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The Firstand PreeminentAncestralHealth School

Primal HealthCoach OverviewDiscover how the world’s premier ancestralhealth coach program can help revolutionizeyour health, catalyze an empowering career,and activate a purposeful life.Let’s Follow in the Footsteps of thePaleolithic Past and Reclaim the FutureHealth of the WorldOur mission is to create a global networkof Primal Health Coaches to transform thehealth and consciousness of our communities into ones of optimal wellness and happiness through ancestral health.

Table of ContentsMessage from the Founder 03The Primal Health Coach Course Components 04What You’ll Learn 07Graduation Gratis 15Embark On Your Health Coaching Career! 18

Message From The FounderThe world is facing a health crisis of its very own making. Cardiovascular diseases take morelives than any other malady, and the World Health Organization (WHO) contends that at least80% of untimely deaths from cardiovascular events could be prevented if people ate a healthydiet, exercised and moved regularly, and avoided unhealthy addictions, such as the use oftobacco. These factors also drive the rising rates of type II diabetes, which claims the healthof 10% of the world’s adult population, and could be easily avoided altogether if wellness tookprecedence in people’s lives.That’s where you come in. As a Primal Health Coach, you’ll transform lives through the scientifically validated nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle principles of the ancestral health movement.I’ve devoted my life to health and wellness, and throughout my time as a professional endurance athlete (and as a recovering endurance athlete!) I’ve experimented with many differentnutritional philosophies and programs. My research led me to primal living, and it was onlyby following evolutionary health science that I was able to cure my chronic conditions. I washooked on ancestral health, and knew I’d uncovered the key to healing not just my health, butalso the health of the world.I can’t do it alone, and need dedicated health professionals to help me spread the knowledgeso we can reset those alarming statistics. Longevity is within everyone’s grasp, so let’s helppeople improve the quality of their lives, lengthen their lifespans, and relish in the happinessthat comes with healthy living.As you read through the overview of this program, I invite you to imagine your life as a PrimalHealth Coach. If you’re passionate about the principles covered, the career that’s waiting, andthe impact you’ll have on the lives of others, then I encourage you to join our team of exclusiveexperts. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our mission, and for your dedication to the wellness of the world.Founder of the Primal Health Coach program03

The Primal Health CoachCourse ComponentsThe course includes lifetime access to 16 comprehensive modules based on evolutionary health science and the model of Integrative Health Coaching. T he first 13 modules teach you how to reprogram genes to direct optimalcellular function. Each module consists of a video overview from Mark Sisson, reading material, audio supplements, and an examination. Modules 14-16 consist of 12 videos with Master Coach Christine Hassler onthe topics of coaching and sales. You’ll learn how to strengthen the coach -client bond with a practical approach to securing clients, structuring sessions, asking questions, and motivating transformation.In order to share ancestral health knowledge far and wide, we’ve made accessibility and ease our top priorities. Learn from the comfort of your own home,online, and at your own pace.As soon as you enroll in the Primal Health Coach program, you gain unlimitedaccess to an online portal filled with multimedia educational resources, including videos, text, and audio additions, along with the online course material andexaminations. We also include Primal Blueprint Publishing’s best selling books,eBooks, audiobooks, courses, and other resources.Let’s cover the specifics in more detail.0 4

Getting StartedThe welcome screen features a table ofcontents containing all 16 modules to becompleted in numerical order. Each moduleconsists of a video from Mark Sisson summarizing the content, followed by the textmaterial, which is also in audio format forthose who learn better by listening. You canproceed with your reading, viewing, listening,and test taking at your own pace, logginginto and out of the course at any time andpicking up at the bookmark you place whenyou sign off.Passing the ExamsAfter you complete the video and the textcourse material for each module, you cantake the online exam ranging from 20 to 45questions, a mix of true/false and multiplechoice.To pass an exam, you must score 75 percentcorrect or better. If you score below 75 percent, you can return to the material for reviewand then attempt a second exam of mostlynew questions that test similar concepts andinformation.If you score below 75 percent a second time,you will be asked to complete a written assignment. The written assignment consists ofidentifying the correct answer for each wronganswer you submitted on your second test,along with a sentence or two explaining whyit’s the correct answer. Our staff will reviewyour submission and grant you a passinggrade if your submission warrants. You canproceed through the course as you wait forour staff’s thumbs up.If you struggle on the exams, our staff is hereto help you with one-on-one support to ensure that your experience is positive.

