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Brian LamoreauxMerchandise ManagerDirect MarketinggCatalog/eCommerce

Multi‐‐channel RetailingMultiMulti Channel retailers account for 75% of online salesRetailing to customers through all available selling channels Stores Catalog eCommerceCustomers Choice Shopping when, where and how desiredM k i across allll channels:Marketinghl cross merchandisingh di i Tabloids eMail Newsletters Direct Mail Web

Working TogetherExtension of store stock assortmentsExpandedpassortments in keyy categoriesg Electronics Personal Computers Furniture Jewelry Major AppliancesSatisfying OUR customers’ needs Highest Volume Day of the Week:Wednesday (1100 – 1200 Hrs)

Who is shopping us?Active dutyRetiredReservesNational GuardOther38%32%11%11%8%ArmyAir ForceNavyMarinesCoast GuardOther*46%32%14%5%1%2%* Includes AAFES, DOD Civ, State Dept, etc

Catalog/eCom StrategyOverall Strategy- Catalogs & eCommerceSeveral ways to do business- Warehouse (Memphis, Giessen & Yokota)- Based on cost effectiveness- Dropp Shipp (Preferred(Method))- Accounts for 75% Cat/eCom sales- Requires EDI or ECOMS participation- Virtual Vendor- Exchange OnLine Mall

Catalogs2 Big Books Fall/Winter Spring/Summer20 Specialty andSupplementalpublicationsHome Décor, ODL, Kids, Appliances, Electronics, Jewelry, Fashion, and more

OnLine Opportunities130,000 SKU’s with 30,000 keys are on our web site.Most are not featured in a catalogPromotional OpportunitiesHome PageLanding PagesBannersTopLeft‐SideCoordinating items“Push”Ability to push specific suppliers or products to the top of thepage7

Virtual Vendor Business ModelMirror all or part of supplier’s online store- Ability to accommodate a link- Establish pricing- Ability to refine assortmentBuy through Exchange Online Shopping Cart- Customer checks out only once- Orders sent to vendor for fulfillment (drop ship)POC: Rosa Sifuentes, [email protected]

Virtual Vendor Business ModelDell Computers & Accessories 2009: 17M2009 Fillpoint (Gaming) 9.5M NewN AAge ElElectronicst i 3.1M 3 1M Alienware 2.3 OOfficece Depotepot 1.3M .32009 Virtual Vendor Sales 41.1 M

Exchange OnLine MallExchange OnLineMall concessions (110 Shops): Provide customer discounts from 5%-25% off on purchases Offer selection and stylesy from recognizablegbrands Supplements exchange store assortments Allows exchanges to utilize floor space and inventory investmentin other categoriesgFY 09 Sales - 15MOur customers saved almost 2M by choosing to shop the ExchangeOnLine Mall stores over the retailer’s regular sites!

Exchange OnLine Mall

Special Order Program345 vendors now available online and by phoneCustomers can easily request items not available inthe Exchange Catalog or OnlineAvailable 24/7

Catalog/eCommerceCatalog/eCommerce Sales History2002 Sales 114.5M, 17% increase2003 SalesS l 151.6M, 151 6M 32% increasei2004 Sales 157.9M, 5% increase2005 Sales 193.5M, 193 5M 23% increase2006 Sales 222.9M, 15% increase2007 Sales 240.5M,, 3% increase2008 Sales 216.8M, 10% decrease2009 Sales 214M ‐1%

Distribution of Earnings to Main Stores100% of Catalog/Internet earnings within 40 miles ofthe AAFES Main StoreDistribution is after MK pays other ServicesEach AAFES Main Store will receive a ppercent ofearnings based on percent of sales to the total

Top Ranked Stores in 2009CentralFt Campbell: 32,969*Ft Hood: 25,034*Eglin AFB: 14,210Scott AFB: 13,776NAS Ft Worth: 12,138EasternFt Bragg: 26,526*Ft Belvoir: 25,747Langley AFB: 22,823Ft Hamilton: 19,586MacDill AFB: 18,217WesternSan Antonio: 52,548*Lewis/McChord: 31,794* Los Angeles AFB: 20,129March AFB: 19,614Luke AFB: 17,248PacificHickam: 7,190Elmendorf: 6,793Schofield: 6,183Yongsan: 5,175Foster: 3,707Europe/OEF/OIFHeidelberg: 4,621Grafenwoehr: 2,845 Bamberg: 2,160Lakenheath: 2,153Spangdahlem: 2,032Almost 1.5Mpaid in 2009!

Social Media

Reaching More CustomersGoal is to increase:– Awareness of online site– Military Star usage– Repeat purchasePrint Ads/TabloidsIn Store signsElectronic NewslettersTargeted customer mailingsMilitMilitaryStarSt statementt tt adsdTheater Slides/Radio adsIcons - Make it easySocial MediaSurveys

ContactsECOMSLaura MansfieldEmail – [email protected] ‐ 214‐312‐4621OnLine Mall ProgramsChris HillEmail – [email protected] – 214214‐312‐2880312 2880

Contacts214‐‐312214312‐‐XXXXHome TeamGMM & Home DecorJennifer Stinchcomb [email protected] [email protected] AppliancesChristine Stowski [email protected] FurnishingsBrian Lamoreaux [email protected] [email protected] AppliancesYolanda Thursby [email protected] [email protected] James [email protected] TeamGMM & ODLJi TrussellJimTll [email protected] MacKenzieM Ki [email protected] Jonker [email protected] goodsJosephJh KasalesK l [email protected] MallChris Hill [email protected]

