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Donaldson has established a global distribution networkto serve our customers locally as well as worldwide.We operate as a global company with a network forprimary distribution locations that support a mature hub ofregional distribution centers and warehouses.All regions of the world benefit from our global umbrellaof distribution centers. We focus our efforts on localsupport and the capabilities of our staff. We continueto make significant investments in facilities, systems,supply chain relationships and staffing to offer the bestorder fulfillment options available.Updatedarenovstrategically23 2009 (after LeverenzDonaldson distribution centerslocatedpresentation - does not include non engine dcs in USto quickly and accurately deliver filtration and exhaustproducts wherever replacement products are needed. Wework with a network of transportation, third part logisticscompanies, consolidators, and cross-docking facilities tomeet or exceed our customers’ requirements.Donaldson Medium- and Heavy-Duty Exhaust Product GuideGlobal Presence with Local TouchExhaust Product Guidefor Medium & Heavy Vehicles & Equipment Mufflers Clamps Tubing / Connectors Stacks/Tailpipes Elbows Hangers/Brackets Shields This publication contains a wide selection of standardmufflers and exhaust components for diesel-poweredvehicles and equipment that operate in a variety ofconditions. For assistance, contact Donaldson or yourlocal Donaldson distributor.Distributed by:Donaldson Company, Inc.PO Box 1299Minneapolis, MN55440-1299North America 800-374-1374Mexico 52-449-910-6150Latin Am. & Caribbean 52-449-910-6150Brazil 55-11-2119-1604Europe 32-16-38-3811South Africa on.comCatalog No. F110028 (01/10)South East Asia 65-6311-7373Greater China 852-2405-8388Japan 81-42-540-4112Australia 61-02-4350-2033India 91-124-2290060 2009 Donaldson Company, Inc. Donaldson Company, Inc. reserves the right to change or discontinue any model or specification at any time and without notice. Printed in the U.S.A.January 2010Distribution Centers

Table of contentsMedium- and heavy-duty exhaust productscatalog No. f110028This publication contains a wide selection of standard exhaust components for bothOur innovative products solvecomplex filtration and exhaustsystem challenges that improveand equipment performance andprotect our environment.Donaldson has the technicalexpertise, superior customersupport and vast network oflocations around the world tomeet your toughest needs– from initial system designthrough replacement products.Improvevehicles and equipment that operate in a variety of conditions. For assistance withmuffler or accessory selection, contact your local Donaldson distributor or dealer.Overview. 2Cross Reference.113Exhaust Product Line.2Expanded Catalog Content andWhere to Buy.4History.5Diesel Retrofit Emissions Solutions.6Engine Exhaust Flow & Airflow Calculations.7Engine Aftermarket Exhaust Warranty.8Manufacturers’ Code Listing. 1130-9. 116A-Z. 150Accessories. 9Exhaust System Components. 10Common System Configurations. 11Exhaust Joint/Connections. 12Exhaust Clamps. 13-17Flex Tubing & Cut to Length Flex. 18-19V-Band Clamps for Large Mufflers.20V-Band Clamps for Flanged Connections.20V-Band Clamps.20Flared Connectors & lt Cab Ball & Cone Connectors.23Y or Wye Adapter Pipe.23Splitter Tee Adapter.23Stack Caps.24Universal Swivel Hanger.24Universal Mounting Bracket.24Pipe Hangers.24Universal Pipe Guards & Clamps.24Elbows & Bent Tubes.25-28Straight Tubing & Stack Pipes.29-31Tailpipes.31Spark Arrestors.32Muffler Guards & Accessories.33Muffler Hangers.33Heavy-Duty Muffler Mounting Straps.33Heavy-Duty HangersGrab Handles, Manifold Tube/Flange & ThreadedAdapters.36Exhaust Ejectors & Check Valves. 37-38Intake Accessories.39-51OVERVIEWpeople’s lives, enhance engineoriginal equipment manufacturers and replacement parts for existing diesel-poweredShoptalk. 161Shoptalk - Free Subscription! . 161Purpose of an Exhaust System. 162Muffler Design & Performance . 162Exhaust Product Materials. 163Noise Sources. 164Truck Noise Control. 165Rules of Thumb. 166Emissions Devices & Acoustic Silencing. 166Familiar Sounds on the dBA Noise Scale. 166Emissions Mandates & Timing. 166Diesel Particulate Matter (PM) Allowedper Horsepower-Hour (soot vials). 167Cutting & Installation Instructionsfor Flex Tubing. 168Donaldson & Industry Acronyms. 169Engine Brake & Exhaust Silencer. 169SealClamp Installation Instructions. 170-171Terms & Definitions. 172Reference MaterialEngine Air & Exhaust Flow Guide. 173Part Number Index. 181Muffler Selection & Specifications. 53EnhanceAttenuation & BackpressureBy Muffler Style & Inlet/Outlet Size.55Muffler Specifications by Part Number.60Muffler Specifications by Style & Inlet.67Truck Engine Muffler Application. 75Protectwww.donaldson-filters.comCaterpillar. 76Cummins.86Detroit Diesel.96International. 102Mack. 107Medium- and Heavy-Duty Exhaust Products 1

