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THE BIGGESTPLACE A WANT AD[,N THE INDEPENDENTSUBURBAN NEWSPAPER.PHONE AD TAKERIN THE COUNTYWDBGE S-1710PRICE THREE CENTSE, N, CFRIDAY,"FEBRUARY 24, 1939.—NQ. 52iMOURIRONTNDOW, i d »,, lo.l o n . of » fcingui.hedand philaajd.nt. in t h . p a » . i » ltTilliam A- O»»»«rn, a, r . « t charmintellect,yean aDELAY SEEN IN NAMINGROMANO'S SUCCESSORProbability of Appeal, Al- Thief Enters High Schoolto Shortage Of Funds, But Flanki First Count!Are ConiiderttiopiW00tfb8J eE -The profitsCOURT ATTACK UKELtflUnaniaow InVerdict Deipite R«tracOf Wifemade by the lenior class, of theWoodbridge High School fromtn(iE!ay "320 College Avenue,"was evidently so tenrpting thatan attempt wai made Saturdaynight to steal the money.MAYOR FIGHTS RELIEF COST RISEAS OMENHISER TRACKS FRAUDSEMERGENCY SQUAD SUPPORTSSCOVTSRESPONDS TO 368CALLS DURING '38)07S Miles Since PurchaseIn Feb., 1938, Is Covered By AmbulanceEXPENSE TOTAL: 1568Director Convinced Chisel- \leri Still Remain OnLocal RollsADDS INVESTIGATORSDance Held On Tuesday ToAid In Drive For nnwUTo Operate This YearMISS HUBER COACHFACUIHPLAY1938 SHARE WAS ZSIIBill WouldTo Prosecute All Abuses ehearsals To Begin Soon-flooat Local Tax RateTo Full Extent CM Law,To Get ProceedsBySutyPoiBUHe Declare!WOODBRHXJE. — Rehsatsal'sWOODBRIDGE — The WoodWOODBRIDGE—MayprAugustlDGE MaWOODBRIDGE — Co nvinced will be started next week for the ridge Emergency Squad Inc.foyfht bMkelebrated this week the first annithere is more "chiselling" on relief lay, "Captain Applefate", whichFthis week to prevent passage fewemry of "its organisation. Durrolls than has yet been detected, will be presented by the faculty he legislature of a bill which wouldmembers of th'e Woodbridge Townng the year 368 calls have beenDirector John Omenhiaer said yes- hip High School in the auditorium, require this municipality and oth- mattered requiring the travellingterday he will add at least two Ban-on Avenue, April 87, 28 and e n to ply forty per cent of theof a total of 5075 miles in the amcost of providing unemploymentbulance. Total expenses for theadditional investigators to his staff 2».r*li«l, This would be an increaseyear were ?1508.52.The production, which was preon March 1.P»r c e n t o v e r the 1938vOrganization of t h e squad warat th& schoui'"by meiiibersLackat.adequatehelphaspreBumstarted at a meeting June 28, 1087,vented Mr. Omenhiger from keep- of" the faculty twelve years ago,Mayor Greiner tent telegrams toBWIIat which time Gordon Hunt was aping an adequate check on the hun will be coached and directed by Governor Moore and legislative .pointed an temporary chairman andMisuGraceHuberwithStephendreda of persons receiving publicleaders protesting the inability of*itElbur Richards aa temporary secassistance and he intends to ferre Werlock as the business manager Woodbridge Township to meet the, could b« anretary. A second meeting was heldandMissRuthErbinchargeoftheout the cheaters and hold them up,f what ! propowd « IneroaW. On the basis of lastJune 30 with the appointment ofus example to prevent further puHicity,th.H«year's experience, approximatelyFred Mawbey as temporary capOriginal members of the cast 1120,000 would have to be includedabuses.Only recently, Jameitain and drill muster to teach firstareMissMarthaMorrowandPrinMarkulin of Avenel was arrestedI th. annual btldf at !in th* 1930 budget to provide th«aid work.Np. I. TWs atril,WOODBRIDGE —Endorsement mill held for the grand jury on a cipal Arthur C. Ferry. Thtcomedy Ideal portion of the coat, the reIt wan then voted upon to hold *«§rriftkle inppointment.of the current drive to raise funds charge of obtaining relief whil production netted 11,100 when mainder to coma from the State. 