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GLOBAL DISASTERRELIEF SUMMIT7-8 SEPTEMBER 2016Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center, Washington D.C.disaster-relief.aidforum.orgInfluence the global debate on improving disaster relief and resilience @FollowAIDF


DAY ONE – 7 September08.0009.0009.2010.2511.00Registration & Exhibition OpensOpening Keynote AddressProcurement StrategyRefreshment BreakParallel Streams:- Data & Communication Technology- Humanitarian Logistics13.00 Networking Lunch14.00 Parallel Streams: - Data & Communication Technology Plus Roundtable Discussions,Planet of the Apps- Humanitarian Logistics:Disaster Response Simulation15.30 Refreshment Break16.00 Lessons Learned from Recent Disasters17.10 Keynote Address17.30 Networking Drinks ReceptionDAY TWO – 8 5.3016.0017.00Registration & Exhibition OpensKeynote AddressHealth ResilienceRefreshment BreakParallel Streams:- Finance & Payment Models- Emergency Health & WASHRoundtable DiscussionsNetworking LunchEmergency Health LogisticsRefreshment BreakResponses to Current Refugee CrisisClosing Remarks & End of SummitWELCOMEThank you for attending the Global Disaster ReliefSummit organised by the Aid & InternationalDevelopment Forum.The event objectives are to exchange best practice andlessons learned (including mistakes made) from recentdisasters and conflicts, as well as explore innovationsfor better, safer and more efficient humanitarian relief,and facilitate high level networking for building andstrengthening partnerships among public, private andcivil society stakeholders.- Hear from more than 70 recognised experts andselect debates and presentations aligned to yourorganisation’s needs from parallel sessions on both days.- Share your thoughts at the interactive roundtablediscussions, participate at the disaster responsesimulation and check out our Planet of the Apps.- Explore the diverse exhibition area and discovernew innovations from over 30 selected product andservice providers.I strongly encourage you to take advantage of all theexpertise gathered at this event and actively networkor ask questions. If you wish to submit your questionsanonymously or suggest topics or speakers for thenext AIDF Summit please email me at [email protected]; or join our public debate on twitterusing #AIDFDisasterRelief or @sonjaAIDFWelcomeAGENDA AT A GLANCEI’m looking forward to engage with you over the nexttwo days and wish you a productive and informativeSummit.Best wishes,Sonja Ruetzel, Event & Programme Directorand the AIDF teamStay in touch @FollowAIDFDelegate AssistanceFor all questions and enquires please visit the AIDF registration desk.Please visit the event website for full speaker biographies as well as presentations after the event.All presentation slides from this summit will be made available after the event on the event website, if the speaker’spermission has been granted.3

DAY ONEWEDNESDAY 7 SEPTEMBER8.00Registration & Exhibition Opens9.00Welcome Sonja Ruetzel, Event & Programme Director, Aid & International Development Forum (AIDF)9.05Opening Keynote Address Harvey Johnson, Senior Vice President, Disaster Cycle Services, American Red CrossPROCUREMENT STRATEGYPanel: Update on Emergency Procurement Strategy Best practice and guidelines for procuring goods and services during emergency scenarios Value for money: monitoring and evaluating your procurement decisions Debating benefits and risks of social sourcing in local markets near the emergency affected area Addressing considerations around reusability, sustainability and scalability Discussing specific challenges of procuring ICT solutions How to improve supplier relationship management and long term partnerships Moderator: Carlos Carrazana, Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, Save the Children USA Ali Jumah, Chief of Central Procurement Unit, United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Jason Pearson, President and CEO, Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council John Service, Senior Technical Advisor for Humanitarian Operations, Catholic Relief Services10.20Innovation Pitch Nicole Smith, Chief Operations Officer, Aldelano Corporation10.25Refreshment BreakAgenda9.2011.004DATA & COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGYHUMANITARIAN LOGISTICSPanel: Data Strategy to Support DisasterResponse & Resilience Strengthening resilience and early-warningsystems through information sharing Best practice for data collection and mapping fordisaster relief operations and beyond Addressing ethics, data privacy and the realdata risks Achieving an agile approach forcommunication and informationmanagement Findings from the forthcoming USAIDreport on data and information flows in theWest Africa Ebola outbreak responsePanel: Building and Managing an EffectiveTeam for Disaster Response Discussing trends in recruiting anddeveloping first response teams How can aid organisations improve trainingand support for relief operations Addressing aid agencies’ duty of care totheir national and international staff Best practice and new insights formanagement of aid worker stress

