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Al’s Garden Centers & Greenhouses30851 S. Dee Jay Way Hubbard, Oregon 97032Phone: 503-651-2558Email: grownbyals@als-gardencenter.comwww.grownbyals.com1

Ordering ProceduresMinimumsMinimum order per variety is one tray. Minimum order of trays/order is one tray.CancellationsCancellations are only accepted 12 weeks prior to ship date. Al’s will try to resell cancelled orders but will bill for any plantscancelled and not resold after the 12 week cut off.Order DeadlinesOrders from availability to be shipped, as well as any order changes, must be received by 9:30 AM PST Wednesdayprior to the Monday ship date. Any new orders from the availability that are customer pick-ups require 72 hours ofnotification.Substitutions & ShortagesAl’s will not make substitutions without prior customer notification. With shortages or backorders, we will notify thecustomer in advance to arrange a substitution or new ship date.Order PickupAll orders F.O.B. Al’s Greenhouse, Hubbard location. Customers will be notified on Monday of the ship week and may pickup anytime between the hours of 8:00 AM to 3:30 PM Tuesday through Friday.ShippingFreight is not included in plant price. There is a 12.00 boxing fee per box on all boxed orders. Orders placed by or throughbrokers freight will be billed to the individual broker account numbers or freight collect to the customer. Al’s ships FED EX,UPS, most major airlines, and Oak Harbor. All freight charges and claims due to shipping should be made through theshipping company and are the responsibility of the receiving customer. Box dimensions: 14x19x22 approximately 35 lbs.Warranty / GuaranteeAl’s Garden Center & Greenhouses guarantees that our product will be viable when received. Claims will be limited tothe amount of purchase price only for Al’s product and must be accompanied with a digital picture of the product. Allclaims must be received within 10 days of receipt of product.Vegetative Tray Size51 Tray50 TraySold as 50 - 8 per caseSold as 50 - 4 per caseTagsWe ship tags with plants but reserve the right to ship separately. Some breeders require that one label or tag isincluded with each plant sold by default, others do not. Please contact your broker representative for questions ontag requirements for specific varieties.Syngenta GeneticsRequired - 0.05 each2

201 - 20NEW ADDITIONSBIDENSBrazenEternal IBRACHOABrazenImperial LuckCALIBRACHOACallieLavenderCallieRose Dark CenterBrazenRising OACALIBRACHOACOLEUSCOLEUSChameleonBlackberry TartMain StreetBourbon StreetCALIBRACHOAChameleonDouble InfernoMain StreetOrchard RoadChameleonFairy TaleCOLEUSStained Glassworks WorksPalisadeCOLEUSMain StreetVenice Boulevard** Photo courtesy of Dümmen Orange / Syngenta Flowers / Vivero Internacional / Westhoffwww. conceptplants.com/growers/dummen-na-inc / www.syngentaflowers-us.com / www.viverointl.com / www.westflowers.de* Broker restrictions apply.3


NEW GUINEA IMPATIENSWild RomanceHot RoseNEW GUINEA IMPATIENSNEW GUINEA IMPATIENSPETUNIAPETUNIAWild RomanceJazz Blush RoseWild RomanceLavenderNEW GUINEA APETUNIAFun House PotpourriPotuniaPlus Cobalt BlueVERBENAVERBENAVERBENAVERBENAWild RomancePeachDuraBloomSilverLanaiUpright Sky BlueCrazytuniaNight WatchCrazytuniaPatrick StarPETUNIADuraBloomWhiteLanaiGreen AppleDuraBloomRedDuraBloomYellowSangunaBanana CandyLanaiLilacSangunaMango PunchLanaiTwister Hot Lips** Photo courtesy of Dümmen Orange / Syngenta Flowers / Vivero Internacional / Westhoffwww. conceptplants.com/growers/dummen-na-inc / www.syngentaflowers-us.com / www.viverointl.com / www.westflowers.de* Broker restrictions apply.5

