Study Of Usability Of Indian Websites

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International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology (IJERT)ISSN: 2278-0181Vol. 3 Issue 4, April - 2014Study of Usability of Indian WebsitesMr. Sunil S MhamaneMr. Atul ChoudharyAsst Prof IT DepartmentMIT Academy of Engineering, Alandi(D)Pune, IndiaAsst Prof IT DepartmentMIT Academy of Engineering, Alandi(D)Pune, IndiaAbstract— The aim of this research paper was to comparewebsites of Indian on the “Usability factor” using bothautomated tool and manually. Usability is one of the majorfactors that determine the successfulness of a website. It isimportant therefore to have certain measurement methods toassess the usability of websites. The methods could be used tohelp website designers make their websites more usable. Twoautomated tools first one as Web page analyzer which calculatesdifferent parameters such as no of HTML pages, no of Images.And second one HTML Toolbox which checks Download time,Browser compatibility and HTML check & repair are used.Here I categorized websites according to shopping site, Educationsite, Government site, Company websites. Experimental Resultsshown in the paper gives Usability levels of ywords—Usability, Web PageWebsites, Usability Level, HTML.The World Wide Web is used to access huge quantity ofinformation available through the Internet. Differentapplication showing different characteristics and backgrounds.Users visit Web sites, and also return back to previouslyaccessed sites, if they easily find useful information, organizedand presented according to a well-structured layout.Acceptability of Web applications by users strictly relies ontheir usability. Usability is one relevant factor of the quality ofWeb applications. If usability is more then quality of thatwebsite application is more. Recently, it has been receivinggreat attention, being recognized as a fundamental property forthe success of Web applications. Defining methods forensuring usability is therefore one of the current goals of theWeb page research. Also, much attention on usability iscurrently paid by Industry, which is recognizing theimportance of adopting usability methods during thedevelopment process, for verifying the usability of Webapplications before and after their deployment [1].Usability is defined in ISO 9241-11 as the “extent towhich a product can be used by specified users to achievespecified goals with effectiveness, efficiency and satisfactionin a specified context of use “[2]. Here we are consideringcontext of use as web page. So we are dealing with web pageusability also usability can be defined as “how well and howeasily a user, without formal training, can interact with aninformation system of a website” (Benbunan-Fich, 2001).Bernard et al. (1981) suggested that a “truly usable systemmust be compatible not only with the characteristics of humanperception and action, but, most critically, with users’IJERTV3IS040960cognitive skills in communication, understanding, memory,and problem solving .problems in getting usability results arebasically due to lack of usability of the usability evaluationmethods. Usability evaluation method itself will determine theaccuracy of the evaluation. By using different evaluationmethods, different results may be obtained for the usability ofthe same system. The quality of a website can be assessed indifferent ways.Educational Website users are mainly concerned with theInformation that they need. Information may be syllabus ofparticular subject or result. The question to be addressed isCan I find such information with minimum effort ? i.e websiteshould be more usable.Company sites differ from Educational and portal sites inthat they provide information to the public about the companyrather than transacting business or providing other services.For corporate sites font size, font color will be importantparameters.Portal sites are mainly concerned with the services hencefor such sites loading time of web page is important parameterthat should be considered.Hotel sites are becoming a very popular method forbooking hotel rooms. Travelers can book rooms from home byusing online security to protect their privacy and financialinformation and by using several online travel agents tocompare prices and facilities at different hotels. Hotel sitesmostly focus on services that they provide.II.RELATED WORKSuleiman H. Mustafa and Loai F. Al-Zoua’bi bothworked on “Usability of the Academic Websites of Jordan'sUniversities An Evaluation Study”. They concluded thatJordanian universities websites are educational organizationsthat aim to provide the information and services to itsstakeholders in efficient ways. For this purpose they usedautomated tool as web analyzer and HTML Toolbox. It hasbeen pointed out that some parameters of evaluation havesatisfied when compared with the acceptable thresholdvalues[3].Thiam Kian Chiew and Siti Salwa Salim summarizedmany website usability issues and groups the issues into a setof 24 usability guidelines. The guidelines can be used toevaluate usability of websites as well as help Web designersand developers to build more usable websites. It uses theusability guidelines to build an evaluation tool, which canassist webmasters to improve their websites. The tool, namelyWEBUSE, allows visitors to a website to perform evaluationon the website. Based on the responses provided by thosewww.ijert.org727

