Example: Lights On/Off, ERV On/Off, MAU On/Off)Digital Output2-position Damper or ValveDigital OutputModulating Damper or ValveAnalog OutputVFD Speed CommandAnalog Output15

4. WAGO I/O OptionList of approved WAGO I/O Modules:ItemRequiredDigital InputDigital OutputPart24 VDC Power Supply Unit, Connector,Bus Coupler, End Module603596532 Channel Di Module750-4004 Channel Di Module750-4328 Channel Di Module750-4302 Channel Do Module750-513/000-0014 Channel Do Module750-5042 Channel Ai Module4-20 mA750-4542 Channel Ai Module 10 VDC750-4792 Channel Ai Module20KΩ Thermistor4 Channel Ai Module4-20 mA750-4554 Channel Ai Module 10VDC750-4594 Channel Ai Module10/20 K(Ohm) Thermistor2 Channel Ao Module0-10VDC750-5502 Channel Ao Module4-20 mA750-5544 Channel Ai module0-10 VDC750-5594 Channel Ai module4-20 mA750-555Internal Bus Power Supply24 VDC Power SupplyRequired every 32 contacts750-613Passive Power Supply24VDC Power SupplyPower Jumper24VDC Power JumperField Side Connection Module For usewith the 750-430 8 channel DI750-6032 Channel Ai ModulePt100/RTD750-4614 Channel Ai ModulePt100/RTD750-4602 Channel Ai ModulePt1000/RTD750-461/000-0034 Channel Ai ModulePt1000/RTD750-461/000-0032 Channel Ai ModuleNi100/RTD750-461/000-0042 Channel Ai ModuleNi1000 TK6180/RTD750-461/000-0054 Channel Ai ModuleNi 1000 TK 6180/RTD750-460/000-005Analog Input(Commonly Used Modules)Analog OutputAnalog Input(Additional Modules)16Daikin iTM Basic 000750-602

4. WAGO I/O Option4.2 Selection of a WAGO NodeThe appropriate WAGO nodes can be selected by using the WAGO selection software; available to download fromwww.daikincity.com website. The WAGO selection tool comes with instruction on how to use along with the tool.Additionally, how to use videos can be accessed by using Daikin’s training system.4.3 WAGO Wiring ReferenceDescriptionCommunication wiring between theintelligent Touch Manager and theWAGO nodesIndividual IO wiringTypeStranded copper plenumrated cable; CPEV or FCPEVStranded copper plenumrated cable; CPEV or FCPEVSize24 AWG –18AWG24 AWG –18AWGLength1640 ftDI/DO: 500ftAI/AO (0-10VDC or 2-10VDC) * 50Ft – 150FtAI/AO (4-20mA) * 250Ft –500Ft*Voltage loops have lower wiring lengths because there is a voltage drop associated with longer wiring lengththus creating a signal loss.Typically wiring schematics for WAGO and its IO module in AutoCAD format can be downloaded fromwww.daikincity.com website.17

5. WAGO BACnet/IP controllerDaikin WAGO BACnet/IP Controller is a custom programmed controller that can be used when the intelligentTouch Manager interlock is not capable of meeting the programming requirement. This controller can also be usedin place of a third party DDC controller depending upon the application. The custom programming for the controlleris made easy as the factory performs programming. This controller is ideal for small and medium projects with acomplicated custom sequence of operation.Features» The Daikin WAGO BACnet/IP controller can be custom programmed to control external equipment or system basedon custom sequences, such as custom AHU or water loop.» The controller provides the two major following functionalities:» Application server: Can be controlled by a third party BMS or by the intelligent Touch Managerwith BACnet Client Option.» Application client: Can control and monitor other BACnet controllers using the BACnetnetwork communication.» The controller can also be programmed to function as a standalone controller without the BACnet BACnet/IP communication.The controller can handle up to 1,000 BACnet points.» Connect up to 64 Inputs and Outputs (a combination of Analog Inputs, Analog Outputs, Digital Inputs, andDigital Outputs).» Programmable features include multiple PID loops, staging sequence, lead-lag, duty time rotation, schedulefunction, alarms, trending, data logging, etc.» Custom programming adds flexibility to the project’s sequence of operation.The Daikin WAGO BACnet/IP Controller is commonly used for custom design AHU and water loop controlwhen water-cooled VRV is used in a project. The Daikin WAGO BACnet/IP Controller can be used as a BACnetserver or a BACnet client providing programming versatility.This controller’s BACnet points can be monitored and controlled by using the intelligent Touch Manager BACnetClient. The controller’s onboard SD card allows custom programming with an optional trending feature.Example: Controlling a water loop system (see on page 20)When using the water-cooled VRV system, most projects require the additional scope to control otherwaterside equipment.18www.daikinac.com

5. WAGO BACnet/IP controllerClosed CircuitCooling TowerAirSeparatorMSystem Pumpsand ot WaterStorageV RVCondensingUnitsThe Daikin BACnet/IP Controller can be used to control the» Loop temperature» Lead/Lag pump control» Boiler control» Dry cooler or fluid cooler control» Pump speed control» Cooling tower controlThe following documentation is available from Daikin after an order is placed,1. Pricing estimates for programming2. WAGO hardware selection and node configuration3. Reference wiring diagrams4. Controller programming document which includes a specified sequence of operation and bill of materials.5. intelligent Touch Manager BACnet configuration file6. Startup documentationThings to consider when selecting the WAGO BACnet/IP controller for your project,1. Most applications if not all require additional field devices such as sensors, relays, switches, etc. These canbe purchased through local distributors or online retailers.2. The controller and it's I/O modules must be mounted in a panel box; typically, the panel box is required to bebuilt at a UL rated shop.3. Installation and wiring of the controllers4. Installation and wiring of field devices (such as sensors, actuators) to the controller is provided by others.5. Creating contract drawings for the project (Daikin does not perform this).6. Field commissioning time and site visits to troubleshoot the problem by commissioning technicians.The field technician commissioning the WAGO BACnet Controller is recommended to have taken trainingclasses offered by Daikin.19

