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FISCAL YEAR 2019DEFENSE SPENDING REQUESTBRIEFING BOOKwww.armscontrolcenter.orgFebruary 2018

Table of ContentsThe Fiscal Year 2019 Budget in Context2The President's Request3Nuclear Weapons and Non-Proliferation6State Department and Foreign Operations9Funding For Selected Weapons SystemsCenter for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation 1www.armscontrolcenter.org10

The Fiscal Year 2019 Budget in ContextIntroductionPresident Trump’s Fiscal Year 2019 budget requests 617.1 billion for the Defense Department’sannual “base” discretionary budget, which is more than 90 billion higher than FY 18 enacted levels.This amount does not include certain other security spending, including funding for nuclear weaponsrelated work in the Department of Energy. Nor does it include an additional request of 69.0 billionfor the Pentagon’s portion of the Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO) account – also referred toas “war funding.”Including all of these accounts, the total national defense discretionary spending request is 714.9billion (see Table 1).1 As an uncapped account, the OCO fund is often used to push military and otherspending above the maximum levels allowed by law.Nuclear Modernization and Non-ProliferationThe request increases funding for nuclear weapons refurbishment plans, which aim to overhaul andmaintain the entire nuclear arsenal at a cost of approximately 1.7 trillion over 30 years, adjusted forinflation. This plan includes funding for a new long-range bomber, a new nuclear-capable cruisemissile, a new ballistic missile submarine program, an updated land-based intercontinental ballisticmissile (ICBM), and their associated warheads. Actualizing these plans will likely result in decreasedfunding for conventional military capabilities.The budget also proposes a 50 million cut to the Defense Nuclear Nonproliferation accountcompared to the amount estimated for FY 2018. These cuts include a 6 million reduction of theGlobal Material Security program, which works to reduce and protect vulnerable nuclear andradiological material located around the globe, and a further 19 million cut for nonproliferationresearch and development.2Center for Arms Control and

The President’s RequestDiscretionary Defense Request for Fiscal Year 2019(in billions of current dollars)FY 2018 Estimate:Allocated to:523.7FY 2019 FundingRequest:617.183.469.019.820.5Overseas Contingency Operations (WarFunding)Defense Related Activities at DOE (053)*8.08.3Other Defense Related Funding (054)*634.9 ( 4.7 Supplemental)714.9Total National Defense SpendingRequest (050)Department of Defense Base Budget (051)*Data provided by the White House Office of Management and BudgetFiscal Year 2019 Overseas Contingency Operations(in billions of current dollars)SecurityCooperation, 0.90Counter-ISIS Trainand Equip Fund, 1.40EuropeanDeterrenceInitiative, 6.50Operations/ForceProtection, 14.70Support forCoalition Forces, 1.10AfghanistanSecurity ForcesFund, 5.20In-TheaterSupport, 20ClassifiedPrograms, 9.90Equipment Resetand Readiness, 8.70Joint ImprovisedThreat Defeat, 0.603Center for Arms Control and

National Defense Spending by Selected Years*Provided by the Office of Management and BudgetTime PeriodFY Enacted:National Defense Spending:World War II1945994Korean War Peak Spending1953532Vietnam War Peak Spending1968524Peak 1980’s BuildupSpendingProposed Current Spending19895382019590(in billions of 2009 dollars*)A5.2CDepartment of Defense Topline Since FY 2001(in billions of then-year 04Center for Arms Control and 05FY04FY03FY02FY010

Fiscal Year 2019 Base OCO Discretionary Defense Request by Function(in billions of current dollars)FY 2018Estimate:FY 2019 FundingRequest:Allocated to:Delta FY17FY18139.8152.9Military Personnel 13.1261.6283.5Operations &Maintenance 21.9125.6144.3Procurement 18.874.692.4 17.88.311.41.91.6Research olving &Management Funds611.8686.1Total* 74.3 3.1-0.3*Estimate due to roundingFiscal Year 2019 Base OCO Discretionary Defense Request by Service(in billions of current dollars)FY 2018 Estimate:Allocated to:Delta FY17FY18158.4FY 2019FundingRequest:182.0Army 23.6173.0194.1Navy 21.1170.2194.2Air Force 24.0110.3115.8Defense-Wide 5.5611.8686.1Total* 74.3*Estimate due to rounding5Center for Arms Control and

