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Product of AustraliaLet's LearnAbout Notesby Beatrice WilderContentsSheet 1Sheet 2Sheet 3Sheet 4Sheet 5Sheet 6Sheet 7Sheet 8Sheet 9Sheet 10Sheet 11Sheet 12Sheet 13Basic Information About NotesLines and SpacesTrace NotesStemsNote PropertiesWriting MusicFind the Way HomeCrossword PuzzleCounting NotesNotes and Beats in 4/4 timeDouble PuzzleNote IdentificationSome Sums

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Let's Learn About NotesSheet 1Semibreve or Whole noteMinim or Half noteCrotchet or Quarter note.Quaver or Eighth noteThis part of a quaveror semiquaver is calledthe FLAG or the TAILThis part of a note iscalled the STEMThis part of a noteis called the HEADBasic Information About NotesOne semibreve 4 crotchetsSemibreve rest:Two minims 4 crotchetsMinim rest:Four crotchets 1 semibreveCrotchet rest:Eight quavers 4 crotchetsQuaver rest:Quavers andsemiquaverscan be groupedtogetherby using BEAMSA dot placed after a notemakes it longer by halfof its own length. Copyright Beatrice Wilder 2002

Let's Learn About NotesSheet 2Lines and SpacesNotes are written on lines and in spaces.The lines are numbered from the bottom up.What number is the bottom line? .What number is the top line? .The spaces are numbered from the bottom up.What number is the bottom space? .What number is the top space? .Using your coloured pencils, draw:A red note in the 4th space.A blue note on the 2nd line.An orange note on the 5th line.A green note in the 3rd space.A brown note on the 1st line.A purple note in the 2nd space.Copyright Beatrice Wilder 2002Name .54Trace the noteon the 4th line.321Trace the noteon the 2nd line.Draw a noteon the 1st line.4Trace the notein the 3rd space321Can you draw a pink note below the first line?Trace the notein the 1st space.Draw a notein the 4th space.

Let's Learn About NotesSheet 3Trace NotesThis is a semibreve.It is also called a whole noteIt looks a bit like a circle.It does not have a stem is hollow in the middle.Trace the semibreves green.These are two minims.Minims are also called half notes.They look like semibreves with stems.They are hollow in the middle.Trace one minim blue and the other red.Here are two crotchets.Crotchets are also called quarter notes.They look like black minims.Turn three semibreves into minimsand three semibreves into crotchetsName .Trace each semibreve a different colour.Can you turn these into minims?Stems going up.Draw a crotchetStems going down.Stems going down.Draw a minimalso called aalso called aDraw a semibreveHow many minimsare on this sheet?.also called aStems going up.Use colours.Copyright Beatrice Wilder 2002

Let's Learn About NotesSheet 4STEMSNotes that are written lower than the middle linehave stems that go up on the right.Trace the minims carefully.Name .Trace the semibreves.Add stems on the proper sides to turn them into minims.Notes that are written higher than the middle line have stems that go down on the left.Notes that are written on the middle line can have their stems going up or down.Copyright Beatrice Wilder 2002Turn two semibreves into minims.Can you turn three minims into crotchets?

Let's Learn About NotesSheet 5Semibreve or Whole noteName .Note PropertiesOne note 4Minim or Half noteTwo notes 4Crotchet or Quarter note.Quaver or Eighth noteTick the correct answers and cross the incorrect answers.CrotchetWhole noteOne crotchet beat4 crotchet beatsEighth noteSemibreveHalf note4 crotchet beatsMinimQuaver2 crotchet beatsWhole notebeatsFill in the missing notes beatsFour notes 4beatsEight notes 4beats. .Draw a note thatis worth 4 crotchet beatsDraw a minimDraw a quarter noteDraw an eighth noteDraw a note that is worthone crotchet beatDraw a semibreveDraw two notes that addup to one crotchet beatDraw a half noteDraw two notes that addup to two crotchet beatsCopyright Beatrice Wilder 2002

Let's Learn About NotesSheet 6{Writing Music one3 notesCopyright Beatrice Wilder 2002{ onebeatThe notes in each bar have to add up to four beats.Can you decide which notes need to go in each bar?4 quarter notesName .beat halfof one beatOne note in the fourth space.One note in the second space.One note on the fifth line.One note on the third line.3 notesdotted minim in the third space.{ OneTwo quavers together in the first space. twobeats threebeats fourbeats{One minim on the fourth line.One quarter note in the first space.One crotchet on the second line.One whole note on the first line.How many crotchets are there on this sheet? .