Exhaust Product LineMufflers, Characteristics & ReplacementsDonaldson MufflersFeatures and Benefitsof Donaldson MufflersDonaldson exhaust systems are original equipment on most pre-2007medium- and heavy-duty trucks manufactured in North America.Donaldson engineers work with many OE truck and off-road equipmentmanufacturers to design and build quality exhaust systems based on thespecific performance.Low BackpressureOVERVIEWBetter fuel economy and efficientengine performanceTruck Mufflers for Every BudgetAluminized SteelDelivers long service life andis corrosion resistantBEST (Part No. M101158 & M101181)Lightweight ConstructionMinimizes stress and vibrationon mounting systemHigh Temperature PaintAvailable on select product.Paint adds corrosion resistanceand enhanced finishBETTER (Part No. M100580)GOOD (Part No. M100465) 1 million mile warranty on M101158– stainless steel Silent Partner 500,000 mile warranty on M101181 –aluminized steel Silent Partner Superior acoustic performance –specifically addresses engine brakenoise by silencing engine brake“bark” M100580 Donaldson muffler Meets all OEM back pressure,strength and life requirements Exhaust noise level is4.5 - 7.5 dB(A) quieter thanM100465 muffler The M100465 is the most common,most popular service muffler in theindustry Low back pressure provides goodfuel economy and efficient engineperformanceWhat external characteristics differentiate mufflers? Shape of muffler (generally round or oval) Style (inlet/outlet configurations on the muffler) MaterialsWhat internal characteristics differentiate mufflers? Wrapped (with insulation) or unwrapped Insulation sandwiched between an inner and anouter body- Reduces noise/high frequency- Lowers outer shell temperature- Reduces radiated heat Quantity, size, and position of internal baffles andtubes2 Medium- and Heavy-Duty Exhaust ProductsInternalHeat &NoiseOuter Wrapwww.donaldson-filters.com

Exhaust Product LineExhaust Configurations, Muffler Styles, Materials & AccessoriesExhaust System Configurations OVERVIEW Muffler StylesStyle 1End Inlet /EndOutlet/On CenterStyle 2End Inlet /EndOutlet/Offset Exhaust Product MaterialsA number of different materials are found in exhaustsystems. Often different options are available for use ina single application. Since materials vary in strength,corrosion resistance, and price, a particular material maybe preferred in individual applications and components.Some of the most common materials, their qualities, andtheir typical uses are listed in the following table.Materials*Used inAluminized MildSteelMufflersStainless Steel(with and withoutaluminized coating)Flexible TubingQualitiesGood Corrosion ResistanceExhaust ComponentsMufflersStrongerExcellent Corrosion ResistanceExhaust componentsStyle 2ADual End Inlet /End OutletStyle 3Side Inlet/End OutletEmissions ProductsChromeAccessoriesBright Mirror FinishGalvanizedFlexible TubingLow Material CostTemperature Limit 600 FCold RolledAccessoriesPoor Corrosion ResistanceLow Cost* See pg 163 for more further descriptions of materials used by Donaldson inexhaust system products.Style 4End Inlet /Side OutletStyle 5Inlet & Outlet onSame EndStyle 6Side Inlet /Side Outletwww.donaldson-filters.comMedium- and Heavy-Duty Exhaust Products 3