2021-2022 Vegetative AnnualsTray Size - 51 sold as 50ANGELONIABIDENSCALIBRACHOACarita Cascade Deep PurpleCarita Cascade RaspberryCarita Cascade WhiteCarita PurpleCarita RaspberryCarita WhiteMexican GoldMexican Gold JumboPretty in PinkWhite DelightYellow CharmCallie Eclipse LavenderCallie Eclipse LilacCallie Eclipse RaspberryCallie Eclipse StrawberryCallie LavenderCallie Light BlueCallie MangoCallie OrangeCallie Pink MornCallie Pink w/ EyeCallie Purple Imp.Callie RoseCallie Rose Dark CenterCallie Star OrangeCallie StrawberryCallie WhiteCallie YellowCandy Shop Candy BouquetCandy Shop Candy CrushCandy Shop ChocolateCandy Shop Fancy BerryCandy Shop Grape SplashCandy Shop Sweet DreamsChameleon Atomic OrangeChameleon Avant-GardenChameleon Blackberry PieChameleon Blackberry TartChameleon Blueberry SconeChameleon Cherry BananaChameleon Double InfernoChameleon FairytaleChameleon Frozen IceChameleon Indian Summer Imp.Chameleon Lemon BerryChameleon Pink PassionChameleon Starlet PinkChameleon Sunshine BerryChameleon Tart DecoHula AmethystHula AppleblossomHula BlueHula Gold MedalHula Hot PinkHula OrangeHula Pastel PinkHula RedHula Soft PinkTikTok GrapeANTIRRHINUMBRACHYCOMEDragon ButteryDragon PeachyDragon RoseyFresco CandyFresco PurpleSurdaisy MauveSurdaisy YellowARGYRANTHEMUMCALENDULABeauty YellowComet PinkComet Pink ShadesComet RedComet White Imp.Comet YellowGrandaisy Dark PinkGrandaisy Pink HaloGrandaisy Red Imp.Grandaisy White Imp.Grandaisy YellowCheers YellowARTEMISIAFanciFillers Sea SaltBACOPACalypso Jumbo Deep LavenderCalypso Jumbo LilacCalypso Jumbo Pink EyeCalypso Jumbo RoseCalypso Jumbo WhiteScopia Double SnowballScopia Great Pink BeautyScopia Great Pink RingScopia Gulliver BlueScopia Gulliver PinkScopia Gulliver VioletScopia Gulliver White Imp.BIDENSBeedance Painted RedBrazen Eternal FlameBrazen Imperial LuckBrazen Rising SunBrazen Samurai6CALIBRACHOAAloha Kona Blue SkyAloha Kona Cherry RedAloha Kona Dark LavenderAloha Kona Dark RedAloha Kona FuchsiaAloha Kona HoneycombAloha Kona Hot OrangeAloha Kona MangoAloha Kona Midnight BlueAloha Kona NeonAloha Kona Orange ZestAloha Kona PineappleAloha Kona Royal WhiteAloha Kona Soft PinkAloha Kona SunshineAloha Kona Tiki Soft PinkAloha Kona True BlueAloha Kona WhiteAloha Kona YellowCabrio AmethystCabrio BurgundyCabrio Eclipse LilacCabrio Eclipse StrawberryCabrio GrapeCabrio Pink w/ EyeCabrio Sweet PeachCabrio YellowCallie ApricotCallie BlueCallie BurgundyCallie CoralCallie Dark Red