Nuclear Weapons and Non-ProliferationFiscal Year 2019 Request for National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA)(in billions of current dollars)FY 2018 Estimate:FY 2019 FundingRequest:Allocated to:1.91.9Defense Nuclear Nonproliferation9.211.0Weapons Activities0.40.4Federal Salaries and Expenses1.31.8Naval Reactors12.815.1Total NNSA Request**Estimate due to roundingFiscal Year 2019 Request for Defense Nuclear Nonproliferation (DNN)(in millions of current dollars)FY 2018 Estimate:FY 2019 FundingRequest:Allocated to:326.0318.0Global Material Security287.0332.0332.0279.0Material Management andMinimizationNonproliferation Construction124.0130.0Nonproliferation and Arms n Research andDevelopmentNuclear Counterterrorism and IncidentResponse ProgramLegacy Contractor Pensions2.00.0Global Threat Reduction Initiative1,905.01,863.0Total Defense Nuclear Non-TotalDNN Total**Estimate due to rounding6Center for Arms Control and

Review of DNN Funding Over Last Five FY19RequestedFY19 vs.FY18Defense NuclearNonProliferation 1.62billion 1.94billion 1.88billion 1.91billion 1.86billion- 50millionCore NonProliferationPrograms* 1.27billion 1.36billion 1.25billion 1.21billion 1.24billion 30million*Includes Global Material Security, Material Management and Minimization, Nonproliferation and ArmsControl, Nonproliferation R&D.Review of DNN Funding over last Five YearsDefense Nuclear Non-Proliferation Over the Last 5 Years( Billions) EnactedFY16 EnactedFY17 EnactedDefense Nuclear Non-Proliferation7Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferationwww.armscontrolcenter.orgFY18 EstimateFY19 RequestedCore Non-Proliferation Programs

Request for Fiscal Year 2019 Selected Nuclear Weapons(in millions of current dollars)FY 2018 Request:FY 2019 Request:Allocated to:2,003.62,314.2Long Range Strike Bomber*1,884.53,710.3179.5253.9Ohio Submarine Replacement Program(Columbia Class)B61 Tail Kit Assembly1,270.01,236.5Trident II Ballistic Missile Modifications215.7345.0Ground Based Strategic Deterrent451.3615.0Long Range Standoff Weapon220.3TBDW80-4 Life Extension Program222.9TBDW76-1 Nuclear Life Extension Program281.1TBDW88 Nuclear Alteration Program*Long range strike bomber will serve both conventional and nuclear missions8Center for Arms Control and

State Department and Foreign OperationsState Department and U.S. Agency for InternationalDevelopment Funding In Billions ( )StateDepartment/USAIDFY 17 Actual55.6FY 18 Request37.6FY19 Request37.8State Department – Key Department FundingIn Millions ( )FY 17 ActualFY18 RequestPeacekeeping Operations659301Nonproliferation, Anti970679Terrorism, Demining andRelated Programs (NADR)Contributions for1,9071,196International PeacekeepingActivitiesFY19 Request2916901,196State Department – Nonproliferation, Antiterrorism, Demining and RelatedProgramsIn Millions ( )FY17 ActualFY 18 RequestFY19 RequestGlobal Threat Reduction80.065.167.0IAEA Voluntary91.994.890.9ContributionNonproliferation and5.030.05.0Disarmament FundTerrorist Interdiction36.033.050.0ProgramCTBT International302929Monitoring System9Center for Arms Control and

