Compaq Presario CQ71 Notebook PC And HP G71

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Compaq Presario CQ71 Notebook PC andHP G71 Notebook PCMaintenance and Service Guide

Copyright 2009 Hewlett-PackardDevelopment Company, L.P.Bluetooth is a trademark owned by itsproprietor and used by Hewlett-PackardCompany under license. Intel, Celeron,Core, and Pentium are trademarks of IntelCorporation in the U.S. and other countries.Microsoft, Windows, and Windows Vista areU.S. registered trademarks of MicrosoftCorporation. SD Logo is a trademark of itsproprietor.The information contained herein is subjectto change without notice. The onlywarranties for HP products and services areset forth in the express warranty statementsaccompanying such products and services.Nothing herein should be construed asconstituting an additional warranty. HP shallnot be liable for technical or editorial errorsor omissions contained herein.First Edition: April 2009Document Part Number: 518440-001

Safety warning noticeWARNING! To reduce the possibility of heat-related injuries or of overheating the computer, do notplace the computer directly on your lap or obstruct the computer air vents. Use the computer only on ahard, flat surface. Do not allow another hard surface, such as an adjoining optional printer, or a softsurface, such as pillows or rugs or clothing, to block airflow. Also, do not allow the AC adapter to contactthe skin or a soft surface, such as pillows or rugs or clothing, during operation. The computer and theAC adapter comply with the user-accessible surface temperature limits defined by the InternationalStandard for Safety of Information Technology Equipment (IEC 60950).iii

ivSafety warning notice

Table of contents1 Product description2 External component identificationTop components . 10TouchPad . 10Lights . 11Buttons and speakers . 13Keys . 14Front components . 15Right-side components . 15Left-side components . 16Rear component . 17Bottom components . 18Display components . 19Wireless antennas . 20Additional hardware components . 213 Illustrated parts catalogService tag . 22Computer major components . 23Display assembly components . 30Plastics Kit . 32Mass storage devices . 33Miscellaneous parts . 34Sequential part number listing . 354 Removal and replacement proceduresPreliminary replacement requirements . 40Tools required . 40Service considerations . 40Plastic parts . 40Cables and connectors . 41Drive handling . 41v

Grounding guidelines . 42Electrostatic discharge damage . 42Packaging and transporting guidelines . 43Workstation guidelines . 43Equipment guidelines . 44Component replacement procedures . 45Service tag . 45Computer feet . 46Battery . 47WLAN module . 48Optical drive . 53Memory module . 54Hard drive . 56Modem module . 58RTC battery . 59Keyboard . 60Keyboard cover . 63Power button board . 65Display assembly . 66Top cover . 72Speakers . 75System board . 76Bluetooth module . 79Fan/heat sink assembly . 81Processor . 845 Setup UtilityStarting Setup Utility . 86Using Setup Utility . 87Changing the language of Setup Utility . 87Navigating and selecting in Setup Utility . 87Displaying system information . 88Restoring default settings in Setup Utility . 89Exiting Setup Utility . 89Setup Utility menus . 90Main menu . 90Security menu . 90System Configuration menu . 91Diagnostics menu . 926 SpecificationsComputer specifications . 9317.3-inch, BrightView display specifications . 94vi

Hard drive specifications . 95DVD RW and CD-RW SuperMulti Double-Layer Combo Drive with LightScribe . 96Blu-ray ROM with LightScribe DVD R/RW SuperMulti DL Drive . 97System DMA specifications . 98System memory map specifications . 98System interrupt specifications . 99System I/O address specifications . 1007 Screw listingPhillips PM2.5 7.0 screw . 103Phillips PM2.5 6.0 screw . 106Phillips PM2.5 6.0 captive screw . 109Phillips PM2.5 5.0 screw . 110Phillips PM3.0 4.0 screw . 111Phillips PM3.0 4.0 captive screw . 112Phillips PM2.0 3.0 screw . 1138 Backup and recoveryCreating recovery discs . 116Backing up your information . 117When to back up . 117Backup suggestions . 117Using system restore points . 117When to create restore points .Create a system restore point .Restore to a previous date and time .Performing a recovery .Recovering from the recovery discs .Recovering from the dedicated recovery partition (select models only) .1171181181191191199 Connector pin assignmentsAudio-in (microphone) . 120Audio-out (headphone) . 120External monitor . 121RJ-11 (modem) . 122RJ-45 (network) . 122Universal Serial Bus . 12310 Power cord set requirementsRequirements for all countries or regions . 124Requirements for specific countries or regions . 125vii

