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PERMOBIL CONNECT USER GUIDEINTRODUCTIONAfter a chair equipped with the ConnectMe Module has been activated, you are ready to continue to the FleetManagement Web Portal. This is the interface where you will view and manage the chairs that are serviced by yourcompany. Once a chair is connected, it will appear in your Web Portal. Please note you will need Google Chrome orSafari. Internet Explorer is not compatible at the time of this publication.*Please refer to ConnectMe Owner’s Manual for general warnings and precautions.1

GETTING STARTEDSHIPMENT CONFIRMATION EMAILWELCOME LETTERUSER ACTIVATION1. Enter into web browser, Google Chrome orSafari required2. Enter Serial Number and Activation Code provided in welcome letterincluded with chair shipment confirmation. This can be done by the client orwhomever the client elects and approves3. Valid email address for the client is required. Email address will also beusername4. Create PasswordPlease note consent to User Terms is required to activate Connect. Locationservices is optional.2

GETTING STARTEDMOBILE APP LOGIN1.Download the My Permobil app.2.Start the app and chooseregion.3.Click on “Activate chair”.4.Enter the wheelchair serialnumber and activation codeprovided in the welcomeletter included with theshipment confirmation.5.Enter the wheelchair user’sname and e-mail.6.The wheelchair user shallcreate a valid password andaccept the terms of use.3

WEB PORTAL LOGIN1. Enter into web browser, Google Chrome orSafari required2. Provide Username or email registered under Fleet Management3. If on a private computer, select Remember Me to save your information4. Click the “lost password” for an email with a password reset link.HOW TO ACTIVATE A CHAIR WITHOUT CODE1. Fleet Manager must login4. Click resend activation code*2. Select chair tab from left toolbar5. Enter user email address3. Select chair requiring activation from list6. Hit send*Please note if activation code has expired please contact Permobil customer support.47. Activation code will be resent to user’semail

USING FLEET MANAGEMENTDASHBOARDThe dashboard is where the user will see an overview of allinformation available at their access level. The dashboard layoutcan be customized through Profile Settings. The default settingsshow messages from Permobil, fleet overview, a chair statusMOBILE VIEWsummary, and GPS of chairs’ locations. The left side of the screenwill indicate what folders you have access to, based on yourassigned role.Mobile devices will have the same information as web views. It is recommended to save this websiteto your homepage for improved navigation.ADJUSTING SETTINGSTo change name, add a photograph, managethe organization of your dashboard widgets,select settings under Profile.5

REGISTERING A NEW USERWhen the Users icon is highlighted, the Fleet Manager will be able to see all technicians, managers, and clientsin their fleet. Fleet and Branch Managers can also register a new user.ADDING A NEW BRANCH WITHIN YOUR FLEETYou will need name of the branch, address including country and branch code.6

CHAIRS“Chairs” icon when highlighted will list all chairs in the branch. New chairs can also be added to your fleet/branch from this location.When in the Chairs view, you will be able to see Details, Metrics, Log, and Orders. Tab open is highlighted in blue.DETAILS: Serial number overview, GPS location (if selected), order date.7

METRICS: Overview of battery voltage, odometer, and seat actuator summary.LOG: Information obtained from chair. Includes general information, errors, and warnings in order of attention needed.8

CLIENT OVERVIEWCLIENT VIEWLogin with email and password that wassetup during activation. If a chair has notbeen activated, you can also do so from themobile view (See mobile app activation)9Initial screen after login will include chairusage summary, including battery charging,seat adjustments and mileageClicking on each of the main sections inthe app (My Chair, Battery Charge, SeatAdjustment, Mileage), will provide clientswith more details on each topic. The abovepicture illustrates the detailed batterycharge view.

Clicking on ‘My Chair’ brings the clientto the detailed chair section withspecifications such as the chair serialnumber, status of the chair and when thechair was last synced.From ‘My Chair’ menu clicking on ‘Support’the user will be able to see which branch thechair is registered to and more detailed SIMspecifications.From the ‘My Chair’ menu clicking on‘Settings’ the client can choose to disablethe GPS service or revoke consent at anytime, the dealer will no longer have accessto view chair data if this is selected.AIRPLANE MODE ACCESS THRU JOYSTICK CONTROL*TO TURN ON AIRPLANE MODE:1. Enter seating mode on joystick display2. Hold joystick to the left for 15 seconds3. Beep will sound indicating airplane mode has been activated4. Warning message will appear indicating Airplane Mode ON**5. Radio transmission is OFF6. Chair can be operated normally while Airplane Mode is active15 SecondsTO TURN OFF AIRPLANE MODE:7. Enter seating mode on joystick display8. Hold joystick to left for 15 seconds9. Beep will sound indicating airplane mode OFF10. Warning message will disappear11. Radio transmission is ON*Please refer to ConnectMe Owner’s Manual for Airplane Mode access for chairsequipped with an OMNI display.** On the LED joystick, Airplane Mode ON warning will appear as an 8 bar flash onindicator lights. Please note that the 8 bar flash code may also be used to identifyother errors. It is important to verify that Airplane Mode is OFF when addressing anunknown 8 bar flash error.10WWW.PERMOBIL.COMAIRPLANE MODE OFFAIRPLANE MODE ON334673

10 Clicking on ‘My Chair’ brings the client to the detailed chair section with specifications such as the chair serial number, status of the chair and when the chair was last synced. From ‘My Chair’ menu clicking on ‘Support’ the user will be able to see which branch the cha

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