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Fulston Manor School Library

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Fulston Manor School LibraryEmail requests to:msilver@fulstonmanor.kent.sch.ukFantasy and Fantasy Romance booksCheck out AR book levels athttps://www.arbookfind.co.ukThe books listed here are on the school library catalogue. If they are out to another student they may notbe immediately available but can be reserved for you. New books are shown by the location being red.Some books may be upper years and you will need to get permission to read these.Book 1, of some series, have a link to Browns Books to enable you to see what that book may be like. It isnot a suggestion that you purchase the book.AuthorAdams, DouglasAhern, CeceliaAhern, CeceliaAugarde, SBlack, HollyBlade, AdamBlade, AdamBlade, AdamBlade, AdamBlade, AdamBowden, OliverBowden, OliverBowden, OliverBowden, OliverBowden, OliverBowden, OliverBracken, AlexandraBracken, AlexandraBracken, AlexandraBrindley, JohnCanavan, TrudiCanavan, TrudiCanavan, TrudiCanavan, TrudiCanavan, TrudiCanavan, TrudiTitleThe Hitch Hiker's Guide to the GalaxyFlawed: Flawed 1 Check out this book herePerfect: Flawed 2The VariousCruel Prince, The: The Folk of the air 1 Checkout this book hereBeast Quest: Grymon the Biting Horror: Series21 Book 1Beast Quest: Skrar the Night Scavenger: Series21 Book 2Ferno the Fire DragonMenox the Sabre-Toothed Terror: Beast QuestSeries 22 book 1Tarantix the Bone Spider: Beast Quest: Series 21Book 3Black Flag: Assassin's Creed 6Brotherhood: Assassin's Creed 2Forsaken: Assassin's Creed Book 5Renaissance: Assassin's Creed 1Checkout this book hereRevelations: Assassin's Creed 4Secret Crusade, The: Assassin's Creed 3A Darkest Minds Novel: The Darkest Minds 1Check out this book hereIn the Afterlight: A Darkest Minds Novel 3Never Fade: A Darkest Minds Novel 2Rule of Claw, TheHigh Lord, The: The Black Magician 3The Magicians' Guild: The Black Magician 1Check out this book hereThe Novice: The black Magician 2The Magician's Apprentice: The Black Magician0Last of the Wilds: The Age of the Five 2Priestess of the White: The Age of the Five 1Check out this book syFantasy5.0

Canavan, TrudiClare, CassandraClare, CassandraClare, CassandraClare, CassandraClare, CassandraDann, JDelaney, JosephDelaney, JosephDi Terlizzi, TDiTerlizzi, TDuncan, DEddings, DavidEddings, DavidEddings, DavidEddings, DavidEddings, DavidEnthoven, SamFisher, CatherineFletcher, CharlieForeman, ColinFunke, CorneliaFunke, CorneliaFunke, CorneliaFunke, CorneliaGaiman, NeilGibbons, AlanGordon, RoderickGordon, RoderickHanhrahan, GarethHorowitz, AnthonyHorowitz, AnthonyHorowitz, AnthonyHorowitz, AnthonyHorowitz, AnthonyJacques BKay, ElizabethKay, ElizabethKing, StephenKirby, Matthew J.Kirby, Matthew J.Kirby, Matthew J.Lanagan, MargoVoice of the Gods: The Age of the Five 3Silver Mask, The: Magisterium book 4The Copper Gauntlet: Magisterium Book 2The Iron Trial: Magisterium Book 1Checkout this book hereBronze Key, The: Magisterium book 3The Golden Tower: Magisterium book 5Dark AlchemySpook's Battle, TheSpook's Curse, TheThe Spiderwick Chronicles Book 4: TheIronwood TreeGreat EscapeParagon LostCastle of Wizardry: The Belgariad 4Enchanter's End Game: The Belgariad 5Magician's Gambit: The Belgariad 3Pawn of Prophecy: The Belgariad 1Check out this book hereQueen of Sorcery: The Belgariad 2Black Tattoo, TheIncarceronStoneheartTo the End of the WorldDragon RiderInkdeathInkheartThe Thief LordMirrormaskDarkwing Omnibus, TheDeeperTunnelsTolkien's WorldEvil Star: Power of Five 2Necropolis: Power of Five Book 4Nightrise: Power of Five 3Oblivion: Power of Five Book 5Raven's Gate: Power of Five Book 1Check out this book hereRedwallBack to the DivideThe DivideWind through the Keyhole, The: A Dark TowerNovelFate of the Gods: Last Descendants 3Last Descendants 1Tomb of the Khan: Last Descendants 2Tender y5.45.75.4