International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology (IJERT)ISSN: 2278-0181Vol. 3 Issue 4, April - 2014If a site takes more time to load, most people will justleave. If we have broadband then that makes our patience eventhinner.5. Contact us on web pageContact us increases the satisfactory of the person surfingon web page.6. Link of Logo on web pagePeople expect logos to link to home-pages, and whenthey don't, confusion follows.7. Links of web pagesThe underlined, blue link is a staple of the web. A littleartistic license is ok, but consider at least making your linkseither blue or underlined. Links should stand out, and youshould use them sparingly enough that they don't disrupt yourcontent.8. Major headingMost people don't read online, they skim. Use headings(major and minor) to set content apart and keep it organized.Headings should be clear, and for SEO benefit, using headingtags ( H1 , H2 , etc.).9. Web advertisingAdvertising on web page should be minimum otherwiseuser may deflect to other web page.10. Scroll left and rightMostly scrolling should be provided this increases thereadability .11. Organization of informationInformation should be properly organized so that user willbe happy that required content is found.12. Number of button linkPsychologists like to argue about how many pieces ofinformation we can process, but if you start to get past 7-or-somenu items, think hard about whether you need them. Ifyou've got 3 layers of flyaway Javascript menus, do yourself afavor and start over .13. Open new browser windowIn case of links for each link click there should beseparate browser window.14. Registration InformationRegistration information should be proper there shouldnot be many fields otherwise user will think it will take moretime so there is chances of leaving that web page.15. URL Should be meaningfull and clearYou don't have to re-engineer an entire site just to get newURLs, but do what you can to make them descriptive andfriendly.16. FAQ or HELP optionFrequently asked question and help should be provided sothat user should feel comfortable in using web site.17. Navigation aidsProvide sufficient navigational aids to help users movesaround in the website. This includes providing links at thebottom of a page to allow users to go to the top of the page ifthe page is long.18. Orphan pageThe website should contain no orphan page.IJERTvisitors, webmasters will know the good and bad usabilityaspects of their websites from the perspective of thevisitors[4].Maristella Matera, Francesca Rizzo, GiovanniToffetti arughi Worked on “Web Usability: Principles andEvaluation Methods”. In this paper Evaluation methods andWeb Usability principles are stated. For each evaluationmethod, the main features, as well as the emerging advantagesand drawbacks are illustrated, so as to support the choice of anevaluation plan that best fits the goals to be pursued and theavailable resources. The design and evaluation of a realapplication is also described for exemplifying the introducedconcepts and methods[5].Jonathan w Palmer worked on “Web site Usability,Design and performance metrics”. The three studies reportedin this paper represent an alternate, more generalized approachtesting Usability and Design. The research contributes a set ofconstructs and specific metric measurement techniques thatcan help the continuing process of improving website designand testing[6].Punam Bedi and Hema Banati worked on “AssessingUser Trust to Improve Web Usability”. The dynamiccalculation of trust, based on the features of the website, canbe of significance in continuously assessing the trust level andhence usability of the site[15].Kirakowski evaluated the user satisfaction withusability of 5 websites based on a questionnaire method. Theauthors developed a new questionnaire for the evaluation. Thequestionnaire showed that the evaluation of user satisfactioncontributes to the successful development of websites[16].Website Usability Testing Center at Wisconsin-StoutUniversity to evaluate the usability of their University’swebsite. The researchers used qualitative testing criteria suchas navigation times through subject evaluations to assess theusability of the site [17].III.MANUAL WORKAfter an study of related resources [7, 8, 9, 10, 11] eighteenwebsite usability evaluation parameter were identified asgiven below.A. Usability Evaluation Parameter1.Name and Logo of organizationName and logo of organization should be in proper placeand with proper font size and color because it is the identity oforganization. Mostly where it's easy to find, and that usuallymeans the upper-left of the screen.2. Site search of websiteIn each website there should be site search option andmake sure it's prominent. Usability guidelines tend to preferthe upper-right corner of the page. Keep the button simple andclear.3. Font size and color of TextFont size readability decreases frustration that helps to nosite abandonment. Also, make sure line spacing is adequate.Color of text is dependent on application where it is using.4. Load time of web pageIJERTV3IS040960Above 18 points are manual Usability evaluation parameterthat needs to be take care for good design of website.www.ijert.org728