Expanded Catalog Content &Where to BuyNew & Expanded Catalog ContentThis edition of the Donaldson exhaust catalog includes the following additional information:New Heavy-Duty AccessoriesOVERVIEWNewer and/or retrofit emissions systems weigh considerably more thanthe traditional OE exhaust system and require new mounting hardwareto accommodate the extra weight. Our more popular heavy-dutybrackets and clamps have been added.Muffler Dimensions & SpecsThe estimated sound reduction (attenuation range in dbA) forall Donaldson mufflers has been added to the muffler selectiontables starting page 55. We have also expanded the dimensionalsection by muffler style to include all muffler dimensions andmuffler illustrations.Muffler Sound ReductionCross ReferenceCompared to our previous publication, this section include hundreds of new cross references. We doencourage you to use the Donaldson on-line cross reference for the latest information.Shoptalk SectionShoptalk is all about sharing helpful information to become more informed about Donaldson exhaustproducts and systems. This section includes installation tips for and fact sheets for many exhaust/emissions products and technologies.Confused About Which Exhaust Clamp ToSelect or What Clamp Should be Used?Depending on your exhaust joint andwhat you're connecting to, it's not alwaysso easy to determine which one of ourexhaust clamps is best for your needs.Take a look at this new information onpage 12 of our accessories section thenext time you need a replacement clamp.Where To BuyDonaldson Products?Donaldson products are availablethrough a variety of distributionoutlets: OE dealers, independentwarehouse distributors andexhaust-only distributors. Each ofthese distribution channels havetheir unique methods of servicingyour needs to meet your businessrequirements.To find the closest outlet in yourregion, visit www.donaldson-filters.com. Look in the Where to Buysection of our web site.4 Medium- and Heavy-Duty Exhaust Productswww.donaldson-filters.com

History of InnovationFrom Silencing to Emissions Reduction1950sWhen exhaust was about silencing -- we led the way!Frank Donaldson sold enough mufflers in 1951 to open ourfirst exhaust manufacturing facility in Grinnell, Iowa in 1952.1970sDonaldson introduces mufflers with integrated ejectors andwrapped mufflers. Wrapped mufflers reduced the overallexhaust system noise and the exterior body temperature. Donaldson SealClamp band-style exhaust clamp launched into the marketplace. Donaldson expandsto Japan. In 1973, U.S. noise regulations went into effect for on-road vehicles –Donaldson offers a muffler line that was effective at noise reduction without lossof horsepower.1980sIn 1981, Donaldson opens a new technical center. The center included twoanechoic chambers which expanded our technical capabilities. Mufflers meet1988 U.S. EPA truck noise regulations (sonic chokes and floating baffles).1990sWhen engine manufacturers needed help to meet the first U.S.Emissions regulations, innovations continued. In the early 1990s, wepioneered the design of integrated catalytic converter mufflers anddiesel particulate solutions for three major U.S. engine and truckmanufacturers. In the late 1990s, Silent Partner was the first mufflerthat effectively reduced engine brake noise without loss of poweror fuel economy. During this decade, Donaldson expands exhaustmanufacturing in Europe (France); Mexico (Guadalajara); and the UnitedStates (Alabama).2000sOVERVIEW1960sIn the 1960s, sound meters were used to measure noiselevels (see image on right). Donaldson is one of the firstmanufacturers to introduce the use of aluminized steel inexhaust systems.2001 Donaldson forms a group dedicated to emissions reduction efforts fordiesel engines; begins retrofit projects; Spiracle crankcase filtrationintroduced to eliminate emissions from open crankcase vents. Massproduction of CCMs for on-road OEs begins.2002 First of many CARB and EPA verifications for Donaldson retrofitemissions solutions; first company to verify tailpipe and crankcasesolution (patented).Since the early 1990s,Donaldson has soldmore than a millionDOC Mufflers.2003 Donaldson expands exhaust manufacturing in Aguascalientes, Mexico.2004 Donaldson upgrades and expands heavy-duty engine test cell capabilities; U.S. MSHAaccepts Donaldson high temp exhaust filter. New web-based Emissions Resource Center(www.donaldson.com/en/erc) established.2005 DPF Cleaning System and DMF Muffler launched for emissions retrofit market. Donaldsonintroduces an active, smart DPF emissions solution for the most difficult duty cycles; lowtemperature, transient and extended idling.2006 Donaldson expands European emissions staff and Mexico exhaust manufacturing toMonterrey; Donaldson improves Stepped SealClamp .2007 Donaldson expands OE emissions support with production of active and passive exhaustaftertreatment systems to meet U.S. EPA 2007 on-road emissions regulations.2009 Donaldson produces urea and non-urea based NOx reduction systems for OE 2010 andretrofit for in-use vehicles.Acronym Reference: See Shoptalk Sectionwww.donaldson-filters.comMedium- and Heavy-Duty Exhaust Products 5

