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Bunk Bed Twin over Twin MissionBedz King BK - 101Thank you for purchasing your Furniture from Bedz King.Every effort has been made to ensure your Furniture isof the finest quality. If you have any questions, please donot hesitate to contact us at info@bedzking.compage 1 of 11 (JAN/2015)

READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY BEFOREATTEMPTING TO ASSEMBLE THIS BEDSAFETY WARNINGS AND GENERAL NOTESFollow the information on the warning labels on the upper bunk bedstructure and on the carton. Do not remove warning label from the bed.Always use the recommended size mattress or mattress support, or both,to help prevent the likelihood of entrapment or falls.The top surfaces of the mattress must be at least 5" below the upper edge ofthe guardrails.Do not allow children under 6 years of age to use the upper bunk.Prohibit more than one person on the upper bunk.Periodically check and ensure that the guardrails, ladder and other componentsare in their proper position, free from damage, and that all connectors are tight.Do not allow horseplay on or under the bed. Always prohibit jumping onthe bed.Always use the ladder for entering and leaving the upper bunk.Do not use substitute parts. Contact the manufacturer or dealer for replacement parts.Use of a night-light may provide added safety for a child using the upper bunk.If the bunk bed will be placed next to the wall, the guardrail that runs the fulllength of the bed should be placed against the wall to prevent entrapmentbetween the bed and the wall.Always use guardrails on both long sides of the upper bunk.The use of a water or sleep floatation mattress is prohibited.Keep these instructions for future reference.We recommend assembling your bunk bed on the shipping carton to protectyour floor or carpet. Be certain all staples are out of the box before beginningassembly on the shipping carton.Strangulation Hazard Never attach or hang items to any part of thebunk bed that are not designed for use with the bed for example, but not limitedto hooks, belts, and jump 2 of 11 (JAN/2015)

WARNINGTo help prevent serious or fatal injuriesfrom entrapment or falls:- Never allow a child under 6 years on upper bunk.- Use only ma ress which is 74" - 75" long and37 1/2" - 38 1/2" wide on upper bunk.- Ensure thickness of ma ress and founda oncombined does not exceed 9" and ma ress isat least 5" below upper edge of guardrails.Pursuant to the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) Sec. 102 the manufacturer certifies compliance with the ConsumerProduct Safety Commission (CPSC) regulations listed below.**** Product Information ******** Safety Testing Information ****BK 101 (Mission)BUNK BED Date of Manufacture:Made in BrazilManufactured by:Bedz King LLC816 111th StreetArlington, TX 76011DO NOT REMOVE THIS LABELTesting performed at one or more of the following independent testing locations:Custodian of Test Records:Manager of Compliance and TestingBedz King LLC816 111th StreetArlington, TX 76011Children's Product Certificates avaliable at Testing Laboratories Inc336 West Front StreetP.O. Box 4004Burlington, NC 27215DateJanuary - April 2014October 2014November 2014November 2014- Use guardrails on both sides of upper bunk- Prohibit horseplay on or under bed (s).- Prohibit more than one person on upper bunk.- Use ladder for entering and leaving upper bunk.- STRANGULATION HAZARD - Never attach or hangitems to any part the bunk bed that are not designedfor use with the bed for example, but not limited tohooks, belts and jump ropes.Armstrong Forensic Laboratory330 Loch'n Green TrailArlington, TX 76012Testing gulation15 U.S.C. § 1278a16 CFR 1303ASTM F 1427-1316 CFR 1213 and 16 CFR 4401124401251248 2space block020114page 3 of 11 (JAN/2015)

x)C6C615(2x)C6C6C612(3x)C6C613C644(4x)C6C6 - 52x02G8 B16G8 B7B52xB50225B501B16 G8B7 G8B7G8B7 - 04xB16 - 04xB5 - 04xG8 - 01xB16G8page 4 of 11 (JAN/2015)

03B5B5B5B51212B5B5G8 B7G8 B7B7 G8B7 G8B5B5B5B5G8 B7G8 B7B7B7G8B7 - 08xB5 - 08xG8 - 01x04C5C5C5C5C5C5 - 04xpage 5 of 11 (JAN/2015)