11 RecyclingBattery . 126Display . 126Index . 132viii

1Product (UMA)ProductNameCompaq PresarioCQ71 Notebook PCXHP G71 NotebookPCProcessorsHP G71Notebook(UMA)Silver HPG71Notebook(UMA)PresarioCQ71Notebook(Discrete)HP G71Notebook(Discrete)Silver HPG71Notebook(Discrete)XXXXXIntel Core 2 Duoprocessors:P8700 2.53-GHzprocessor (3-MB L2cache, 1066-MHzfront-side bus(FSB))XXXXXXP7450 2.13-GHzprocessor (3-MB L2cache, 1066-MHzFSB)XXXXXXT6600 2.2-GHzprocessor (2-MB L2cache, 800-MHzFSB)XXXXXXT6400 2.0-GHzprocessor (2-MB L2cache, 800-MHzFSB)XXXXXXT3400 2.16-GHzprocessor (1-MB L2cache, 667-MHzFSB)XXXXXXT4200 2.00-GHzprocessor (1-MB L2cache, 800-MHzFSB)XXXXXXIntel Pentium Processors:Intel Celeron Processors:1

)HP G71Notebook(UMA)Silver HPG71Notebook(UMA)585 2.16-GHzprocessor (1-MB L2cache, 667-MHzFSB)XXXT1700 1.83-GHzprocessor (1-MB L2cache, 667-MHzFSB)XXX900 2.2-GHzprocessor (1-MB L2cache, 667-MhzFSB)XXXT1600 1.66-GHzprocessor (1-MB L2cache, 667-MHzFSB)XXXIntel GL40XXXIntel GM45XXX2HP G71Notebook(Discrete)Silver HPG71Notebook(Discrete)XXXXXXNorthbridgeIntel dge: IntelICH8MXXXIntel GMA 4500M(shared memory)XXXChapter 1 Product description

CategoryDescriptionPresarioCQ71Notebook(UMA)HP G71Notebook(UMA)Silver HPG71Notebook(UMA)Intel GMA4500MHD (sharedmemory)XXX Up to 285 MBon computermodelsequipped with1024 MB ofmain systemmemory Up to 797 MBon computermodelsequipped with2048 MB ofmain systemmemory Up to 1309 MBon computermodelsequipped with3072 MB ofmain systemmemory Up to 1309 MBon computermodelsequipped with4096 MB ofmain systemmemory (32-bitOS) Up to 1759 MBon computermodelsequipped with4096 MB ofmain systemmemory (64-bitOS)PresarioCQ71Notebook(Discrete)HP G71Notebook(Discrete)Silver HPG71Notebook(Discrete)3

CategoryDescriptionPresarioCQ71Notebook(UMA)HP G71Notebook(UMA)Silver HPG71Notebook(UMA)NVIDIA N10M-GE2S with 512 MBdedicated videomemory4 Up to 767 MBon computermodelsequipped with1024 MB ofmain systemmemory Up to 1278 MBon computermodelsequipped with2048 MB ofmain systemmemory Up to 1790 MBon computermodelsequipped with3072 MB ofmain systemmemory Up to 1790 MBon computermodelsequipped with4096 MB ofmain systemmemory (32-bitOS) Up to 2302 MBon computermodelsequipped with4096 MB ofmain systemmemory (64-bitOS)PresarioCQ71Notebook(Discrete)HP G71Notebook(Discrete)Silver HPG71Notebook(Discrete)XXXPanel17.3-inch 16:9 wideaspect ratio(1600 900), whiteLED backlit, HDBrightView displaypanelXXXXXXMemory2 SODIMM ter 1 Product description

