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Enterprise SecurityZyWALL Unified SecurityGateway Series(20/50/100/200/300/1000/2000 Series)Security LicensesProductDurationUSG 2000USG 1000USG 300USG 200USG 100USG 50USG 20USG ter1 yearYesYesYesYes2 yearsYesYesYesYes1 yearYesYesYesYes2 yearsYesYesYesYesVantage CNMVantage ReportKey Features1 yearYesYesYesYesAll ZyWALL Models support,All ZyWALL Models support,2 yearsYesYesYesYes10 nodes1 device1 yearYesYesYesYes25 nodes5 devices2 yearsYesYesYesYes50 nodes25 devices1 yearYesYesYesYes100 nodes100 devices2 yearsYesYesYesYes300 nodes1 yearYes*YesYesYes1000 nodes2 yearsYes*YesYesYes1 year---Yes2 years---Yes1 year---Yes2 years---Yes USG clean-traffic architecture New generation UTM solution(except USG 20/20W)SSL VPNRobust hybrid VPN(IPSec and SSL) Application firewall (except USG20/20W) Granular control over socialnetworking applicationsIPSec VPN Client Non-stop Internet access withmultiple WAN and 3G backups5 to 50 SSL Tunnels5 to 250 SSL TunnelsUSG 20005 to 750 SSL Tunnels50 to 750 SSL Tunnels250 to 750 SSL TunnelsUSG 1000For Client PC’sSoftware client 1 license25 to 50 SSL TunnelsSoftware client 5 licenses25 to 250 SSL TunnelsSoftware client 10 licenses50 to 250 SSL TunnelsSoftware client 50 licensessecurity solution for small businesses to enterprises alike. It embodies a Stateful Packet Inspection(SPI) firewall, Anti-Virus, Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDP), Content Filtering, Anti-Spam, andVPN (IPSec/SSL/L2TP) in one box. This multilayered security safeguards your organization’s customerKey BenefitsSecure connectivityGiven the prevalence and importance of information technology (IT) systems today and the nature and scale of boththe opportunities and risks associated with significant deployments of new networking technologies, organizationsare forced to evaluate solutions to build up a safer infrastructure to secure online transactions, in which involveexchange of valuable information. The infrastructure should be tailored to meet operation requirements forexpanding remote sites as well as mobile teleworkers.ICSA firewall, IPSec certification Comprehensive report systemProactive protection Anti-Spam serviceMalicious virus, worm, exploits could cripple corporate networks and halt business transactions. In addition to severefinancial loss, you also risk leakage of confidential information. 5 to 25 SSL Tunnels5 to 250 SSL Tunnelsall-new platform. It provides greater performance protection, as well as a deep packet inspection 50 to 250 SSL Tunnels5 to 50 SSL TunnelsThe ZyWALL USG (Unified Security Gateway) Series is the “third generation” ZyWALL featuring anand company records, intellectual property, and critical resources from external and internal threats. *: Available in Q1 2011ProductAll-new platform: “3rd”generation ZyWALLZyXEL Security DistributionNetwork (ZSDN)As mass-mailing software companies mushroom on the Internet, your network is bombarded with massive amountsof junk mails (spam). Without intelligent detection and proactive blocking, users have to go through the tedious andtime-consuming task of sieving through the overflowing mailbox, and such scenario leads to serious productivity loss.Policy complianceWith numerous file-sharing (P2P) and Instant Messaging (IM) applications, it is easier for company employees to sharefiles and chat online during work hours. Rapid file sharing not only compromises network safety with the sharing ofquestionable files containing malicious viruses, but may also violate copyright issues and create legal hassles.2 to 10 SSL TunnelsUSG 300USG 2002 to 25 SSL TunnelsNetwork resilience10 to 25 SSL TunnelsISP links broken, hardware and software failure on the gateway, dead