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Hands OnWorkshop DayMetro Based: Box Hill InstituteWednesday 4th December 2013CONFERENCE PROGRAMw (03) 9349 1538

BERNINA 1008BERNINA 350PEJoin us atBernina AustraliaBERNINA 800DL@berninaaustraliaBERNINA 215BERNINA: Class-leading sewing machinesAt BERNINA Australia, our passion is simple.we want everyone to experience pure sewing pleasure when they sewwith one of our exceptional sewing machines, embroidery machines oroverlockers. And why wouldn’t they?From the popular bernette to the remarkable BERNINA 830 we have theperfect BERNINA sewing machine for student and tutor to enjoy bringingideas into a creative reality, pushing the boundaries with the knowledgethat a BERNINA machine will withstand the test of time.BERNINA or phone 1800 237 646

WORKSHOP DAY INFORMATIONWELCOMEDATTA VIC welcomes you to our Annual Hands On Workshop Day and to the Box Hill Institute. This year’s progamoffers you a range of practical hands on workshops which will further support your teaching practice of ProductDesign and Technology and Systems Engineering.This year we will host our live student competition “So You Think You Can Design” for students specialising in Textilesfor the first time. Students from different schools will compete with each other in various design related tasks fromcreating mood boards, design illustrations and mock ups of final designs. Challenges will be completed throughoutFriday, so make sure you head over and see what the students are creating! This event is intended to highlight newtechniques and possibilities within Product Design and Technology as well as provide some entertainment and ahealthy dose of inspiration!SCHEDULE8.00am-8.45amRegistration, Tea & Coffee8.45am-9.00amWelcome from the DATTA Vic President9.00am-11.00amSession 1 Workshops11.00am -11.20amMorning Tea11.20am -1.20pmSession 2 Workshops1.20pm-2.00pmLunch2.00pm-4.00pmSession 3 Workshops4.00pmw (03) 9349 1538

WORKSHOP OVERVIEWWednesday 4th December 20138.00am - 8.45amRegistration, Tea & Coffee8.45am - 9.00amWelcome from the President of DATTA Vic, Jill Livett9.00am - 11.00amWorkshops Session 1Workshop 19.00am - 11.00amRoom:Workshop 29.00am - 11.00amRoom:Workshop 39.00am - 11.00amRoom:Workshop 49.00am - 11.00amRoom:Botanical Eco-DyeingUsing SolderlessBreadboardsHow To Make APendantPlain Is Best: MakingChairs Using PlywoodJo RoszkowskiJohn GlancyJoanne MasonJoanne HeideWorkshop 59.00am - 11.00amRoom:Workshop 69.00am - 11.00amRoom:Workshop 79.00am - 11.00amRoom:Workshop 89.00am - 11.00amRoom:Google SketchupZoo Poo AnimalsModel Solar VehiclesBuild A Picaxe 14 MMicrocontroller.Luke DickerStephen ParsonsWayne YoungPat McMahon11.00am - 11.20amMorning Tea11.20am - 1.20pmWorkshops Session 2Workshop 911.20am - 1.20pmRoom:Workshop 1011.20am - 1.20pmRoom:Workshop 1111.20am - 1.20pmRoom:Workshop 1211.20am - 1.20pmRoom:Crocodile Technology:Basic Electronic CircuitCreative MetalFashion Illustration &CollageThere’s A New RobotIn Class EV3Foster AdemAndrew GordanTania Di BerardinoLibby MooreWorkshop 1311.20am - 1.20pmRoom:Workshop 1411.20am - 1.20pmRoom:Workshop 1511.20am - 1.20pmRoom:Workshop 1611.20am - 1.20pmRoom:Stitching up MelbourneNowIntroduction to MakingRings with RhinoGoldand Rhinoceros 3DVacuum FormingBuild A SchoolExperimenter Board, ToAttach To Your Picaxe14 M MicrocontrollerGrace Di MuzioDavid HydePeter MurphyPat McMahon