Additional MultimediaEducational MaterialsYou can also take advantage of the following resources, which are continually updated with thelatest products, eBooks, and videos reflective of new findings and trends in the ancestral healthcommunity.Mark Sisson’s Primal BlueprintTransformation Seminar VideoI n this 2-hour 20-minute seminar, Markcovers each of the evolutionary healthconcepts that comprise your Primal HealthCoach course material and exams.Digital BooksDigital copies in PDF format of five popular Primal Blueprint titles:Mark Sisson’s Primal Blueprint10 Laws VideoM ark covers each of the 10 laws of thePrimal Blueprint in this lively 90-minuteproduction that sets the stage for the entire evolutionary health movement.Audio BooksYou will receive the following mp3 files forconvenient download into your favoriteaudio player platform or for streaming anytime from your login portal. T he Primal Blueprint T he Primal Blueprint 21 -Day Total BodyTransformation T he Primal Connection T he Primal Blueprint Cookbook Primal Blueprint Quick & Easy MealsYou can download these files onto thedevice of your choice, or access them anytime at your online portal.T he Primal Blueprint: Abridged recording(3.5 hours) of the original bestseller, narrated by Mark Sisson. T he Primal Blueprint 21 -Day Total BodyTransformation: U nabridged recordingof the entire book, 5.5 hours in duration.T he Primal Connection: Unabridged recording of the entire book, 6 hours induration.0 6

What You’ll LearnNo other health coaching school arms you with such in -depth, comprehensive ancestral healthknowledge AND offers so much support, practical business- building skills, and a wide array oftools and materials to enable a speedy and successful launch of your thriving health coachingbusiness. We are here to guide you every step of the way.Module 1: Yes, You Really CanReprogram Your Genes!Module 2: The Clues to OptimalGene Expression Are Found inEvolutionWe can reprogram the genes that impacthealth and longevity by altering lifestylehabits to more closely resemble those of ourhunter -gatherer ancestors. Genes can beviewed as “on/off” switches because theycontinually direct the production of proteinmolecules that influence every element ofbody structure and function. We explore indepth how to turn on the genes that directoptimal health, and turn off the genes thatinstigate disease, with signals provided bythe foods we eat, the type of exercise we do(or don’t do), our sleep habits, sun exposure,and much more. In this module, you’ll learn allabout: T he function of genes, and how they areconstantly working to repair, regenerate,or destroy your cells based on the environmental signals they are receiving. The distinction between the basic set ofHomo sapiens genes that we all share,and the particulars of one’s familial genesthat create individual differences amonghumans. he mechanisms behind gene expression:Ttranscription, translation, and everythingin between. How to manipulate gene expressionthrough foods, workouts, and lifestylebehaviors.Two and a half million years of selection pressure and harsh environmental circumstancescreated the perfect genetic recipe for humanhealth and longevity. Our genes expect usto be lean, fit, and healthy by adapting thelifestyle behaviors and diets of our primalancestors into the realities of comfortable,high -tech modern life. Together, we explorea comprehensive view of the human timelineof evolution, including the spread of the human population and the advent of civilizationand its impact on gene expression. We coverhow the lack of selection pressure since theadvent of civilization has halted human evolution, and explain the continued increases ingenetic diversity, as we look to our hunter gatherer ancestors for guidance. In this module, you’ll learn all about:07 T he 10 Primal Blueprint laws that drovehuman evolution. T he advent of civilization and modern living’s severe cost to human health. T he fitness and nutrition choices of primalhumans, and how we can mimic certainaspects of their lifestyle to enhance geneexpression. he truth about human lifespan from pre Tcivilization to now.