VPN tunnels — these are severe challenges ITstaff face when designing the network infrastructure. In short, we need to take fault tolerance on the network pathinto consideration when build up a highly available network infrastructure for non-stop operations.2 to 10 SSL TunnelsUSG 1002 to 5 SSL TunnelsUSG 502 to 5 SSL TunnelsUSG 20-USG 20W-ManageabilityWith Vantage CNM (Centralized Network Management), users can achieve the follow objects: Easy VPN management and diagnostic capability Complete security policies and UTM management Low TCO of massive deployment and device maintenance Active monitoring, alerting and comprehensive graphic reports3G Card Support3G cards are not included. Please visit and find the following path:Internet Security ApplianceUnified Security Gatewaythe individual USG product pages to see the 3G Card Compatibility List for supported USB devices.EnterpriseSecurityZyWALL Unified SecurityGateway SeriesFo r m o re p ro d u c t i n fo r m a t i o n , v i s i t u s o n t h e we b a t w w w. Zy X E L . co mCopyright 2010 ZyXEL Communications Corp. All rights reserved. ZyXEL, ZyXEL logo†are registered trademarks ofZyXEL Communications Corp. All other brands, product names, or trademarks mentioned are the property of theirrespective owners. All specifications are subject to change without notice.(20/50/100/200/300/1000/2000 Series)usg-series-00109/10The solution provides an efficient centralized management system for enterprises of any size to reduce operationalcosts regardless of the number of branch offices or remote locations.Cost-effectivenessWith the adoption of ZyXEL’s USG device, the follow costs can be saved: Device hardware maintenance fee: ZyXEL provides a one more year hardware warranty out of factory. Free software upgrade: now ZyXEL provides free software upgrade for you to enjoy complete protection withoutadditional expanse.

Enterprise SecurityZyWALL Unified SecurityGateway Series(20/50/100/200/300/1000/2000 Series)Key ApplicationsZyWALL USG clean-traffic architectureEndpoint securityThe ZyWALL USG’s clean-traffic architectureTraffic Inprotects against network risks such as viruses,worms, Trojan Horses, spyware, phishing attacksNetworkgI/O EngineDefragmentNetworkI/O EngineForwarding EngineDNATRoutingSNATBWMFragmentand other emerging Internet threats. With theWith the new Endpoint Security feature (EPS),LAN User 1LAN User 2administrators can easily identify “bad” users, i.e.where no AV software has been installed. Byclean-traffic architecture, enterprises users arethe ZyWALL mitigates the threat of virusassured to have clean and secure networkTraffic OutStateful Firewallenvironments.outbreaks and thus the loss of money andemployee productivity. The EPS supportsChecking1. Anti-Virus2. Personal Firewall3. OS patch levelChecking1. Anti-Virus2. Personal Firewall3. OS patch levelThe result is NO AccessThe result is e, among others. Additionally, personalLANApplication Server OA, ERP System(Inventory, Store.)CRM Systemfirewall software such as Kaspersky InternetApplication ClassifierSSL-VPN UserSecurity 2009/2010, Windows Firewall andIntrusion Detection and PreventionBISystemNorton Kaspersky and TrendMicro AV clientAnomaly Detection and Prevention(PA/TA)ThreatDatabase UpdateDMZ (Server Farm)LANenforcing installation of the Anti-Virus software,CleanTrafficTrendMicro PC-Cillin/Internet Security 2010 arealso supported with the new EPS feature.Application PatrolInternetChecking1. Anti-Virus2. Personal Firewall3. OS patch levelThe result is AccessAnti-VirusRemoteDesktopSSL-VPN-TunnelThe USG’s new «End Point Security» (EPS) feature helps toensure that all clients meet the corporate security policies, i.e.It checks if AV software is installed.Content FilterAnti-SpamNew