WORKSHOP OVERVIEWWednesday 4th December 201311.20am - 1.20pmWorkshops Session 2Workshop 1711.20am - 1.20pmRoom:Introduction to HandTools & Basic JoineryTechniquesKen McAlpine1.20pm - 2.00pmLunch2.00pm - 4.00pmWorkshops Session 3Workshop 182.00pm - 4.00pmRoom:Workshop 192.00pm - 4.00pmRoom:Workshop 202.00pm - 4.00pmRoom:Workshop 212.00pm - 4.00pmRoom:Scraps, Plarn & EcoFriendly Product &DesignSuzanne ArnottPorcelain Jewellery &Accessories withJapanese printsFelicity McNamaraRobotics - Create,Control, CompeteFreehand Sketching &RenderingPhil TallentsAndrew NichollsWorkshop 222.00pm - 4.00pmRoom:Workshop 232.00pm - 4.00pmRoom:Creating Video ClipsTo Maximise ProductionOutcomesWorkshop 242.00pm - 4.00pmRoom:Workshop 252.00pm - 4.00pmRoom:Picaxe ProgammingEditorKerf & CompoundCuttingLisa WalshPat McMahonShane Stute3D Printing WorkshopScott Phillips4.00pmCLOSESo You Think You Can Design: TextilesThis event will be running from 9am until 4.00pm. Delegates are able to visit the space the studentswill be competing in at any point during the Hands On Workshop Day.

PROGRAM OVERVIEWFriday 4th December 2013Session OnePrimarySecondaryVCE/VET/VCALGeneralWorkshop 19.00am - 11.00amRoom:AudienceBotanical Eco-DyeingExplore the use of plants primarily and possiblyvegetable matter and iron to produce colour onsilk and cotton. Hot bundling will be demonstratedas well as quick leaf prints and each participantwill have a sample to take to the classroom. Handstitching as mark making on fabric may also beexplored in the time available.Jo Roszkowski graduated from Melbourne Universityas an Art and Craft Teacher in 1989. Since then Johas taught at 5 girls' schools around Melbourne. Shehas been teaching VCE Product Design and Technologyfor the past 3 years. Her own practice as an artistoften involves textiles work and Jo exhibited in theBuda textile prize last year. Jo has been blogging as JoSo and Sew for many years on diverse topics and ran atextiles business for a time. Jo loves that an interest insustainability makes you more resourceful.Workshop 29.00am - 11.00amRoom:AudienceUsing Solderless BreadboardsHands on building of simple electronic circuits usingsolderless breadboards.John Glancy is the owner of School Electronic Supplieswith many years of experience in the supply andimplementation of electronics in education.Workshop 39.00am - 11.00amRoom:AudienceHow To Make A PendantThis session will focus on learning a variety oftechniques used in making a copper pendant,including saw piercing, forming, polishing, rivetingand enamel painting. Participants will learnfundamental skills such as designing, sawing, filing,emery work and construction. The end result will bea high quality, individual and interest driven pieceof wearable jewellery.Jo Mason is a jewellery teacher at WhittleseaSecondary College and teaches a variety of technologysubjects including Plastics, Systems, Woodwork andRobotics. Jo has completed an Advanced Diploma inEngineering Technology at NMIT in 2009 and hassince used her skills in a variety of contexts, includingteaching. She is interested in experimenting with formand colour, and is drawn to an eclectic range ofdesign concepts.Workshop 49.00am - 11.00amRoom:AudiencePlain Is Best – Making Chairs Using PlywoodPlywood is a plain material, yet it is light andeasy to work with. This workshop will look at thecurrent use of plywood in product design and withexamples on display; participants will design asmall chair and make a prototype using the material.Joanne Heide moved to the UK from Melbourne in1999 after obtaining a Graduate Diploma in Educationfrom the University of Melbourne. She remained in theUK for 8 years teaching Design and Technology inLondon schools. Prior to teaching she obtained adegree in Visual Arts from Monash University and aPost Graduate in Sculpture from the Victorian Collegeof the Arts. While living in the UK she completed aMaster of Fine Art through Monash University. She hasexhibited her art and design work both in Australiaand the UK. In 2007 she moved back to Melbourneand currently teaches Design & Technology and VisualArts at Caroline Chisholm Catholic College.Workshop 511.00am - 12.00pmRoom:AudienceGoogle SketchUpLearn how to draw a 3D table in Sketchup containingrealistic biscuit, domino and screw joints. You will learnhow to lay a realistic timber texture over your model,pull apart your model and add dimensions for a usefulexploded diagram which makes cutting lists a breeze.On completion of the workshop you will also get manypre drawn projects and video tutorials which you canuse in your classroom. You must bring a laptop anda mouse (do not use your laptop touch pad as it is 3times slower to navigate).

