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GUIDEWIRE DATA HUBPMP Certification TrainingCourseRegistered Education Provider

Table of Contents:Program OverviewProgram FeaturesDelivery ModePrerequisites TargetCertification Alignment CertificationDetails and CriteriaCustomer ReviewsAbout UsAudienceKey Learning OutcomesProgram Overview:Guidewire DataHub unifies, standardizes, validates, and stores data from the typical patchwork of an insurer’ssystems and external sources. It allows carriers to create a single version of the truth through a detailed transactionrepository where internal and third-party data is subject oriented, conformed, and has common context. Thisprovides the perfect staging platform to meet needs of both data consumers and producers.Program Features:35 hours of blended learning29 hours of Online self-paced learning36 hours of instructor-led trainingGuidewire Data Hub Use CasesGuidewire SAP BodsGuidewire Data Hub ConfigurationComplete ETL Tools and ProgrammingSimulation test papers100% Money back guaranteeDelivery Mode:Blended - Online self-paced learning and live virtual classroom training‘

Prerequisites:You should have the following for the Guidewire Data Hub Certification:A secondary degree (i.e., high school diploma, associate degree, or global equivalent)Insurance domain experience.Some overview of Insurance basics or AINSAINS 21: Property and Liability Insurance PrinciplesORPrior experience of working on Guidewire or other related productsExperience on some other P&C SoftwareTarget Audience:Insurance domain Consultant.Guidewire Business Analyst (Functional)Guidewire Configurator (Technical)Guidewire Integrator (Technical)Guidewire Product/Project ManagerGuidewire Delivery ManagerKey Learning Outcomes:When you have finished this course, you will learn about:Guidewire Data Hub Application. You will learn the basics of Data Hub Proessing via Guidewire.Guidewire Data Hub Model, UI, Business Rules, ETL Tools, SAP Bods, Configuration, Programming.You would have hands on experience on customizing Data Hub Application. From making changes inOOTB (Out of the Box) functionality to introducing your client specific changes.Knowledge to capture requirements, do estimations and draft user story cards. You will be accustomedto the daily operations of Data Hub Adjuster and basic customization on Guidewire Data Hub.

Certification Alignment:Our Guidewire Data Hub course is accredited by Guidewire Education.We are the registered training provider for this course.Certification Details and Criteria:Guidewire Data Hub certification is an essential professional requirement for Guidewire Consultant rolesacross all industries. The eligibility requirements for Guidewire Data Hub certification are:EducationProfessionalsGraduatesGuidewire Data HubExperienceWorking Knowledge ofInsurance domain.Knowledge to use newsoftware applications anddiscuss various aspectsof the screens.GuidewireEducation35 hours35 hoursGuidewire certification exam fees from Guidewire Education are:Data Hub 10.0 Introduction (Personal/Commercial) 7800Insurance Suite 10.0 Fundamentals 7800Data Hub 10.0 Configuration 7800Insurance Suite 10.0 Integration 7800Guidewire Certification are not meant for individuals. These are for the organizations who are working withClients on Guidewire Insurance Suite. Getting Certified is not a mandate for your interview scheduling orgetting selected, neither this will increase your odds of getting shortlisted for interview nor will you give youany edge over other candidates.We do help in your certification once you are placed and willing to complete the certification sponsored by yourrespective employer.We cover all the topics listed for your certification exam.Cover 85 % of the Blended course and you will be as good as Certified Professional.

Fiest Tech Course Completion CriteriaCourse Curriculum:Lesson 00 - Intro to Guidewire Data HubIntroduction to the Guidewire Data Hub.Introduction to the Guidewire Data Terminologies.Lesson 01 - Intro to Data Hub ArchitectureIntroduction to Guidewire Data Hub ConfigurationIntro to Guidewire Datahub Architecture.Creating Backend Database changes for CustomizationCreating new Entities, Extension, New, Subtypes etc.Lesson 02 – Policy Center & Claim Center ExtractArchitectureData Model configuration for Policy and Claims.Introduction to Database Architecture.Intro to Tables and their configurations.Walkthrough of Policy and Claims Data Model and base Entities.Database Linking between DataHub to Policy and Claim systems.Lesson 03 – Billing Center ArchitectureImplementation of Billing Center Architecture.Intro to Billing Center Data ModelLesson 04 – SAP DATA ServicesIntroduction to BODS Architecture.Implementing SAP DS GUI.BODS Working Session & Assignments.Hands on Sessions with SAP Bods business use cases.

