Second Grade CCSS With I Can Statements

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dIdeasStandard“Ican ingofkeydetailsinatext. ,lesson,ormoral. eventsandchallenges. dmeaninginastory,poem,orsong. eendingconcludestheaction. chcharacterwhenreadingdialoguealoud. ngofitscharacters,setting,orplot. tory.

romdifferentcultures. atthehighendoftherange. ltures

ledgeandIdeasStandard“Ican ingofkeydetailsinatext. RI.2.2.Identifythemaintopicofamulti- hswithinthetext. pointstheauthormakesinatext. sentedbytwotextsonthesametopic. therange. QuestionCompletesentenceKeydetails Icantellwhytheauthorwrotethetext.Author’spurpose IcantellhowpictureshelpmeunderstandwhatIread. eExpositorylevel.Non- elIndependentreadinglevel“justright”level

nd“Ican spelledone- lling- ms.c.Decoderegularlyspelledtwo- stentbutcommonspelling- ‐soundcorrespondences.f.Recognizeandreadgrade- ion.a.Readon- ‐leveltextwithpurposeandunderstanding.b.Readon- rmorself- gasnecessary. soundedout.SightwordsSyllablePrefixesSuffixes ssion.Fluency teWordscorrectperminute

sStandard“Ican asons,andprovideaconcludingstatementorsection. Writenarrativesinwhichtheyrecountawell- osure. ement.Whensomeonehelpsme: Icanedittomakemywritingclearer. onehelpsme: Icanusetechnologytofinishandsharemywork. Icanworkwithotherstowrite. Icanworkwithotherstolearnandwriteaboutatopic. tementNon- eportRecallSourcesBackgroundknowledge

SecondGradeRangeofWriting atherinformationtoansweraquestion.

deasStandard“Ican .Followagreed- ofatopicorissue. iblyincoherentsentences. dfeelings. 26and27forspecificexpectations.) pletesentencesTurn- temtheanswerCompletesentencesClarification

an eactionmoviewaswatchedbythelittleboy). ormalusesofEnglish. L.2.4.Determineorclarifythemeaningofunknownand adingandcontent,choosingflexiblyfromanarray ofstrategies.a.Usesentence- ‐levelcontextasacluetothemeaningofawordorphrase. naryReferencematerials

ifyreal- ,skinny,scrawny).L.2.6.Useword

Second’Grade’ ’ Strand:(ReadingInformational(Text’ Topics( Standard( “Ican ”statements( Vocabulary(Key(Ideas(and(Details ’ RI.2.1.’Ask’andanswer .

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