M oderator: David Jones, Chief Executive,Rescue Global Gwi-Yeop Son, Director, CorporateProgrammes, United Nations Office forthe Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs(OCHA) Adele Waugaman, Senior Advisor, DigitalHealth, U.S. Agency for InternationalDevelopment (USAID) Richard Parker, Vice President Marketing& Communications, Project ConcernInternational Steve Hellen, Director of ICT4D & GIS,Catholic Relief Services M oderator: Adam Marlatt, President, GlobalDIRT (Disaster Immediate Response Team) Scott Beale, Founder and CEO, Atlas Corps Colleen Striegel, Vice President, HumanResources & Administration, AmericanRefugee Committee Matt Pelak, International OperationsManager, Team Rubicon11.55Panel: Improving EmergencyCommunications Update on latest innovations incommunication technology, social networksand data sharing solutions for relief agencies Discussing latest trends and innovations forcommunication with affected communities How to best connect emerging withexisting technologies Lessons learned from previous emergencies Moderator: Alpha Bah, Chief, IT EmergencyPreparedness & Response Branch, UnitedNations World Food Programme (WFP) Vince Onuigbo, Senior Marketing Director,International Division, Hughes Network SystemsLLC Hani Shannak, Chief Operations & Services,Division of IT Services & Solutions, UnitedNations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) Isaac Kwamy, Director, Global ProgramsDisaster Preparedness and Response, NetHope Harvey Hipperson, Business DevelopmentDirector EMEA, Iridium CommunicationsInc.Panel: Security and Safety of Aid Workersand Goods Aid delivery in territories with reducedinfrastructure Keeping staff and goods safe in conflict zonesand areas controlled by terrorist groups Finding the right balance of being visibleand staff safety Sharing the risk and building partnerships forsecurity and safety in complex emergencies Addressing different risk considerations fordevelopment and humanitarian aid Moderator: Amaury Cooper, Consultant,International NGO Safety & SecurityAssociation (INSSA) Colon Miller, Director, Government & DefensePrograms, Volga-Dnepr Airlines Laura Schauble, Vice President, RiskManagement and Office Operations, ACDI/VOCA Jennifer Hardin, Director of Enterprise RiskManagement, International Relief andDevelopment (IRD) Anne Peterson, MD, MPH, Senior Vice PresidentPrograms, AmeriCares13.00Networking LunchInnovation Pitch Sailesh Savani, Founder and CEO,CompuLynxAgenda11.505

DATA & COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGYAgenda14.0014.45Panel: Connectivity and IT Framework toEnable Delivery of SDGs How satellite connectivity can enablesuccessful delivery of the UN SustainableDevelopment Goals Update on the Crisis Connectivity Charterand its practical implications Examples and guidelines on successfulcollaboration and partnership Overcoming regulatory challenges andtechnical obstacles around inter-operabilityand coordination Moderator: Joseph Burton, Counselorfor Technology and Security Policy , U.S.Department of State Nada El Marji, Director Aid & Development,Inmarsat Global David Hartshorn, Secretary General, GlobalVSAT Forum Kevin MacRitchie, Director, Global Programs,NetHopeRoundtable DiscussionsInteractive discussions on specific ICT and Datatopics including:1. Power Supply and Infrastructureto Support Field Work and DisasterResponse Emma Huang, Senior Sales Director,Speedtech Energy2. Data Security and Ethics tbc3. GIS, Mapping and Early-warning Systems Steve Hellen, Director of ICT4D & GIS,Catholic Relief Services (tbc)4. Emergency Communication Evert Bopp, Founder, Disaster Tech LabEmergency Communication Services5. Social Media and Social Networks Steve Herman, State DepartmentCorrespondent, Voice of AmericaPlanet of the AppsExplore some of the latest mobile applicationssupporting worldwide disaster responseoperations. Bring your own mobile device.15.30Refreshment Break16.00Presentation John Anderson, CEO, World Panel Inc.6HUMANITARIAN LOGISTICSClosed session – by invitation onlySimulation: Disaster Response Virtual and live action role playing to simulatepost-disaster supply chains for key commodities Play the role of a business, government, or nonprofit organizations working in a crisis scenario Coordinate and collaborate with your sector,demographic, and geographic partners tofill gaps and reduce overlap to keep supplylines open Visual performance metrics to allow players toreview system-wide impacts of their actionsSimulation Creator and Moderator: Dr Jamison Day, Chief Data Scientist, Ecosify /American Logistics Aid Network (ALAN)Facilitators: Kevin Peach, Business Development & SalesManager, NRS International Juanita Rilling, Director, Center forInternational Disaster Information (CIDI),U.S. Agency for International Development(USAID)Speakers: Hilmi Mohamed, Senior Coordinator &Technical Specialist for Shelter and Settlement,InterAction Garrett Ingoglia, Vice President, EmergencyResponse, AmeriCares Duncan Cohen, Logistics Officer, Office ofU.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA),U.S. Agency for International Development(USAID) A lexander Balint, Senior Manager, AdventistDevelopment and Relief Agency (ADRA)Sponsored by NRS International