PROGRAM OVERVIEWWorkshop 5 ContinuedLuke Dicker is currently a woodwork, metalworkand visual communications teacher from Marist-SionCollege Warragul who uses Sketchup on a daily basisas a teaching aid.Workshop 69.00am - 11.00amRoom:AudienceZoo Poo AnimalsDesign project for Year 7 or Year 8 students. Workthrough the design process with your students in adisgustingly fun project that engages them throughall aspects of the design process and heads themin the right direction for VCE Product Design &Technology. Get to make wooden Zoo Poo Animal(to take home!).Workshop 8 (Compliments workshops 16 & 24)9.00am - 11.00amRoom:AudienceBuild A Picaxe 14 M MicrocontrollerParticipants will build and take away a SchoolElectronic Supplies (SES) Picaxe 14M Microcontroller.Pat McMahon has had in the last 7 years, over 2000students from Years 7 to 10 build a PicaxeMicrocontroller and control some great award winningmodels, samples will be on display. Pat has beenfortunate to have shown his students’ work overseasand has received 5 various Australian, State andRegional Innovative/Outstanding/Excellence, Teacher ofthe Year Awards.Stephen Parsons has a B.Ed (Design Technology) and aBA (Fine Art - Sculpture). He is a Design TechnologyTeacher, and has worked in London, the Caribbean, andnow Sunbury.Workshop 79.00am - 11.00amRoom:AudienceModel Solar VehiclesThe aim of this workshop is to enable teachers toassist their students to construct or improve modelsolar powered boats or cars that could then be usedat school and/or entered into the state competitionat Scienceworks in term 4. The model solar boatsare aimed at primary and junior secondary students(over two hundred teams entered last year).Construction involves the use of recycled materialsand the boats are quite simple and cheap toconstruct. Students learn about friction, propellerchoice, aerodynamics, simple circuits, solar electricity,etc. The Model solar cars require a higher level ofskill, take more time, are more costly and are mainlyconstructed by secondary students. Students learnabout friction, gearing, aerodynamics, electronic circuitsand solar electricity.Wayne Young has been a member of both theVictorian and Australian International Model SolarVehicle Committees for over a decade and he hasconducted hands on workshops with students all overthe state. He currently teaches Technology and Scienceat Billanook College in Melbourne. 25.00 per SetOn Sale Now!For details go tothe Registration Deskor the Datta Vicwebsite