'PUMIfuture meetings the first WcdnesCounsel for Romano, Harryfor the Boy Scouts was contained he was the recipient of an incom shown in 1927. Proceeds this yearEnactment of the present proday of the month and drill on thewill be used to defray insts forSpitser of Perth Amboy, is on vacain a statement issued yesterday by from private sources.WOODBRIDGE—Funeral servposal would skyrocket the localthehighschoolbandunifdVmuandsnle, postponed once, tion in Florida but his associate ices were conducted Saturday t second and fourth Thursdays of Victor 0. Nicklas, supervising prinThe two additional investiga tax rate by at least sixty points.the month. The squad joined thef.cipal of the Woodbridge Township tors, the director said, would b to pay 257.40 owed for t))e sound, deferred, this time Harry Cast, said yesterday the Mrs. William A. Osborn, memberIt had been hoped that the StateState Police First Aid Emergencyprojectorusedintheaifditoriumtaken from the relief rolls,ThiB is one -delay, transcript of the testimony is be of one of the Township's oldest Service on October 19, 1937. A schools.would contribute at least as muchthird new staff member also may j Others participating in the play as it did in 1938 toward giving,ing studied and that an appeal "is families and one of its berft-bedance was held to secure funds to. "Both my observation and ex[that no-one will comarc: William Benson, Mis* Elizabeemployedifthecircumstancescontemplated." He said that de- oved residents. The rites werepurchase a{i Hinbulance along with perience in working with boys whobeth Kopper, Mrs. Thomas Bren- food/shelter and clothing to thecision probably will not be made onducted from the Home on Green a drive wh!?h m-tted 2500. have had tho advantages of being warrant, he continued.nan, Miss Johunna Magyar, Miss unemployed.' If this proportion o f 'until Mr. Spitier's return and that Street by Rrt, William V. D.Boy Scouts has been such that 1H fKirrwoula 5 t cTtterrniheTTtBSn atBfl; String, "pasfoF rWe Hrst "CafP"I! FpriviTeietThe cost ofdelivered on February 6, 1938,Donald Weacott, William Bocklcy adininlslration spokesmen aslproir.n taowa "7(Continued on Page 2)gregstional Church. Burial utmoveTownshiphasaveraged .25,000ajjuulputinto-sL-ivkeFebruary19.and Howard Stein.*.Ufcrary 4« * la*n the Presbyterian Cemetery.month for two years, regardlessaHeiii andY on IhV other haiuli"The aquad has operated during the ment," said Mr. NicWas.Renovated »kjrsiMrs. Oaborne, a life-long resi- year entirely"I "vhiik that all eiiftaperi in the of the frequency of WPA projects,would probably be decreased.donations andi library ha* inaraaieadent of Woodbridge, had always money collected from fines and field of education who know the expansion of private industry orWPA Cost A Worry»Hon, added »a«l'r * philosophy of scouting will admit the activities of private charities.aken a leading part in the social dues.Another troublesome angle perbooki and maf.« »thesoundnessofthatphilosophy.and civic activities of the commuIt is known that several specificA dunce was held Tuesday evetaining to relief is contained in ffordad tha publicnity and had a host of friends. Her ning at the St. .1 nines' Hall to help Moreover, a scout's training fal- jeases are under suspicion and thesethe necessity for also providing m, exhibition!. It minedhusband waa the late William A. to obtain funds to operate duringthe budget a large sum to covetnini lha cultural canOsborn, a New York broker. She the next yeiir. !! ).50 in addition ing of which I am aware the prin- when the extra investigators startWI'A projects, Theoretically, cmcommunity—a purfor many year* was active in the has been donated so far in the ciples of the psychology of youth. to work. Prompt criminal actionpluyablest are supposed to be .takenoubt which, i*» do«ors"ThecreedofeachBoyScoutwill be started where evidence isCongregational Church and long drive.off the relief rolls when hired ,onnight «chi»»*.'served as a teacher in the SundayPresentare; President, is such that, if we as adults would uncovered, Mr, Omcnhiser deI.SELIN Mrs. Genesta Wytde, these improvement projects butobserve it, life would be happier clared.School.i Bridge