Contacts214‐‐312214312‐‐XXXXS ftliSoftlinesTeamTGMM & Juvenile FurnitureJanean Baker [email protected] [email protected] Thompson [email protected] [email protected] Cordova [email protected]@ fApparel IIMartina Aos Seyfert [email protected] [email protected] fWatches / CosmeticsJohn Carmichael [email protected] [email protected] TeamGMM & ElectronicsRandy Owens [email protected] / PortablesAlleana Fuller [email protected] Moody [email protected] Curtis [email protected]


-Accounts for 75% Cat/eCom sales-Requires EDI or ECOMS participation-Virtual Vendor-Exchange OnLine Mall. Catalogs 2 Big Books . GMM & Juvenile Furniture Jewelry Watches / Cosmetics Janean Baker 4375 Pam Thompson 6964 John Carmichael 6486 [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] .

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The eCommerce marketing funnel Inbound marketing helps businesses fill the top of the sales and marketing funnel. It also helps to convert more website visitors into leads, customers, and finally repeat customers.i Inbound marketing takes the existing eCommerce transaction funnel and amplifies its effectiveness at each stage of the sales process.

Feature 5 By 2020, ecommerce sales will account for nearly 15% of total retail spending worldwide. Worldwide Ecommerce Spending in the Trillions Includes all products and services ordered online via any device, regardless of payment or order fulfillment method. Excludes travel and event tickets. ECOMMERCE SPENDING Across the globe, the growth of

The tricky part of eCommerce execution is not so much the storefront as it is the backend associations amongst products, workflow support, and customer context. Good eCommerce gets customers to the good stuff faster. It is personal, contextual, and relevant. To be successful, never settle for a generic “one-size-fits-none” approach.

Las 10 tendencias del eCommerce en el mundo Hoy en día, el eCommerce y el comercio digital influyen hasta el 56% de las compras en las tiendas, mientras que el eCommerce en sí mismo representa casi el 10% de las ventas al por menor en lo

Customers can now view an invoice statement online, look up historical invoices, and download a PDF copy of their invoice. We can . Website Graphic Design. ECOMMERCE INTEGRATION MYOB ADVANCED ECOMMERCE WEBSITE Momentum-eCommerce-Integration-

6. Content Management System: One of the best reasons to use WordPress as an ecommerce platform is because it's already so good as a content management system, or CMS. This is another reason some folks dismiss WordPress as an ecommerce solution—it wasn't technically built to do ecommerce. That's true, WordPress is inherently

Secondly, eCommerce helps to keep the economy and businesses alive. Therefore many people don't lose their jobs or find new ones in this industry. Ecommerce needs much more couriers, marketers, accountants, managers, and many other specialists. Finally, eCommerce helps us keep our emotional well-being by giving us access to things and activities

Global eCommerce - building to win eCommerce Sites and Operations New Capabilities: Online, . Unite and expand the Walmart platform to do what no one else can do Win in key markets . 13 Know customers by name Deliver on our fulfillment promise Wide assortment at best price Customer experience Excel at the fundamentals of eCommerce . 14 .

Ecommerce Performance in 2020 Ecommerce Ecommerce grew significantly across all industries, and wine was no exception. Many consumers ventured out and purchased wine online for the first time. For many consumers, this new purchasing behavior is going to stick. While there was an anticipated spike and pull back for ecommerce sales, during the summer

The first step in defining the eCommerce expansion strategy is to determine what role eCommerce will play in the overall strategy. From the lowest-risk option to the most committed expansion, roles are defined across the following spectrum: Build brand / generate demand: For retailers with limited knowledge in certain markets, eCommerce

eCommerce is the fastest growing at a whopping 32% annually HUGE POTENTIAL FOR GROWTH (ECOMMERCE SALES AS PERCENTAGE OF TOTAL RETAIL, %) 14% - 293 billion 14% - 270 billion 3% - 6 billion CHINA USA SEA Source: Bain & Co, Temasek Holdings & Google Untapped eCommerce Opportunities Only 3% Online Retail Penetration Rate

eCommerce: Start to Finish Page 4. Liv Montgomery Website Development Tools - Building the Perfect Online Money Machine There are plenty of reasons to start an online business. You may want to join the ranks of successful eCommerce entrepreneurs because you want to escape a grueling rush hour and the toil or even the mind

commerce and provides for benchmarking and reports on e-commerce facts and figures. It also serves as Ecommerce Europe'sresearch institute. In this role, the Ecommerce Foundation was commissioned by Ecommerce Europe to develop the European B2C E-commerce Report and more than forty national e-commerce reports.

eCommerce Modernization (eMod) Update. From the eCommerce Division, Office of Patent Information Management (OPIM), USPTO. Lisa Tran. Communications Manager for eCommerce. Richard Fernandez. eMod Project Manager. Email questions to . [email protected] 5

Understanding your NAB eCommerce Merchant Account You can use your eCommerce merchant account for accepting 'card-not-present' payments including: eCommerce: These transactions are used for taking one off customer payments that are initiated in real time. This is generally through a web site, but can also be