List Of COVID-19 Vaccinating Clinics

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List of COVID-19 Vaccinating Clinics (A – Z)(Only sites that currently have appointments available will appear in search display.)CountyDistrictSite NameAdams3Adams Memorial HospitalAdams3Kroger Pharmacy, 929 S. 13th St., 33333333338Adams County Local Health DepartmentWalmart Pharmacy, 1700 S. 13th St., DecaturKaup Pharmacy, BerneAllen County Local Health Dept. (at Allen County War Memorial)Parkview Mirro CenterNeighborhood Health Clinics, Inc. (S. Calhoun St.)Neighborhood Health Clinics, Inc. (E. Paulding Rd.)Kroger Pharmacy, 10230 Chestnut Plaza Dr., Ft. WayneKroger Pharmacy, 1125 W. State Blvd., Ft. WayneKroger Pharmacy, 218 E. Pettit Ave., Ft. WayneKroger Pharmacy, 4120 N. Clinton St., Ft. WayneKroger Pharmacy, 5725 Coventry Lane, Ft. WayneKroger Pharmacy, 6002 St. Joe Center Rd., Ft. WayneKroger Pharmacy, 601 E. Dupont Road, Ft. WayneKroger Pharmacy, 6310 E. State St., Ft. WayneKroger Pharmacy, 7008 Bluffton Rd., Ft. WayneKroger Pharmacy, 821 Lincoln Hwy., Ft. WayneMeijer Pharmacy, 6309 Lima Rd., Ft. WayneWalmart Pharmacy, 5311 Coldwater Rd., Ft. WayneWalmart Pharmacy, 10420 Maysville Rd., Ft. WayneWalmart Pharmacy, 1710 Apple Glen Blvd., Ft. WayneSam’s Club, 6736 Lima Rd., Ft. WayneWalgreens Pharmacy – 2410 Coliseum Blvd, Ft. WayneWalgreens Pharmacy – 330 W. State Blvd., Ft. WayneWalgreens Pharmacy – 907 Lincoln Hwy. W., New HavenWalgreens Pharmacy – 1701 E. Paulding Rd., Ft. WayneWalgreens Pharmacy – 6730 Bluffton Rd., Ft. WayneWalgreens Pharmacy – 110 Creighton Ave., Ft. WayneWalgreens Pharmacy – 10412 Coldwater Ave., Ft. WayneWalgreens Pharmacy –10211 Chestnut Plaza Dr., Ft. WayneWalgreens Pharmacy – 10170 Maysville Rd., Ft. WayneCVS Pharmacy, 4225 Hobson Rd., Ft. WayneColumbus Regional Hospital

olomew County Local Health DepartmentWalmart Pharmacy, 2025 Merchant Mile, ColumbusWalmart Pharmacy, 735 Whitfield Dr., ColumbusSam’s Club, 2715 Merchant Mile, ColumbusKroger Pharmacy, 3060 National Rd., ColumbusBenton County Local Health Dept. (Patient Care Services,The Annex)IU Health Blackford HospitalBlackford County Local Health Department (at Elks Lodge #625)Witham Health Pavilion Pharmacy, LebanonBoone County Local Health Dept. (at Boone County Fairgrounds)Meijer Pharmacy, 6650 Whitestown Pkwy, ZionsvilleKroger Pharmacy, 10679 N. Michigan Rd, ZionsvilleKroger Pharmacy, 5 Boone Village, ZionsvilleKroger Pharmacy, 2420 N. Lebanon St., LebanonWalmart Pharmacy, 2440 N. Lebanon St., LebanonCowan Drugs, 112 N. Lebanon St., LebanonParkside Pharmacy, 1639 N. Lebanon St., LebanonBrown County Local Health Dept. (at Brown County Music Center)Carroll County Local Health DepartmentThe Family Health Clinic of Carroll CountyThe Family Health Clinic of BurlingtonCass County Local Health DepartmentWalmart Pharmacy, 240 Mall Rd., LogansportWalgreens Pharmacy - 2301 E. Market St., LogansportClark Memorial Hospital – Medical Arts Bldg.Clark County Local Health DepartmentLifespring Community Medical ServicesFamily Health Ctrs. Of Southern Indiana (Jeffersonville)Kroger Pharmacy, 9501 CR 403, CharlestownKroger Pharmacy, 305 E. Lewis & Clark Pkwy., ClarksvilleKroger Pharmacy, 1027 Jeffersonville Commons Blvd., JeffersonvilleWalmart Pharmacy, 1351 Veteran’s Pkwy., ClarksvilleWestmoreland Pharmacy – SellersburgWestmoreland Pharmacy - JeffersonvilleClay County Local Health Department (at Clay County Fairgrounds)Kroger Pharmacy, 100 Forest Park Plaza, BrazilWalmart Pharmacy, 2150 E. National Ave., BrazilIU Health FrankfortClinton County Local Health DepartmentWalmart Pharmacy, 2460 E. Wabash St., FrankfortCrawford County Health Department2Last updated: 3.30.21