has become theElbur Richards; vice-president, L.31, of Lincoln Highway, is being allowing for time out because ofWOODBRIDGEThe P u r i mMrs. Oaborn was a member of Menard; .secretary, Alfred W. for us and those with whom wecard gBme, leavheld for the Grand Jury on a bad weather, illness and red tapeArrestofMarkulinconfirmedMasque ball to be held by .the La- the Missionary Society, Ladiep'come in daily contact, That creed in second place. LikeBrown;financialuecretary,Wilcharge of bMgjagr j }suspicionsurroundingatmrroundingaldies' Association'of the Congrega- Association,out to ba'skatball, rnjMiennnnpiflrMp*n f -r—obtain, Wwd Mawbey;It is alleged that Mrs; Wylde, saving is realisedafter it became known the' AvenelMarch 6 at the Temple Beth Mor Society, Friday Afternoon Bridgeporate high standards of honorlieutenant, A. Hunt; drill master,tContinuti on Page S)man had been taken into custody who was arrested by the Rahwayundergoing an * vh *decata, High Street, Perth Amboy Club and the Woodbridge Womamong youth."Alexander Hamilton; trustees,six persons voluntarily appeared Police Department, stole furniturebetter or wotti. PerMusic for dancing will be piayed an's Club.at relief headquarters and closed from a home owned by the com"Kenneth Vujt Pelt, Fre\ Mawbey,Jitterbugs" will eventHby Letter Tobrowsky and his orSurviving are a daughter, Rue, Nelson Drij.st, Julius Prohaska andout their account. While it is. prob- plainant in Rahwuy. It was allegedshag and Lambethchestra.Refreshments will be a teacher in the Woodbridge schoolable that no action will be taken the missing furniture was foundEldon Riiison. Members of theof the old wait*.served and novelty dances fea system; a sister, Mrs. John Ring ofagainst them, those not entitled to in the woman's horm.\squad are: Alfred Brown, JuliusArlington; and a cousin, Minn Su- Bernstein, Kenneth Coffey, NelsonH.s-istance who continue to acceptMrs. Joseph valued the articles.th Dllilng. attfcor tureri, «Committee members in charge of san Campbell of Philadelphia.it will be dealt, with harshly.at several thousand dollars,ed Network", iajri th*Drost, Vincent (iray, Alexanderth,i! arrangements arc: Mrs. Cyril,'krc.t of CommunlimHamilton-, Arthur Haixraves, WalIn a further effort to cut downHutner, chairman; Mrs, William!ter Housituin, Gordon Hunt, Meinthe cost of relief, plans also areimonibcinK considered to require allpitic profetwrt, ed«- James Rauchman, Mrs, Aaron Par-! —rt «. . , / r D t « « u AD 1 ert Hunt, OTto iTunt, Joseph JoyJr.,RichardLursen,ThomasLeirelative'sof indigents, legally re nd th.ir int.lU .ne."i got, Mrs. L.J. Najavitx, Mrs. S. M. j I V ttAYL rAKi I mAK. JWOODBRIDGE — Eorty-sc-vensen, Frcil Muwbey, Leo Menard,sponsiblp for their support, to asthat th. C. I. O. i* Mytelka, Mrs.M (TharlcsC h l Li'hrur,LhMrs1TJMrs,WOODBRIDGE—Installation ofboys have become charter memberssume trtu burden rather than toRaymond Olscn, John Olbfick,WOODBRIDGE—A novelty rei ution»rjr ceajrol."nowly-elected .officers of the AmIrving Hutt, Mrs. Sam .Harrison,of the Junior Sportsmen of Wood- force it pn the public.George Quimet,'John Prekop, Jucital will be held tonight by thetricus Chapter, Order of DeMolay,bridge Township, nn organizationI . . s go in pairs lowadays Mrs. Charles Fiebush, Mrs. Nathanmale stiu nts of the Rhodes'Llius Prohasku, Kldon Raison, Elwax held at.the Craftman's Mr*.BenFairs are becomingSchoolofMusk»uttheRhodes'bur Richards, William Huberts,Green Street, last night. urrisChoper,bmmim as W.P.A. proj.home on Green Street at 7:45, ,John Tobnk, Harold Trotter, Kenfollqwed the. enKantor,Mrs.A.EdwardAVEMEL—Installation of the neth Van Pelt, Elmer Vecsey andjJTraiicwco'a show openedMiss Cathryn Wood of VirginiaOfficers were: Louis .HenryA.Benewly-elected"officersoltheWomay approximately 160,will be guest soloist. Otherspar- master councilor; senior councilor,Fred Zehrer Jr.by Clifford Dunham, president ofen's Auxiliary of the w/Andrews'dmisHonii and the New