16.15Panel: Lessons Learned from Recent Disasters and ConflictsThis session will examine disaster response activities to recent global emergencies, identifying newbest practice, challenges, possible solutions and what can be done better next time.Emergencies to be discussed include, but are not limited to: Nepal earthquake El Niño drought and floods Syria conflict Moderator: Emily Troutman, Editor, Aid.Works Ajay Markanday, Director of the FAO Liaison Office for North America, Food and AgricultureOrganization of the United Nations (FAO) David Jones, Chief Executive, Rescue Global Christina Tobias-Nahi, Director of Public Affairs, Islamic Relief USA Brian Kelly, Head of Community Stabilization Unit, International Organization for Migration (IOM)17.10Keynote Address:Application of AI & Robotics to Aid and Development Efforts Around the World Dr Patrick Meier, Co-Founder, WeRobotics, Digital Humanitarian Network; International Consultant,Facebook, iRevolutions, World Bank Group; Founder, Humanitarian UAV Network17.3019.00Networking Drinks ReceptionFogo de Chão Washington DC, 1101 Pennsylvania Avenue NW (just across the road)YOUR FEEDBACK is invaluable as it allows us to further improve our service and future eventprograms. We’d be grateful if you could take a moment and fill out the feedback form you havereceived at the registration and hand it to the AIDF staff. Thank you.STREAMELECTRICITYDIRECTLYFROMTHE SUN.Experience patented SunStream technology for yourself. [email protected] Silver Sponsor of AIDF Disaster Relief Summit 2016.

DAY TWOTHURSDAY 8 SEPTEMBER8.00Registration & Exhibition opens9.00Welcome Sonja Ruetzel, Event & Programme Director, Aid & International Development Forum (AIDF)9.05Keynote Address Elizabeth A. Zimmerman, Associate Administrator, Office of Response & Recovery (ORR), FederalEmergency Management Agency (FEMA)HEALTH RESILIENCEPanel: Innovations and Technologies to Support Health SDGs and Response Exploring latest trends and innovations in global health initiatives and technologies and theirpractical implications for improving community health Addressing the key stages for collaborative global health innovation Strengthening community health through the use of mobile solutions Coordinating support and health promotion activities Capacity building to better support at-risk groups Case studies:-- Global health innovations and local community health centres-- Zika Communication Network-- HHS emPOWER Initiative Moderator: Steve Hansch, Director, International Business & Technical Consultants, BoardMember, Treasurer, Relief International Alwena Hall, International Marketing Manager, Military and Disaster Relief, Philips Healthcare Lisa Mwaikambo, MPH, Director of KM Integration, Knowledge for Health (K4Health), JohnsHopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Kristen Finne, Project Lead, HHS emPOWER Initiative, Senior Policy Analyst, Division of HealthSystems Policy, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)10.10Presentation: State-of-the-art Cold Chain Solutions Luc Provost, CEO, B Medical Systems10.30Refreshment BreakAgenda9.20FINANCING & PAYMENT MODELS11.008Panel: Update on Cash-Based Programmesfor Disaster Relief Developing a sound cash-based strategy forhumanitarian programming Analysing needs and monitoringeffectiveness and efficiency of cashinitiatives How to choose the right partners?EMERGENCY HEALTH & WASHKeynote Address on Disease Control Dr Thomas R. Frieden, Director, Centers forDisease Control and Prevention (CDC); A cting Administrator, Agency for ToxicSubstances and Disease Registry (ATSDR)