s County Washington Plaza, Washington, INDaviess County Health DepartmentWalmart Pharmacy, 1801 S. SR 57, WashingtonWilliams Brothers Pharmacy, 10 Williams Bros. Dr., WashingtonDearborn County Local Health Dept. (at Lawrenceburg Event Ctr.)Kroger Pharmacy, 880 W. Eads Pkwy., LawrenceburgWalmart Pharmacy, 100 Sycamore Estates Dr., AuroraDecatur County Memorial HospitalDecatur County Local Health DepartmentWalmart Pharmacy, 790 Greensburg Commons Ctr., GreensburgDeKalb Co. Health Dept (at Middaugh Hall, Dekalb Co. Fairgrounds)Kroger Pharmacy, 1005 W. 7th St., AuburnWalmart Pharmacy, 505 Touring Dr., AuburnIU Health Ball Memorial HospitalDelaware County Local Health DepartmentDelaware Co. Local Health Dept. (at Ball State, W. Riverside Ave.)Open Door Health ServicesDelaware6Meridian Health Services – Suzanne Gresham CenterDelaware6Meijer Pharmacy, 6260 W. McGalliard Rd., MuncieDelawareDelaware66Pay Less Pharmacy, 1500 W. McGalliard Rd., MunciePay Less Pharmacy, 715 S. Tillotson Ave., MuncieDelaware6Walmart Pharmacy, 4801 W. Clara Lane, MuncieDelaware6Walmart Pharmacy, 1501 E. 29th St., MuncieDelawareDubois610Access to Care Pharmacy, MuncieDubois County Local Health DepartmentDubois10Dubois County Local Health Dept. (at Jasper Middle hart102222222222222Walmart Pharmacy, 4040 N. Newton St., JasperElkhart General Hospital (Beacon Health System)Goshen Health (2120 S. Main St.)Elkhart County Local Health DepartmentVista Community Health CenterHeart City HealthKroger Pharmacy, 130 W. Hively, ElkhartKroger Pharmacy, 901 Johnson St., ElkhartKroger Pharmacy, 209 Chicago Ave., GoshenMeijer Pharmacy, 4522 Elkhart Rd., GoshenWalmart Pharmacy, 30830 Old US 20, ElkhartWalmart Pharmacy, 175 CR #6 West, ElkhartWalmart Pharmacy, 4024 Elkhart Rd., Ste. 2, GoshenWalmart Pharmacy, 2304 Lincolnway E., Goshen3Last updated: 3.30.21