PROGRAM OVERVIEWFriday 4th December 2013Session TwoPrimarySecondaryVCE/VET/VCALGeneralWorkshop 911.20am - 1.20pmRoom:AudienceCrocodile Technology: Basic Electronic CircuitParticipants will have access to Crocodile TechnologyV1.53, (or later) software in a computer laboratory.The objective is to explore the potential of thesoftware and to design/model basic electroniccircuits for the Scorpio Belt driven model vehicle.* Particpants will need to bring their own laptopsto this session.Foster Adem has a Diploma of Art and DesignPrahran CAE, Industrial Experience with RadioCorporation (Astor, TV Engineering), and later PhillipsIndustries. Originally trained as a Technical SchoolsTeacher (TTTC Art Method). Foster spent 7 years inthe Art Department at Shepparton Technical College(Secondary and TAFE) and 16 years as an EducationLecturer at The Hawthorn Institute of Education, wherehe was Course Leader of Technology Education. Hecompleted a Bachelor of Education and Master ofEducational Studies at Monash University. He currentlyworks at Trinity Grammar School as the Head ofDesign and Technology Faculty.Workshop 1011.20am - 1.20pmRoom:AudienceCreative MetalShowing people how to be creative with sheet metalwith minimal equipment and cost in materials. Quick andeasy projects for students which lets them be as creativeas they like and use their imagination.Andrew Gordan has been teaching for 13 years.Andrew teaches Technology from years 7-12 and teachesin 3 other TL areas. His students have been making"creative" projects (mainly years 7-9) with sheet metalfor the past 5 years and the work is simply outstanding.Workshop 1111.20am - 1.20pmRoom:AudienceFashion Illustration & CollageParticipants will have the opportunity to use copicmarkers as well as other drawing tools to create oneoff designs which will add flair and originality to anystudent folio. We will then enhance the illustrationswith a range of collage materials. This workshop willteach you techniques and tricks to share with yoursecondary students.Tania Di Berardino is currently working for Zart Artas a consultant, prior to Zart, Tania worked for KraftKolour as a consultant. She has a Bachelor of FineArt and is a member of the Paper Makers of Victoria.She is a practising and exhibiting Artist.Workshop 1211.20am - 1.20pmRoom:AudienceThere’s A New Robot In Class: EV3Ignite student engagement and energise learningthrough the use of LEGO Mindstorms EducationEV3 in your classroom. This hands-on workshopwill show you how to have your students exercisecreative problem solving and team working skillswhile deepening their understanding of digitaltechnologies, design and technologies, processesand understanding. The new software provides anintegrated digital learning experience where studentscan add text, images and video to create andpresent projects. They can build a portfolio to sharetheir work with teachers for assessment. The contenteditor allows teachers to customise curriculummaterial for specific teaching requirements. Yourbiggest challenge will be getting students to leaveyour classroom!Libby Moore is the owner of Moore Educational andLEGO Education Centres in Docklands and Southbank,Brisbane. She supplies all schools around Australia withLEGO Education resources and runs hands-onworkshops for teachers and school children onMechanisms, Construction and Robotics. For moreinformation go to 1311.20am - 1.20pmRoom:AudienceStitching Up Melbourne NowMelbourne Now celebrates the latest art, design andarchitecture produced in this city. It takes as itspremise the idea that a city is significantly shaped by

PROGRAM OVERVIEWWorkshop 13 Continuedthe artists, designers and architects who live andwork there. This workshop will showcase thedynamic fashion, textiles and design within theMelbourne Now exhibition at the National Galleryof Victoria as well as a practical textiles workshop.Participants will experiment with a range of machineembroidery, stitch and surface fabric manipulationtechniques and how these can be incorporated withintextiles projects within the classroom.Workshop includes: A very short introduction to the MelbourneNow Exhibition at the NGV Free form machine embroidery techniques Collage and fabric manipulation processes.Most equipment and materials provided.Participants may like to bring their own scissors,pins, sewing cottons and any favourite small piecesof fabric that could be included in the finishedproject. Sewing machine and darning foot required.(All participants will be advised about equipmentprior to conference)Grace Di Muzio completed a Bachelor of Arts andCrafts at Melbourne State College in 1986. She hashad extensive experience teaching art, design andICT in a number of secondary schools in Melbourne,before joining the National Gallery of Victoria asan Educator in 2007. She has a particular interest indeveloping education programs which enrich studiesof English, History, LOTE, Psychology and Designthrough engagement with art.Workshop 1411.20am - 1.20pmRoom:AudienceModelling 3D Jewellery with Rhino &RhinoGoldRhino (Rhinoceros 3D) is powerful NURBS basedtool for general modelling and CAD manufacturingor 3D printing in particular. RhinoGold is anapplication that utilises Rhino completely whileadding its own interface and extraordinary tools formaking jewellery. RhinoGold is essentially a jeweller’stool to make 3D jewellery efficiently.In this hands-on session you will experience bothRhino and RhinoGold to make some simple itemsand prepare them for 3D printing.The session will have initial instruction but breakinto self-paced learning using training moviesspecially prepared for this session. You will be ableto confidently and comfortably work at your ownpace with assistance as necessary. This techniquehas proven very successful at Box Hill and ourstudents enjoy this method of learning.You may take all learning material with you forfurther practice or revision.Areas covered: Introduction to the interface tools andfeatures. Size and create a simple ring. Select and Apply gemstones. Create prongs. Use a gem drilling tool. Add a maker’s mark to the shank. Apply precious metals to a model. Check and analyse a model. Export for 3D printing. Plus, more from optional extra movies.Please bring:Headphones or earplugs.USB stick or drive.Note taking material and pen.For further information visit:www.rhinogold.comwww.rhino3D.comDavid Hyde originally trained as a Graphic Designerat Swinburne University and later obtained a GraduateDipolma in Education from Melbourne. He then spentnine years teaching Visual Communication (7-12),Ceramics, Art/Craft, Photography, Wood and someJewellery at secondary colleges. Moving to Box HillTAFE to take the role of Program Coordinator forthe Diploma of Graphic Art at Box Hill TAFE, Davidhelped to lift the course into the digital age ofElectronic Prepress, Digital Design and DigitalIllustration. This course maintained a fullemployment of graduates throughout the period1989-2001. Subsequently, he has developed andcoordinated courses from Certificate 3 to AdvancedDiploma level in Graphic Design, Video Production,Multimedia, Interactive Digital Media, MotionGraphics and Visual Effects. More recently he hasdeveloped delivery for the Diploma of InteriorDesign in 3D Modeling and Rendering Interiors,Advanced Diploma of Jewellery & Object Design3D Modeling for 3D Prototyping. David describeshimself as a Digital Designer with traditional originsand enjoys the challenge of the new. He engagesprofessionally in Print Design, Digital Photographyand Retouching and occasional Web Design withprojects ranging from corporate ID, Branding andSignage to 3D sunglasses for manufacture.Workshop 1511.20am - 1.20pmRoom:AudienceVacuum FormingWant a vacuum former but not sure how to justifyit to your school?