generation UTM solutionHigh performanceThe ZyWALL USG Series deploysZyXEL USG Series is built with a powerfulhardware-acceleration technology in oneIntegrated High Performance Securitybox. Powered by high-performance SecuASICarchitecture, a performance provenNetworktechnology and a hardware-basedarchitecture for gigabit fiber. It providesencryption accelerator, the ZyWALL USGreal-time inspection to prevent networkSeries delivers industry-leading performancefrom threats without sacrificingInbound Threatsand multi-layer threat protection for smallbusinesses and enterprises. The ZyWALL USGIntrusion Detectionand PreventionZyXEL IDP detects/stops Worms,Trojans, DoS (L4 & L7), Recon, ScansOutbound ThreatsZyXEL IDP detects/stops Worms, TrojansSeries provides integrated Unified ThreatManagement security features such asBluecoat to block to Spyware/Phishing/Unapproved Site AccessContent Filter10000757500505000252500performance. Company network is notonly flawlessly secured but also greatlyoperational productivity and efficiencywhen applications such as file-loading,Anti-VirusKaspersky Anti-Virus & ZyXEL Anti-Virusstops Viruses, file-based Trojans,Spyware, Adware, KeyloggersAnti-SpamStops Spam MailKaspersky Anti-Virus & ZyXEL Anti-Virusstops Viruses, file-based Trojans,Spyware, Adware, KeyloggersFiltering and Firewall, VPN. All ZyWALL USGSeries products support the Gigabit Ethernet.Competitive Comparison: Sessions100enhanced on performance to improveAnti-Virus (include Kaspersky Anti-Virus &ZyXEL Anti-Virus), IDP, Anti-Spam, ContentCompetitive Comparison:Firewall Throughput in Mbpsemailing, and information searches areprocessed at higher speed. Take USG 50 asan example, USG 50 delivers excellentperformance to meet small business.FirewallZyXEL FirewallZyXEL FirewallVPNZyXEL SSL/IPSec VPNZyXEL SSL/IPSec VPN00ZyWALL 5FG-30BTZ100ZyWALLUSG 50Source : Performance numbers are from ZyXEL, SonicWALL, Fortinet websiteZyWALL 5FG-30BTZ100ZyWALLUSG 50

Enterprise SecurityZyWALL Unified SecurityGateway Series(20/50/100/200/300/1000/2000 Series)Robust hybrid VPN (IPSec and SSL)The ZyWALL USG Series can provide secureGranular control over socialnetworking applicationsServer Farmaccess between remote locations andSocial networking applications such ascorporate resources through the Internet forFacebook, Twitter, and Youtube have become anorganizations of any size. Using IPSec VPN,ClientEmailServercompanies can secure connections to branchoffices, partners and headquarters. RoadBISystemwarriors and telecommuters can use SSL orWeb-based Application ServerApplication (Inventory, Store.)L2TP VPN to safely access the companynetwork without having to install VPNvendors and partners to confidently accessIPSec VPNapplications will eat up business productivity.abused to prevent bandwidth to be wasted orNetworkExtendsoftware. The Series provides a flexible andflexible management, social networkingZyWALL USG ensures that the Internet is notRemoteDesktopInterneteasy way to enable mobile employees,quickly and to share information. WithoutOA, ERP SystemCRM SystemSSL VPNWith social network controlInternet phenomenon to connect peopleFileShareMobile UserWithout social network controlhuman resource policy violations.PWRZyWALLUSG 300AUXSYS WALL USG provides granular control oversocial networking applications.BranchHeadquartersyour network resource for better efficiency.Low ProductivityBranchApplication firewallMore and more network applications bringNon-Business RelatedBusiness RelatedHigh ProductivityNon-stop Internet access withmultiple WAN and 3G backupsmalicious software into your office. This kindThe ZyWALL USG not only supportsof unwanted software, especially IM/P2Pmultiple WAN ports but also 3G throughapplications, may