CategoryHard drivesDescriptionPresarioCQ71Notebook(UMA)HP G71Notebook(UMA)Silver HPG71Notebook(UMA)PresarioCQ71Notebook(Discrete)HP G71Notebook(Discrete)Silver HPG71Notebook(Discrete)Support for DDR2dual-channel 800MHzXXXXXXSupport up to 4-GBmax systemmemory in thefollowingconfigurations:XXXXXX 1024-MB(1024 1)XXXXXX 2048-MB(1024 2)XXXXXX 2048-MB(2048 1)XXXXXX 3072-MB(1024 1 2048 1)XXXXXX 4096-MB(2048 2)XXXXXXSupport for 9.5-mm,6.35-cm (2.50-in)hard drivesXXXXXXCustomeraccessibleXXXXXXSingle hard driveconfigurations:XXXXXX500-GB, 5400-rpmXXXXXX320-GB, 5400-rpmXXXXXX250-GB, 5400-rpmXXXXXX160-GB, 5400-rpmXXXXXX5

CategoryDescriptionPresarioCQ71Notebook(UMA)HP G71Notebook(UMA)Silver HPG71Notebook(UMA)PresarioCQ71Notebook(Discrete)HP G71Notebook(Discrete)Silver HPG71Notebook(Discrete)OpticaldrivesFixed SATA 12.7mm tray loadXXXXXXSupport for:6 DVD RW andCD-RWSuperMultiDouble-LayerCombo DrivewithLightScribe Blu-ray ROMwithLightScribeDVD R/RWSuperMulti DLDriveCameraVGA camera,640 480 by 22.5frames per secondLow-light fixed anglewith activity lightXXXXXXMicrophoneSingle analogmicrophoneXXXXXXAudioHigh-definitionaudio supportsMicrosoft premiumrequirementsXXXXXXModem56K V.92 data/faxMDC modemXXXXXXEthernetIntegrated Realtek8102E 10/100network interfacecard (NIC)XXXXXXWirelessIntegrated wirelesslocal area network(WLAN) options byway of wirelessmodule:Atheros AR9280802.11a/b/g/nWLAN moduleXXXXXXBroadcomBCM4312 802.11b/g WLAN moduleXXXXXXAtheros AR2425802.11b/g WLANmoduleXXXXXXChapter 1 Product description

CategoryExternalmedia cardPortsDescriptionPresarioCQ71Notebook(UMA)HP G71Notebook(UMA)Silver HPG71Notebook(UMA)PresarioCQ71Notebook(Discrete)HP G71Notebook(Discrete)Silver HPG71Notebook(Discrete)Intel WiFi Link 5100802.11a/b/g/nWLAN moduleXXXXXXIntel WiFi Link 5100802.11a/b/g WLANmoduleXXXXXXAtheros AR2425802.11b/g WLANmoduleXXXXXXAtheros AR9280802.11a/g/n WLANmoduleXXXXXXMechanicalreserved to supportMIMO 3x3 antennasin display panelenclosureXXXXXXRealtek RTS5158EDigital Media t jack(stereo headphone)XXXXXXAudio-in jack (stereomicrophone)XXXXXXConsumer infraredXXXXXXHDMI v1.3supporting 1080pwith HDCP keyXXXXXX Memory Stick(MS) Memory StickPro (MSP) MultiMediaCard (MMC) Secure Digital(SD) MemoryCard xD PictureCard (XD)7

CategoryDescriptionPresarioCQ71Notebook(UMA)HP G71Notebook(UMA)Silver HPG71Notebook(UMA)PresarioCQ71Notebook(Discrete)HP G71Notebook(Discrete)Silver HPG71Notebook(Discrete)VGA (Dsub 15 pin)supporting:XXXXXXRJ-11 (modem)XXXXXXRJ-45 (Ethernet,includes link andactivity lights)XXXXXXUSB 2.0 ports on thecomputer (one USBport is combinedwith eSATA)XXXXXXHot plug/unplug andauto detect forcorrect output towide aspect vs.standard aspectvideoXXXXXXAC adapter plug(smart pin)XXXXXXDockingNo dockingXXXXXXKeyboard/pointingdevices17-inch full-sizekeyboard withnumeric keypadXXXXXXSynapticsTouchPad (supports2-way scroll withlegend, tapsenabled as default)XXXXXXBattery, 47-Wh, 2.2Ah, 6-cell Li-ionXXXXXXXXXPowerrequirements 1920 1200externalresolution at75 Hz 1600 1200externalresolution at75 Hz90-W AC adapterwith localized cableplug support (2-wireplug with ground pin,supports 2-pin DCconnector)8Chapter 1 Product description

