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DAYSATURDAYSUNDAY4Kettlebell IWTMAS SessionKettlebell IWTActive RecoveryMAS SessionRESTActive RecoveryWarm UpWarm UpWarm UpWarm UpWarm UpWarm UpThenThenThenThenThenThen10 x KB Single ArmSnatch (each arm) 100m Sprint @ 2mins Rest X 345 min Walk / Jog /Swim (Ocean) /Ride3 min restThen10-1 Kettlebell20 x 120% MASLadder. (Single Arm 15/15/ non dominate sidefirst) Swing /Clean / Snatch /Front Squat3 min rest15 x Goblet Squat 15 x Push Up 200m Run @ 2 minrest X 33 min rest15 min EMOM100m SprintRecoveryThenRecovery20 x Close GripPush Up 10 x KBSingle Arm Snatch(each arm) 100mKB Overhead Carry(each Arm) @ 2 minRest X 3Roll / Stretch /Breath / Listen to98 Podcast - SamBurgessThen20 x Air Squats 10 x Burpee @ 1min Rest X 5Recovey420 x 120% MAS15/15ThenRecovery400 m Run (Easy) 20 x KettlebellSwing X 5ThenRoll / Stretch /Breath / Listen to98 Podcast - Mark“Spudd” Carroll

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1 Kettlebell IWT MAS Session Kettlebell IWT Active Recovery MAS Session REST Active Recovery Warm Up Warm Up Warm Up Warm Up Warm Up Warm Up Then Then Then Then Then Then 20 x KB Swing 200m Run @ 1 min rest X 3 20 x 120% MAS 15/15 10 x Single Arm KB Squat & Press (each arm) 100m Sprint

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6 Instruction & Guidelines South Maroubra SLSC Gym 2017-2018 Gym Rules Hours of gym 6am to 9pm. The gym sign in/sign out sheet must be signed prior to commencing your workout and when you leave the gym. Shoes need to be worn at all times in the gym. Wash your hands before and after exercising. Bring a drink bottle to your workout. Bring a towel to every session.

Be able to instruct gym-based exercise 4. Be able to supervise clients undertaking gym-based exercise 5. Be able to bring a gym-based exercise session to an end 6. Be able to reflect on providing gym-based exercise 7. Be able to support clients taking part in gym-based exercise 8. Understand how to provide gym-based exercise UV20527 3 1 .

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