D eciding on the right delivery mechanismduring an emergency situation: cards,e-vouchers, mobile Community engagement: how to overcomeconcerns and acceptance challenges, howto best support beneficiaries? Offeringtraining and advocacy Discussing lessons learned from recentemergencies Moderator: Brian Kelly, Head of CommunityStabilization Unit, InternationalOrganization for Migration (IOM) Jenny Coneff, North America Representative,Cash Learning Partnership (CaLP) Monica Shah, Finance Director, Advisor forCash Transfer Programming, American RedCross Speaker tbc, Catholic Relief ServicesPanel: Reducing Maternal And ChildHealth Consequences During Emergencies Establishing robust emergency medicalsystems, esp for children and women Every Woman Every Child: overcomingchallenges of child and maternal health inemergency situations Addressing sexual and reproductive health Exploring medical innovations and futureoutlook Moderator: Ann Vaughan, Director of Policyand Advocacy, Mercy Corps Brigitte Dacosta, Director Public HealthDepartment, bioMérieux Dr Paul Robinson, MBBS, MTS, MPH, SeniorHealth Advisor, International MedicalCorps Ugochi Daniels, Chief of HumanitarianResponse, United Nations Population Fund(UNFPA)12.00Panel: Financing of Disaster Relief &Resilience Discussing the future of humanitarian funding Nationalising and localising thehumanitarian response Ensuring sufficient funding through diversity Looking at alternative financial models:Crowdsourcing Addressing inefficiencies and strengtheningneeds-based funding in the humanitariansystem Moderator: Steve Hansch, Director,International Business & TechnicalConsultants, Board Member, Treasurer,Relief International Britt Lake, Senior Director of Programs,Global Giving Mark Smith, Senior Director, Humanitarianand Emergency Affairs, World Vision US Speaker tbc, United Nations CapitalDevelopment Fund (UNCDF)Panel: Best Practice in Emergency WASH Ensuring access to water and sanitation forcrisis-affected population Discussing quality requirements andguidelines for drinking water in the field Examining solutions for water treatment Exchanging best practice for improvinghygiene awareness and education Moderator: Dr John Akudago, Water AndSanitation Technical Advisor, Samaritan’s Purse Elaine O’Donovan, Business Developmentin Humanitarian Aid & Remote CampInfrastructure, Butyl Products Ltd. Oliver Wright, Program ManagementOfficer, WASH, International ProgramsGroup, World Vision Keith Norris, Director of Water & Sanitation,World Hope InternationalAgenda11.209

12.45Roundtable DiscussionsDelegates are invited to participate in topic-specific interactive networking sessions to discuss specificthemes in more detail and off-the-record.1. Energy Access to Support SDGs and Humanitarian Aid John Anderson, CEO, World Panel Inc.2. Use of Technologies for Secure, Transparent and Efficient Disaster Response Sailesh Savani, Founder and CEO, CompuLynx3. Localisation: Sourcing, Innovation, Capacity Development John Service, Senior Technical Advisor for Humanitarian Operations, Catholic Relief Services (tbc)4. Disaster Response Coordination Adam Marlatt, President, Global DIRT (Disaster Immediate Response Team)5. WASH and Camp Hygiene Dr John Akudago, Water And Sanitation Technical Advisor, Samaritan’s Purse6. Post-Disaster Settlement Planning tbc, Habitat for Humanity International7. Building and Strengthening Partnerships Steven Smith, Executive Director, Airlink8. Aid Worker’s Health and Well-Being Dr Martina Fuchs, CEO, Real Medicine Foundation (tbc)13.30Networking LunchAgendaEMERGENCY HEALTH LOGISTICS14.15Panel: Addressing Operational Challenges of Emergency Health Response Emergency collaboration and communication between all actors Ensuring agile operations and eliminate programme waste and delays Supplier management Strategic partnerships for emergency health programmes Communicating with communities Moderator: tbc, Direct Relief Dr Douglas Jackson, President and CEO, Project C.U.R.E Steven Smith, Executive Director, Airlink Garrett Ingoglia, Vice President, Emergency Response, AmeriCares15.05Innovation Pitch: Innovation in Affordable Solar Lighting Ben Mathew, Sales Director, Greenlight Planet15.10Presentation: Summarising Outcome from Disaster Response Simulation SessionDiscussion following yesterday’s session to reveal strategies for addressing the real world gapsreflected in game-play Dr Jamison Day, Chief Data Scientist, American Logistics Aid Network (ALAN) Kevin Peach, Business Development & Sales Manager, NRS International Sonja Ruetzel, Event & Programme Director, Aid & International Development Forum15.30Refreshment Break10

