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Drywall Suspension SystemsTechnical GuideCertainTeed Suspension Systems Fast. Easy. Reliable. A simple formula for success.

Suspension Systemsfrom CertainTeed CeilingsA COMPLETE LINE OF ESSENTIAL GRID PRODUCTS ENGINEERED FOR STRENGTH,EFFICIENCY AND SPEED. 1-1/2" Drywall System 15/16" Classic Aluminum Capped Stab 15/16" Classic Environmental Stab System 15/16" Classic Stab System 15/16" Cleanroom Stab System 15/16" FireSecure Stab System 9/16" Elite Narrow Stab System 9/16" EZ Stab Bolt Slot System QuickSpan Locking Drywall Grid SystemVisit www.certainteed.com/ceilings for more on our suspension system accessories,wall angles and shadow molding.Technical Support 1-800-233-8990 www.certainteed.com/ceilings

TABLE OF CONTENTSDrywall Suspension SystemPerformance . 2Code Compliance . 2Components. 3Main RunnersCross TeesWall AngleInstallation Accessories .4Slot (Rout) Positions .6Lighting Integration .8Type F vs. Type G Fixtures48", 50" & 72" On Center Spacing .9Fire Resistive Assemblies .10Load Data .10Wire Data . 11Quantity Estimating Tables . 12QuickSpan Locking Drywall Grid SystemPerformance . 13Code Compliance . 13Components . 14Profile and Spacing . 15Load Data . 16Installation Method and Instructions . 17Quantity Estimating Tables . 19p3Technical Support 1-800-233-8990 www.certainteed.com/ceilings

DrywallSuspensionSystemsPERFORMANCE 1-1/2" wide face on main runners and cross tees K nurled and uncapped face — allows for easyscrew installation and helps to prevent screwspin off M anufactured in accordance with ASTM C635and in compliance with ASTM C645 H eavy-duty load rating — Minimum of 16 lbs./LFon main runners–0 .020-inch metal thickness on mainrunners and cross tees for heavyduty strength–R otary stitched web forincreased stability– 1 .6-inch profile height for increasedload capacity H eavy-duty – All system componentsminimum .018" HDG steel thickness; complieswith ASTM C645 C ross tee clip installs with lower insertioneffort and audible click G 40 hot dipped galvanized coating — Corrosionresistance for all main runners, cross tees, andwall angle G 90 hot dipped galvanized coating — Superiorcorrosion resistance (severe environmentapplications) available on all main runners, crosstees and wall angles F ire rated — Multiple UL time rated designsavailable for up to 6' cross tees. Cross tee spacing:–u p to 24-inches O.C. max. for 1/2-inchand 5/8-inch drywall M ain runner features 54 slots to for flexibilityto easily integrate Type F / Type G fixturesCODE COMPLIANCE Meets ASTM C635Meets ASTM C645Installation per ASTM C636Installation per ASTM C754ICC Evaluation Service Report (ESR-3336)L.A. Research Report (25978) Uniform Building Code, Continuous Membrane,One Level. Per Section 25.210 single leveldrywall ceilings are exempt from lateral forcebracing requirements when walls are notover 50 feet apart. When walls are over 50feet apart, the ceiling should be examined forbracing requirements IBC categories D, E and F single layer drywallceilings are exempt from lateral force bracingrequirements, regardless of room size Consult local Authorities Having Jurisdictionfor local code requirementsTechnical Support 1-800-233-8990 www.certainteed.com/ceilings

