Woodland Park School District Reading Curriculum

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Woodland Park School DistrictReading CurriculumEnglish Language ArtsCurriculum Writers: Elisabetta Macchiavello, Nancy Munro, Lisa Healey-Wilk, SamanthaKrasnomowitz, Monica Voinov, Michele Skrbic, Krystal Capo, Nicole Webb, Veronica Seavy,Pamela Yesenosky, Steve Sans, Rosemary Ficcara, Laura Masefield, Meghan Glenn2016-2017Carmela TrigliaDirector of Curriculum and Instruction

ContentsEnglish Language Arts Mapping Guide . 4Kindergarten Reading Curriculum . 5Unit Title: Routines: Launching the Reading Workshop . 6Unit Title: We Are Readers (Unit 1, Lucy Calkins) . 8Unit Title: Reading Powers (Unit 2, Super Powers, Lucy Calkins) . 10Unit Title: Developing Strong Readers . 12Unit 4 : Informational Reading/Poetry . 14First Grade Reading Curriculum . 16Unit Title: Launching/Building Good Habits . 17Unit Title: Reading Nonfiction . 19Unit Title: Reading Fluency/Comprehension . 22Unit Title: Retelling / Story Elements. 24Second Grade Reading Curriculum. 26Unit Title: Launch (1) . 27Unit Title: Unit Building Good Habits (2) . 33Unit Title: Elements of Nonfiction (3) . 37Unit Title: Building Stamina with Longer and More Complex Texts (4) . 41Unit Title: Book Clubs (5) . 46Unit Title: Fairytales, Fables, and Folktales. 49Third Grade Reading Curriculum . 52Unit Title: Routines: Launching the Reading Workshop . 53Unit Title: Unit 1 Building a Reading Life . 56Unit Title: Unit 2 Reading to Learn/Nonfiction . 58Unit Title: Unit 3 Character Studies . 60Unit Title: Unit 4 Research Clubs . 65Unit Title: Unit 5 Learning Through Reading . 67Unit Title: Unit 6 Poetry (optional unit) . 691

Unit Title: Unit 7 Solving the Mystery . 71Fourth Grade Reading Curriculum . 74Unit Title: Routines: Launching the Reading Workshop . 75Unit Title: Unit 1 Interpreting Characters: The Heart of the Story . 79Unit Title: Unit 2: Reading the Weather, Reading the World. 81Unit Title: Unit 3: Reading History: The American Revolution . 83Unit Title: Unit 4: Historical Fiction Clubs . 84Unit Title: Unit 5: Mythology/ Folk Lore . 86Unit Title: Unit 6: Poetry, Drama, & Prose . 88Fifth Grade Reading Curriculum . 91Unit Title: Launching . 92Unit Title: Unit 1 Reading Literature - Fifth graders study characters . 95Unit Title: Historical Fiction Book Clubs . 99Unit Title: Informational Reading: Reading with a Critical Lens . 102Unit Title: Cross Genre Reading . 108Unit Title: Literature: Fantasy Book Clubs . 111Sixth Grade Reading Curriculum . 118Unit Title: Agency and Independence- Launching . 119Unit Title: Character Study - Clubs . 121Unit Title: Comparing Themes in Literature . 124Unit Title: Nonfiction Reading: Navigating Expository, Narrative and Hybrid Nonfiction . 127Unit Title: Mixed Genre - Biography. 131Unit Title: Poetry - Clubs. 135Seventh Grade Reading Curriculum . 137Unit Title: Literature: Launching the Reading Workshop . 138Unit Title: Literature: Launching the Reading Workshop . 139Unit Title: Reading Literature - Exploring themes in Award Winning Novels . 141Unit Title: Multimedia - Research Reading - Studying History . 1452

Unit Title: Reading Informational Text to Define our Position . 148Unit Title: Poetry. 151Unit Title: Social Issues Book Club . 153Eighth Grade Reading Curriculum .

Woodland Park School District Reading Curriculum English Language Arts Curriculum Writers: Elisabetta Macchiavello, Nancy Munro, Lisa Healey-Wilk, Samantha Krasnomowitz, Monica Voinov, Michele Skrbic, Krystal Capo, Nicole Webb, Veronica Seavy, Pamela Yesenosky, Steve Sans, Rosemary Ficcara, Laura Masefield, Meghan Glenn 2016-2017 Carmela Triglia Director of Curriculum and Instruction. 1 .

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Goal 1: Woodland Acres Elementary will provide a safe, productive and healthy learning/working environment for students and staff. 13. Goal 2: Woodland Acres Elementary will provide information and opportunities to assist students in preparing for college and careers. 19. Goal 3: Woodland Acres Elementary will ensure student growth in the .

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