Module 3: Your Body PrefersBurning Fat Over CarbohydratesHumans have been hardwired through environmental selection pressure to prefer fatas their primary fuel source from both storage and dietary sources. In contrast, themodern high-carbohydrate, grain- baseddiet has created a dependency on externalcarbohydrates for energy at the expenseof efficient fat metabolism, while stimulating chronically excessive insulin production.A high -carb, high insulin-producing diet ispro inflammatory, immune suppressing, andhormone balance disrupting, which increases the risk of assorted health problems andserious disease. In this module, we’ll showyou how to: Reprogram your genes to become efficient at fat and ketone burning. inimize the breakdown of lean muscleMtissue into glucose for quick energy. I mprove caloric efficiency, the abilityto survive and thrive on fewer ingestedcalories. void unhealthy fats and choose healthyAfats for metabolism activation. T ake advantage of the sweet spot forcarbohydrate consumption.the low down on the compensation theory,which suggests that the burning of caloriesthrough vigorous exercise actually triggersan increase in appetite, a decline in metabolicrate, and an increased propensity to store fatin the aftermath of a workout. In this module,you’ll gain knowledge on: he role of insulin and how to effectivelyTregulate insulin production for optimalgene expression. I nsulin resistance, and how it keeps thebody locked in a chronic fat -storagepattern. ow skinny doesn’t necessarily meanHhealthy, and how a high insulin -producingdiet may be drastically affecting health. How to reverse insulin resistance andother disease risk factors in as little as 21days. hy what you eat determines 80% of sucWcess with body composition goals.Module 4: 80% of Your BodyComposition Is Determined byHow You EatExcess insulin production from a high carbohydrate diet is believed to be theworst health problem in modern life; itdrives fat storage and systemic inflammation, and interferes with healthy immuneand hormonal function. A low insulin producing diet, on the other hand, promotes the use of stored or ingested fat asthe primary source of fuel. We also revealthe truth about exercise and how it relates to weight management, and give you0 8

Module 5: Grains Are TotallyUnnecessaryModule 6: Fat and CholesterolAre Not Your EnemyHere’s the truth about grains: they haveminimal nutritional value, stimulate excess insulin production, and contain “anti nutrients” that compromise digestive andimmune function, promote systemic inflammation, and inhibit the absorption ofvitamins and minerals. In this module, wecover:Conventional wisdom got it wrong: cholesterol and saturated fat aren’t the true causesof today’s heart disease epidemic. The realculprits are oxidation and inflammation in thebloodstream, a state that is caused by poordietary and lifestyle habits. Saturated fat isactually an excellent source of energy andsupports healthy cellular function—our cellmembranes are comprised mainly of saturated fat and many hormonal and metabolicprocesses utilize saturated fat. We detail thedietary pattern that instigates the heart disease process and cover everything you needto know about good and bad cholesterol,and its role in cardiovascular complications.In this module, you’ll learn all about: he facts about refined grains as well asTwhole grains, busting apart conventionalwisdom in the process. What you and your clients need to knowabout legumes. ow whole grains and other complexHcarbs burn slower than sugars, but stillmake an identical contribution gram-togram to one’s total insulin productionover time. Saturated fat and its part in human evolution. riglycerides, LDL and HDL cholesterol,Tand their relationship to heart disease.How lectins, gluten, and phytates compromise nutrition and health. ow today’s harvesting methods andHgenetically modified wheat crops cancause digestive disturbances and triggerchronic conditions.Statins, and how they have minimal impact on the most important heart diseaserisk factors, and have numerous problematic side effects. T he true catalysts for heart disease, oxidation, and inflammation.0 9