CALIBRACHOACUPHEAGLOECHOMATikTok RoseTikTok WhiteVolcano GoldVolcano NeonVolcano PinkVolcano SunsetBlackberry SparklerHummingbird’s LunchCreeping CharlieCALOCEPHALUSWhimsyCOLEUSGreat Falls AngelGreat Falls IguazuGreat Falls NiagaraGreat Falls YosemiteMain Street Abbey RoadMain Street Alligator AlleyMain Street Beale StreetMain Street Broad StreetMain Street Bourbon StreetMain Street Chartres StreetMain Street Fifth AvenueMain Street La Rambla 2020Main Street Michigan Ave.Main Street Ocean DriveMain Street Orchard RoadMain Street Oxford StreetMain Street River WalkMain Street Rodeo DriveMain Street Ruby RoadMain Street Sunset BoulevardMain Street Venice BoulevardMain Street Yonge StreetMain Street Wall StreetStained Glassworks Big BlondeStained Glassworks CopperStained Glassworks Crown JewelStained Glassworks Eruption 2019Stained Glassworks Golden GateStained Glassworks Kiwi FernStained Glassworks LuminesceStained Glassworks Molten LavaStained Glassworks PalisadeStained Glassworks PresidioStained Glassworks Raspberry TartStained Glassworks RoyaltyStained Glassworks Tilt a WhirlStained Glassworks Trailing MonarchStained Glassworks VelvetLe FreakBlackberry SparklerDAHLIADahlinova Hypnotica BronzeDahlinova Hypnotica Electric PinkDahlinova Hypnotica GoldDahlinova Hypnotica IcarusDahlinova Hypnotica LavenderDahlinova Hypnotica OrangeDahlinova Hypnotica Pink BicolorDahlinova Hypnotica Purple BicolorDahlinova Hypnotica RedDahlinova Hypnotica Red VelvetDahlinova Hypnotica Rose BicolorDahlinova Hypnotica Tequila SunriseDahlinova Hypnotica Tropical BreezeDahlinova Hypnotica WhiteDahlinova Hypnotica YellowHappy Days Fuchsia HaloHappy Days NeonHappy Days Purple Imp.Happy Days ScarletHappy Days WhiteHappy Days YellowSincerityXXL Baja SolXXL CancunXXL CelayaXXL DurangoXXL EnsenadaXXL HidalgoXXL MeridaXXL ParaisoXXL SunsetXXL TabascoXXL TaxcoXXL VeracruzDIASCIADarla Deep SalmonDarla Light PinkDarla RedDarla RoseDarla WhiteDOROTHEANTHUSMezoo Tr. RedEUPHORBIAEuphoric Double WhiteEuphoric White Imp.HELIOTROPEFragrant DelightIMPATIENSSunPatiens Compact Blush PinkSunPatiens Compact Coral PinkSunPatiens Compact Deep RedSunPatiens Compact Deep RoseSunPatiens Compact Electric OrangeSunPatiens Compact Hot CoralSunPatiens Compact Hot PinkSunPatiens Compact LilacSunPatiens Compact OrangeSunPatiens Compact Orchid BlushSunPatiens Compact Pink CandySunPatiens Compact PurpleSunPatiens Compact RedSunPatiens Compact Tropical RoseSunPatiens Compact WhiteSunPatiens Vigorous Lavender SplashSunPatiens Vigorous OrangeSunPatiens Vigorous OrchidSunPatiens Vigorous Pink KissSunPatiens Vigorous RedSunPatiens Vigorous Rose PinkSunPatiens Vigorous Tropical OrangeSunPatiens Vigorous WhiteIPOMOEASidekick Heart BlackSidekick Heart BronzeSidekick Heart LimeSidekick Lacey LimeSidekick LimeLAMIUMWhite NancyLANTANABandana CherryBandana Cherry SunriseBandana GoldBandana Lemon ZestBandana OrangeBandana PeachBandana Pink Imp.Bandana RedBandana RoseBandana WhiteBandana Yellow Imp.7