PROGRAM OVERVIEWWorkshop 15 ContinuedGot a vacuum former but not sure how to use it?Or just looking for new ideas?All attendees will get an opportunity to make asimple mould and operate a vacuum former.Peter Murphy trained as an Industrial Designer inthe UK. He worked for retail designers Dollar Raeand also co-founded the design consultancy Go 90in Glasgow. Following a period working in furthereducation, Peter taught English in Berlin for 3years. He moved to Melbourne in 2009 to pursuea Graduate Diploma in Secondary Education atVictoria University. He is Technology Co-ordinatorat Simonds Catholic College and teaches ProductDesign and Technology Yrs 8-12. Peter was part ofthe 2011 Product Design & Technology VCE reviewpanel, has published teacher support material forVCE Unit 1 PD&T and is the creator of So YouThink You Can Design. More recently Peter hasbeen part of the VCAA expert panel charged withreviewing and trialing the national curiculum forDesign and Technology.He has specialised in working with wood, metaland acrylic. In 2002 Ken won a NationalWoodwork Design Award when he recycled ablock of left over Blackwood, previously used asa door stop, to create an electric violin. Theexperience taught him the importance ofacquiring a good practical understanding ofhand tools which were utilised for over 90% ofthe violin's construction. Ken believes a goodunderstanding of the basic rudiments of handtools is an essential prerequisite if a student isto develop the skills required to create projectsto a high standard.The DATTA Vic Support Material forVCE Product Design and Technology2012 - 2016 is now available!Workshop 16 (Compliments Workshops 8 & 24)11.20am - 1.20pmRoom:AudienceBuild A School Experimenter Board, To Attach ToYour Picaxe 14 M MicrocontrollerParticipants will build and take away a SchoolElectronic Supplies (SES) School Experimenter Board,to attach to their own Picaxe 14M Microcontroller.Pat McMahonWorkshop 1711.20am - 1.20pmRoom:AudienceBasic Joinery Techniques With A Small ProjectThis workshop will focus on hand and smallerportable power tools with an emphasis on techniqueand health and safety considerations. This workshopis particularly relevant to teachers new to ortransferring over to teaching PD&T for the first time.In this workshop we will cover some joinerytechniques, suggested exercises and some smallproject ideas. Ideal for middle school year levels(years 7, 8 & 9). Teachers are invited to bring alongand exhibit/discuss their own projects.Ken McAlpine has taught Design Technology for20 years in both government and independentschools in Australia and the United Kingdom.Save 50.00 when you buy the set.For further information go to the Registration Desk or visit ourwebsite