Module 7: Exercise Is Ineffectivefor Weight ManagementModule 8: Maximum Fitness GainsCan Be Made in Minimal Time withHigh- Intensity WorkoutsHere we expose the myth of exercise asimperative to weight loss/management.While the calories in -calories out equationis literally true, the variables of appetite,energy level, and hormone function makethis equation an incidental component ofthe weight management challenge, ratherthan the end -all. We show you how to utilize general everyday low -level movementto promote optimal health, immune function, fat metabolism, and brain function.and how to take advantage of brief, high intensity strength and sprint workouts forenhanced organ function, optimized bodycomposition, elevated mood and cognitivefunction, and total body, functional fitness.In this module, we reveal:The body must engage in maximum effortexercise in order to stay strong, healthy, andresilient against chronological aging and towithstand and recover from unforeseen trauma and illness. High -intensity, short -durationworkouts stimulate the release of adaptivehormones in the bloodstream, which helpboost energy and delay the aging processby optimizing the function of all organs andsystems in the body. Even basic efforts tointegrate some high -intensity strength workouts and sprints into an exercise routine canpositively impact body composition, energylevels, mood, and longevity. In this module,we cover: he scientifically proven health benefitsTof brief, high -intensity workouts, and howand when to apply them. he greatest benefits of exercise: theTmovement of muscles and joints and theoptimization of adaptive hormones. T he preferred types of strength exercises:functional, full- body movements that activate large muscle groups.T he body’s specific genetic requirements for comfortably paced exerciseto move closer toward optimal health,fat metabolism, and protection againstcommon sedentary -related health problems. How to correctly taper exercise volumeand intensity to actually improve peakcompetitive performance. ow to pair intense exercise with fastingHto prolong the benefits of adaptive hormones in the bloodstream and to accelerate fat burning for those interested inreducing body fat. he cause of delayed onset muscle soreTness (DOMS) and how to best heal. Carbohydrate consumption for devotedhigh -intensity exercisers. he effects of high- intensity exercise onTmitochondrial biogenesis, which helps tosynthesize hormones, metabolize fat, andoptimize glucose, insulin, and calcium levels in the cells. Why exercise doesn’t support weightmanagement. T he dangers of chronic cardio, and howto break out of this deleterious pattern. T he maximum heart rate to achieve optimal aerobic benefits without triggeringthe fight -or- flight response. T he true relationship between bodycomposition and metabolic rate, and thebiggest benefits of building lean musclemass.1 0

Module 9: Eliminate SAD FoodsSAD stands for “Standard American Diet,”which is rife with foods that trigger a high insulin response and thwart health andweight goals. Some SAD foods speak forthemselves, such as junk food and fastfood, while others play such a prominentrole in the diets of Westerners that they aremore difficult to spot and eliminate. We’llteach you how to identify the SAD foodsthat compromise health so you can conduct a pantry and refrigerator purge withyour clients. In this module, we pinpoint: The three most offensive and over emphasized elements of the StandardAmerican Diet. olyunsaturated fats and chemicallyPaltered partially hydrogenated fats andtrans fats and how they are inextricablylinked to chronic disease. he foods to avoid in the followingTcategories: grains, baking ingredients,beverages, condiments, dairy products,fast food, fats and oils, fish and seafood,legumes, meat, potatoes, processedfoods, sweets.Module 10: Shop, Cook, and DinePrimallyWe don’t want to leave you or your clientshungry, so in this module we show youwhere to shop for budget- friendly, primal approved foods. Alternative grocers, farmers markets, co ops, ethnic markets, andCommunity Supported Agriculture (CSA)are stocked with the highest quality, mostnutritious foods. In this module, we teachyou how to: aneuver through mainstream marMkets to make sure you’re avoiding SADfoods and taking advantage of primal approved offerings. stablish relationships with local farmEers that can benefit both you and yourclients.1 1 teer you toward ethnic markets, whichSfeature a vast array of innovative meatoptions and exotic herbs and spices. ook with products that can withstandChigh temperatures, such as butter, ghee,and coconut oil. isten to your body and learn its signals ofLhunger and satiation. Make the most of dining out.

Module 11: Understand theSpectrum of Best to Worst FoodChoicesModule 12: Exercise Primally: Move,Lift, and Sprint!Primal Blueprint fitness mimics the physicalactivity of our ancestors with a combinationof functional full -body strength training efforts and regular bouts of all -out sprints. Atits core are three basic laws: move frequentlyat a slow pace, lift heavy objects regularly,and perform occasional all-out sprint workouts. We show you how to move clientsaway from a conventional training programfocused on regimented, physically exhaustive workouts and toward a sensible primalexercise routine manageable for (and enjoyedby!) all levels and body types. In this module,you’ll learn:To “forage” in the traditional sense meansto “search for and secure food.” These daysforaging is all about discernment—movingaway from instant availability and industrialprocessing, and moving toward quality andnutrient-dense foods. You’ll learn all abouthow becoming a fat -burning beast willlikely reduce the amount of calories neededto sustain energy, which in turn promotesenhanced cellular repair and longevity! Inthis module, we discuss: How to eat primally without breakingthe bank. How to honor the 80% rule and eat atthe highest end of the spectrum of foodchoices whenever possible, withoutstressing or obsessing about perfection. Your primal -approved options, and howto take advantage of local and in-seasonfare. he importance of choosing localTpasture- raised or USDA-certified organic meat and poultry. hat you need to know about wild Wcaught fish and farmed fish, and thebest options for each. ensible sweets that will up your antioxSidant intake without raising your carbohydrate load.1 2 ow the lifestyle of our ancestors deterHmined the body’s fitness preferences. Why moving frequently at a slow pace isso important, and how to best add low level aerobic activity into daily and weeklyroutines. uggestions for brief, high -intensitySstrength training sessions. he Primal Essential Movements (PEMs)—Tpushups, pull ups, squats, and planks—fora highly functional, high intensity, totalbody workout that is simple to learn andsafe to perform. T he importance of brief, all -out sprints,and how (and how often) to performthem, including proper warm up and form.