Course Reviews:Lesson 05- Datahub SpecificationIntroduction to Datahub Specification.Implementing DataHub Attributes and Entities.Walkthrough of DataHub Audits.Implement Ref Data with practical use cases.Lesson 06- Datahub Specification ExamplesWalkthrough of User ETL Config with sample examples.Lesson 07- Datahub Integration ETLIntroduction to DataHub Integration ETL.Usage of Initial Loads.Examples with Delta Loads.Walkthrough of DIAL\LAD.Add Attributes and Entities.

Course Reviews:Venkat VeeraGuidewire Consultant at Ernst & YoungI want to thank the Fiest Tech team on supporting all the way ingetting my Guidewire Data Hub Certification. My special thanksto the trainer who explained the topics in detail and made my jobeasier, and also the support team who provided all adminsupport. Fiest Tech Online videos worked very well for me. Thankyou so much Fiest Tech and the complete team.Ranjit ChauhanGuidewire Consultant at TCS USI took the Guidewire course from Fiest Tech. The learning sessionswere structured and easy to follow. The course content wasexcellent. After going through all the sessions and completing all therequirements,I could easily earn my Certification from Guidewire Education. Iwould recommend that everyone sign up for Fiest Tech and learnat your own pace.Jessica PetersInsurance Project Management DeloitteThis course was great! I feel much more confident about thematerial now. The trainer was wonderful! I liked that we were ableto fire questions at him and he would respond with examples of hisexperience. Also, no question was a "dumb" question. Give hima Raise! :)Francine GaillourBusiness Strategist at Liberty MutualFiest Tech Guidewire Data Hub training brought numerousconcepts together in a "simple" and cohesive package. I highlyrecommend FiestTech’s Guidewire training even if you do not planto sit for the PMP exam.

About Us:Fiest Tech is a leader in digital skills training, focused on the emerging technologies that are transformingour world. Our blended learning approach drives learner engagement and is backed by the industry’shighest completion rates. Partnering with professionals and companies, we identify their unique needsand provide outcome-centric solutions to help them achieve their professional goals.For more information, please visit our idewire-data-hubfiesttech.comFounded in 2009, Fiest Tech is one of the world’s leading providers of online training for Digital Marketing, Cloud Computing,Project Management, Data Science, Guidewire, Duck Creek, IT Service Management, Software Development, and manyother emerging technologies. Based in Bangalore, Gurgaon, India FiestTech partners with companies and individuals toaddress their unique needs, providing training and coaching to help working professionals meet their career goals. Fiest Techhas enabled over 1 million professionals and companies across 150 countries train, certify and upskill their employees.FiestTech 400 training courses are designed and updated by world-class industry experts. Their blended learning approachcombines e-learning classes, instructor-led live virtual classrooms, applied learning projects, and 24/7 teaching assistance.More than 40 global training organizations have recognized FiestTech as an official provider of certification training. Thecompany has been named the 8th most influential education brand in the world by LinkedIn.India – United States – Singapore 2009-2019 - FiestTech Solutions. All Rights Reserved.The certification names are the trademarks of their respective owners.

Certification Alignment: Our Guidewire Data Hub course is accredited by Guidewire Education. We are the registered training provider for this course. Certification Details and Criteria: Guidewire Data Hub certification is an essential professional requirem

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15]. A hierarchical model for guidewire localization was introduced in [10], where longer and longer parts of the guidewire were detected using a Probabilistic Boosting Tree (PBT) [16] and Haar or other hand-crafted features. The PBT and hand-crafted features were also used in [11] for semiau-tomatic guidewire localization with user constraints .

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Guidewire is a market leader in driving business transformations across the property and casualty market. Guidewire's Property & Casualty (P&C) insurance platform allows companies to embark in their digital transformation journey by simplifying their customer journey, amplifying customer engagement, increasing innovation, and remaining nimble.

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