Lewis CTales of Narnia: The Silver Chair/The Last BattleFantasy8.0/5.6Lewis CThe Magician's nephew, The lion the witch andthe wardrobe, The horse and his boyFantasy5.4/5.7/5.8Lewis C SThe Horse and his boy: Chronicles of Narnia 3Fantasy5.8Lewis C SMachale, DMcGann, OisinMcNamee, EoinMead, RichelleMead, RichelleMead, RichelleMead, RichelleMead, RichelleThe lion, the witch and the wardrobePendragon: The merchant of deathThe Gods and Their MachinesThe NavigatorBlood Promise: Vampire Academy 4Frostbite: Vampire Academy 2Last Sacrifice: Vampire Academy 6Shadow Kiss: Vampire Academy 3Spirit Bound : Vampire Academy 5Vampire Academy 1Check out this book hereThe whispering roadsMyst: The book of AtrusSurrender: Dark Heart 3Firesong: The Wind Singer 3Slaves of the Mastery: The Wind Singer 2The Wind Singer 1Check out this book hereAbhorsenLiraelDark Flame: The Immortals 4Everlasting: The Immortals 6Evermore: The Immortals 1Check out this link hereNight Star: The immortals 5Pegasus and the End of Olympus: Book 6Pegasus and the Fight for Olympus: Book 2Pegasus and the Flame: Pegasus 1Check out this book herePegasus and the New Olympians: Pegasus 3Pegasus and the Origins of OlympusPegasus and the Rise of the Titans: Book 5Eragon: Inheritance 1Check out this book hereBrisingr: Inheritance 3Eldest: Inheritance 2Inheritance: Inheritance 4Ghost HunterOath breakerOutcastSoul EaterSpirit WalkerMort (Graphic d, RichelleMichael, LMiller, RMonroe, LeeNicholson, WNicholson, WNicholson, WNix, GNix, GNoel, AlysonNoel, AlysonNoel, AlysonNoel, AlysonO'Hearn, KateO'Hearn, KateO'Hearn, KateO'Hearn, KateO'Hearn, KateO'Hearn, KatePaolini, CPaolini, ChristopherPaolini, ChristopherPaolini, ChristopherPaver, MichellePaver, MichellePaver, MichellePaver, MichellePaver, MichellePratchett, Terry6.

Pratchett, TerryPratchett, TerryPratchett, TerryPratchett, TerryPratchett, TerryPrice, SusanPullman, PhilipNationThe Last ContinentThe Last HeroWintersmithWyrd SistersThe Sterkarm KissAmber Spyglass, The: His Dark Materials, PhilipLa Belle Sauvage: The Book of Dust Volume OneFantasy5.4Fantasy6.2Fantasy6.2Pullman, PhilipPullman, PhilipRaasch, SaraReeve, PhillipRoth, VeronicaRoth, VeronicaRoth, VeronicaRowling, J KRudden, DaveSage, AngieShowalter, GenaSmith, L. J.Stewart, PaulStone, David LeeSutherland, LordSutherland, Tui TSutherland, Tui TSutherland, Tui TSutherland, Tui TSutherland, Tui TSutherland, Tui TSutherland, Tui TSutherland, Tui TSutherland, Tui TSutherland, Tui TSutherland, Tui T.Tolkien, J. R. R.Tolkien, J. R. R.Tolkien, J. R. R.Tolkien, J. R. R.Barnes, JenniferLynnCaine, RachelNorthern Lights: His Dark Materials 1Check out this book hereSubtle Knife, The: His Dark Materials 2Snow Like Ashes: Snow Like Ashes1Check out this book hereWeb of Air, AAllegiant: Divergent Trilogy 3Divergent: Divergent Trilogy 1Check out this book hereInsurgent: Divergent Trilogy 2The tales of Beedle the BardKnights of the Borrowed Dark 1MagykAlice in ZombielandFury, The: v. 3 & 4: AND The ReunionMuddle EarthIllmoor ChroniclesBrightest Night: Wings of Fire 5Dark Secret, The: Wings of Fire 4Dragonet Prophecy, The: Wings of fire 1Check out this book hereEscaping Peril: Wings of Fire 8Hidden Kingdom, The: Wings of Fire 3Lost Continent (Wings of Fire, Book 11), TheMoon Rising: Wings of Fire 6Storm of Sands: Wings of Fire 10Talons of power: Wings of fire 9The Lost Heir: Wings of Fire 2Winter Turning: Wings of Fire 7Dragonet Prophecy: Wings of Fire Graphic Novel1Hobbit, TheLord of the Rings 3: The Return of the KingLord of The Rings Fellowship of The Rings Part 1Check out this book tasy6.1The lord of the Rings Part 2: The Two TowersFantasy6.3Trial by Fire: A 'Raised by Wolves' NovelFantasy Romance6.2Black Dawn (12)Fantasy Romance5.2