Module 13: Slow Life DownModule 14: Coaching FoundationsSleep, sunlight, play, and creative intellectual outlets, along with diet and exercise, helped perfect the DNA recipe for ahealthy, vibrant human being. Our hunter gatherer genes crave a reconnection to thenatural environs from which we evolved.Unfortunately, we’ve created an artificialmicrocosm of glaring lights, computers,digital gadgets, text messages, emails,Tweets, and Facebook updates that ruleour days and over stimulate our nights,overriding the powerful circadian rhythmthat governs sleep, hunger, wakefulness,and the hormones that support health andwell being. Here, we reveal why it’s imperative to reconnect with our original bearingsin nature and restore the social orientationsthat are so critical to our human identityand wellness. In this module, you’ll learn:Master Coach Christine Hassler strengthensthe foundation of your coaching practice byhelping you connect with your personal passion for health coaching. Through four interactive videos, Christine helps you turn thevolume down on your inner critic and thenwalks you through how you can help clientsdo the same. She also covers business building and branding tips. In this module, you’llempower your practice with the followingstrategies: How to enhance your appreciation offood by eating meals with full awareness, at a comfortable pace, and in acalm, relaxing environment. he impact of social networking and theTimportance of establishing and maintaining authentic interpersonal relationships. How to reset your circadian rhythm andoptimize sound sleep. Why “adrenalin- rush” type adventuresare necessary, and how engaging in theoccasional thrill energizes and refreshes. Ideas for connecting with nature, because our genes still expect age-oldnature-based inputs. he significance of sunlight, and how toTobtain optimal levels of vitamin D. How to tame our addiction to a hecticdaily pace and multitasking behaviors,which undermine personal relationshipsand individual fulfillment.1 3 elping clients identify their 3 majors:Hwhere they are now, where they’d like tobe, and what’s blocking them. utting achievable milestones in place soPclients can successfully reach their goals. Reframing language, so both coach andclient operate from a place of vision andvalues. T he difference between coaching andtherapy. Dealing with limiting beliefs and providingtools to help overcome them. he importance of an assessment formTand how to take a holistic approach to client planning. iscovering your secret sauce, gettingDclear on your mission, and building yourbrand.

Module 15: Coaching Strategiesand ToolsModule 16: Sales Strategiesand ToolsMaster Coach Christine Hassler teaches youthe art of active listening, so you can create space for honesty, openness, and trustwith clients. Engaging with clients involvesmastering skills such as sitting with silence,making eye contact, listening with non judgment, and asking the right questions,the right way. She covers it all, along withhow to use your clients’ (and your own)stories to help push them further towardstheir goals. Christine also covers a topicthat is typically left out in coaching trainings—intuition, and how, when combinedwith intellect, it’s an incredibly useful toolwhen it comes to building a business andworking with clients. In this series of videos,Christine covers:Master Coach Christine Hassler makes salesnot so scary in this series of strategy videos.Whether you’re a sales maestro, or salestypically has you running for the hills, you’lllearn how to surpass any roadblocks and selllike a pro from a space of service. She’ll helpyou create your avatar client and shape yourbrand and niche. Together, you’ll explore theimportance of congruence, confidence, andconsistency when it comes to building yourbusiness. She’s got you covered from everything to the pre -enrollment call to turningthose “nos” into coachable moments. In thisset of videos, you’ll learn how to: I dentify the myths, limiting beliefs, andstories holding you back from selling. The advantages and how tos of activelistening. F igure out and positively transform yourmoney story. How to use perception checking to buildtrust, create insight, and secure commitments from clients. T hink of your business as transformational, not transactional. Adopt a service consciousness over a servant consciousness. ot be afraid of perceived rejection andNinstead embrace the nos. Determine your ideal client based on yourown journey to health. et clear on your niche and what sets youGapart from other health coaches. Create consistent content to set yourselfup as relevant and responsible. Conduct a discovery/pre -enrollment call,including the 5 questions to ask all potential clients. se an automated scheduling service toUsave time. andle pricing—how and when to bring itHup and stick to your guns! ollow-up when you get a yes or whenFyou get a no. he importance of allowing for spacesTof silence. ow to stay out of judgment and resistHthe tendency to “fix” your clients. ow to cultivate authentic, supportiveHenergy using compassion and curiosity. he importance of “I” language to goalTsetting. ow to get to the essence of your cliHents’ stories, and move them forwardtoward stories of success! T he best ways to ask questions and encourage insight. T he correct use of praise and acknowledgment. How to set up ongoing communicationoutside of sessions, while establishingclear boundaries.14