CategoryDescriptionPresarioCQ71Notebook(UMA)HP G71Notebook(UMA)Silver HPG71Notebook(UMA)65-W AC adapterwith localized cableplug support (2-wireplug with ground pin,supports 2-pin DCconnector)XXXSecurityKensington SecurityLockXXOperatingsystemPreinstalled:Windows Vista Business (32-bit)XWindows VistaPremium (32 ete)HP G71Notebook(Discrete)Silver HPG71Notebook(Discrete)XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXWindows VistaHome Basic (32-bit)XXXXXXFreeDOSXXEnd-userreplaceable parts:AC adapterXXXXXXBattery (system)XXXXXXHard driveXXXXXXMemory moduleXXXXXXModem moduleXXXXXXRTC BatteryXXXXXXOptical driveXXXXXXWLAN moduleXXXXXX9

2External component identificationTop componentsTouchPadComponentDescription(1)TouchPad on/off buttonEnables/disables the TouchPad.(2)TouchPad*Moves the pointer and selects or activates items on the screen.(3)Left TouchPad button*Functions like the left button on an external mouse.(4)TouchPad light White: TouchPad is enabled. Amber: TouchPad is disabled.(5)TouchPad scroll zoneScrolls up or down.(6)Right TouchPad button*Functions like the right button on an external mouse.*This table describes factory settings. To view and change pointing device preferences, select Start Control Panel Hardware and Sound Mouse.10Chapter 2 External component identification

LightsNOTE:Your computer may look slightly different from the illustration in this section.ComponentDescription(1)Caps lock lightOn: Caps lock is on.(2)Power lights (2)* On: The computer is on. Blinking: The computer is in the Sleep state. Off: The computer is off or in Hibernation. Blue: An integrated wireless device, such as a wireless localarea network (WLAN) device and/or a Bluetooth device, ison. Amber: All wireless devices are off.(3)Wireless light(4)Num lock lightOn: Num lock is on or the integrated numeric keypad is enabled.(5)Battery light On: A battery is charging. Blinking: A battery that is the only available power source hasreached a low battery level. When the battery reaches acritical battery level, the battery light begins blinking rapidly. Off: If the computer is plugged into an external power source,the light is turned off when all batteries in the computer arefully charged. If the computer is not plugged into an externalpower source, the light stays off until the battery reaches alow battery level.Top components11

ComponentDescription(6)Blinking: The hard drive or optical drive is being accessed.Drive light*The 2 power lights display the same information. The light on the power button is visible only when the computer is open. Thepower light on the front of the computer is visible whether the computer is open or closed.12Chapter 2 External component identification

Buttons and speakersNOTE:Your computer may look slightly different from the illustration in this section.ComponentDescription(1)Speakers (2)Produce sound.(2)Power button* When the computer is off, press the button to turn on thecomputer. When the computer is on, press the button briefly to initiateSleep. When the computer is in the Sleep state, press the buttonbriefly to exit Sleep. When the computer is in Hibernation, press the button brieflyto exit Hibernation.If the computer has stopped responding and Windows shutdownprocedures are ineffective, press and hold the power button for atleast 5 seconds to turn off the computer.To learn more about your power settings, select Start ControlPanel System and Maintenance Power Options.(3)Wireless buttonTurns the wireless feature on or off but does not create a wirelessconnection.NOTE: To establish a wireless connection, a wireless networkmust already be set up.*This table describes factory settings. For information about changing factory settings, refer to the user guides located in Helpand Support.Top components13

KeysNOTE:14Your computer may look slightly different from the illustration in this section.ComponentDescription(1)esc keyDisplays system information when pressed in combination withthe fn key.(2)fn keyExecutes frequently used system functions when pressed incombination with a function key or the esc key.(3)Windows logo keyDisplays the Windows Start menu.(4)Function keysExecute frequently used system functions when pressed incombination with the fn key.(5)Windows applications keyDisplays a shortcut menu for items beneath the pointer.(6)Integrated numeric keypad and volume hotkeys Can be used like the keys on an external numeric keypad. Adjusts system volume when the asterisk (*), minus sign (-),or plus sign ( ) is pressed in combination with the fn key.Chapter 2 External component identification