16.00Panel: Discussing Responses to Current Global Refugee Crisis Discussing the most urgent challenges and assessing the options and best potential responsesto the current refugee crisis; looking at different world regions How to best protect refugees and internally displaced people, esp in the Middle East? Using ICT and mobile technologies to better support refugees: exploring current initiatives, bestpractice and future outlook Refugee camps: how can we improve community engagement in the planning and execution ofemergency settlements? How has news coverage influenced public opinion and national/international policies? How canmedia and government and aid agencies better work together? Moderator: Lilica Kitanovska, Chief, Macedonian Service, Voice of America Hilmi Mohamed, Senior Coordinator & Technical Specialist for Shelter and Settlement, InterAction Evert Bopp, Founder, Disaster Tech Lab Emergency Communication Services Colleen Striegel, Vice President, Human Resources & Administration, American RefugeeCommittee (tbc) Speaker tbc, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)17.00Closing Remarks & End of SummitYOUR FEEDBACK is invaluable as it allows us to further improve our service and future eventprograms. We’d be grateful if you could take a moment and fill out the feedback form you havereceived at the registration and hand it to the AIDF staff. Thank you.Shield White 2013Version 1.1 – 25 October 2013G

KEYNOTE SPEAKERSMeier, Dr Patrick,Director,Centers for Disease Control andPrevention (CDC);Acting Administrator,Agency for Toxic Substances andDisease Registry (ATSDR)Co-Founder, WeRobotics, DigitalHumanitarian Network;International Consultant,Facebook, iRevolutions,World Bank Group; Founder,Humanitarian UAV NetworkJohnson, Harvey,Zimmerman, Elizabeth A.,Senior Vice President, DisasterCycle Services,American Red CrossAssociate Administrator, Officeof Response & Recovery (ORR),Federal Emergency ManagementAgency (FEMA)SpeakersFrieden, Dr Thomas R.,SPEAKERS12Akudago, Dr John,Bah, Alpha,Water and Sanitation TechnicalAdvisor,Samaritan’s PurseChief, IT EmergencyPreparedness & ResponseBranch,United Nations World FoodProgramme (WFP)Anderson, John,Balint, Alexander,CEO,World Panel Inc.Senior Manager,Adventist Development andRelief Agency (ADRA)

Coneff, Jenny,Founder and CEO,Atlas CorpsNorth America Representative,Cash Learning Partnership(CaLP)Bopp, Evert,Cooper, Amaury,Founder,Disaster Tech Lab EmergencyCommunication ServicesConsultant,International NGO Safety &Security Association (INSSA)Burton, Joseph,Dacosta, Brigitte,Counselor for Technology andSecurity Policy,U.S. Department of StateDirector, Public HealthDepartment,bioMérieuxCarrazana, Carlos,Daniels, Ugochi,Executive Vice President, ChiefOperating Officer,Save the Children USAChief of Humanitarian Response,United Nations Population Fund(UNFPA) Cohen, Duncan,Day, Dr Jamison,Logistics Officer, Office of U.S.Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA),U.S. Agency for InternationalDevelopment (USAID)Chief Data Scientist,Ecosify / American Logistics AidNetwork (ALAN)SpeakersBeale, Scott,13

Speakers14El Marji, Nada,Hardin, Jennifer,Director Aid & Development,Inmarsat GlobalDirector of Enterprise RiskManagement,International Relief andDevelopment (IRD)Finne, Kristen,Hartshorn, David,Project Lead, HHS emPOWERInitiative, Senior Policy Analyst,Division of Health Systems Policy,U.S. Department of Health andHuman Services (HHS)Secretary General,Global VSAT ForumFuchs, Martina,Hellen, Steve,CEO,Real Medicine Foundation (tbc)Director of ICT4D & GIS,Catholic Relief ServicesHall, Alwena,Herman, Steve,International MarketingManager, Military and DisasterRelief,Philips HealthcareState DepartmentCorrespondent,Voice of AmericaHansch, Steve,Hipperson, Harvey,Director,International Business &Technical Consultants,Board Member, Treasurer,Relief InternationalBusiness Development DirectorEMEA,Iridium Communications Inc.