6. Budgeting for iTM as a Mini-BMSWhen budgeting for a project with the iTM as a Mini-BMS be sure to consider items mentioned below.#20To be provided for the projectAintelligent Touch Manager with the BACnet Client Option1. intelligent Touch Manager DCM601A712. intelligent Touch Manager BACnet Client software option DCM009A513. 24VAC Power Supply4. Panel BoxBNetwork Switch (Field Provided) If the intelligent Touch Manager ties into the building, then typically there is no need for a field providedswitch. The building’s IT department will provide the required parts. If a standalone network is created for building’s controls equipment, then a field provided switch is required, The switch is available from a local electronics store or online electronics store. The size of the switch is selected based on many units to be connected to the BACnet/IP.CBACnet/IP or Ethernet Cable Each BACnet device should have a CAT 5 Ethernet cable (field provided) between the device and thenetwork switch. Do not use power over Ethernet cables. Each Ethernet cable segment cannot be greater than 328ft.D3rd party BACnet/IP controller The 3rd party Rooftop Unit (RTU) and 3rd party Dedicated Outside Air System (DOAS) units that have acontroller should be furnished with BACnet/IP communication capability. Please note: For the third-party controller the BACnet/IP communication may be an add-on option, pleasecheck with the supplier of the third-party controller.EDaikin Rebel, Maverick or DVS, The factory furnished Microtech III controller will need a BACnet/IP communication modulePart number: 090016709. Select the communication module from the Daikin Selection Tool.www.daikinac.com

6. Budgeting for iTM as a Mini-BMSF3rd party controller with BACnet/MSTP option only A controller that only has a BACnet/MSTP option will require the use of third-party BACnet MS/TP toBACnet/IP router. BACnet/IP to BACnet/MSTP is available thru following the 3rd party manufacturers(please check with manufactures for current part number & compatibility)1. Contemporary controls PN# BASRT-B2. KMC PN# BAC5051-EGEstimate for WAGO I/O option WAGO selection: The WAGO parts can be selected by using the WAGO selection Tool. Panel or Enclosure Inputs and Output Wiring Communication Wiring Field Devices – Including sensors, transmitters, and damper motors, etc.HEstimating for Daikin WAGO BACnet/IP Controller WAGO selection: Bill of materials is provided by Daikin controls department Programming Cost: Programming cost estimate is provided by Daikin controls department Panel or enclosure Inputs and Output Wiring Field Devices – Including sensors, transmitters, and damper motors, etc. Startup and commissioningIField commissioning and startup timePanel Box or EnclosureA panel box or enclosure is used to house control components such as a WAGO Controller, its power modules,and power supply. This panel box is field provided. It is also common for the intelligent Touch Manager to bemounted on the door. If only the WAGO Controller is placed inside the enclosure, then a 6-inch depth panel box isused. If the intelligent Touch Manager is mounted on the door, along with the WAGO Controller, then the 8-inchenclosure is used. Make sure to check the NEMA rating required for the panel enclosure. Based on the localcode it may be required that the panel be built-in UL rated shop. The below list provides common items that arehoused in a panel other than WAGO and intelligent Touch Manager accessories.(1) Power supply(2) Terminal Blocks(3) Surge Protector(4) Disconnect(5) DIN RAIL(6) Backplate(7) Panduit(8) Relays21

7. Native intelligent Touch Manager Programming7.1 SchedulingThe intelligent Touch Manager offers 4 different Schedule types to easily schedule a unit or system: 7 days,Weekdays Saturday Sunday (5 1 1), Weekdays Weekends (5 2), Every day.The iTM's offers rolling holiday function can be used with BACnet points. Example: July 4th Every year can be setas a holiday.7.2 Interlock Programming ReferenceInterlock programming provides automated control of third-party equipment as well as VRV indoor units. Theinterlock programming can be created between indoor unit management points, BACnet management points,and WAGO managements; any of these points can be used either as an input or an output. A maximum of500 interlock programs can be created. These interlock programs can be simple or complex depending on theapplication. Below is an example of a simple interlock condition:Turn on the FCU -1 and FCU -2 if any of the lights 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B on the second floor is turned on for 60 seconds22www.daikinac.com

7. Native intelligent Touch Manager ProgrammingFormat of an interlock condition,Input1 - Input(s) Name2 - Detection Condition3 - Time delay EvaluationEvaluation Output 11 - Output(s) Name2 - ActionOutput 21 - Output(s) Name2 - Action» Input Management Points: One or more management points can be added as the input to the interlock c

Full Control of Daikin VRV System kWh meter Fire alarm Lighting Pump n Sensor DCM601A71 Web access DIII-NET RS485 RS485 DDC DVS DOAS System Light Commercial RTU Dedicated Outside Air Supply (DOAS) iTM Plus Adapter Max. 64 indoor unit groups Max. 64 indoorFa unit groups Max. 64 indoor unit

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Daikin North America LLC 5151 San Felipe, Suite 500 Houston, TX 77056 (Daikin’s products are subject to continuous improvements. Daikin reserves the right to modify product design, specifications and information in this data sheet without notice and without incurring any obligations) Submittal Creation Date: February 2018 Page 1 of 7

Daikin University offers classroom training at distributors and dealer facilities and at our Daikin Authorized training facilities in Carrolton, TX, Irvine, CA and Long Island City, NY. Our training facilities have a complete range of fully functional residential and commercial products, including Daikin Altherma and VRV for invaluable hands-on,