Front componentsComponentDescription(1)Audio-in (microphone) jackConnects an optional computer headset microphone, stereo arraymicrophone, or monaural microphone.(2)Audio-out (headphone) jackProduce sound when connected to optional powered stereospeakers, headphones, ear buds, a headset, or television audio.Right-side componentsNOTE:Your computer may look slightly different from the illustration in this section.ComponentDescription(1)Optical driveReads optical discs and, on select models, also writes to opticaldiscs.(2)Optical drive lightBlinking: The optical drive is being accessed.(3)USB ports (2)Connect optional USB devices.(4)RJ-11 (modem) jack (select models only)Connects a modem cable.(5)AC adapter light On: The computer is connected to external power. Off: The computer is not connected to external power.(6)Power connectorConnects an AC adapter.Front components15

Left-side componentsNOTE:Your computer may look slightly different from the illustration in this section.ComponentDescription(1)Attaches an optional security cable to the computer.Security cable slotNOTE: The security cable is designed to act as a deterrent, butit may not prevent the computer from being mishandled or stolen.(2)VentEnables airflow to cool internal components.NOTE: The computer fan starts up automatically to cool internalcomponents and prevent overheating. It is normal for the internalfan to cycle on and off during routine operation.(3)External monitor portConnects an external VGA monitor or projector.(4)RJ-45 (network) jackConnects a network cable.(5)HDMI port (select models only)Connects an optional video or audio device, such as a highdefinition television, or any compatible digital or audio component.NOTE: Depending on your computer model, the computer mayinclude an HDMI port or a USB port at this location.(6)eSATA/USB portConnects a high-performance eSATA component, such as aneSATA external hard drive, or connects an optional USB device.(7)Digital Media Slot (select models only)Supports the following digital card formats:(8)16Digital Media Slot lightChapter 2 External component identification Memory Stick (MS) Memory Stick Pro (MSP) MultiMediaCard (MMC) Secure Digital (SD) Memory Card xD-Picture Card (XD)On: The Digital Media Slot is in use.

Rear componentComponentDescriptionVentEnables airflow to cool internal components.NOTE: The computer fan starts up automatically to cool internalcomponents and prevent overheating. It is normal for the internal fan tocycle on and off during routine operation.Rear component17

Bottom componentsComponentDescription(1)Battery bayHolds the battery.(2)Battery release latchReleases the battery from the battery bay.(3)Vents (5)Enable airflow to cool internal components.NOTE: The computer fan starts up automatically to cool internalcomponents and prevent overheating. It is normal for the internalfan to cycle on and off during routine operation.(4)Wireless module compartmentHolds a wireless LAN module.NOTE: To prevent an unresponsive system, replace the wirelessmodule only with a wireless module authorized for use in thecomputer by the governmental agency that regulates wirelessdevices in your country or region. If you replace the module andthen receive a warning message, remove the module to restorecomputer functionality, and then contact technical support throughHelp and Support.(5)18Hard drive bayChapter 2 External component identificationHolds the hard drive and contains the memory module slots.

Display componentsComponentDescription(1)Internal display switchTurns off the display and initiates Sleep if the display is closed whilethe power is on.(2)Webcam light (select models only)On: The webcam is in use.(3)Webcam (select models only)Records audio and video and captures still photographs.(4)Internal microphoneRecords sound.Display components19

Wireless antennasYour computer model has at least 2 antennas that send and receive signals from one or more wirelessdevices.NOTE: The antennas are not visible from the outside of th

HP G71 Notebook (UMA) Silver HP G71 Notebook (UMA) Presario CQ71 Notebook (Discrete) HP G71 Notebook (Discrete) Silver HP G71 Notebook (Discrete) Product Name Compaq Presario CQ71 Notebook PC X X HP G71 Notebook PC X X X X Processors Intel Core 2 Duo processors: P8700 2.53-GHz processor (

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