cause bandwidth waste orUSB or PCMCIA cards. This featureeven system damage. Using the applicationenables “active-active” load sharing orpatrol and bandwidth management features,“active-passive” failover configuration toOperating inActive/Passive ModeIPSec or GRE Tunnel forSecure ConnectionWAN2 (3G)3GNetworkLANPWRZyWALLUSG 300AUXSYS CARD1CARD21RESET2310/100/10004567USB1you can have full control over traffic blockingdeliver highly reliable networkor rate limit CONSOLEZyWALL USG 300Unified SecurityGatewayRemote OfficeWAN1ZyWALL USG failover and fail backbetween WAN1(ADSL/Fiber) &WAN2 (3G WAN)NetworkProvider(IP VPN)Vantage CNMCentralized NetworkManagementHost by SI or CustomerBRASApplication Control PolicyPrimaryBusiness Related ApplicationsAllow Business RelatedNon-Business Related ApplicationsBandwidth Limit IMP2P BlockBackupADSL FiberLast-MileCorporateHeadquarters

Enterprise SecurityZyWALL Unified SecurityGateway Series(20/50/100/200/300/1000/2000 Series)High availabilityDevice HA: Master Fails and Backup Takes OverHigh availability is essential in enterprise networks.Anti-Spam serviceIt ensures a system or component can beZyXEL’s Anti-Spam service eliminates spam,continuously operational for a desirably longLANlength of time.phishing, virus and malware threats through aunified security architecture without droppingAThe ZyWALL USG Series provide high availability192.168.1.1feature as: 30012RESET3CARD2legitimate messages. With ZyXEL’s Anti-SpamMasterAUXSYS CARD110/100/10004service, enterprises can save time and resources567USB1 Multiple WAN ports and configure load balancingAUXCONSOLE2between these ports.InternetB An auxiliary (backup) Internet connection asPWRZyWALLknown as out of band Management .USG 300CARD2Goodoperational costs.Anti-Spam ServiceBackupAUXSYS CARD1Maildealing with unwanted email to reduce1RESET2310/100/10004567USB12192.168.1.1 A backup ZyWALL in the event the masterAUXCONSOLE1.1.1.1SpamZyWALL fails (device HA).To minimize the impact of single-point failures,the ZyWALL USG Series supports device HA(High Availability) to assure network availability.Comprehensive reporting systemUSG Built-in Reporting SystemZyWALL USG Series provides built-in reporting system to collect data and view various statisticsreal-time and historical reports including firewall,ZyXEL Security Distribution Network(ZSDN) ensures rapid response tonew threatsvirus and intrusion attacks, bandwidth usage, WebZSDN Provides Up-to-Date Protectionsite usage and user activities. Furthermore, with The Web site delivers aThe ZyWALL USG Series has a built-in reportingsystem that offers a comprehensive set ofabout traffic passing through your ZyWALL.Vantage Report (VRPT), a Web-based reportingconvenient, centralized way to register allsystem, administrators can easily collect trafficZyWALL units and Security and analyze a distributed network for theirZyXEL SecurityResponse TeamSecurity Information Center(Email Bulletins)mySecurityzonemySecurityZone The ZyXEL Security Update Servers operatesorganizations to become more aware of24x7 to automatically deliver updated signaturesuspicious activities and to ensure betterdatabases to ZyWALL units around the productivity. The mySecurityZone portal provides3World Update Servercomprehensive, searchable informationregarding viruses and system vulnerabilities,Vantage Report Centralize Reporting Systemand it provides a wealth of informationVantage Report is a cost-effective solution that allows administrators to easily monitor and analyze reportresources that keep customers up-to-date onof ZyWALL Internet Security Appliances from any location. It delivers rich formats of statistical report for ITthe latest vulnerabilities and countermeasures.staff with thorough understanding about bandwidth usage, security event and web traffic analysis.Monitor14(HTTPS or HTTP)52my.commyZyXEL.comStatistical ReportRegistration Center1 Registration & Activation1. Login2. MAC3. RegType (Trial)4. License KeySKU2 1.2. ExpirationDate3Check Policyand Advisory4RequestDownload5DownloadSignature