lafsfcy.ticipating in the program are: Kenneth Magyar; junior councilor,theadultassociation,whoemphaTickets for the affair can be pur- Church will bo held Marfch 7 at theJack Dowling , Jerry Donahue, Wil- Andrew Both well; senior deacon,will soon begin,' withsized the need' of conservation ofliam Thompson Jv., Ralph Rankin, Ggrdjbn .MjMSBIj.jttnior deacon, Daeel of even greater at- chased from "any. member of the home of Mrs. John QfRRn, SkiithJSM life,. Robert .Qwcns, presidentStreet. .Francis ffinsey, Julian- Gtrw-ifr., v id Brown; BehiofstewanT, D»v5d ""Uttr ccnturiua uf.nu, committee.of the Middlesex County FederaOfficers to be installed are: presiWesley Gilbert, Edward Stiff, Low- Rush; junior steward, Thomas 1 .l d wegtateti llaland,tion of Sportsmens' Clubs, disdent, Mrs. William Grausam; viceeli McLellan, Howard Wopdruff, Humphrey; Arthur Knies, sentito go over and anWOODBRIpQE-J-Sunday schoolcussed the topic "Sportsmanship."president,Mrs.AndrewLeahy;secand William Wiegers.uVn by.nel; chaplain, William Black; marclasseswillmeetattheFirstPresOther members spoke on a varietyretary, Mrs. Rudolph Voelker; andshal, . Jack Ringwoqd; standardbyterian Church at 9:4& A. »M. reasurer, Mrs. Anthony Peterson.Roo»*v*lt U ob»ibearer, Gustave Launliardt.befollowedbythemorpingserviceand assured them of the full coWOODBRIDGE -Thc Builders'A benefit card party will be herdt conc.riwJ with Euro*at 11 o'clock wtth Rev. Earl H. Society of the tyethodist EpiscopalPreceptors: K. Katen, aren'torganizaat the Avenel School March 3 withcaret than h* n»»d l ».Devanny discussing . Quinn, Jtoy Simm,chenshowervia*heldTuesday"totion.Mrs, Alex Tare* as general chairtanrM toThe Vesper service will take Mrs: tiarl Augustine, Ridgedsle William Schramm and Jeraidfete Misses M#rk arid Jane DuniThe bays electejl the foflowingmanassistedj yMrs.JosephBarna,ilic attention from thefirtmn.(rHhe hortie of Miw Johanna' »»»ft Coni)g r 4JraalJB!fl S-4.t.JU39.Ei.ftCraig.Av«nu«r»« h«*tiurc of thf fjaw OtalW b V p — Mrs."MiriTf p y rMagyar, Cramjiton Avenue, The dent;, Edward Grode, vice-pr,esi- speakers present from the Princer«ip«ct, it affordi *. Kostenbard, df Roosevelt Avenue. Mrs. Edward Moran, Mrs. M. Tulliaffair w s arranj,'ed*by Miss Mag- dent; Thomas Anderson, secre- ton Seminary, A supper meeting moks icr*«n.Carttret, was treated at-the Perth son, Mrs. Voelker, .Mrs. Leahy, yar and Mrs, Frank McCarthy.tary;'Walter- Dunham, treasurer of the leniar and IntermediateAmboy General Hospital Tuesday Mrs. Peter Greco and Mrs. GrauThe affair was in honor of the and William Larsen Jr., sergeant- Christian Endeavor Societies willnatural that private for A fractured left ankle which sam. Proceed will b« donated toapproaching marriage of the two at-arms. The next meeting will be held at 6 o'clock.decrease with she received in an auto collision. the church. .Catechism classes will be conhonor guesta,be held in the headquarters of the,The car in which she was riding,estrictiun affecting inGuests present'were Miss Alice Association Tuesday and trans- ducted at the church WednesdayCLUB MEETS MARCH 7Federal and driven by Helen Kostenbard, co'.WOODBRIDGE —The regular Merrill, Mrs. Stephen Werlock of portation will be furnished mem- at 4 and 7 P. M. The secondWOODBRIDGE—An exhibition ortancc nf hnving a personal[will soon have us so lided into a car that was making nmeeting of the Tuesday Afternoon Plainflel'd; Mrs. William Ford of; bers from various points in the Lenten prayer service will follow! original prints done by Llewel- .uch added to their private col[that no business calf left hand turn from Main Street toat7:45withRev.DevannygivStudy Club will be held March. 7 Orange; Mrs. Thomas Brennan of Township. Entertainment will ben C. Holden of the Woodbridge ictions in the form of a printedyhut the working peoi Ford Avenue, Fords. .ing an I interesting discussion onat the home of Mrs. Ira T. Spen- Clark Township; .Mrs. Dorothy provided.ltii designating the ownershipigh School Art Department openThe vehicle was driven by G. S.