COMPONENTSMain RunnerCross TeesWall AngleASTM tentPRERecycledContentPOSTPiecesPerCartonHeavy DutyYes88%19%69%16Heavy sPerCarton14" x 1.6" x 1.5"No slotsYes87%19%68%4824" Cross Tee G4024" x 1.6" x 1.5"10", 12", 14"Yes87%19%68%48DWS2.16-13-2026" Cross Tee G4026" x 1.6" x 1.5"12", 14"Yes87%19%68%48DWS3-13-2036" Cross Tee G4036" x 1.6" x 1.5"No slotsYes87%19%68%48DWS3-13-20 G9036" Cross Tee G9036" x 1.6" x 1.5"No slotsYes87%19%68%48DWS4-13-2048" Cross Tee G4048" x 1.6" x 1.5"10", 12", 14", 22",24", 26", 34", 36", 38"Yes87%19%68%48DWS4.16-13-2050" Cross Tee G4050" x 1.6" x 1.5"10", 12", 14", 24", 26", 36", 38", 40"Yes87%19%68%48DWS6-13-2072" Cross Tee G4072" x 1.6" x 1.5"22", 24", 26", 46", 48", 50"Yes87%19%68%36DWS6-13-20 G9072" Cross Tee G9072" x 1.6" x 1.5"22", 24", 26", 46", 48", 2-13-20HD FR Main Runner G40144" x 1.6" x 1.5"DWS12-13-20 G90HD FR Main Runner G90144" x 1.6" x 1.5"DescriptionDimensions(Inches)DWS1.16-13-2014" Cross Tee G40DWS2-13-20SlotSpacingMAIN RUNNERS54 slots starting2.25" from each end;each slot spaced8" on centerCROSS TEESDescriptionDimensions(Inches)RecycledContent rCartonDWA1.5-1.51.5" WA G40144" x 1.5" x 1.5"88%19%69%20DWA1.5-1.5 G901.5" WA G90144" x 1.5" x 1.5"88%19%69%20DWA2-22" WA G40144" x 2" x 2"88%19%69%36WALL ANGLEp5Technical Support 1-800-233-8990 www.certainteed.com/ceilings

DRYWALL INSTALLATION 30-DEGREE ANGLE BRACKET250B4545-DEGREE ANGLE BRACKET250B6060-DEGREE ANGLE BRACKET250B9090-DEGREE ANGLE BRACKETThe 90, 45, 30 and 60-degree AngleBrackets are used to create angledwalls and ceilings. Features holesfor screws and hanger wire.250SPLICE CLIPThe Splice Clip is used to connect cutends of grid components. It can alsobe used to create a radius.200DWSCAPPLICATIONTeeExposed TeeGrid SystemDrywall Grid SystemGypsum Board90 BracketTechnical Support 1-800-233-8990 www.certainteed.com/ceilings

INSTALLATION LICATIONHanger Wire2LC2-LAYER DRYWALL CLIP*The 2-Layer Drywall Clip is usedto suspend a grid system below anexisting ceiling. It is designed to transferthe load from the grid directly to the clip.150DFCDRYWALL FASTENER CLIP*The Drywall Fastener Clip is screwattached through an existingdrywall ceiling to the framingmember in order to suspenda second ceiling below.150LBRCL-BRACKET*The L-Bracket is used to screw-attachcut cross tees to main runners.200DFBDIRECT FIXING BRACKET*The Direct Fixing Bracket is used toattach the main runners to the structurein application with shallow plenums.75SLOTTER1SLOT PUNCH (ROUT PUNCH)The Slot Punch is used to add arout hole wherever one is neededon a main runner or cross tee.Compatible with Classic Stab,Elite Narrow Stab and Drywall Grid.1*Contact CertainTeed Technical Services for accessory performance datap7Technical Support 1-800-233-8990 www.certainteed.com/ceilings

SLOT POSITIONSMain Runner DWS12-13-20 / DWS12-13-20 G902.25”1.75”1.75”144.00”72" Cross Tee DWS6-13-20 / DWS6-13-20 G901.75”1.75”24.00”24.00”72.00”50" Cross Tee �49.64”48" Cross Tee chnical Support 1-800-233-8990 www.certainteed.com/ceilings

SLOT POSITIONS36" Cross Tee DWS3-13-20 / DWS3-13-20 G9036.00”26" Cross Tee DWS2. 16-13-2012.00”1.75”26.00”24" Cross Tee DWS2-13-201.75”1.75”12.00”24.00”14" Cross Tee DWS1.16-13-2014.00”p9Technical Support 1-800-233-8990 www.certainteed.com/ceilings