Graduation GratisThe perks of being a Primal Health Coach grad! Once you pass theexaminations, we will mail you a completion kit consisting of:Primal Health Coach Coaching ManualYou will receive the 90 -page C oaching Manual which details the Primal HealthCoach model based on Integrative Health Coaching principles. We cover the 5 Process Techniques and Coaching Stages, walk you through the most effective way toask questions, give you tools for helping clients set smart and reachable goals, andcover all the practical aspects of creating your business, from branding, to settingrates, to securing clients.Included in the C oaching Manual are several questionnaires you can use to attractand coach clients: Pre- enrollment Call QuestionnaireNew Client Intake QuestionnaireCoaching Session PreparationCoaching Session Follow upPlus a ready-made, totally customizable 2 1-Day Coaching Programt o use with clients immediately!Primal Health Coach Course Material ManualYou will receive the P rimal Health Coach CourseMaterial Manual c ontaining the entire writtencontents of the first 13 modules in the course(the final three modules are all video content).This can be used as a handy resource when youwant to quickly refer to any of the material youlearned.Client Reading MaterialsIf you work with clients and want to get themcranking with important materials, we will provide up to three copies each of the 2 1 -Day Transformation b ook and the 90-Day Journal i n yourshipment upon request. These materials coincidewith the 2 1 -Day Coaching Program included inyour Coaching Manual.1 5

Grok On! KeychainMagnificent and unique item with a three dimensional detailed Grok artwork and adouble antique brass finish. “In Grok WeTrust!”Primal Health Coach CertificateSuitable for framing, imprinted with yourname and Certification ID number, andsigned by founder Mark Sisson.Primal Health Coach CardA plastic member card (credit card style)with a custom imprint of your name andCertification ID number on the front and adescription of your status on the back.Grok On! Stainless Steel Drinking CupThis outstanding product from Klean Kanteen will compel you to permanently switchaway from glass. Ice-cold beverages havenever tasted better.Primal Health Coach T -ShirtMen’s or women’s style in your specifiedsize. Fabulous super- soft tri -blend weave.Grok On! Drawstring BackpackThis lightweight backpack comes in handyon the shipping side when we stuff it full ofyour goodies, and you’ll enjoy it for trips tothe farmer’s market or on short hikes.Primal Health Coach Die - Cut StickerA tasteful black and white sticker cut intothe logo shape is great for your car windowto advertise your services.Primal Blueprint PosterA 24” x 30” poster beautifully illustrates thePrimal Blueprint principles for all to beholdwhen they visit your office, home, or homegym.1 6

Additionally, once you’re a certified PrimalHealth Coach you can:Be Listed in Our Primal HealthCoach Directory Being listed in the directory is a great wayto attract new clients. Upon graduating theprogram and at your request we will publishyour name, email contact, city, headshot,and optional text field comments on our Primal Health Coach directory at BrandedWhat’s ours is yours. You’ll have access toPrimal Blueprint Publishing materials to useas teaching tools with your clients. This includes fair use of our copyrighted material,such as using short excerpts or educationaltools like the Primal Blueprint CarbohydrateCurve

The Primal Blueprint 21-Day Total Body Transformation: Unabridged recording of the entire book, 5.5 hours in dura-tion. The Primal Connection: Unabridged re-cording of the entire book, 6 hours in duration. Digital Books Digital copies in PDF format of five popu-lar Primal Blueprint

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