LANTANANEMESIAOSTEOSPERMUMBandolero Cherry SunriseBandolero GuavaBandolero PineappleBandolero PinkBandolero RedBandolero WhiteHot Blooded RedAngelart StrawberryEscential BlackberryEscential BlueberryEscential BumbleberryEscential PinkberryEscential Raspberry LemonadeEscential StrawberryEscential SugarberryMargarita Lilac 2020Margarita Orange FlareMargarita Pink FlareMargarita PurpleMargarita Rioja RedMargarita WhiteMargarita YellowLOBELIATechno Upright BlueTechno Upright Cobalt BlueTechno Upright Dark Blue Imp.Techno Upright Light BlueTechno Upright PurpleTechno Upright WhiteTechno BlueTechno Cobalt BlueTechno Dark BlueTechno Electric BlueTechno Large Blue VioletTechno Light BlueTechno LilacTechno Violet Imp.Techno White Imp.NEW GUINEA IMPATIENSCreeping Jenny GoldCreeping Jenny GreenFanciFillers KaratFanciFillers SunburstMagnum BlueMagnum Bright PurpleMagnum Clear PinkMagnum Clear WhiteMagnum Excel OrangeMagnum FireMagnum Hot PinkMagnum LavenderMagnum Lavender SplashMagnum Light LavenderMagnum MagentaMagnum Midnight OrchidMagnum OrangeMagnum PinkMagnum PurpleMagnum RedMagnum Red FlameMagnum SalmonMagnum White 2020Magnum White BlushMagnum Wild SalmonRollercoaster Cotton CandyRollercoaster Hot PinkRollercoaster Red RacerRollercoaster Tangy TaffyRollercoaster Valravn VioletRollercoaster White LightningWild Romance Blush PinkWild Romance Hot RoseWild Romance Jazz Blush RoseWild Romance LavenderWild Romance PeachWild Romance RedWild Romance WhiteNEMESIAOSTEOSPERMUMLOBULARIAYolo LavenderYolo Top LavenderYolo Top PinkYolo Top Purple 2020Yolo Top WhiteYolo WhiteLOPHOSPERMUMLofos Compact RoseLofos Compact WhiteLofos WhiteLofos Wine RedLYSIMACHIAAngelart AlmondAngelart BananaAngelart OrangeAngelart Peach Imp.Angelart PineappleAngelart Raspberry8Margarita Blue SunriseMargarita Bronze FlareMargarita Cool PurpleMargarita CrèmeMargarita Dark Pink 2020Margarita KardinalPENSTEMONPhoenix MagentaPhoenix PinkPhoenix RedPhoenix VioletPETCHOASuperCal Premium BordeauxSuperCal Premium Caramel YellowSuperCal Premium CinnamonSuperCal Premium French VanillaSuperCal Premium Sunray PinkSuperCal BlueSuperCal CherrySuperCal Light YellowSuperCal Neon RoseSuperCal RoseSuperCal Royal RedSuperCal Snowberry WhiteSuperCal VioletPETUNIAAmore FiestaAmore Fluttering HeartAmore Heart and SoulAmore King of HeartsAmore Pink HeartAmore Purple HeartAmore Queen of HeartsCrazytunia Amarena CreamCrazytunia Berry FrappeCrazytunia Black MambaCrazytunia Blackberry CheesecakeCrazytunia Blackberry JamCrazytunia Blackberry MojitoCrazytunia Blue IceCrazytunia Cherries JubileeCrazytunia Cosmic PinkCrazytunia Cosmic PurpleCrazytunia Frisky RedCrazytunia Frisky VioletCrazytunia Knight Rider Imp.Crazytunia Lucky LilacCrazytunia Mandeville