LIGHTING INTEGRATION – OFFSET SLOTSCertainTeed Ceilings Drywall Suspension Systemmain runners provide slots 8" on center. Eachslot has two additional offset slots- each is 1-3/4"from the center slot. These additional offset slotsallow for integration with Type F fixtures. Use thecenter slot for typical cross tee installation.TYPE F VS. TYPE G FIXTURESType F FixturesType G Fixtures1. Install from below the grid2. Fixture has integral flange (or separateflange kit) to finish the drywall board3. Fixture rests on bulb of grid and/or issuspended from flange kit4. Fixture is level with drywall5. Requires actual 48-inch opening1. Install from above the grid2. Fixture trim is required for finishing drywall3. Fixture rests on flange of grid4. Fixture is recessed the thicknessof the drywall5. Requires nominal 48-inch openingTechnical Support 1-800-233-8990 www.certainteed.com/ceilings

48", 50", 72" ON CENTER SPACINGType F fixtures, air diffusers and access hatches require actual 12", 24", and 48" openings in thesuspension system. Type F fixtures can be installed both parallel and perpendicular to the main runnersusing 48", 50" or 72" cross tees. The additional slots in the main runners and cross tees allow forintegration with type F fixtures, while the availability of seven cross tees allows for framing withoutcutting and field modifications.There are a multitude of fixture placement options when installing typefixtures 72" on center and perpendicular to the main runners. Cut the clipsoff the 26" cross tee and use the CertainTeed L-bracket (LBRC) to fastenthe tee in place. Type G fixtures can also be installed by cutting cross teeclips and using the LRBC to create the module size required instead of15/16" wide face tees.The combination of CertainTeed Ceilings offset main runner slots and availability of 48", 50", and 72"cross tees allows for type F fixture installations on 48", 50", and 72" centers.48" ON CENTER50" ON CENTERMain Runner48" O.C.Main Runner50" O.C.48"50"26"CrossTeeCross Tee24" O.C.AccessOpeningCross Tee24"AccessOpeningType “F”Fixture2' x 4'26"CrossTee50"CrossTee50"CrossTeeType “F”Fixture1'x 4'Type “F”Fixture2' x 4'50"CrossTee50"CrossTeeType “F”Fixture2' x 4'Type “F”Fixture1' x 4'Grid for 48" Type F Fixturep11Grid for 50" Type F FixtureTechnical Support 1-800-233-8990 www.certainteed.com/ceilings

UL FIRE RESISTIVE ASSEMBLIES (DRYWALL SUSPENSION SYSTEMS ONLY)Fire Ratings specified in this section pertain to UL Classifications which are based on standard test method ANSI/UL263,ASTM E119, UBC 7-1, NFPA 251, CAN/ULC - S101MFloor / Ceiling Drywall AssembliesMaximumTime Rating(Hrs)UL DesignNumberConcreteThickness(Inches)Numberof Penetration2(Ft / 100 Ft2)MaximumDuctPenetration2(In / 100 Ft2)DrywallGridSystemConcrete on metal lathor corrugated steel deck,steel joists2D5012-1/2"11/2"N/AN/ACertainTeed DWS1Concrete on metal lathor corrugated steel deck,steel joists2D5022-1/2"11/2"24144CertainTeed DWS1Concrete on metal lathor corrugated steel deck,steel joists2D5032-1/2"11/2"One 6" diameterfixture per 25 ft2N/ACertainTeed DWS1Concrete on metal lathor corrugated steel deck,steel joists2G0412-1/2"11/2"15.354CertainTeed DWS1Concrete on metal lathor corrugated steel deck,steel joists1G0412-1/2"11/2"15.354CertainTeed DWS(max 72" cross tee)Concrete on metal lathor corrugated steel deck,steel joists2G5232-1/2"11/2"24144CertainTeed DWS1Concrete on metal lathor corrugated steel deck,steel joists2G5242-1/2"11/2"One fixture per100 ft2144CertainTeed DWS1Concrete on metal lathor corrugated steel deck,steel joists2G5262-1/2"11/2"2456.5CertainTeed DWS1Concrete on metal lathor corrugated steel deck,steel joists2G5272-1/2"11/2"N/AN/ACertainTeed DWS1Concrete on metal lathor corrugated steel deck,steel joists1-1/2G5282-1/2"11/2"N/AN/ACertainTeed DWS1Concrete on metal lathor corrugated steel deck,steel joists2G5292-1/2"11/2"2457CertainTeed DWS1Concrete on metal lathor corrugated steel deck,steel joists2G5532-1/2"11/2"N/AN/ACertainTeed DWS1Wood Deck1L502—11/2"N/A99CertainTeed DWS1Wood Deck1L508—11/2"N/A99CertainTeed DWS1Wood Deck1L513—11/2"N/A99CertainTeed DWS1Wood Deck1L515—11/2"N/A99CertainTeed DWS1Wood Deck1L525—11/2"24113CertainTeed DWS1Wood Deck1L526—11/2"24100CertainTeed DWS1Wood Deck1L529—11/2"24113CertainTeed DWS1Type ofConstruction1. Maximum 50" cross teeTechnical Support 1-800-233-8990 www.certainteed.com/ceilings