International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology (IJERT)ISSN: 2278-0181Vol. 3 Issue 4, April - 2014B. List of Websites comparedWe did survey of websites that are categorized in Table 1.Here 82 users had given their opinion about above evaluationparameter. For each parameter in Indian websites % of usersare given those are satisfied.For ex. First entry in column1 and row1 shows that 80% usersare satisfied with parameter as name and logo of organizationin education sites.Table 1 List of WebsitesCATEGORIESOF WEBSITEURL OF WEBSITE Site 2 Survey In ian Website rate ww.licindia.com /Hotel m/Movie table shows the categorization of Indian Websitesaccording to there use. Totally there are 8 such differentcategories. With respect to that Study is made.In following table 2 Usability measures are given whichrepresents satisfaction of no of Users in % in correspondingfield.IJERTV3IS040960Site search ofwebsiteFont size andcolor of TextLoad time ofweb pageContact us onweb pageLink of Logo onweb pageLinks of webpagesMajorHeadingWebadvertisingScroll left andrightNumberofbutton linkOpennewbrowserwindowRegistrationInformationURL Should 9589859083887688857480758689Name and Logoof organizationFAQ or HELPoptionNavigationAidsOrphanpageOrganization ofinformationTotal % ofUsabilityBelow Table 3 analysis shows that shopping sites, CompanySite, Hotel site, Social Networking Site, Downloading Site inIndian websites are more usable than other sites. 88% users arewww.ijert.org729

International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology (IJERT)ISSN: 2278-0181Vol. 3 Issue 4, April - 2014satisfied with shopping site. While portal sites in Indianwebsites have less usability therefore only 74% users aresatisfied. Most affecting factor in portal sites is there loadingtime of webpage.Table 3 Usability LevelCategories of websiteEducation SiteUsability % valueLevel76ModerateShopping Site88GoodCompany Site85GoodPortal Site74LowHotel Site80Good75ModerateSocial Networking Site86GoodDownloading Site89B. Web Page AnalyzerWebsite Optimization, LLC is a web performance andInternet marketing firm dedicated to increasing optimizationof existing web sites.Web Page Analyzer is a free web-based tool provided byWebsite Optimization [14]. It can calculate page size (Htmlpage size, total image size, and total image number),composition, and download time for website. In followingtable for each website Load Time is given in sec for 1.44Mbpsas connection rate.Table 4. Usability % in Indian websites Using ToolWeb Site // SiteGoodPie chart for above Table analysis is given below[12].FIG 1. PIE CHARTIV.A. Qualidator ToolThe quality of a website defines the success on theinternet. The Qualidator [13] reviews the pages of a Websitewith about 60-70 automated tests, on the core aspects ofusability, accessibility, SEO (Search Engines Optimization)and quality (technical quality).Qualidator Gives the UsabilityIn % Value.In following Table for every listed websitesUsability is given in %.ValuesLoad TimeIn secUsability of(1.44Mbps)website In .51AUTOMATED TOOLFor analysis purpose Qualidator and Web page Analyzer asAutamated Tools are usedIJERTV3IS040960www.ijert.org730