6677775555555555Fayette County Local Health DepartmentWalmart Pharmacy, 4200 Western Ave., ConnersvilleKroger Pharmacy, 516 W. 30th St., ConnersvilleBaptist Health FloydFloyd County Local Health DepartmentMeijer Pharmacy, 4222 Charleston Rd., New AlbanyJay-C Pharmacy, 815 Highlander Point Drive, Floyds KnobsKroger Pharmacy, 200 New Albany Plaza, New AlbanyKroger Pharmacy, 2864 Charlestown Road, New AlbanyKroger Pharmacy, 3400 Grant Line Rd., New AlbanyWalmart Pharmacy, 2910 Grant Line Rd., New AlbanyWestmoreland Pharmacy – New AlbanyFountain/Warren Co. Local Health Dept (at Williamsport-Attica Sr. Ctr.)Franklin County Local Health DepartmentKroger Pharmacy, 1034 IN-229 North, BatesvilleFulton County Med Clinic, 700 Main St, RochesterFulton County Local Health Department, 625 Pontiac St., RochesterKroger Pharmacy, 2040 Peace Tree, RochesterWalmart Pharmacy, 2395 Main St., RochesterWebb’s Family Pharmacy, RochesterDeaconess GibsonGibson County Local Health Department (at Gibson Co. Fairgrounds)Walmart Pharmacy, 2700 W. Broadway St., PrincetonWalgreens Pharmacy – 1915 W. Broadway St., PrincetonWilliams Brothers Pharmacy, 101 W. Brumfield Ave., PrincetonMarion General HospitalGrant County Local Health DepartmentWalmart Pharmacy, 3240 Southwestern, MarionGreene County General HospitalGreene Co. Local Health Dept. (at First Baptist Church, Bloomfield)Greene County Health, Inc.Walmart Pharmacy, 2251 E. Hwy. 54, LintonAscension St. Vincent NoblesvilleIU Health North HospitalRiverview HealthFishers City Local Health DepartmentHamilton County Local Health Dept. (at Hamilton Co. Fairgrounds)Meijer Pharmacy, 1424 W. Carmel Dr., CarmelMeijer Pharmacy, 17000 Mercantile Blvd., NoblesvilleKroger Pharmacy, 9799 E. 116th St., FishersKroger Pharmacy, 7272 Fishers Crossing Dr., FishersKroger Pharmacy, 172 W. Logan St., Noblesville4Last updated: 3.30.21

oger Pharmacy, 14800 Hazel Dell Crossing, NoblesvilleKroger Pharmacy, 17447 Carey Rd., WestfieldKroger Pharmacy, 1217 Rangeline Rd., CarmelKroger Pharmacy, 11700 Olio Rd., FishersKroger Pharmacy, 150 W. 161st St., WestfieldWalmart Pharmacy, 2001 E. 151st St., CarmelWalmart Pharmacy, 8300 E. 96th St., FishersWalmart Pharmacy, 9354 Ambleside Dr., FishersWalmart Pharmacy, 16865 Clover Rd., NoblesvilleCVS Pharmacy, 13085 Tegler Dr., NoblesvilleHancock RegionalHancock County Local Health DepartmentMeijer Pharmacy, 6939 W. Broadway, McCordsvilleKroger Pharmacy, 1571 N. State St., GreenfieldWalmart Pharmacy, 1965 N. State St., GreenfieldHarrison County Health Dept. (at First Capital Christian Church)Harrison County Health Dept. office (241 Atwood St., Corydon)Walmart Pharmacy, 2363 Hwy. 135 NW, CorydonHendricks Regional Health (at Hendricks County Fairgrounds)IU WestHendricks County Local Health Dept. (at Hendricks Co. Fairgrounds)Kroger Pharmacy, 108 N. SR 267, AvonKroger Pharmacy, 905 N. Green St., BrownsburgKroger Pharmacy, 785 E. Main St., DanvilleKroger Pharmacy, 1930 E. Main St., PlainfieldMeijer Pharmacy, 400 N. Dan Jones Rd., PlainfieldWalmart Pharmacy, 400 W. Northfield Dr., BrownsburgWalmart Pharmacy, 2373 E. Main St., PlainfieldWalmart Pharmacy, 9500 E. Hwy. 36, AvonWalmart Pharmacy, 1984 Ridge Ave., Danville, INHenry Community HealthKnightstown Health Care Center., KnightstownHenry County Local Health DepartmentKroger Pharmacy, 120 S. Memorial Dr., New CastleWalmart Pharmacy, 3167 South SR 3, New CastleWebb’s Family Pharmacy, AkronAscension St. Vincent Kokomo (Education Center)Howard County Local Health Department (at Kokomo Event Center)Meijer Pharmacy, 2301 E. Markland Ave., KokomoKroger Pharmacy, 2821 S. Washington St., KokomoKroger Pharmacy, 605 N. Dixon Rd., Kokomo5Last updated: 3.30.21