Roof / Ceiling Drywall AssembliesMaximumTime Rating(Hrs)UL DesignNumberConcreteThickness(Inches)Number rePenetration(Ft2 / 100 Ft2)MaximumDuctPenetration(In2 / 100 Ft2)DrywallGridSystemBUR, modified orsingle-ply over steeldeck, steel joists1-1/2P506—15/8"24113CertainTeed DWS1BUR, modified orsingle-ply over steeldeck, steel joists1P508—15/8"24144CertainTeed DWS1BUR, modified orsingle-ply over steeldeck, steel joists1P509—15/8"24144CertainTeed DWS1BUR, modified orsingle-ply over steeldeck, steel joists1-1/2P510—15/8"24113CertainTeed DWS1BUR, modified orsingle-ply over steeldeck, steel joists1-1/2P513—15/8"24144CertainTeed DWS1BUR, modified orsingle-ply over steeldeck, steel joists2P514—15/8"24255CertainTeed DWS1BUR, modified orsingle-ply over steeldeck, steel joists2P560—15/8"15.354CertainTeed DWS1DrywallGridSystemType ofConstruction1. Maximum 50" cross teeThe information contained in this table is intended only to be used as a guide. For detailed time-rated assembly information,refer to the latest Underwriters Laboratories Inc. Fire Resistance Directory (ul.com).ULC FIRE RESISTIVE ASSEMBLIES (DRYWALL SUSPENSION SYSTEMS ONLY)Floor / Ceiling Drywall AssembliesULC DesignNumberCONCRETETHICKNESS(INCHES)Number ofDrywallLayersMinimumDrywall ThicknessMaximumFixturePenetration(FT2 / 100 FT2)MaximumDuctPenetration(IN2 / 100 FT2)2G0212.511/2"15.354CertainTeed DWS(max. 50" cross tee)1G0212.511/2"15.354CertainTeed DWS(max. 72" cross tee)MaximumTime Rating(Hrs)Concrete on metal lathor corrugated steel deck,steel joistsConcrete on metal lathor corrugated steel deck,steel joistsType ofConstructionRoof / Ceiling Drywall AssembliesType ofConstructionBUR, modified orsingle-ply over steeldeck, steel joistsp13MaximumTime Rating(Hrs)UL DesignNumberConcreteThickness(Inches)Number ofDrywall tion(Ft2 / 100 Ft2)MaximumDuctPenetration(In2 / 100 Ft2)2R503—15/8"15.354Technical Support 1-800-233-8990 inTeed DWS(max. 50" cross tee)

Load Data (Drywall Suspension Systems Only)Simple Span, Deflection (Pounds Per L/360L/360DWS12-13-20Main Runner / G40144" x 2-13-20 G90Main Runner / G90144" x 1.6"1.5"0.02019.2127.3645.5364.85153.68198.60*MAIN RUNNERSSimple Span, Deflection (Pounds Per ch48-Inch50-Inch72-InchMetal(Length/ sCROSS TEESDWS1.16-13-20Cross Tee / G40 / 14"14" x 1.6"1.5"0.02DWS2-13-20Cross Tee / G40 / 24"24" x 1.6”1.5"0.02DWS2.16-13-20Cross Tee / G40 / 26"26" x 1.6"1.5"0.02DWS3-13-20Cross Tee / G40 / 36"36" x 1.6"1.5"0.02DWS4-13-20Cross Tee / G40 / 48"48" x 1.6"1.5"0.02DWS4.16-13-20Cross Tee / G40 / 50"50" x 1.6"1.5"0.02DWS6-13-20G90Cross Tee / G40 / 72"72" x 1.6"1.5"0.02DWS3-13-20G90Cross Tee / G90 / 36"36" x 1.6"1.5"0.02DWS6-13-20G90Cross Tee / G90 / 72"72" x 2716.642.9Technical Support 1-800-233-8990 www.certainteed.com/ceilings245.