Enterprise SecurityZyWALL Unified SecurityGateway Series(20/50/100/200/300/1000/2000 Series)FeaturesFirewallAnti-Virus (except USG 20/20W)Networking ICSA-certified firewall Support Kaspersky and ZyXEL Anti-Virus Routing mode/bridge mode/mixed mode Routing and transparent (bridge) mode Stream-based Anti-Virus engine Layer 2 port grouping Zone-based access control list Zone base AV protection Ethernet/PPPoE Stateful packet inspection HTTP/FTP/SMTP/POP3/IMAP4 protocol support Tagged VLAN (802.1Q) NAT, PAT Automatic signature updates Virtual interface (alias interface) Policy base NAT No file size limitation Policy-based routing (user-aware) VLAN tagging Blacklist/whitelist support Policy-based NAT (SNAT) User-aware policy enforcement SIP/H.323 NAT traversal ALG supports custom ports ICSA-certified IPSec VPN DHCP client/server/relay Application, IM/P2P, stream base media, VoIP Dynamic DNS support Detail access control of IM (chat, file transfer,video) WAN Trunk more than 2 port Per host session limit Application and IM/P2P bandwidth control Maximum bandwidth Algorithm: AES/3DES/DES User authentication support Priority-bandwidth utilization Authentication: SHA-1/MD5 IM/P2P signature auto update Key management: Manual key/IKE Support more than 15 catalogs IM and P2P1, 2, 5 Real-Time statistical reports Maximum/guaranteed bandwidthProduct Photo Local user database Microsoft Windows active directory integrateAnti-Spam Xauth over RADIUS for IPSec VPN PKI (X.509) certificate support Zone to zone protection Forced user authentication (transparent Transparently intercept mail via SMTP/POP3protocolsFeaturesapplications, the SEM-VPN accelerates VPN performance. SecuASIC CIP-3001 for UTM Acceleration (Anti- Virus Advanced VPN Crypto to Boost up VPN Performanceauthentication) IP/MAC address binding*8UTM Throughput (AV IDP)Max. IPSec VPN TunnelsMax SSL VPN Users400 Mbps400 Mbps400 Mbps100 Mbps2,0002,000750750Environmental SpecificationsOperating Temperature0C to 40C0C to 40CStorage Temperature-30C to 60C-30C to 60COperating Humidity5% to 90% (non-condensing)5% to 90% (non-condensing)199.2 x 212 x 36.3199.2 x 212 x 36.3410410Physical Specifications Support DNSBL checkingSystem ManagementDimensions,(W) x (D) x (H) mm Spam tag support Role-Based administrationWeight, g Statistics report Multiple administrator login Multi-Lingual web GUI (HTTPS/HTTP)High Availability(except USG 50/20/20W) Out-of-band management (AUX) Unified policy enforcement Active-Passive mode Command line interface (console/web Supports two-factor authentication Device failure detection and notification Customizable user portal Support ICMP and TCP ping check SNMP v2c (MIB-II) Link monitoring System configuration rollbackmoderequires highest level of redundancy. Specialized in VPNmighty VPN and UTM performance.VPN Throughput (AES) Blacklist/whitelist support Support reverse proxy mode and full tunnelbuild up mighty VPN concentrator in central site whilefull horse power of the ZyWALL USG 2000 platform with Advanced VPN Crypto to Boost up VPN Performance VPN HA (redundant remote VPN gateways) Clientless secure remote accessFor customers in need of intensive VPN applications toand UTM threat protections. The SEM-DUAL unleashesand IDP) Auto reconnect VPNSSL VPNFor customers require full security features both VPN*7Authentication Dead peer detection/relay detection Simple wizard supportNote:*7: VPN (AES) HTTP protocol with 1,460 bytes packet size. Testing done with multiple flows.