*t is work. Already"Water}'Kirkleski, Miss Alice Gade, Misscer, Main Street.d at the Barren Free Public Li- f ench of their books. The mod' -ar« objecting to regu- Kookogey of Westfleld.Mrs.WilliamButtersofHarrellAlida Van Slyke, Miss Elizabethrn book plate deals with the perutc is attempting, supAvenue will be hostess at a meet- rary on February 23, 193!).Andrews, Miss Wary Connolly,onul hobbies or interests of theThefieldofprintsisdividedhtir behalf. When obingoftheBreckenrldgeAuviliaryMiss Victoria Balukonia, Mrs. L.wncr or owners of books. The[ the nonsense becomesMonday evening with Mrs, W. nto three classes (1) relief printC. Holden, Mrs. Lincoln Tamboer,sign of a book plate may alsongofwhichlinoleumandwoodroad, maybe we'll beFORDS—A meeting of the La. Brewer as co-hostess. The WomMiss Grace C. Huber, Miss Mar,nvc nothing to do with the llholditscoveredBmewhere.garet Morgenson, Miss Sally FiU- dies' Auxiliary of the Harry Han-.sts of the owner. The plate ofgerald, Miss Arline Corbett, Mrs- son Post 163, American Legion, luncheon at the church Wednes- n'inting under which come all etchMartin Neyvcbmer, a formerngs,dry-pointsandaquatints;(3)Letter H. CU«, of ElIrene Shay, MrB. Magyar, Miss will be held at the home of Miss day.lYoodbridge resident, has as sentedaathewill in all probabilHelen Bsrkowitx, Miss Elizabeth Julia Dani, Maple Avenue, Tuesubjeot, the seai and jMJlhw, T h » / ISELIN—The Holy Name Soi'i11 drawings .maJe with a Kfeafloor shuw of the evening. TJ)» R an, Miss Helen O'Bfie'a, Miss day, . 'tin For tha Govornor,,,)IaW of M/. iM Mrsl'Bllis J.'Rob- "ety of S t Cecelia's Church willrayonona'stoneUrzintsurfaceimekilrop, wings and*stage SQt-up in Martha Morrow, Miss Alice Finn,We mention thiiPlans will be made at the meetpresent a minsirel and muaical re,re called lithographs-. The relief, nson has as its motif a summer ;general nil have beeh designed to Mi*» Margaret Handrioksen, Miss ing for a Legion birthday celebraion that it'i hot b«envue entitled "Now And Ever," inirintingis the mosf'ancient of the camp in K e y Hampshire. Tha ;'kfurther aedfentuate th« setting.Adelaide Berghoff, Mrs. Maurice tion to'be given to the Harry Hanareported and wouldthe auditorium of the Pershingiriniingarts and then lithographic ilate of Mr. and Mrs. Holden in aWOCfrBRIDGE—The AmerP. Dunigan and Miss Ruth Erb.Bochm Ii Dlrtctorpi you make a note fBon Post March 17 at the home of;ombined design showing two inAvenue sthooi on St. Patrick's everocess,themost recentare reference."The sketch is hilarious funny;erests, one of music and the other,Mrs. Benjamin Sunshine, Maxwell ican Home Department of thening, 4Iar;h 17. This is the first.Thesubjectmatterof*theexWoman's Club will meet March"frombeginningtoand;Writtenart.The last two plates are enAvenue.hibitionvariesfromscenesinthestill be "gold in such production attempted by the and directed toy Mr. Boehm, the. in!), the place to be announcedgraved on wood; the NewcomerCatskillsatKingstonandWoodlills". when a Judge of organisation In several years and dividual members comprising itslater.(Fire) DUtrjcts IJ nne Newstock, New York, to scenes along design" was printed from a linohighest courts, is evoking much interest.The topic 'for discussion m\]',cast werl especially selected byCommissioner!Saturdaythe coast, up to Quebec. Local eum block,A larg« ytnd capable cast ofllf\i IK) salary, will rebe "Superstitions and Deluhim for their ability1 to play »ateoftheconnected with a singers, dancers, comedians and roles in black face arid dialect, and . WOODBRIDGE—The following Gladys Kelly, Missing 3 sions". Each member will beWhite Church and .Trinity" Churcl Academy of Fine Arts ai the AN(lk. The New Jersey instrumentalists nave b,een gssem- a most humorous, and fast-moving are the winners in the erection forasked to tell at her "pef'superWetks, Wat In Amboyare- shown d(me in linoleum am bright