SYSTEM LOAD VALUEALLOWABLE LOAD IN LBS/SF AT MAIN RUNNER HANGER WIRE SPACING CROSS TEES SPACED 16" OCHanger WireSpacing (Ft)4832ALLOWABLE LOAD IN LBS/SF AT MAIN RUNNER HANGER WIRE SPACING CROSS TEES SPACED 24" OCHanger WireSpacing (Ft)16483216Cross Tee Length(In)L/360L/240L/360L/240L/360L/240Cross Tee 5722. DATA (9-GAUGE AND 12-GAUGE)9-Gauge Wire BreakingStrength and Technical Data12-Gauge Wire BreakingStrength and Technical Data9-Gauge Wire Diameter,0.114-inch Galvanized Steel12-Gauge Wire Diameter,0.081-inch Galvanized Steel645 lbs Min. Safe Wire Load /9-Gauge275 lbs Min. Safe Wire Load /12-Gauge3 Turns in 3-inchesper ASTM C636450 lbs. hanger hole pulloutwith 9-gauge wire3 Turns in 3-inchesper ASTM C636500 lbs. hanger hole pulloutwith 12-gauge wireNOTE: C ertainTeed Drywall Grid System can be used with either 9-gauge or 12-gauge hanger wire.Consult local authorities having jurisdiction for local code requirements.p15Technical Support 1-800-233-8990 www.certainteed.com/ceilings

QUANTITY ESTIMATING TABLESArea of ceiling complete by one carton (Sq. Ft.)DescriptionDimensions(Length)PCs(Per Carton)LF(Per C.50"O.C.72"O.C.DWS12-13-20Main Runner / G40144"161926119.2127.3645.5364.85153.68198.60* 198.60*DWS12-13-20 G90Main Runner / N RUNNERSArea of ceiling complete by one carton (Sq. Ft.)DescriptionDimensions(Length)PCs(Per Carton)LF(Per Carton)LBS./CartonDWS1.16-13-20Cross Tee / G40 / 14"14"485618DWS2-13-20Cross Tee / G40 / 24"24"489631DWS2.16-13-20Cross Tee / G40 / 26"26"4810433DWS3-13-20Cross Tee / G40 / 36"36"4814446DWS4-13-20Cross Tee / G40 / 48"48"4819261DWS4.16-13-20Cross Tee / G40 / 50"50"48200DWS6-13-20Cross Tee / G40 / 72"72"36DWS3-13-20 G90Cross Tee / G90 / 36"36"DWS6-13-20 G90Cross Tee / G90 / 72"8" O.C.16" O.C.24" th)PCs(Per Carton)LF(Per Carton)LBS./CartonDWA1.5-1.51.5" WA G40144"2019245DWA1.5-1.5 G901.5" WA G90144"2019245DWA2-22" WA G40144"2019259CROSS TEES64WALL ANGLEESTIMATING LINEAL FEET OF SUSPENSIONSYSTEM BASED SQUARE FOOTAGE OF CEILINGON-CENTER SPACINGPERCENT OF SQUARE 48"25%60"20%Example calculation:Main Runners at 48" O.C.6,400 sq. ft. x .25 1,600 ln. ft.1,600 ln. ft. 192 ln. ft. / Ctn 9 cartons required48" Cross Tees at 24" O.C.6,400 sq. ft. x .50 3,200 ln. ft.3,200 ln. ft. 192 ln. ft. / Ctn 17 cartons required48" Cross Tees at 16" O.C.6,400 sq. ft. x .76 4,864 ln. ft.4,864 ln. ft. 192 ln. ft. / Ctn 26 cartons requiredTechnical Support 1-800-233-8990 www.certainteed.com/ceilings