PETUNIAPETUNIAPETUNIACrazytunia MoonstruckCrazytunia NightwatchCrazytunia Passion PunchCrazytunia Patrick StarCrazytunia Peach BelliniCrazytunia PinkadelicCrazytunia PlumtasticCrazytunia PulseCrazytunia Purple StormCrazytunia RazzmatazzCrazytunia Red BluesCrazytunia Star FruitCrazytunia Tiki TorchDuraBloom Blue VeinDuraBloom Electric LilacDuraBloom Hot PinkDuraBloom PurpleDuraBloom RedDuraBloom Royal PinkDuraBloom SilverDuraBloom Soft PinkDuraBloom WatermelonDuraBloom WhiteDuraBloom YellowFun House PotpourriHells Flamin’ RosePinkerbellePotunia Plus Baby PinkPotunia Plus Colbalt BluePotunia Plus DenimPotunia Plus NeonPotunia Plus Pinkalicious 2020Potunia Plus PurplePotunia Plus Red 2021Potunia Plus Soft Pink MorningPotunia Plus WhitePotunia Plus YellowPotunia Blueberry MuffinPotunia CappucinoPotunia CoralPotunia Cotton CandyPotunia Dark Red 2021Potunia PopcornPotunia Purple HaloPotunia StarfishPotunia WhiteSanguna Patio BlueSanguna Patio Pink MornSanguna Patio PurpleSanguna Patio Purple VeinSanguna Patio Radiant Dark BlueSanguna Patio Radiant RoseSanguna Patio RedSanguna Patio WhiteSanguna Banana CandySanguna BlueSanguna Blue VeinSanguna BurgundySanguna Deep Lavender VeinSanguna Hot RoseSanguna Light BlueSanguna LipstickSanguna Mango PunchSanguna Mega PurpleSanguna MerlotSanguna Picotee PunchSanguna Purple Imp.Sanguna Radiant BlueSanguna RedSanguna RoseSanguna Rose VeinSanguna Star RoseSanguna Sweet PinkSanguna White Imp.Sanguna YellowSplash Dance Bolero BlueSplash Dance Magenta MamboSplash Dance Purple PolkaSurfinia Trailing RedSurfinia Blue VeinedSurfinia Brilliant PinkSurfinia Deep RedSurfinia Giant BlueSurfinia Giant PurpleSurfinia HeartbeatSurfinia Heavenly BlueSurfinia LimeSurfinia MagentaSurfinia Pink VeinedSurfinia Purple HeartSurfinia Purple MajestySurfinia Rose VeinedSurfinia Sky BlueSurfinia White ImprovedSurfinia YellowSurprise Amethyst HaloSurprise BlueSurprise Blue SkySurprise Blue StarSurprise Burgundy StarSurprise Cobalt BlueSurprise Fire Engine RedSurprise GrapeSurprise KardinalSurprise LovePink!Surprise Magenta HaloSurprise MarineSurprise Monarch StarSurprise Moonlight BaySurprise NeonSurprise Hot PinkSurprise Pink OrchidSurprise PinkaliciousSurprise Purple DanceSurprise Purple SkySurprise Purple StarSurprise Raspberry JamSurprise Sparkle BlueSurprise Sparkle BurgundySurprise Sparkle MagentaSurprise Sparkle PurpleSurprise Sparkle RedSurprise Strawberry IceSurprise Tie Dye PinkSurprise Tie Dye VioletSurprise White OrchidSurprise WhiteSurprise YellowSurprise YellowstoneSweetunia Black SatinSweetunia Blueberry IceSweetunia BubblelouSweetunia Coral FlashSweetunia Fiona FlashSweetunia Hot PinkSweetunia Hot Pink LemonadeSweetunia Hot Rod RedSweetunia Johnny FlameSweetunia Lavender ShimmerSweetunia Miss MarvelousSweetunia Pink TouchSweetunia Purple SpotlightSweetunia Purple TouchSweetunia Rose ShimmerSweetunia Strawberry MorningSweetunia Suzie StormSweetunia WhiteSALVIAVelocity BlueSANVITALIASunvy Super GoldSunvy Top GoldSunvy Trailing9

SCAEVOLAVERBENATray Size - 50 sold as 50Purple HazeSurdiva BlueSurdiva Blue VioletSurdiva Fashion PinkSurdiva PurpleSurdiva White Imp.Lanai StrawberryLanai Twister Hot LipsLanai Twister PinkLanai Twister PurpleLanai Twister Red Imp.Lanai Twister Star PurpleLanai VintageLanai White Imp.BEGONIATORENIASummer Wave Bouquet BlueSummer Wave Bouquet Deep BlueSummer Wave Bouquet Deep RoseSummer Wave Bouquet GoldSummer Wave Bouquet WhiteSummer Wave Large AmethystSummer Wave Large BlueSummer Wave Large SilverSummer Wave Large VioletVERBENALanai Upright Blue w/ EyeLanai Upright Merlot w/ EyeLanai Upright PeachLanai Upright Pink w/ EyeLanai Upright PurpleLanai Upright Purple VelvetLanai Upright Red w/ EyeLanai Upright Rose w/ EyeLanai Upright Scarlet Imp.Lanai Upright Sky BlueLanai Upright True BlueLanai Upright Twister PurpleLanai Upright Twister RoseLanai Upright Twister WatercolorLanai BlueLanai Bright EyeLanai Candy CaneLanai Cyclops PurpleLanai Deep Pink Imp.Lanai Deep PurpleLanai Early Dark RedLanai Green AppleLanai Lavender StarLanai LilacLanai MagentaLanai Neon RoseLanai PeachLanai PurpleLanai RedLanai Royal Purple w/ Eye Imp.Lanai ScarletLanai Scarlet w/ EyeLanai Sky Blue10VINCAMajor Expoflora/High ColorMajor VarigataMajor Wojo’s GemSolenia ApricotSolenia CherrySolenia Dark PinkSolenia Deep Orange Imp.Solenia Dusty RoseSolenia Light PinkSolenia RedSolenia Red Orange ImpSolenia Salmon CoralSolenia Velvet RedSolenia YellowCONFETTI GARDENBel Air RedBlaze of GloryBlue DanubeBunny TracksCalypsoCampfireCherries on TopClockworksCoconut CoastCoral ReefCupcake PartyDancing JeansDenim BluesEaster BasketEndurable BeautyEndurable CherryEndurable LilacEndurable PinkFall FandangoFireFlashFleur de EdnaGlossy CherryGlossy GardenGlossy StrawberryHawaiian Colour ClashHawaiian CountryHawaiian FlamingoHawaiian Fruit BowlHawaiian HiloHawaiian Hoku StarHawaiian Hula LilliHawaiian Kona FlamingoHawaiian Kona GoldHawaiian LuauHawaiian MahaloHawaiian OrchidHawaiian Pink Fusion