*8: UTM (AV IDP) throughput measured using industry standard Ixia IxLoad test tool against. Object-based calConnector Wavelength TransmissionBudgetDistanceIntrusion Detection and Prevention(IDP)(except USG 20/20W) Auto-Sync configurations Firmware upgrade via FTP/FTP-TLS/web GUIModel Name Routing and transparent (bridge) modeContent FilteringLogging/MonitoringSFP-SX-DLC850 nm550 m Zone-based IDP inspection Social networking controlSFP-LX-10-DLC1310 nm10 km Customizable protection profile Web security—ZyXEL safe browsingSFP-LHX1310-40-DLC1310 nm40 km Protect over 2000 attack URL blocking, keyword blocking E-mail alert (send to up to 2 servers)SFP-ZX-80-DLC1550 nm80 km Automatic signature updates Profile base setting Real-Time traffic monitoring Custom signatures Exempt list (blacklist and whitelist) Built-in daily report Protocol anomaly detection and protection Blocks java applet, cookies and active X Advanced reporting (Vantage Report) Traffic anomaly detection and protection Dynamic URL filtering database (powered by Centralized Network Management Vantage Flooding detection and protection DoS/DDoS protectionSEM-VPNSystem Performance External LDAP/RADIUS user database IPSec NAT traversal Centralize VPN supportSEM-DUAL Guaranteed bandwidth PPTP, L2TP, IPSec Perfect forward secrecy (DH groups) supportModel Dynamic routing (RIP v1/v2, OSPF)Application Patrolgranular access controlVirtual Private Network (VPN)Security Extension Module (USG 2000 only)BlueCoat) Unlimited user licenses support Customize warning messages and redirect URL Comprehensive local logging Syslog (send to up to 4 servers)(CNM) manageableLaser Transmitter CharacteristicsReceiver CharacteristicsMaximumLaunch PowerMinimumLaunch PowerOptical ReceiverSensibilityMaximumInput Power7.5 dB-4 dBm-9.5 dBm-17 dBm-3 dBm10.5 dB-3 dBm-9.5 dBm-20 dBm-3 dBm21 dB 3 dBm-2 dBm-23 dBm-3 dBm24 dB 5 dBm0 dBm-24 dBm-3 dBm

Enterprise SecurityZyWALL Unified SecurityGateway Series(20/50/100/200/300/1000/2000 Series)SpecificationsSBModelSMBZyWALL USG 50ZyWALL USG 100ZyWALL USG 20WZyWALL USG 20 Unified Security Gateway for SB(1 5 PC Users) All Gigabit Ethernet interfacehardware design High-performance multi-layerthreat protection Hybrid VPN (IPSec, SSL) securesconnection 3G USB dongle as the backup WAN 802.11b/g/n wireless AP Unified Security Gateway for SB(1 5 PC Users) All Gigabit Ethernet interfacehardware design High-performance multi-layerthreat protection Hybrid VPN (IPSec, SSL) securesconnection 3G USB dongle as the backup WAN10/100/1000 Interfaces (Copper)4 x LAN/DMZ, 1 x WAN4 x LAN/DMZ, 1 x WAN4 x LAN/DMZ, 2 x WAN5 x LAN/DMZ, 2 x WANDual Personality GbE (SFP/RJ45)----USB Ports112SEM Slot (Security Extension Module)--ZyWALL USG 200ZyWALL USG 300ZyWALL USG 1000ZyWALL USG 2000Product PhotoFeatures Unified Security Gateway for SB(1 10 PC Users) All Gigabit Ethernet interfacehardware design High-performance multi-layerthreat protection Hybrid VPN (IPSec, SSL) securesconnection Multi WAN ports for multiple ISPlinks and load balancing Unified Security Gatewayfor SMB (10 25 PC Users) High-performancemulti-layer threatprotection Hybrid VPN (IPSec, SSL andL2TP) secures connectionto headquarters Support Kaspersky andZyXEL anti-virus Unified Security Gatewayfor SMB (200 500 PC Users) Gigabit Firewall with Fiberinterface (SFP) Scalable VPN/UTMperformance Support Kaspersky andZyXEL anti-virus Redundant power module Unified Security Gateway forSMB (50 75 PC Users) Providing Hybrid VPN (IPSec/SSLVPN) and robust UTM securityservices High-performance multi-layerthreat protection User-aware policy engineenables access granularity Excellent manageability withobject, text-based andcentralized