Kelly, Brian,Senior Sales Director,Speedtech EnergyHead of CommunityStabilization Unit,International Organization forMigration (IOM)Ingoglia, Garrett,Kitanovska, Lilica,Vice President, EmergencyResponse,AmeriCaresChief, Macedonian Service,Voice of AmericaJackson, Dr Douglas,Kwamy, Isaac,President and CEO,Project C.U.R.E.Director, Global Programs,Disaster Preparedness andResponse,NetHopeJones, David,Lake, Britt,Chief Executive,Rescue GlobalSenior Director of Programs,Global GivingJumah, Ali,MacRitchie, Kevin,Chief of Central ProcurementUnit,United Nations DevelopmentProgram (UNDP)Director, Global Programs,NetHopeSpeakersHuang, Emma,15

Speakers16Markanday, Ajay,Mwaikambo, Lisa,Director of the FAO LiaisonOffice for North America,Food and AgricultureOrganization of the UnitedNations (FAO)MPH, Director of KM Integration,Knowledge for Health(K4Health),Johns Hopkins BloombergSchool of Public HealthMarlatt, Adam,Norris, Keith,President,Global DIRT (Disaster ImmediateResponse Team)Director of Water & Sanitation,World Hope InternationalMathew, Ben,O’Donovan, Elaine,Sales Director,Greenlight PlanetBusiness Development inHumanitarian Aid & RemoteCamp Infrastructure,Butyl Products Ltd.Miller, Colon,Onuigbo, Vince,Director, Government & DefensePrograms,Volga-Dnepr AirlinesSenior Marketing Director,International Division,Hughes Network Systems LLCMohamed, Hilmi,Parker, Richard,Senior Coordinator & TechnicalSpecialist for Shelter andSettlements,InterActionVice President, Marketing &Communications,Project Concern International

Peach, Kevin,Rilling, Juanita,Business Development & SalesManager,NRS InternationalDirector, Center for InternationalDisaster Information (CIDI),U.S. Agency for InternationalDevelopment (USAID)Pearson, Jason,Robinson, Dr Paul, MBBS,MTS, MPH,Senior Health Advisor,International Medical CorpsPelak, Matt,Ruetzel, Sonja,International OperationsManager,Team RubiconEvent & Programme Director,Aid & International DevelopmentForum (AIDF)Peterson, Anne, MD, MPH,Savani, Sailesh,Senior Vice President Programs,AmeriCaresFounder and CEO,CompuLynxProvost, Luc,Schauble, Laura,CEO,B Medical SystemsVice President, Risk Managementand Office Operations,ACDI/VOCA17SpeakersPresident and CEO,Sustainable PurchasingLeadership Council

Speakers18Service, John,Smith, Steven,Senior Technical Advisor forHumanitarian Operations,Catholic Relief ServicesExecutive Director,AirlinkShah, Monica,Son, Gwi-Yeop,Finance Director, Advisor forCash Transfer Programming,American Red CrossDirector, Corporate Programmes,United Nations Office for theCoordination ofHumanitarian Affairs (OCHA)Shannak, Hani,Striegel, Colleen,Chief, Operations & Services,Division of IT Solutions andServices,United Nations Children’s Fund(UNICEF)Vice President, HumanResources & Administration,American Refugee CommitteeSmith, Mark,Tobias-Nahi, Christina,Senior Director for Humanitarianand Emergency Affairs,World Vision USDirector of Public Affairs,Islamic Relief USASmith, Nicole,Troutman, Emily,Chief Operations Officer,Aldelano CorporationEditor,Aid.Works

Vaughan, Ann,Wright, Oliver,Director of Policy and Advocacy,Mercy CorpsProgram Management Officer,WASH, International ProgramsGroup,World Vision InternationalWaugaman, Adele,Senior Advisor, Digital Health,U.S. Agency for InternationalDevelopment (USAID)30254 IRD HandsetAd AIDF HR.pdf124/08/16Aug243:01 PMAlways readyfor the unexpectedWHEN YOU NEED US,WE ALWAYS DELIVERRuggedly reliablewhen disaster strikesThe trusted air logistics partner of internationalaid and relief projects for 25 years.From first responder, to emergency rescue,to personal precaution – the ability toconnect no matter the situation is priceless.It’s time to take advantage of global leadingcommunications in the palm of your hand.Get more details ridium9555Iridium9555IridiumExtreme [email protected] [email protected] 44 1279 661166 1 832 585

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Inmarsat Global David Hartshorn, Secretary General, Global VSAT Forum Kevin MacRitchie, Director, Global Programs, NetHope Closed session – by invitation only Simulation: Disaster Response Virtual and live action role playing to simulate post-disaster supply chains for key commo