CONFETTI GARDENCONFETTI GARDENKWIK KOMBOHawaiian Sunset ParadiseHawaiian Volcano KeaHot Pink JazzHunny BunnyLavender SpringLibertyMarvelous OrchidMarvelous TreasureMountain’s MajestyNightlightsNorthern LightsOktoberfestPatriotPatriot SunPeppermint CandyPineapple PunchPirate’s BeautyPismo BeachPlaydatePumpkin SpicePurple CleopatraPurple HaloRainbow BridgeRainbow SherbetRaspberry TarteRockin’ RedRockin’ SunsetRoyal CharmeShocking BlueShocking PinkShocking PurpleShocking RoseShocking StormShocking TouchSmarty PartySparkle BlueSparkle MagentaSparkle PurpleSparkle RedStar ShipStar Stripe GloryStar Stripe HonorStormy OrchidSummer SunsetSundanceSunny SkiesSunshineThat’s AmoreTigar TailTropical SunriseTwistWalk in the CloudsWater ColorsWater WheelWaterlooWaterrosePink Limeade Mix Imp.Pink Prism MixPlum-tastic Mix Imp.Powder Puff Mix Imp.Primary Perfection Mix Imp.Rainy Days MixRock N’ Roll Mix Imp.Rosewater MixRoyal Duchess Mix Imp.Royal Gold MixSalsa MixSanguna Moody Blues Mix Imp.Sanguna Punk Rock Mix Imp.Sanguna Salute Mix Imp.Sanguna Summer Cooler Mix Imp.Sea Monkey Mix Imp.Sedona MixSouthwestern Summer MixSpring Breeze Mix Imp.Spring Showers MixSummer Jelly MixSurfer Chick MixSweet Sixteen MixThat’s the Spirit MixThe Red Carpet Mix Imp.Walk of Stars MixWater Lily Mix Imp.Wine Down MixWisteria Lane MixWorld’s Fair Mix Imp.DRACENA INDIVISAGreen SpikeIPOMOEABlackieMargueriteKWIK KOMBOA Touch of Class MixAll That Glitters MixBanana Pancakes MixBeach Bound MixBeach Bum MixBlue Ridge MixCabrio Life is a Highway MixCabrio Ride Along MixCabrio Road Trip MixCabrio Speed Limit MixCallie Citrus Fire Mix Imp.Callie Color Wheel Mix Imp.Callie Patio Selfie MixChloe’s MixCiao’ Bella MixCoral Kisses Mix Imp.Crushed Velvet MixCurb Appeal Mix Imp.Dekko Moody Blues MixDekko Salute MixDekko Starfish MixEndless Love MixFire and Ice MixGrape Expectations Mix Imp.Harvest Moon MixHot Tamale MixIn a Jam MixLight Bright MixLittle Piece of My Heart MixLove Bird MixLove Potion MixMai Tai Mix Imp.Mermiad Tails MixMidnight Moon MixMom’s Chosen One MixNight in Pompeii Mix Imp.Paloma MixPicotee Passion MixPink Lemonade MixPENNISETUMPennisetum rubrumSETCRESEAPurple11