Unified Security Gateway forSMB (75 200 PC Users) Providing Hybrid VPN(IPSec/SSL VPN) and robustUTM security services High-performancemulti-layer threat protection Non-stop operations ofmission-critical applications Excellent manageabilitywith object, text-based andcentralized5 x LAN/DMZ, 2 x WAN, 1 x OPT756---222222-----1 Unified Security Gatewayfor SMB (25 50 PC Users) High-performancemulti-layer threatprotection Hybrid VPN (IPSec, SSL andL2TP) secures connectionto headquarters Support Kaspersky andZyXEL anti-virus Flexible OPT (option) portHardware Specifications---11211802.11b/g/nYes-------2x2 AntennaYes-------SPI Firewall Throughput*1, Mbps1001001001502003004002,000VPN Throughput (3DES)*2, Mbps3030506075100150400*4400*5Card SlotSystem Capacity & Performance*3--1530406080WiFi Throughput, Mbps60-------Unlimited User 0001,50012,00020,000Max. Concurrent IPSec VPN Tunnels225501002001,0002,000Max. Concurrent SSL VPN Users11551025250750*1*2UTM Throughput (AV IDP) , MbpsMax. Sessions*6New Session Rate11222255YesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesInput Voltage100 - 240 V AC, 50 - 60 Hz, 1.2 A100 - 240 V AC, 50 - 60 Hz, 1.2 A100 - 240 V AC, 50 - 60 Hz, 1.2 A100 - 240 V AC, 50 - 60 Hz, 1.2 A100 - 240 V AC, 50 - 60 Hz, 1.2 A100 - 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 0.55 - 0.3 A100 - 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 1 A Max100 - 240 V AC, 50 - 60 Hz, 3 - 6 APower Rating16 W Max15 W Max17 W Max20 W Max20 W Max35 W Max80 W Max200 W MaxOperating Temperature0C to 40C0C to 40C0C to 40C0C to 40C0C to 40C0C to 40C0C to 40C0C to 40CStorage Temperature0C to 40C0C to 40C0C to 40C-30C to 60C-30C to 60C-30C to 60C-30C to 60C-30C to 60COperating Humidity20% to 95% (non-condensing)20% to 95% (non-condensing)20% to 95% (non-condensing)5% to 90% (non-condensing)5% to 90% (non-condensing)20% to 90% (non-condensing)5% to 90% (non-condensing)5% to 90% (non-condensing)216 x 140 x 33216 x 140 x 33242 x 167 x 35.5242 x 175 x 35.5242 x 175 x 35.5430 x 201 x 42431 x 292 x 43.5430 x 487 x 890.420.381. SSL VPN UsersCustomizable ZonePower RequirementEnvironmental SpecificationsPhysical SpecificationsDimensions, (W) x (D) x (H) mmWeight, kgNote:*1: Testing Methodologies: Maximum performance based on RFC 2544 (UDP packets, 1,518 bytes). Actual performance may vary depending on network conditions and activated services.*2: VPN (AES) throughput measured using UDP traffic with 1,424 bytes packet size, based on RFC 2544.*3: UTM (AV IDP) throughput measured using industry standard Ixia IxLoad test tool against HTTP protocol with 1,460 bytes packet size. Testing done with multiple flows.*4: With SEM-DUAL/SEM-VPN module*5: With SEM-DUAL module*6: Max sessions measured using industry standard Ixia IxLoad test tool.

ZyWALL USG ensures that the Internet is not abused to prevent bandwidth to be wasted or human resource policy violations. ZyWALL USG provides granular control over social networking applications. Robust hybrid VPN (IPSec and SSL) The ZyWALL USG Series can provide secure access between

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ZyWALL USG Series Model USG 20 USG 20W USG 50 USG 100 USG 100-PLUS USG 200 . Card slot--- 1 - 1 System Capacity & Performance*1 SPI firewall throughput*2 (Mbps) 175 175 225 225 600 250 VPN throughput (AES)*3 (Mbps) 75 75 90 90 150 90 UTM throughput (AV IDP)*4 (Mbps) - - 30 30 30 40 . t Support Kaspersky

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Аксесоари ZyWALL OTP v2 Софтуер Vantage Report, Vantage CNM , ZyWALL IPSec VPN Client ility USG 2000 USG 1100 USG 310 USG 20/20W USG 50 Малък Бизнес Среден Бизнес 10 50 user 50 100 user 100 200 user 200 500 use

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