Art .Gallery at Buffalo,(itcc & Trust of Jersey b'ied and now are in rehearsal, be- aklt results.stitions and trace it, back to itsfire commissioners held in the flrewoodblock. The Old First Churc N.Y. anil the School of AppliedWOODBRIOGE-J-After haviriR origin.he other day and ap- ing coached under the able direc ,t « *districts Saturday:on Broad Street in Newark wa. Art at RoeWtor, N. Y. He also"The latest and most popularMiitr Banking 4 In- tion of Otto Boehm who has beenWtfodhridgei Ferdinand' Kath. be*n away from home nearly threeprinted from a linoleum block was a student of -oldGladysKelly,srtment is unable to most successful In his efforts atand- WilHam Fitzpatrick; PortSENIORS SttT DANCE DATE Others of the prints are purely ere Charman, English, textile designi situation. So, Judge producing and directing entertain- priate array of Irish numbers, edpe- Reading: John Samoos and/Steph daughter of Mr. and Mrs. ThomasWOODBRlOOE — The Senio utive in their subject jnattcr,er and water colbrist; Albert Heek-. \ ially silected f a t , t h e occasion,,,!to take a.plaoe ments of this k!n*L ,,en Hutnick.;/ Avenel M& Colon!?! Kelly cf Harrell Avanue/ hits re- class of' the Woodbridge Highman, well-known "designer andwillbefeaturedVf.someofWeturnedtoherhome.for Ex-SenatorThe book plate jJrints'aro threiJoseph Wukovets; Fordli Ralph"Unlike the usual groun typeSchool will hold, a dance in thprint maker. While abroad in theleading vocalists of this section sign*Llddle;Hop«lawn:MichaelBorom;of minstrel," say&. air announcesisted by several well-known radio East Uelin; Frank Copper and N, boy where she had obtained cm' school gymnasium March 10 witr and engraved for personal libraries. summer of 1937 he studied underment of the show, "the presentartists who have promised to -be Peter Jeasen; West Iselln: Wil- ployme'nt. Her 'parents- l ad re- Joseph RuggeH Hid Donald Wei People who h e w libraries of the: Andre Strauss and Gaston Baland, .i iiiiirr «r» w*r» fewoffering u planned will move ofoott in, charge of the arrangeprominent French painters." imlut and plaatwpresent."'own are coming \o feel the imliam ZeigenbaJg an* Gprdon Gill. quested police to assist in, locating- ments. '," ' year, wt'it having !«« revolve about a typical night clubDancing will folioVthe perform-. and. Keasbeyr John Parl»«.herwhereabouts 'rr trnvHlIm tkiltt. letting as its principal theme, withthe various acts and ln«M(lu ' ance.Wight, who 1» alwajf*t increased recognitionpubliean organisation, iset more attention thanttld desire if he's handeddividing who is to getpnointment to the police, n HB it's learned theI,, him, there'll fee Icut of candidates SBWOODBRIDGE—While counselfor former Patrolman Karney Romano considered the possibility ofappealing hia ouster to the courts,candidates to succeed him took onthe size of a small army.Because of the possibility of.-the cajie being tied up til litigation,plus the tefukiwy «f the administration to cut expenses everywherepossible, it may be that the, jobwill remain vacant for some timeto come. Neither Mayor AugustF. Greiner nor Police Commissioner Herbert Rankin would disclosetheir intentions but inferred theywould be willing to go along forthe time being vjfthgut making anThe intruder entered theschool building by forcing a cellar window on the east side andthen gaining entrance to privateoffice of Principal A. C. Ferryby breaking the glass door.When no money could befound, the intruder left withouttaking anything.NICKLAS ENDORSESBOY SCOUT DRIVEMRS. WM. A. OSBORNMOURNED BY TOWNSupervising Principal AddsPraise To Work OfYouth GroupOne Of Woodbridge't Oldeit, Beit-Loved ResidentsAwayJJEWBHlUXIUARYSETS MASQUE DATE1SELIH WOMAN FACESCHARGE OFJURGLARYMrs. Wylde Accused OfTaking Furniture FromRahway HomePurim Observance To BeHeld On March 5thIi Perth AmboykDE NYSl INSTALLEDBYDEMOLAYLODGE47 YOUTHS ENROLLEDIN SPORTSMEN'S CLUBTobrowaky, Mrs Sam Sails, AVEHELConover Elected PresidentOf New Organization;To