2021-2022 DropsBacopa Scopia Great AzureBegonia Miss MalibuBegonia Miss MiamiBegonia Miss MontrealBidens Marietta Gold SparkBidens Mexican Compact GoldBidens Mexican Semi-DoubleCalendula Cheers OrangeCalibrachoa Aloha Kona Hot PinkCalibrachoa Callie Gold w/ Red EyeCalibrachoa Callie Star PinkCalibrachoa Callie White w/ Rose VeinCalibrachoa Chameleon Double Desert RoseConfetti Garden Glossy GrapeConfetti Garden Glossy MangoConfetti Garden Glossy SunsetConfetti Garden Ruby SlippersConfetti Garden Spring BreakConfetti Garden Time for SpringConfetti Garden Time for SummerConfetti Garden WaterlillyDiascia Darla OrangeImpatiens SunPatiens Compact Fire RedImpatiens SunPatiens Compact Royal MagentaImpatiens SunPatiens Vigorous Clear WhiteImpatiens SunPatiens Vigorous CoronaImpatiens SunPatiens Vigorous SalmonImpatiens SunPatiens Vigorous Shell PinkJamesbrittenia GoldstarKwik Kombo Bright Spot Mix12Kwik Kombo Cabrio Zoom Zoom MixKwik Kombo Cherry Blossom MixLamium Pink PewterLotus RedOsteospermum Margarita LemonOsteospermum Margarita SunsetPetchoa SuperCal PurplePetunia Crazytunia Purple PicoteePetunia Double Wave Blue Velvet (Blue)Petunia Double Wave PinkPetunia Double Wave PurplePetunia Double Wave RedPetunia Double Wave WhitePetunia Hells Flamin’ RosePetunia Hippy Chic VioletPetunia Potunia Dark RedPetunia Potunia YellowstonePetunia Sanguna Patio Blue VeinPetunia Sanguna Patio Light BluePetunia Sanguna Patio SalmonPetunia Sanguna Pink VeinPetunia Sanguna White VeinPetunia Sweetunia Pink LemonadePetunia Sweetunia Purple VeinPetunia Sweetunia VelveteenVerbena Lanai Upright Purple MosiacVerbena Lanai PinkVerbena Lanai Red StarVerbena Lanai Twister AmethystVerbena Lanai Twister Burgundy

Regional Broker RepresentativesBALL HORTICULTURAL COMPANYOffice(800) 879-2255John Crisp(541) 604-0533jcrisp@ballhort.comK.A. Ingalls(425) 879-1281kaingalls@ballhort.comTodd Larson(986) 200-8380tlarson@ballhort.comDave Sontag(509) 599-0281dsontag@ballhort.comCraig Yoshida(425) 836-4550cyoshida@ballhort.comChris Kolitz(360) 625-9806chris@florafinderllc.comLinda Kolitz(360) 625-9809linda@florafinderllc.comFLORAFINDER, LLCGRIFFIN GREENHOUSE SUPPLIESOffice(800) 323-7253Kevin Hallkhall@griffinmail.comChuck Joachim(503) 864-8128cjoachim@griffinmail.comMark Joachim(503) 860-4299mjoachim@griffinmail.comLois Geertz(406) 794-1778lgeertz@griffinmail.com(503) 628-1969ron.iwasaki@gmail.com(503) 282-3183koenigplants@aol.comIWASAKI HORTICULTURAL SALESRon IwasakiKOENIG & ASSOCIATESSharon MainzerMcHUTCHISONOffice(800) 943-2230Melanie Byrne(973) 712-0351mbryne@mchutchison.comMelissa Main(760) 453-4127mmain@ mchutchison.comAllison Pennell(503) 313-6477apennell@ mchutchison.comScott Sauer(707) 849-1593ssauer@ mchutchison.comRich Hodgson(845) 629-6762rfhodgson2020@gmail.comKurt Messick(408) 871-9816messickco@comcast.netOffice(855) 864-3300orders@vaughans.comCathy Ellis(714) 745-5098cellis@vaughans.comLara Rowles(503) 435-9551lrowles@vaughans.comMESSICK COMPANYVAUGHAN’S HORTICULTUREWESTERN HORT. PRODUCTSOffice(800) 669-6480Tonya Cole(360) 344-3222tonya@wehop.comLisa May(360) 344-3222lisa@wehop.comMolly Malecki(425) 350-9300molly@wehop.com13

Al’s Garden Centers & Greenhouses, LLC30851 S. Dee Jay Way Hubbard, OR 97032

Callie Purple Imp. Callie Rose Callie Rose Dark Center Callie Star Orange Callie Strawberry Callie White Callie Yellow Candy Shop Candy Bouquet Candy Shop Candy Crush Candy Shop Chocolate Candy Shop Fancy Berry Candy Shop Grape Splash Candy Shop Sweet Dreams Chameleon Atomic Orange Cham

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