Diesel Retrofit Emissions Solutionswww.donaldson.com/emissionsupdated 06 Jan 2010OVERVIEWGovernmental regulations across the globe are being implementedthat reduce diesel emissions. These regulations affect both OEmanufacturers and end users. Donaldson works with both OEmanufacturers and fleets to design innovative, customized solutions.(See Shoptalk section for Diesel PM limits and global emissionsregulations.)In order to meet retrofit emissions regulations, diesel-powered vehicleowners around the world will be faced with major business decisionsto become compliant with current regulations; choices include retrofit,refuel, rebuild, repower or replace.For older vehicles that have five or more years of useful life available,fleet owners are electing to retrofit their vehicles to extend the life oftheir current equipment.Donaldson takes a “total system approach” to retrofit – deliveringpatented solutions that reduce not just what comes out of your tailpipe,we also offer a solution that eliminates emissions generated from theengine crankcase (Spiracle crankcase filtration technology).Donaldson has California ARB and U.S. EPA-verified solutions, aninstallation service network, and local Donaldson representatives thatare ready to help you select the best solution for your fleet.Choices for DieselRetrofitRetrofit – new emission controldevices on existing engines(filters, catalysts)Refuel – cleaner diesel fuel(ULSD), emulsions or additivesRebuild – repair/upgradekey components or enginereprogrammingRepower – put new or newerengine in existing equipmentor chassisReplace – vehicle/equipmentcondition less than the valueof new engineDo you have questions about meeting retrofit emissionsregulations?Internet Resource:We have a specialized team of emissions experts that can helpdetermine your emission reduction targets and then specify the rightDonaldson solution, keeping in mind regulations, budgets and fleet size.EmissionsResource CenterEmission Retrofit Sales GroupEmail: emissionssales@donaldson.comPhone: 866-675-2847Web site: cEmissions Retrofit ProductsRetrofit solutions includecost-effective and high efficiencytailpipe and Spiracle crankcasefiltration technologies plus ourDPF cleaning system (DPFpulse cleaner and DPF ThermalRegenerator).6 Medium- and Heavy-Duty Exhaust Productswww.donaldson-filters.com

Engine Exhaust Flow Rate& Airflow CalculationsFor the most accurateengine airflowand exhaust flowrates, Donaldsonrecommends usingthe informationsupplied by your e?See Exhaust Flow Reference Sectionof this catalog.Airflow guide should only beused as a reference document/For proper muffler application,look to your engine supplier forthe most accurate and currentinformation.Engine Exhaust Flow Rate CalculationExhaust flow rate may be calculated using the following formula. Exhausttemperature and intake airflow rate must be determined to calculate theexhaust flow rate. Exhaust temperature and manufacturers maximumbackpressure may be approximated using the chart on the right.()xExhaust Temp. ( F) 460540Intake Airflow(CFM)Engine TypeDiesel 2-Cycle Naturally AspiratedDiesel 2-Cycle TurboDiesel 4-Cycle Naturally AspiratedDiesel 4-Cycle TurboGasoline (all types)EngineTemperature 900º F 750º F 1000º F 900º F 1200º F OVERVIEWThe calculations onthe right are providedas a reference andmay be helpful as youvalidate and selectDonaldson mufflers andcomponents.Exhaust FlowMaximumBackpressure4" Hg3" Hg3" Hg3" Hg 4" HgNote: If you are spec’ing a dual muffler system, remember to divide engine’s exhaust flow(CFM) by twoEngine Airflow CalculationCFM intake rate is available from the engine manufacturer. If CFMspecifications are not available, use the volumetric efficiencycalculation. A simple calculation for cfm is to multiple the horsepowerof your engine by 2.5.4-Cycle Engine Airflow Calculation()xEngine Size (CID) x RPM3456VolumetricEfficiency Intake Airflow(CFM) Intake Airflow(CFM)2-Cycle Engine Airflow Calculation)x(Engine Size (CID) x ine volumetric efficiency ratings are best obtained from yourengine manufacturer. Engines operating with electronic controls couldhave volumetric efficiency ratings of more than 2.0. Airflow on theseengines should be verified by the engine manufacturer.4 Cycle GAS EngineNaturally Aspirated .70 - .802 and 4 Cycle DIESEL EngineNaturally AspiratedTurbo* .901.50 - 3.00** If VE rating is not available, Donaldson recommendsusing the highest value to insure proper airflow.www.donaldson-filters.comMedium- and Heavy-Duty Exhaust Products 7