Funding for Selected Weapons SystemsAIRCRAFTSystemF-35 Joint Strike FighterF-22 Raptor FighterF/A-18E/F Super HornetFighterV-22 Osprey TiltrotorAircraftC-130J Hercules MilitaryTransport AircraftAH-64E ApacheHelicopterCH-47 ChinookHelicopterUH-60 Black HawkHelicopterP-8A Poseidon AntiSubmarine Warfare(ASW) AircraftE-2D Advanced HawkeyeEarly Warning AircraftKC-46A TankerF-15 Eagle FighterFY’18 Total Cost 10,837.9 million(70 aircraft)FY’19 Request 10,692.5 million(77 aircraft) 915.5 million 867.0 million 1,253.1 million(14 aircraft) 961.8 million(6 aircraft) 886.1 million(9 aircraft) 1,441.9 million(50 upgrades and 13 newaircraft) 415.0 million(6 aircraft) 1,059.0 million(48 aircraft) 1,996.4 million(24 aircraft) 1,280.1 million(7 aircraft) 1,571.9 million(10 aircraft) 1,271.3 million(48 upgrades and 12 newaircraft) 308.0 million(7 aircraft) 1,420.1 million(68 aircraft) 1,609.4 million(7 aircraft) 2,218.9 million(10 aircraft) 1,116.4(5 aircraft) 3,052.9 million(15 aircraft) 1,188.8 million(4 aircraft) 3,013.1 million(15 aircraft) 963.1 million 1,067.1 millionSHIPBUILDINGSystemCVN 78 “Ford” ClassNuclear Aircraft CarrierDDG 51 “Arleigh Burke”DestroyerLittoral Combat Ship(LCS)SSN 774 “Virginia” ClassSubmarineFY’18 Total CostFY’19 Request 4,638.1 million 1,765.9 million 4,013.7 million(2 ships) 1,653.8 million(2 ships) 5,985.6 million(3 ships) 1,254.4 million(1 ship) 5,546.3 million(2 subs) 7,446.4 million(2 subs)10Center for Arms Control and

MISSILES/ ORDNANCESystemAdvanced Medium RangeAir-Air Missile(AMRAAM)Joint Direct AttackMunition (JDAM)Joint Air-to-SurfaceStandoff Missile (JASSM)Small Diameter BombHellfire MissilesFY’18 Total CostFY’19 Total Cost 594.4 million(325 missiles) 652.0 million(363 missiles) 874.3 million(34,529 units) 471.7 million(360 missiles) 539.6 million(7,402 units) 711.1 million(7,664 missiles) 1,169.4 million(43,594 units) 552.8 million(360 missiles) 623.5 million(8,086 units) 625.3 million(7,045 missiles)SELECTED BALLISTIC MISSILE DEFENSESystemGround-Based MidcourseDefenseAEGIS BMDTHAADPatriot/PAC-3PAC-3/MSE MissileFY’18 Total CostFY’19 Total Cost 1,944.8 million 2,101.8 million 2,073.7 million 1,289.2 million 681.8 million 1,669.1 million 1,149.3 million 526.6 million 1,131.3 million(240 MSEinterceptors) 1,106.0 million(240 MSE interceptors)SPACE-BASED SYSTEMSSystemAdvanced ExtremelyHigh FrequencyFY’18 Total CostFY’19 Total Cost 453.0 million 768.0 millionEvolved Expendable LaunchVehicle (EELV)Global PositioningSystemSpace Based InfraredSystem (SBIRS) 1,861.5 million(3 systems) 1,950.0 million(5 systems) 1,120.5 million 1,490.7 million 1,505.3 million 842.1 millionGROUND SYSTEMSSystemAbrams TankJoint Light TacticalVehicleAmphibious CombatVehicleFY’18 Total Cost 1,213.9 million(56 upgrades) 1,142.7 million(2,777 units)FY’19 Total Cost 2,657.4 million(135 upgrades) 1,961.5 million(5,113 units) 340.5 million 265.7 millionCenter for Arms Control & Non-Proliferationwww.armscontrolcenter.org11

UNSTAFFED SYSTEMSSystemMQ-1B/MQ-lCPredator/Grey EagleMQ-9 Reaper UnmannedAerial Vehicle (UAV)FY’18 Total CostFY’19 Total Cost 174.4 million(11 units) 114.7 million(10 units) 1,009.9 million(16 units) 911.7 million(29 units)Center for Arms Control & Non-Proliferationwww.armscontrolcenter.org12

F/A-18E/F Super Hornet Fighter 1,253.1 million (14 aircraft) 1,996.4 million (24 aircraft) V-22 Osprey Tiltrotor Aircraft 961.8 million (6 aircraft) 1,280.1 million (7 aircraft) C-130J Hercules Military Transport Aircraft 886.1 million (9 aircraft) 1,571.9 millio

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