9555555555551010101010Walmart Pharmacy, 1920 E. Markland Ave., KokomoWalgreens Pharmacy – 2400 W. Sycamore St., KokomoWalgreens Pharmacy – 2345 E. Markland Ave., KokomoHuntington County Local Health Dept. (at Crestview Middle School)Kroger Pharmacy, 2718 Guilford St., HuntingtonWalmart Pharmacy, 2800 Walmart Dr., HuntingtonWalgreens Pharmacy – 1804 N. Jefferson St., HuntingtonJackson County Local Health DepartmentSchneck Medical CenterKroger Pharmacy, 1541 E. Tipton St., SeymourWalmart Pharmacy, 1600 E. Tipton St., SeymourJasper Co. Local Health Department (at Jasper County Fairgrounds)Walmart Pharmacy, 915 S. College Ave., RensselaerWalgreens Pharmacy – 226 N. Halleck St., DeMotteWalgreens Pharmacy – 550 S. College Ave., Rennsselaer,IU Health Jay HospitalJay County Local Health DepartmentWalmart Pharmacy, 50 W. Votaw St., PortlandKing’s Daughters’ HospitalJefferson County Local Health DepartmentWalmart Pharmacy, 567 Ivy Tech Dr., MadisonKroger Pharmacy, 525 E. Clifty Dr., MadisonJennings County Local Health DepartmentKroger Pharmacy, 2325 N. Hwy. 3, North VernonWalmart Pharmacy, 2410 N. Hwy. 3, North VernonJohnson Memorial HospitalWindrose Health Network - EdinburghAdult & Child Health - FranklinKroger Pharmacy, 2200 Independence Dr., GreenwoodKroger Pharmacy, 3100 Meridian Park Dr., GreenwoodWalmart Pharmacy, 2125 N. Morton St., FranklinWalmart Pharmacy, 882 S. SR 135, GreenwoodSam’s Club, 1101 Windhorst Way, GreenwoodKroger Pharmacy, 970 N. Morton St., FranklinKroger Pharmacy, 5961 N. SR 135, GreenwoodWalmart Pharmacy, 1133 Emerson Ave., GreenwoodGood Samaritan HospitalKnox County Health Dept. (at Community United Methodist Church)Walmart Pharmacy, 650 Kimmell Rd., VincennesWilliams Brothers Pharmacy, 1216 Washington Ave., VincennesWalgreens Pharmacy – 505 College Ave., Vincennes6Last updated: 3.30.21

akeLakeLakeLakeLakeLakeLakeLakeLakeLakeLakeLa iusko Community HospitalKosciusko County Local Health Dept. (at Health Services Pavilion)Kroger Pharmacy, 2211 E. Center St., WarsawPill Box Pharmacy, 2306 Dubois Drive, WarsawWalmart Pharmacy, 2501 Walton Blvd., WarsawLaGrange County Local Health Dept. (at Lima Brighton Elementary)Topeka PharmacySchool City of East ChicagoSchererville CareFirst, 7860 Burr St., ScherervilleCommunity Hospital MunsterCommunity Stroke – Crown PointEast Chicago City Local Health DepartmentFranciscan Health - Crown PointFranciscan Health - HammondGary City Local Health DepartmentLake County Local Health Department (at Lake County Fairgrounds)The Methodist Hospitals – NorthlakeThe Methodist Hospitals - SouthlakeSouthlake Community Mental Health CenterNorthShore Health Centers - MerrillvilleNorthShore Health Centers - HammondNorthShore Health Centers – Lake StationHealthLinc East ChicagoCommunity HealthNet, 3503 MLK Dr., GaryWalmart Pharmacy, 7850 Cabela Dr., HammondWalmart Pharmacy, 1100 5th Ave., HammondWalmart Pharmacy, 2936 E. 79th Ave., MerrillvilleSam’s Club, 3134 E. 79th Ave., MerrillvilleWalmart Pharmacy, 1555 US Hwy. 41, ScherervilleWalgreens Pharmacy – 742 W. Old Ridge Rd., HobartWalgreens Pharmacy – 5520 US 30, ScherervilleWalgreens Pharmacy – 1704 E. Commercial Ave., LowellWalgreens Pharmacy – 6510 Columbia Ave., HammondWalgreens Pharmacy – 6097 Broadway, MerrillvilleWalgreens Pharmacy – 6905 Kennedy Ave., HammondWalgreens Pharmacy – 651 US 30, ScherervilleWalgreens Pharmacy – 770 Joliet St., DyerWalgreens Pharmacy – 8930 Calumet Ave., MunsterWalgreens Pharmacy – 9280 Wicker Ave., St. JohnWalgreens Pharmacy – 1520 S. Court St., Crown PointFranciscan Health Michigan City7Last updated: 3.30.21