Caine, RachelCaine, RachelCaine, RachelCaine, RachelCaine, RachelCaine, RachelCaine, RachelCaine, RachelCaine, RachelCaine, RachelCast, P. C.Cast, P. C.Cast, P. C.Cast, P. C.Cast, P. C.Cast, P. C.Cast, P. C.Cast, P. C.Cast, P. C.Cast, P. C.Cast, P. C.Cast, P. C.Clare, CassandraClare, CassandraEwing, AmyEwing, AmyEwing, AmyGresh, LHardinge, FrancesKemmerer, BrigidMaas, Sarah J.Maas, Sarah J.Maas, Sarah J.Maas, Sarah J.Maas, Sarah J.Maas, Sarah J.Maas, Sarah J.Maas, Sarah J.Mafi, TaherehMafi, TaherehMafi, TaherehMaguire, EdenCarpe Corpus (6)Dead Girls' Dance, The (2)Fade Out (7)Feast of Fools (4)Ghost Town (9)Glass Houses (1) Check out this book hereKiss of Death (8)Last Breath (11)Lord of Misrule (5)Midnight Alley (3)Marked: House of night 1Check out this book hereBetrayed: House of night 2Chosen: House of night 3Untamed: House of night 4Hunted: House of night 5Tempted: House of night 6Burned: House of night 7Awakened: House of night 8Destined: House of night 9Hidden: House of night 10Revealed: House of night 11Redeemed: House of night 12Bane Chronicles, TheCheck out this book hereClockwork PrinceBlack Key, The: Lone City 3Jewel, The: Lone City 1Check out this book hereThe White Rose, The: Lone City 2The Twilight CompanionSkinful of Shadows, ACurse So Dark and Lonely, A: 1Check out this book hereCrown of Midnight: Throne of Glass 2Heir of Fire: Throne of Glass 3Kingdom of Ash: Throne of glass 7Queen of Shadows: Throne of Glass 4The Assassin's Blade: The Throne of GlassNovellasEmpire of storms: Throne of Glass 5Throne of Glass: Throne of Glass 1Check out this book hereTower of dawn: Throne of Glass 6Ignite Me: Shatter me 3Shatter Me 1 Check out this book hereUnravel Me: Shatter me 2Phoenix: Book 4Fantasy RomanceFantasy RomanceFantasy RomanceFantasy RomanceFantasy RomanceFantasy RomanceFantasy RomanceFantasy RomanceFantasy RomanceFantasy Romance4. Romance5.4Fantasy RomanceFantasy RomanceFantasy RomanceFantasy RomanceFantasy RomanceFantasy RomanceFantasy RomanceFantasy RomanceFantasy RomanceFantasy RomanceFantasy Romance5. Romance6.4Fantasy RomanceFantasy Romance5.75.1Fantasy Romance5.0Fantasy RomanceFantasy RomanceFantasy Romance4.5Fantasy Romance4.2Fantasy RomanceFantasy RomanceFantasy RomanceFantasy Romance6. Romance6.1Fantasy Romance6.2Fantasy Romance5.7Fantasy RomanceFantasy RomanceFantasy RomanceFantasy RomanceFantasy Romance5.

Maguire, EdenMeyer, SMeyer, StephenieMeyer, StephenieNgan, NatashaNoel, AlysonSalisbury, MelindaSalisbury, MelindaSalisbury, MelindaSmith, L. J.Smith, L. J.Smith, L.J.Smith, L.J.Smith, L.J.Smith, L.J.Smith, L.J.Smith, L.J.Stiefvater, MaggieVincent, RachelWolk, LaurenSummer: Beaultiful dead 3TwilightBreaking Dawn: Twilight, Book 4New MoonGirls of Paper and FireCheck out this book hereBlue MoonScarecrow Queen, The: Book 3Sin Eater's Daughter, The: Book 1Check out this books hereSleeping Prince, The: Book 2BloodlustNight World: v. 3, Bks. 7-9: Bind-upAwakening and The Struggle, The: Bks. 1 & 2Night World: v. 1, Bks. 1-3: Bind-upNight World: v. 2, Bks. 4-6: Bind-upReturn, The: NightfallSecret Circle: v. 1: Initiation and the CaptiveSecret Circle: v. 2: Captive and the PowerLamentMy Soul to StealWolf HollowFantasy RomanceFantasy RomanceFantasy RomanceFantasy Romance5. RomanceFantasy RomanceFantasy Romance6.55.6Fantasy Romance5.4Fantasy RomanceFantasy RomanceFantasy RomanceFantasy RomanceFantasy RomanceFantasy RomanceFantasy RomanceFantasy RomanceFantasy RomanceFantasy RomanceFantasy RomanceFantasy Romance5.25.45.1/

Mead, Richelle Blood Promise: Vampire Academy 4 Fantasy 4.9 Mead, Richelle Frostbite: Vampire Academy 2 Fantasy 4.8 Mead, Richelle Last Sacrifice: Vampire Academy 6 Fantasy 5.0 . Wings of Fire Graphic Novel 1 Fantasy Tolkien, J. R. R. Hobbit, The Fantasy 6.6 Tolkien, J. R. R. Lord of the Rings 3: The Return of the King Fantasy 6.2