Engine AftermarketExhaust WarrantyThe information below is the exhaust portion of our Engine Aftermarket Filtration &Exhaust Warranty Document: F110064 (February 2006)OVERVIEWDonaldson warrants its Aftermarket products against failure due to defects in materials andworkmanship for the period specified under Terms and Conditions for the particular product.Donaldson’s obligation under this warranty covers replacing the failed product, includingtransportation charges, only. If the Donaldson product failure is the sole and direct causeof damage to the equipment on which the product was properly installed, Donaldson willreimburse reasonable costs to restore the equipment to the condition it was in immediatelybefore the failure. This warranty does not cover failure due to misapplication, misuse, abuse,neglect, rust through and corrosion (mufflers), improper service practices or non-Donaldsonapproved modifications. Engine and equipment manufacturers warranties remain in effectwhen Donaldson products are used.Donaldson must be notified in writing of any claims covered by this warranty within one yearof the date of failure. Donaldson, at its discretion, will either physically visit the site where thealleged failure has been found; or, request that all parts, Donaldson and other relevant parts, beshipped prepaid to its General Office, in care of the Product Lab or as otherwise specified.Terms & ConditionsWarranty coverage begins on the date and mileage the product is purchased by the user andexpires when the specified number of years or miles has passed, whichever occurs first.The length of warranty for replacement products provided under warranty coverage is thebalance of the warranty period remaining on the product being replaced.Warranty Length by ProductExhaust ProductsWarranty from Date of Delivery to UserDiesel MufflersVertical InstallationHorizontal Installation4 Years or 500,000 miles (800,000 km)3 Years or 500,000 miles (800,000 km)Gas Mufflers1 YearSilent Partner , Exhaust SilencerStainless Steel8 Years or 1,000,000 miles (1,600,000 km)Aluminized Steel4 Years or 500,000 miles (800,000 km)8Exhaust Accessories1 YearChrome Parts1 Year or 100,000 miles (160,000 km)(peeling & blistering only)Flex Pipe90 DaysLong-Life Flex Pipe1 Year or120,000 mile (200,000 km)(on-highway vehicles only) Medium- and Heavy-Duty Exhaust Productswww.donaldson-filters.com