QuickSpan Locking DrywallSuspensionSystemFeaturing the QuickSpan Support ClipPERFORMANCEQuickSpan Locking Channel 1-9/16-inches wide bottom flange 0.020-inch metal thickness allows for superiorrigidity and maximum screw retention Tees quickly twist into place for fast installation Knurled pattern on back and bottom of flangefor easy screw insertion No need for screw-attachment of tees Integral locking tabs spaced 8-inchesO.C. allows 8", 16", 24" tee spacing G40 hot dipped galvanized steel forexcellent corrosion resistanceQuickSpan Spanning Tees 1-1/2-inches wide face with knurled face foreasy screw installation and no screw spin off Unsupported spans – max. 12-ft for 1/2-inchdrywall and 11-ft 3" for 5/8-inch drywall Heavy duty material – 0.020-inches metalthickness for maximum rigidity and screw grip Double-stitched web for added strength Sizes – standard and custom lengths availableQuickSpan Support Clip Snap and fasten to carrying tee for supportof spans up to 16' Allows for wire spacing up to 6' 6"CODE COMPLIANCE eets ASTM C635MMeets ASTM C645Installation per ASTM C636Installation per ASTM C754ICC Evaluation Service Report (ESR 3941) IBC categories D, E and F single layer drywallceilings are exempt from lateral force bracingrequirements, regardless of room size Consult local authorities having jurisdictionfor local code requirementsp17Technical Support 1-800-233-8990 www.certainteed.com/ceilings

COMPONENTSQuickSpan TeesQuickSpan Locking ChannelWall AngleQuickSpan Support ClipDescriptionDimensionsL x H x W (In.)Hanger/LockSpacing(In.)Pieces/bundleLin. Ft./bundleLbs./bundleRecycled ContentTOTALQST6-13-206' QuickSpan Tee G4072 x 1-9/16 x 1-1/22 Hole Grouping, Every 8" O.C.12722587%QST8-13-208' QuickSpan Tee G4096 x 1-9/16 x 1-1/22 Hole Grouping, Every 8" O.C.12963487%QST10-13-2010' QuickSpan Tee G40120 x 1-9/16 x 1-1/22 Hole Grouping, Every 8" O.C.121204287%QST12-13-2012' QuickSpan Tee G40144 x 1-9/16 x 1-1/22 Hole Grouping, Every 8" O.C.121445087%QST14-13-2014' QuickSpan Tee G40168 x 1-9/16 x 1-1/22 Hole Grouping, Every 8" O.C.121685987%QST16-13-2016' QuickSpan Tee G40192 x 1-9/16 x 1-1/22 Hole Grouping, Every 8" O.C.121926787%CUSTOMCustom Length (Max 16')TBD x 1-9/16 x 1-1/22 Hole Grouping, Every 8" O.C.———87%DWA1.5-1.51-1/2" Knurled Wall Angle G40144 x 1-1/2 x 1-1/2202404588%DWA2-22" Knurled Wall Angle G40144 x 2 x 2202405988%12' QuickSpan Locking Channel G40144 x 1-3/4 x 1-9/168" O.C.121444087%QuickSpan Support Clip3.83 x 1.61 x 2n/a100n/an/a87%SPANNING TEESWALL ANGLELOCKING CHANNELQSLC12-14-20SUPPORT CLIPQSSC1QuickSpan tees and locking channel must be used together.XG-90 galvanization is available for extreme corrosion resistance and exterior applications.No Cardboard Cartons Reduced waste / Easy openTechnical Support 1-800-233-8990 www.certainteed.com/ceilings

PROFILE AND SPACINGLocking Channel QSLC12-14-20Support ClipProfile (end view)3-3/4"1-3/4"90.00 1-1/2"1-5/8"1-1/2"1-9/16"Spacing (side view)144"8" O.C.Spanning Tees QST6-13-20 / QST8-13-20 / QST10-13-20 / QST12-13-20 / QST14-13-20Profile (end view)1/4"13/32"1-19/32"1-1/2"Spacing (side view)Lengths Available: 72" / 96" / 120" / 144" / 168"2 holes 8" o.c.1/4"p19Technical Support 1-800-233-8990 www.certainteed.com/ceilings