Meet TuesdayCHURCH GROUPTarcz Named Chairman Of ArrangementsFor Benefit AffairBOROUGHITE IS MMIN SOWS COLLISIONMrs. Kosienbatd Suffers Afractured Ankle In.Auto CrInduction Ceremonies Conducted Last Night InMale Students Ot RhodesCraftsman's ClubMusic School in RecitalPRESBYTERIAN UNITSPLAN SUPPER MEETINGChristian Endeavor Societies To Convene OnSunday At 6p.m.BRIDES-TO-BE FETEDAT SURPRISE SHOWERMisses\: Marie Anji JaneDunigan Honor GuestsAt Party TuesdayLocal LandmarksAmong Subjectsmd,In Holden Exhibition At LibraryAuxiliary To Plan TuesdayFor Birthday CelebrationSt. Cecelia's Holy tiamemocietyTo Offer Minstrel-Revue mar. 17Club Membm To ContestSuperstitions On March 9ELECTI0N RESULT3RETURNS HOME- H . W K. In

FRIDAY, KERRl'ARY 24, 1939PAGEI Ol VTVONPIMSt' .,i,iinl i i ti I ' .I , I , I i i i -w '«I«IIHopelawnDANCE MINUETMm. Wiiii .iin .1. KmH i . , ,-s,tnl s in I i K ' i l ! l r i*J l »l 'liHht-i nd Mulil)*-INTHKMATTBPIHI*- fnttrit a r l l . K i l c l f l l f t u n i li» a u « fa li' c i2l wjuih clxUOK THKKUTATK; ex TiirnfiWt- iWKI n i n y * l u i n i n n l u i t r e H l i n I h fweit by oilier you me thf wife ul William J. Kitv!OK HOWARD W.ela-iit 6 Ji ' 'l.-uWl i u i i t i d e s r i t j « d i n Mild M i l o f r u mnagh,afori«\crownerofrti-ordieLberg Recall Early Day*)0of K.I ward W. Cuoper aaa utb- Mart i,l the premtaes fcrrelntbove lroOFBHD ilandpl.llHt.r i ; OB a lliif )«rullei with an* » v - »i rlheii and you hav« ur may rial. — T l * Ho»»ekwn Home uthwardlyfwnNOTIC!V imve an Interest In said premiHilur Complainant.School A»wKi»tion will hold a meet- WOODBRlDGEr-Danring "f t)"1IKD9'Hid mearurril al right aRc )r« to the hv rni*oii of an Inrhoate right i14 4'ornmt-ri e Stn-etHy 1virtue of *n order Of the Of- «M -*nti r line at railroad four huning and election of officers Mondminuet by Miss Carol (ianlm'iN'eAark,NIplum* i .nT i of Die Count? of slid- dred fglii.v three and nlntly oneAnd you, The unknown hHre", tliafternoon. Plan* will also be fur- and Jlr«. Wesley HeiRtlbcv?, it»dl * * miule on the 80th day of Jan- onr-hundredth ( tl.*l) feet to « Tin««.a and neraonal representativeW 1.11-24 3-3, 10,1 T"aarv. &3», t i e subscriber, rruak E point In the easterly line of land of Henry Alberdtng i former owner iBieetltuj far a danea Iajtter costumed as Geoi-jft W a.*hf o o i r the administrator * the El- how or formerly of Solomon H Par-and your or any of your heirs, d(rtheirhoo! Marchingtbn, featured the birthdav anmtut# t.r KJWard W. Vaaptlr, deceased, rs I ho and wife, distant two hun-vlseea, etrtulett,admlnlatrnturxOP Pi'sUylCo K4aVKerch, dred sixty a l l and thirty two one- grann-ea, a x i r n i or surcesaora liw l l un the ttht4a y ofwith mttalc for dancinf pl«yed un- W M r y observance of the firsthe«fterno»nTOWHOMITMAYjCONCKRN:1»3», ai 2 di.clock In trlg ii, title or Mrtersat, are made deh north fourteen M'I degrees twesty fendants,At a rtgular meeting of the Town. dtr the HMCU«HI o t Jimmy Gay and Pre«id«nt held. by. tho LillianIn runm 301Hobart Buljdlw,PerthB0 Hnts, beeaajteI . . you may have aiAinln.y N i w Jerney, Mil at public 120'/ mlnutea west from the norih- Interest In the hwelnaWve described 1'ip Committee or the Township of his orctortr*.Buachman Guild of the First Pres"Wuudbridge held Monday, FebruaryVfii.Hi" H e undivided faurest of the weeterlr line of the Ea»ei sn4 Mid- Dremlaesj.20th, l U r I was directed to adver.—Mr. and Mr». Stephen P»t«*i byterian Church.HMI Krtvmnl W i'ooftr In Mil «l m dlesex Turnpike; thenre (1) northBugene Mankenhorntlae tlir fact that on Mvnday evening,I'fttain lra.1 nf land, to wit:fourteen ( ) ) degrees twenty (I*')Hnlfcltbrfor anjlUfnd of CounaelThe party wss held in -YlilisMarHi (th. ltt», the Township Com- if Warden Avenue announc* theAll Uiftt i«rt»ln tract,or p a r o l of mlnues west by aald lend now orwill) ConplajnantmitteewillmeetmiP.U.