Exhaust ACCESSORIESFree ExhaustAccessory PosterThis handy visual makes it easyfor your customers to identify thereplacement accessories they'relooking to replace.The parts information is updatedannually so if you have an oldversion, consider updating.Poster Part No. F115023.Section IndexExhaust AccessoriesExhaust System Components.10Common System Configurations.11Exhaust Joint/Connections.12Exhaust Clamps.13-17ACCESSORIESFor mechanics and parts counterpersonnel, this "door width" sizedposter (25" x 38" /635 mm x 965 mm)is available from Donaldson or yourlocal Donaldson distribution outlet.Donaldson offers andextensive line of accessoriesavailable in a variety ofmaterials for both vertical andhorizontal exhaust systems.SealClamp Band Clamps.13Offset MaxGrip Bent Bolt.14MaxGrip Bent Bolt.14SealClamp Band Clamp.15Torca Clamps .16U-Bolt Clamps.16Muffler Body Band Clamps.17Heavy-Duty Muffler Body Band Clamps.17Heavy-DutyV-bands, MufflerBands, Straps andHangersFlex Tubing & Cut to Length Flex.18-19V-Band Clamps for Large Mufflers. 20V-Band Clamps for Flanged Connections. 20V-Band Clamps. 20Flared Connectors & Adapters. 21Reducers/Expanders. 22-23Connectors. 22Tilt Cab Ball & Cone Connectors. 23Y or Wye Adapter Pipe. 23Splitter Tee Adapter. 23Stack Caps. 24Universal Swivel Hanger. 24Universal Mounting Bracket. 24Pipe Hangers. 24Universal Pipe Guards & Clamps. 24Elbows & Bent Tubes. 25-28Straight Tubing & Stack Pipes. 29-31Tailpipes. 31Spark Arrestors. 32Muffler Guards & Accessories. 33Muffler Hangers. 33Heavy-Duty Muffler Mounting Straps. 33Heavy-Duty Hangersfor Round Mufflers.34for School Buses.35for Oval Mufflers.35Universal Applications.35Grab Handles, Manifold Tube/Flange &Threaded Adapters. 36Exhaust Ejectors & Check Valves.37-38Intake AccessoriesRubber Elbows. 39-41Charge Air Connectors. 42Worm-Drive Hose Clamps. 43Vacuator Valves for Air Cleaner. 44Intake Indicators & Indicator Fittings. 45Inlet Hoods. 48Air Ram Truck.46Metal & Plastic Hoods.47Moisture Eliminator & Stack Extensions. 49Air Cleaner Mounting BandsMetal Bands. 50FPG Plastic & Metal. 51www.donaldson-filters.comMedium- and Heavy-Duty Exhaust Products 9

Exhaust System ComponentsCommon Components Of Heavy Duty Exhaust SystemsACCESSORIESBent Tubes & ElbowsFor directional changes of exhaustflow in exhaust systems. Available incommon angles (90, 67 and 45) for bothO.D. and I.D. tube connections.Wye ConnectorFor joining legs of dual manifoldoutlet to form a single exhaustsystem. Wye connectors canprovide an additional 3 to 7 dbAexhaust noise reduction over thatof the primary muffler and may also be used to replaceconventional wye pipe.ResonatorSecondary noise reductioncomponent that generallyprovides 2 to 3 dbA additionalnoise reduction.Tubing (Straight or Flexible)Straight or flexible tubing for connection to muffler orresonator. Purchased in standard lengths and cut tosize if needed.MufflerThe primary component in an exhaust system forengine noise reduction.Exhaust Filter or Emissions DeviceTraditional exhaust systems withmufflers are transitioning from noisereduction devices to emissionsreduction devices to meet federaland state regulations. The primarycomponent in the emissions deviceconverts or captures exhaustemissions to reduce overall engineemissions. An emissions reductiondevice can be an add-on installed intothe existing system or a retrofit mufflerreplacing the original muffler.10 Medium- and Heavy-Duty Exhaust ProductsHangerSecures the muffler or pipehorizontally or vertically to chassisor side of cab.Reducers, Connectors & ExpandersShorter length tubes used for connectingtwo other exhaust pipes of differentdiameters or the same diameter.Spark ArrestorAn exhaust system add-on used to capturesparks emitted from internal combustionengines through the exhaust system. AllDonaldson models are U.S. Forest Serviceapproved.Splitter Tee AdapterAn adapter pipe with one inlet andtwo outlet tubes used to converta single exhaust system to a dualexhaust system.Stack or Tail PipesVertically mounted outlet pipe;available in curved outlet or straightsquared configuration.Note: Super stacks also available that can offeran additional 2 to 3 dbA noise reduction with noback-pressure penalty.Stack CapMoisture protector used on verticallymounted mufflers or stack pipes.ClampsExhaust systems use a varietyof exhaust clamps. Selectingthe proper clamp for the job iscritical to a strong, reliable jointconnection. Common typesinclude u-bolt, band Clamps, bentbolt clamps and v-band clamps.www.donaldson-filters.com