LOAD DATA (QUICKSPAN SYSTEM ONLY)LOAD TEST DATACLEAR SPAN L/240 NO HANGERS (LBS/FT)SPAN LENGTH4'(48")4' 6"(54")5'(60")5' 6"(66")6'(72")6' 6"(78")7'(84")7' 6"(90")8'(96")8' 6"(102")9'(108")9' 6"(114")10'(120")10' 6"(126")11'(132")12'(144")14'(168")LOAD (lbs/Sq. .312.812.412.081.811.511.03SPAN LOAD TEST DATA (WITHOUT SUPPORT CLIP)SPANNINGTEE SPACING(lbs/Sq. ft.)SPAN LENGTH4'(48")4' 6"(54")5'(60")5' 6"(66")6'(72")6' 6"(78")7'(84")7' 6"(90")8'(96")9'(108")10'(120")11' 3"(135")12'(144")14'(168")8" 2.251.5416" 140.7724" .760.52Note: 5/8" drywall weighs approx. 2.5 lbs/Sq. ft.1/2" drywall weighs approx. 2.0 lbs/Sq. ft.Max Design Span for5 lbs/Sq. Ft. (Double 5/8" Board)2-ply 5/8" drywall weighs approx. 5.0 lbs/Sq. ft.1/2" Easi-Lite weights approx 1.4 lbs/Sq. ft.Max Design Span for2.5 lbs/Sq. Ft. (5/8" Board)Max Design Span for2.0 lbs/Sq. Ft. (1/2" Board)Max Design Span for1.4 lbs/Sq. Ft. (Lightweight 1/2" Board*)8" O.C.107.7" (8' 11")8" O.C.135.6" (11' 3")8" O.C.152.3" (12' 8")8" O.C.168" (14')16" O.C.82.8" (6' 10")16" O.C.107.7" (8' 11")16" O.C.116" (9' 7")16" O.C.130.6" (10' 5")24" O.C.72.3" (6')24" O.C.91.1" (7' 7")24" O.C.98.2" (8' 2")24" O.C.114.1" (9' 5")CertainTeed Easi-Lite Drywall boards weigh between 1.2 and 1.4 lbs/Sq. ft.HANGER WIRE SPACING (IN.) FOR QUICKSPAN TEE PERPENDICULAR SUPPORT CLIP AT CENTERFULL SPAN IN FT. (UNSUPPORTED SPAN IN (5.5)5 LBS/SQ. FT.60.057.455.253.351.62.5 LBS/SQ. FT.75.672.369.567.12 LBS/SQ. FT. LBS/SQ. ANGER SPACING (IN.)*Unsupported span is equal to the distance measured between locking channels and the perdendicular QuickSpan support tee.NOTE: 1. Load test data shows uniform load in lbs/lf based on clear span tests in accordance with ASTM deflection limit on L/2402. Installation per ASTM C6363. Installation per ASTM C7544. ESR 3941Installation:Must be installed in compliance with ASTM C636. ASTM E580, CISCA and standard and industry practices within all applicable coderequirements. Alternative assemblies and installation methods may be utilized when approved by the authority having jurisdiction.CertainTeed Ceilings recommends checking with the authority having jurisdiction prior to designing and installing a suspended ceiling system.Code Compliance:The information is correct to the best of our knowledge at the date of issuance. Because codes continue to evolve, check with localofficials prior to designing and installing a ceiling system. Other restrictions and exemptions may apply.Technical Support 1-800-233-8990 www.certainteed.com/ceilings