(BHTlInenfagem«tn oftheirdaug-hter,BetGardner'shome and all nuIsiul un.l i rerataea, hereinafterformerly of Solomon 8. Carvaiho andFederal Trust Buildingthe Committee Chambers, Memorial( -ului \y (ICHIIl h i altuate,i t t IIvlnfl end wife, twenty,. Are and twe.oly threerlheil,t .U Cowimerce StreetoftheGuildwere dres.'t'J dbrtdge,telnx In the Tnwnahlp of Itarttan, ona-bUbdredtha ( I M S ) feel t« t h *New Jersey, ami expose and sell at ft, Benedict af Woodbridg*. The onial coftumee. After rUMiddled, Stale uf NfW aald southerly line of land of the DatedpublicMleandlothehighestbidderDeliciou* Hot Cro» B«t»i » oa Ml* every drmted New Jersey Ballrsad, and W.I. »-H,an ordlng to tfrnn nf sale ea flle date for the wedding had not been james, the gue?ts enjoyed i v f r t - Canal Cosnpaay; thenn* (i) northFIB8T f ftACT1with t-he Tpwaslrip ClerkopentomenU. Thf next meeting "ill ''ia poat In the aooth* sixty" eight («» ) degrees east aloft*Inspection and to hexJiublirly read set. i.f H road If ail Ing from the -southerly line of land of the IN (UANt'Blir OF NEW JKR»E prior to sale, Lots 101-110-Hl Inrlvheld on March i in thf home l1»*/H1Park Iu laelin, Iformerlr United. New Jersey' Railroad andBlock6JSC,WoodbridgeTuwnshipMiBB Pan*y MacCrory. KowhuiilJhni and the northeast corner Canal Company parallel wlfh and To: Mrs. Samuel Klslikin, wife avaeasmentMap.Samual Klahk

Irving Hutt , Mrs. Sam .Harrison Mrs. Charles Fiebush, Mrs. Nathan Duff, Mrs. Louis Cohen, Mr*. Ben-Jon Cehen,"* Mrs. Murris Choper, Mrs. Ben Kantor, Mrs. A. Edward Bernstein and Mrs. Henry A. Be-lafsfcy. Tickets for the affair can be pur-chased from "any. member of the committee. BOROUGHITE IS MM IN SOWS

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Test-takers do not bring anything into the testing room, and they do not leave until they have finished the test and returned all test materials. If a test-taker must leave the room before completing the test, that test-taker is not permitted to return to the test room and finish the test. Instead, the test-taker is scheduled for retesting with

Achieve a first-time-taker PANCE passage rate of 90%, or better. Measure: PANCE Pass Rate Target: Running Average First Time Pass Rate of 3 cohorts 90% or greater . Cohort Class Graduation Year Number of First Time Takers Program First Time Taker Pass Rate National First Time Taker Pass Rate For the Class Graduation Year 3 year average

London CSTD Project/ Sample Taker User Guide / Version 1.6/ September 2015 Page 3 1.0. Introduction This document provides guidance to all sample takers on how to register and use the London Cervical Sample Taker Database (CSTD) web-based system. 2.0. Background

County: DeKalb Job Cost: Subdiv: Unit : Lot #: Zoning Dist: Block #: Phone #: Cell #: Front Depth Height Sq. Ft. Front Depth Height Sq. Ft. Total Sq. Ft. of Bldg: Garage: Attached Detached Address Phone Address Phone Carpenter Address Phone Address Phone Address Phone Address Phone Roofing Contractor Address Phone Address Phone Address Phone .

County: DeKalb Job Cost: Subdiv: Unit : Lot #: Zoning Dist: Block #: Phone #: Cell #: Front Depth Height Sq. Ft. Front Depth Height Sq. Ft. Total Sq. Ft. of Bldg: Garage: Attached Detached Address Phone Address Phone Carpenter Address Phone Address Phone Address Phone Address Phone Roofing Contractor Address Phone Address Phone Address Phone .

Product Information Product name D 10 Phone – EU D 10 Phone – UK D 10 Phone – US D 10 Phone – AUS Order name D 10 Phone – EU D 10 Phone – UK D 10 Phone – US D 10 Phone – AUS Art. No. 506408506410506411 506409 EAN No. 40 44155 09702 3 40 44155 09703 0 40 44155 09704 7 40 44155 09705 4 UPC No. 6 1510

incentivize testing, grow test-taker volume, and help boost test-taker confidence. From September 21, 2015, through October 31, 2015, students can take the GED Ready practice test for 1 Students log in at GED.com, order the GED Ready practice test they want to take then enter promo code BACKTOSCHOOL at checkout to discount the test to 1

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