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07B16 G8B504B7 G826B5G8 B1605B5G8 B7G8 B16G8 B7B5 05Tofrom help preventNever entrapmeUse37 1/2! only allow a nt or seriousEnsure-38 1/2 mattresschild falls: or fatalcombine thicknessunder!wideat leastwhichd does6 years injurieson upper5!belowis 74!-75!lonot of mattresson upperbunk.upper exceededge 9!andand foundationg and bunk.UseProhibitof guardrailguardrailmattressnhorseplas onUseProhibit moreDOisSTRANGladderNOT s.itemsthan y onbothsidesfor enteringforREMOto any ULATIONone or underof upperhooks,use withpartVEandperson on bed(s). bunk.the bed,forof theHAZARDTHIS belts, andupperbunk - leavingLABEL jump example,upper bunk.bed Never attachropes.thatbut not are not orbunk.hanglimited designedtoWARNINGBeC.1LL01ng et 76Ki Stre sh xa1t . Te PO:11g.6 gtonMf81 linofAr AarUS : yem# h/Ite ntModzB16B726B503G8B7 - 04xG8B16 - 04xB16 G8B7 G8B5 - 04xG8 - 01x08B16 G8B5B51515B5B51216G8 B16G8 B8G8 B816G8 B16G8 B8B7 G8B5B5B7 G81913G8 B16G8 B7G8 B7B8G8 B1616G8 B7G3 B7G8 19B7B816B7G8B813G8 - 01xB5 - 08xB7 - 08xB8 - 03xB16 - 06xpage 7 of 11 (JAN/2015)

09C6C6C6C6C6C6 - 04x10A10A10A10A10A1021A10A10 18A10A1021A10A1018A10A10A10A10 - 14xpage 8 of 11 (JAN/2015)

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13A5 A5A5A5D22A5 A5B8 G8D22B8 G844D223844B8 G8B8 G844G8 B839G8 B844G8 B8G8 B8B8G8B8 - 08xA5 - 04xD22 - 02xG8 - 01x1416A513A5A5 - 02xpage 10 of 11 (JAN/2015)

BEDDING SPECIFICATION- Always use the recommended size mattress or mattress support or both, to helpprevent the likelihood of entrapment or falls.- All Bedz King bunk beds are supplied with a complete slat kit, so there is no needfor a foundation or bunkie board.BED MATTRESS SPECIFICATIONSUpper Bunk: Only use a mattress that is 74" - 75" long and 37 1/2" - 38 1/2" wide onthe upper bunk.- Ensure thickness of mattress and foundation combined does not exceed 9".Lower Bunk: Only use a mattress that is 74" - 75" long and 37 1/2" - 38 1/2" wide onthe lower bunk.REPLACEMENT PARTS- Replacement parts, including additional guardrails may be obtained by contactingBedz King LLC at Guard rails are not available for the lower bunk. This bunk bed is not designed orcertified to have guard rails installed on the lower bunk.ASSEMBLY TIPS- Power tools are not recommended for assembling your furniture.- Give yourself plenty of room to work.- Due to the size of this bunkbed, it must be assembled within the space it will occupy.- The assembly will require at least two people to complete.- Make sure all the fasteners are tight.- Take your time and read the instructions 11 of 11 (JAN/2015)

Bedz King LLC 816 111th Street Arlington, TX 76011 Manufactured by: Bedz King LLC 816 111th Street Arlington, TX 76011 Pursuant to the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) Sec. 102 the manufacturer certifies compliance with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) regulatio

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STEP #6. INSTALLATION OF FRONT AND BACK GUARD RAILS TO UPPER BUNK BED. STEP #7. BUNK BED ASSEMBLY. STEP #8. LADDER ASSEMBLY. STEP #9. METAL BRACKET INSTALLATION AND OPTIONAL TRUNDLE. STEP #10. TWIN BED ASSEMBLY. IMPORTANT These bed parts can be cumbersome and heavy to some people, therefore the assistance of two or more people is recommended in .

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