International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology (IJERT)ISSN: 2278-0181Vol. 3 Issue 4, April - 2014Web Site TimeIn secUsability of(1.44Mbps)website In .1369.87ACKNOWLEDGMENTWe take this opportunity to thank our Head of theDepartment Prof. S.M.Bhagat for their valuable guidance andfor providing all the necessary facilities, which wereindispensable in the completion of this study. We are alsothankful to all the staff members of the Department ofInformation Technology of MIT Academy of Engineering,Alandi(D)fortheir valuable time,support,comments,suggestionsand persuasion. We would also like to thank the institute forproviding the required facilities, Internet access and importantbooks to make study.REFERENCESFollowing Table shows the aggregate Values of theUsability in each category Using tool.[1]Table 5. Usability in % Using Tool[2]Categories of websiteUsability In % Using ToolEducation Site66Shopping Site70.07Company Site68Portal Site69[3][4][5][6]IJERT[7][8]Hotel Site67.80[9]Movie Site70.99Social Networking Site73.35[10][11]Downloading SiteNielsen, J. (2001). ”How to Conduct a Heuristic Evaluation”,, (visited on 10/4/2007).Jokela, T., Iivari, N., Matero, J. and Karukka, M.(2003). “The Standardof User-Centered Design and the StandardDefinition of Usability:Analyzing ISO 13407 against ISO9241-11”, Oulu University,Nokia.Suleiman H. Mustafa, Loai F. Al-Zoua’bi “Usability of the AcademicWebsites of Jordan's Universities An Evaluation Study.Chiew K. T. and Salim S. S. (2003). ”WEBUSE: Website UsabilityEvaluation Tools”, University of Malaya.Maristella Matera, Francesca Rizzo, Giovanni Toffetti Carughi. “WebUsability: Principles and Evaluation Methods.Jonathan w Palmer. “Web site Usability, Design and performancemetrics”.Kirakowski J. (2000). “Questionnaire in Usability Engineering: a List ofFrequently Asked Questions (3rd Ed.)”, Human Factors Research Group,Ireland.Corry D., Frick W. and Hansen L. (1997). "User- Centered Design andUsability Testing of a Web Site: An Illustrative Case Study",Educational Technology, Research & Development.Paterno F. and Leporini B. (2004). “Testing the Effects of Web UsabilityCriteria for Vision Impaired Users”, ISTI-C.N.R, Italy.Granic A., Glavinic V. and Stankov S. (2003).“Usability EvaluationMethodology for Web-Based Educational Systems”, Croatia.Sinha R., Hearst M. and Ivory M. (2001). “Content or Graphics? AnEmpirical Analysis of Criteria for Award-Wining Websites”, Universityof California, rcentage/pie-charts.mplQualidator – “website quality validation & monitoring - aspx.Website Optimization Inc. (2007). Web Page es/analyzePunam Bedi and Hema Banati. “Assessing User Trust to Improve WebUsability.Kirakowski J. (2000). “Questionnaire in Usability Engineering: a List ofFrequently Asked Questions (3rd Ed.)”, Human Factors Research Group,Ireland.Smith, M., Rougier, B., Hamman, D., McKenzi, J.,Johnston, B. andMaylath, B. (2001). ” Website Usability Evaluation of”,The University of Wisconsin-Stouta, Website Usability Testing Center[12][13]73.40[14]In this study, we used two approaches: the approach basedon Manual Work and the Approach based on automated tools.The results obtained from both approaches showed that theusability of Indian websites in different categories, based onthe measures of Approach used.From analyzing Manual Work and Autamated tool weconclude that Indian websites are poor in Usability. In thosewebsite category shopping sites are more Usable than otherscategories. websites design should go through several designguidelines to ensure that users are more satisfied with theservices provided by these 731

Here I categorized websites according to shopping site, Education site, Government site, Company websites. Experimental Results shown in the paper gives Usability levels of websites. Keywords—Usability, Web Page Analyzer, Qualidator, Websites, Usability Level, HTML. I. INTRODUCT

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