PROGRAM OVERVIEWFriday 4th December 2013Session ThreePrimarySecondaryVCE/VET/VCALGeneralWorkshop 182.00pm - 4.00pmRoom:Workshop 202.00pm - 4.00pmRoom:AudienceAudienceScraps, Plarn & Eco-Friendly Product &DesignThis workshop will focus on a range of designand production tasks using those pesky scrapsevery textiles room accumulates or is donated.Patchwork including crazy patchwork, seminolepatchwork, traditional patchwork and appliquetechniques using fusible webbing. We will alsocreate plarn - plastic yarn, which can be usedand reduce the landfill created by plastic bags,to create more practical and better lookingre-usable bags created with knitting and crochettechniques. Participants will create at least oneeco-friendly product, and notes supplied willguide you through the creation of others.Robotics - Create Control CompeteGet Hands-On Robotics experience with the newPicoDriver module and PicoFlow Alpha software fromPicoKit with the new 'open' PicoPi Digital ManufacturedRobot Chassis.Suzanne Arnott is a passionate user ofTechnology in the classroom, both traditionaland digital. She has taught Textiles for over25 years, as well as teaching Digital Technologiesfor over 15 years. She is excited by thepotential for 21st Century teaching and learningusing new technology such as mobile devicesand cloud computing.*Please bring your own laptops to this session.Software for this session will be sent to attendeesbefore the workshop for attendees to download readyfor the session.Workshop 192.00pm - 4.00pmRoom:AudiencePorcelain Jewellery & Accessories with JapanesePrintsUsing the Japanese technique of Tissue Transferdecoration on to porcelain, create pieces for use asbrooches, earrings, beads or necklaces. It is so easyto create beautiful pottery and ceramic pieces withtissue transfer papers. Made by a copper plateprintingprocess which uses ceramic pigments, transfer paperscome in a variety of designs and colours, some evencreating a raised print on the finished surface. TheseJapanese made transfers makes application directly ontoraw clay, leather hard, greenware and bisque so simple.Felicity McNamara is currently a Product Design andTechnology Teacher from years 8-12 at Carey BaptistGrammar school. Felicity has been teaching for 10years. Previously she studied Furniture Design beforebecoming teacher.Prospective Activities:- Assembling the Robot platform- Flowchart programming with PicoFlow Alpha- Controlling Plug-In modules: Digital Inputs;Analogue Inputs; LED Outputs; Servo Motors; DCBidirectional gear motors; Infrared and 2.4GHzwireless control modules; LCD Display Modules- Test your skills in a Line-following or Sumo robotcompetition.PicoDriver control board, PicoPi robot chassis, and theplug-in control modules were Inspired by David Oswaldfrom King's Christian College on the Gold Coast for hislunch-time robotics electives. This solution was Designedand Developed by Philip Tallents, business owner ofPicoKit (electronic kits), developer of the PicoFlow AlphaSoftware, and teacher of Industrial Technology at GraceLutheran College (in QLD) for six years.Workshop 212.00pm - 4.00pmRoom:AudienceFreehand Sketching & RenderingA major hurdle that all students experience is theability to depict the form of their designs in a waythat communicates the design's structure, style, materialor finished assembly. Participants of this workshop willlearn how to develop their student's ability to freehandsketch designs using essential forms and views.Participants will then discover how, through thesimple application of coloured pencil, markers andother media, a simple illustration of a design conceptcan be achieved.