INSTALLATION METHOD AND INSTRUCTIONS FOR QUICKSPAN Step 1:Establish the height of your locking c-channel above the finishedfloor. Be sure to incorporate the thickness of the gypsum board.Step 2:Establish the position of your first spanning tee. Measure and cut thelocking c-channel so that the first carpenter’s mark is the appropriatedistance from the starting point.Step 3:The locking c-channel must be screw-attached to minimum no. 25gauge steel wall studs spaced at a maximum spacing of 24" on center,with one no. 8 screw by 1-1/4" long, self-tapping screws.5Step 4:Repeat steps 1-3 on the opposite wall, making sure that the carpenterlines match up.Step 5:Install hanger wires in the center of the span at the required on centerspacing. On the adjacent wall, fasten 24" piece of locking c-channelwith carpenter’s mark in the center. This piece will receive thecarrying tee at the wall.Step 6:6Install spanning tees by turning the tee on its side. Insert one end inthe channel. On an angle, slide the other end into the channel on theopposite wall. Guide the bulb of the tee into the cut out on the “V” atthe top of the channel, and then twist the tee until the flange “clicks”into the locking tab.Step 7:Repeat step 5 at the other end. Repeat 5 and 6 until area is complete.Step 8:Feed the spanning tee above and perpendicular to the installedcross tees. This will serve as the carrying t-bar. Install one end intothe locking c-channel.9Step 9:Clip the QuickSpan Support Clip on the spanning tee by snapping theu-shaped area onto flange.Step 10:Slide the clip toward the carrying t-bar and push to engage bothlocking tabs on the flange of the t-bar.Both tabs should click to be properly seated.p21Technical Support 1-800-233-8990 www.certainteed.com/ceilings

Step 11:Measure centers from the wall and spanning tees beforefastening two screws into the holes of the QuickSpan SupportClip using no. 7 wafer head Vector * screws.1124"24"24"QSSC Assembly PlanStep 12:Repeat step 11 alternating the side the locking tabs are on.Step 13:Cut 16" pieces of carrying t-bar for the splice support connection.Make the 8" line of the 16" piece with a marker. Turn this pieceupside down and center at the splice of the carrying t-bar. Fasteneach side with four no. 7 wafer head Vector screws.13Step 14:Repeat step 13 at each splice until all splices are complete. Onthe terminating wall, fasten 24" piece of locking c-channel withcarpenter’s mark in the center using no. 8 by 1-1/4" long, steelframing, self-tapping screws. This piece will receive the carryingtee at the wall.Step 15:Tie hanger wires through the carrying t-bar, making sure to levelthe system.*Vector is an owned and registered trademark of Grabber Construction Products, Inc.14Technical Support 1-800-233-8990 www.certainteed.com/ceilings

QUANTITY ESIMATING TABLES (QUICKSPAN LOCKING DRYWALL GRID SYSTEM ONLY)Per BundleDimensionsLength (In.)PCsLFLbs.Length of hallway complete by one carton –2 sides (Lf)144121444071LOCKING CHANNELQSLC12-14-20Length of hallway complete by one carton (lf)Width not factored – will vary by selected cross teePer BundleDimensionsLength -201681216859CustomTBD———8" O.C.16" O.C.24" O.C.96192288———SPANNING TEESPer BundleDescriptionDimensionsLength (In.)PCsLFLbs.DWA1.5-1.51.5" WA (G40/G90)1442019245DWA2-22" WA (G40/G90)1442019259WALL ANGLEPer BundleDescriptionDimensionsLength (In.)PCsLFLbs.QuickSpan Support Clip3.83100n/an/aSUPPORT CLIPQSSC1p23Technical Support 1-800-233-8990 www.certainteed.com/ceilings

CertainTeed Suspension Systems Fast. Easy. Reliable. A simple formula for success.20 Moores Road Malvern, PA 19355 Customer Support: 800-233-8990certainteed.com/ceilings 03/19 CertainTeed. Printed in U.S.A. CTC-06-302

CertainTeed Ceilings Drywall Suspension System main runners provide slots 8" on center. Each slot has two additional offset slots- each is 1-3/4" from the center slot. These additional offset slots allow for integration with Type F fixtures. Use the center slot for typical cross tee installation.File Size: 1MBPage Count: 24Explore further1 1/2" Drywall Suspension System - Ceilings and Walls .www.certainteed.comDrywall Suspension System - Drywall, Ceiling & Flooring .www.usg.comDrywall Grid System Armstrong Ceiling Solutions .www.armstrongceilings.comUSG Drywall Suspension Systemwww.usg.comRecommended to you b

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of CertainTeed siding. 800-233-8990 CertainTeed Sales Support Group Welcome to the CertainTeed Siding Collection This starts with a comprehensive array of exterior products that allow your customers to express their unique personal style. CertainTeed products deliver higher standards in selection,beauty and performance.

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