Common System ConfigurationsFrom the manifold to the exhaust stack, you’ll find Donaldson can be the bestsource for your exhaust system accessories. The system diagrams belowrepresent typical components found on exhaust systems.ACCESSORIESVertical System Components (cab or stanchion mounted)« Stack Caps« Stack PipesDump Truck, Straight, Curved, Long 90 , Mitered, Super« Spark ArrestorsExhaust Ejectors & Check Valves« ClampsBand, U-Bolt, MaxGrip« Mufflers, see Table of ContentsPipe Guard »« Manifold Tube & FlangeThreaded Adapter« V-Band ClampFlared Connector/Adapter« Splitter TeeReducers/Expanders orConnectors«« Guards & ClampsGrab Handles« Cut to LengthFlex« Elbows« ClampsBand, Guillotine, MaxGrip« Resonator« ClampsBand, Guillotine, MaxGrip« Elbows« Bent TubesTilt Cab Ball & Cone ConnectorCONFIGV1.fh8Horizontal System Components (Chassis mounted)« ElbowsClampsBand, Guillotine,MaxGripPipe HangersSwivel HangersBand, Guillotine, MaxGrip«««Muffler Hanger«Tailpipes« Straight Tubing« Cut to Length Flex« ht TubingCut to LengthFlex«««CONFIGH1.fh8Mufflers, see Tableof ContentsMuffler Body BandClamps“Y” AdapterManifold Tube & FlangeThreaded AdapterMedium- and Heavy-Duty Exhaust Products 11

Exhaust Joint/ConnectionsGuide to Selecting the Best Clamp for theExhaust Joint ConnectionType of Clamp to Appl

Cross Reference Compared to our previous publication, this section include hundreds of new cross references. We do encourage you to use the Donaldson on-line cross reference for the latest information. Shoptalk Section Shoptalk is all about sharing helpful information to become mo

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Filter Gallery dialog box A. Preview B. Filter category C. Thumbnail of selected filter D. Show/Hide filter thumbnails E. Filters pop‑up menu F. Options for selected filter G. List of filter effects to apply or arrange H. Filter effect selected but not applied I. Filter effects applied cumulatively but not selected J. Hidden filter effect Display the Filter Gallery

650 47 No.2 front exhaust pipe (Front TWC) x Exhaust manifold 62 630 46 Pipe support bracket x Transmission 43 440 32 No.2 front exhaust pipe (Front TWC) x Front exhaust pipe (Rear TWC) 43 440 32 Front exhaust pipe (Rear TWC) x Center exhaust pipe 43 440 32 Sub heated oxygen sensor (California only) x Front exhaust pipe 20 200 14 EG–174

cava filters, such as Greenfield filter, Vena Tech filter, Bird s nest filter, Simon-Nitinol filter, TrapEase filter, Günther tulip filter, Antheor filter, Neuhaus protect filter, and Recovery- Nitinol filter, have been develope


227 521-12730 5th Section Vacuum Roll Exhaust Fan 6675 / 7183 228 521-12360 Hood Exhaust Fan #3 6676 / 7184 231 200Dryer8 521-12365 Main Hood Exhaust #4 6677 / 7185 232 521-12369 After Hood Exhaust Fan #6 6678 / 7186 233 521-12367 Main Hood Exhaust Fan #5 6679 / 7187 248 200Vacuum Trench Vacuum Trench Exhaust 6687 / 7188 249 200Pulper

Filter & Exhaust Products Cross Reference April 2008 Localizador de Cruces de Referencias Correspondance par Numéro de Pièce North & South America 800-374-1374 . This catalog contains cross reference to filtration and exhaust products from Donaldson locations around the world.Europe, Asia, Australia, South Africa and the Americas.

Exhaust Products Guide, No. F110028 Filter Application Guide, No. F110026 European & Middle East Region Catalogs Technical Air Catalog, No. F116005 Hydraulic Catalogue, No. F116023 Truck & Bus Catalog, No. F116002 Agriculture Catalog, No. F116003 Lift truck & Forklift Catalog, F116014 This catalog contains cross reference to filtration and exhaust