PROGRAM OVERVIEWWorkshop 21 ContinuedAndrew Nicholls is a qualified Industrial Designer,Teacher and author. He has worked in a number ofdesign industries including Industrial, Graphic, Pointof Sale, Kitchen and Project Management. Andrewcurrently teaches Visual Arts, Technology & Designand Information Communication Technology at WallanSecondary College. He is a past council member andPresident of Visual Communication Victoria (VCV). Hehas been a workshop presenter at VCV and DATTAconferences in the areas of Technical Drawing,Model-making, Digital Illustration, CAD, and ThinkingSkills. Throughout his teaching career Andrew hasbeen involved in the development of curriculumassessment, documentation and examination.Workshop 222.00pm - 4.00pmRoom:Audience3D Printing WorkshopCome and learn about the new 3D printingtechnologies that are changing the world! In thisworkshop you will get to see 3D printers inoperation and how you can take an idea andturn it into an actual object. From small plasticknick-knacks to medical applications, architecture,chocolate and robots; we'll show you some of theamazing 3D printing projects from around the worldand how easy it is for you to be involved. You willlearn how to access online repositories of printable3D objects and learn about the various 3D printingtechnologies available. This introductory workshoprequires no prior experience with 3D printing oradvanced computer skills, and is a great way tounderstand how 3D printing will change the waywe make things.Scott Phillips runs whichprovides 3D printing workshops to schools and tothe public, as well as contract 3D printing and designservices. also sells a rangeof 3D printers for home, schools and offices, fromvery affordable desktop machines through to the fullrange of professional Stratasys FDM and Polyjet 3Dprinters.Workshop 232.00pm - 4.00pmRoom:AudienceCreating Video Clips To Maximise ProductionOutcomesThis session aims to share my experience with thedevelopment of short instructional video clips thathave been designed to demonstrate and providewritten and verbal instruction for practical tasks. I havebeen trialling the clips with students in years 8 and 9Design & Technology (Textiles) classes, and sharedthem successfully with senior students. The clips aresuited to a learning environment with 1:1 laptops, orwhere there is access to computers in the classroom.The specific content of the clips can be entirelytailored to your curriculum needs and created withyour own voice. Students are able to come to classwell prepared, with your personal support at the touchof their track pad. The clips can be uploaded ontoVimeo and shared and viewed via Edmodo. I wouldlike to demonstrate the implicity of recording with aniPhone or similar device and the effective use ofiMovie for editing and finishing.Lisa Walsh studied Arts/Fashion at RMIT University.She worked for several years in the Fashion Industrybefore working as a freelance pattern maker. Lisacompleted the Bachelor/Teaching in 2004 and hasbeen teaching Design & Technology (Textiles) toyears 8 through to VCE at Avila College for the past7 years. Lisa is constantly seeking ways to improvestudent learning, build confidence and broadenstudents' repertoire of technical skills. This teamedwith Avila College's Mac Laptop program and focuson effective use of ICT has encouraged Lisa to lookfor ways to improve her students' technology skillsand engagement through the use of ICT.Workshop 24 (Compliments Workshops 8 & 16)2.00pm - 4.00pmRoom:AudiencePicaxe Programming EditorParticipants will learn how to simply program theirPicaxe 14M Microcontroller using BASIC (PicaxeProgramming Editor) and Flowcharts (Logicator).Note - Please bring your own laptop with a Picaxedownload cable installed and working. Also downloadboth programs to your laptops prior to the workshop,from the Picaxe website.Pat McMahonWorkshop 252.00pm - 4.00pmRoom:AudienceKerf & Compound CuttingThis workshop is a practical session designed forteachers to gain the skills and knowledge of KerfCutting and Compound Cutting of manufacturedboards and timber, they will learn how toincorporate angles and curves into different projects.Teachers have the opportunity to design and make

PROGRAM OVERVIEWWorkshop 25 Continuedjigs which will be used in the process to assembletheir shapes. Veneer will also be used in the processto strengthen and support the curves. By learning thecorrect procedures, this will allow teachers toexperiment with the varying ways of cutting materialand giving more opportunities to their students toexplore.Shane Stute started an apprenticeship as afurniture maker. He completed his trade at BoxHill College of TAFE and, after 16 years ofdedicated service, Shane started his own businessdesigning and making pieces of furniture. Hedeveloped a passion for hand polishing and theuse of natural resins and oils. This has led himto making violins and cellos which he stillcontin

that a BERNINA machine will withstand the test of time. BERNINA: Class-leading sewing machines Join us at BERNINA 350PE BERNINA 550QE BERNINA 800DL BERNINA 215 BERNINA 1008 Bernina Australia @berninaaustralia. WORKSHOP DAY INFORMATION WELCOME DATTA VIC welcomes you to our Annual Hands On Wo

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To configure IBM TAM WebSEAL: 1. On the IBM TAM WebSEAL server, locate the \Tivoli\PDWeb\etc directory. 2. Open any WebSEAL server instance .conf file, for example webseald-default.conf or webseald-test.conf. 3. Ensure that the following parameter values are set in the aznapi-configuration section of the WebSEAL server instance .conf file .

API 541 5th Edition - Scope This standard covers the minimum requirements for special purpose form-wound squirrel-cage induction motors 375 kW (500 Horsepower) and larger for use in petroleum, chemical and other industry applications. Note 1: Special purpose machines typically have one or more of the following characteristics: 1. Is in an .