Let's Learn About NotesName .Sheet 7Can you help three of these notes to FIND THE WAY HOME?Draw the correct notes in their boxes first. You can find all of them in the circle on this page.worth4 crotchetbeatsdraw meWho?draw themmeemad it ho2 notes equal to1 crotchet beatDraw them3 crotchetbeatsdraw meworth 2quavershalf of asemibrevehalf of onecrotchetdraw medraw medraw meCopyright Beatrice Wilder 2002

Let's Learn About NotesSheet 8Name .Crossword Puzzle1234ACROSS5768910131614This part of a quaver iscalled the152. A minim is also called a8. Silence in music is shown by a4. A dotted minim has crotchetbeats11. Two quavers are joined by a12. A crotchet is called a note14. A after a note lengthens it byhalf of its valueDraw a picture of 9 across1. This note is a:6. A semibreve can be called this (2 words)9. A note worth three crotchet beats (2 words)12113.DOWN16. Four of these have the same valueas a whole note or semibreve5. What is this note called?7. This part of a note is the10. This part of a note is the13. A minim is worth quavers15. A semibreve is worth minimsDraw a picture of a note that has no stem and is worth two minimsDraw a picture of 5 downName this note .Copyright Beatrice Wilder 2002

Let's Learn About NotesSheet 9Counting NotesNotes that add up to one crotchet beat:One crotchet, or quarter note, gets one beat.Name .Draw the note that makes these groupsadd up to one crotchet beatTwo quavers, or quarter notes, together get the samenumber of beats as one crotchet.One beatFour semiquavers, or 16th notes,get the same number ofbeats as one crotchet.One beatHow many crotchets are on this sheet? .Each group has to add up to one crotchet beat. Cross out any notes that are not needed.Draw aquaverDraw a semiquaverCopyright Beatrice Wilder 2002Draw twosemiquavers joined

Let's Learn About NotesSheet 10Match the NOTE blocksand BEAT blocks together.Name .Notes and Beatsin time1 4 32 1Can you draw TWO ofthese notes joined together?423 11Draw lines joining the noteswith the correct beats.342Can you draw notesin the NOTE blocksto make pairs?1Draw these NOTES in order.The shortest note first and the longest note last.Can you draw FOUR ofthese notes joined together?This note is a .This note is a .Draw these notes into their boxes.The longest note first and the shortest note last.Copyright Beatrice Wilder 2002

Let's Learn About NotesSheet 11Find the names of each of these notes.Write all the remaining letters belowin the same order. They spell a message.d oo tt mt oe ed smai on qi gmcncirstviuerehntawenatoc s re e ti m sh i tm q eo u qr a se v dv e rh r et c hs oe imwi hb ar ue jv te ore tName .Draw TheseWhole notequarter noteDoublePuzzle16th noteDraw thelongestnote.dotted minimcraotcheahlf noteDraw theshortest note.two quavers joinedfour semiquavers joinedCopyright Beatrice Wilder 2002

Let's Learn About NotesSheet 12Write both names for these notes.Name .Note IdentificationTrace these notesUse your coloured pencilsto trace and colour:Semibreves blueMinims greenCrotchets redQuavers orangeSemiquavers purpleDraw a semibreve in a spaceand a minim on a line.Draw four crotchets. Two withstems going up and two with stemsgoing downHow many did you find?Semibreves .Minims .Crotchets .Quavers .Semiquavers.Draw one quaver on the 4th lineand one semiquaver in the 1st space.Copyright Beatrice Wilder 2002

Let's Learn About NotesName .Sheet 13SomeSumsAre you good at adding up?Choose from the answer boxes at the bottom of this sheet.Cross out each answer as you use it. Use each answer only once. Can you solve this problem? If you turned every minim on this sheet into crotchets,how many crotchets would there be? .Copyright Beatrice Wilder 2002 Here are your answer boxes:

Sheet 5 Sheet 6 Sheet 7 Sheet 8 Sheet 9 Sheet 10 Sheet 11 Sheet 12 Sheet 13 Sheet 2 Sheet 1 Sheet 3 Basic Information About Notes Lines and Spaces Trace Notes Stems Note Properties Writing Music Find the Way Home Crossword Puzzle Counting Notes Notes and Beats in 4/4 time Double Puzzle N

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