La PorteLa PorteLa PorteLa PorteLa PorteLa PorteLa 88888666666665555555HealthLinc LaPorteHealthLinc Michigan CityIvy Tech, 3714 Franklin St., Michigan City (mobile site)Meijer Pharmacy, 5150 Franklin St., Michigan CityKroger Pharmacy, 55 Pine Lake Ave., LaPorteWalmart Pharmacy, 333 Boyd Blvd., La PorteWalmart Pharmacy, 5780 Franklin St., Michigan CityBedford First Assembly of GodLawrence County Local Health DepartmentEngleking Rx, Mitchell, INJay-C Pharmacy, 2631 16th St, BedfordWalmart Pharmacy, 3200 John Williams Blvd., BedfordSt. Mary’s Catholic Church, AndersonAnderson Zion Family Life CenterMadison County Local Health DepartmentPay Less Pharmacy, 1845 N. Scatterfield Rd., AndersonPay Less Pharmacy, 1900 Applewood Center Dr., AndersonGene Maddy Drugs, 3050 Meridian St., AndersonWalmart Pharmacy, 2321 Charles St., AndersonKroger Pharmacy, 3050 Meridian St., AndersonIndianapolis Motor Speedway, Gate 2Ascension St. Vincent IndianapolisCommunity Hospital EastCommunity Hospital NorthCommunity Hospital SouthEskenazi HealthFranciscan Health IndianapolisMarion5IU Health Methodist (at the Neuroscience Building)MarionMarion55IU Health Riley HospitalMarion County Local Health DepartmentMarion5Shalom Health Care CenterMarion5Raphael Health Center, Inc.Marion5HealthNet Barrington Health Ctr.Marion5HealthNet Martindale-BrightwoodMarion5Walmart Pharmacy, 8191 Upland Bend, CambyMarion5Walmart Pharmacy, 7245 US 31 S., IndianapolisMarion5Walmart Pharmacy, 10617 E. Washington St., IndianapolisMarion5Walmart Pharmacy, 10735 Pendleton Pike, IndianapolisMarion5Walmart Pharmacy, 4650 S. Emerson Ave., Indianapolis8Last updated: 3.30.21

Marion5Walmart Pharmacy, 3221 W. 86th St., IndianapolisMarion5Walmart Pharmacy, 7325 N. Keystone Ave., IndianapolisMarion5Walmart Pharmacy, 4545 Lafayette Rd., IndianapolisMarion5Walmart Pharmacy, 5555 Michigan Rd., IndianapolisMarion5Walmart Pharmacy, 4837 Kentucky Ave., IndianapolisMarion5Walmart Pharmacy, 3805 S. Keystone Ave., IndianapolisMarion5Walmart Pharmacy, 5835 W. 10th St., IndianapolisMarion5Walmart Pharmacy, 5550 Fall Creek Pkwy. N. Dr., IndplsMarion5Sam’s Club, 5805 Rockville Rd., IndianapolisMarion5Sam’s Club, 5805 Rockville Rd., IndianapolisMarion5Kroger Pharmacy, 10450 E. Washington St., IndianapolisMarion5Kroger Pharmacy, 11101 Pendleton Pike, IndianapolisMarion5Kroger Pharmacy, 1330 W. Southport Rd., IndianapolisMarion5Kroger Pharmacy, 227 W. Michigan, IndianapolisMarion5Kroger Pharmacy, 2550 Lake Circle Drive, IndianapolisMarion5Kroger Pharmacy, 2629 E. 65 St., IndianapolisMarion5Kroger Pharmacy, 3361 Kentucky Ave., IndianapolisMarion5Kroger Pharmacy, 4202 S. East St., IndianapolisMarion5Kroger Pharmacy, 4445 E. 10th St., IndianapolisMarion5Kroger Pharmacy, 5025 W. 71st St., IndianapolisMarion5Kroger Pharmacy, 5173 W. Washington St., IndianapolisMarion5Kroger Pharmacy, 5718 Crawfordsville Rd., IndianapolisMarion5Kroger Pharmacy, 5911 S. Madison Ave., IndianapolisMarion5Kroger Pharmacy, 680 Twin Aire Dr., IndianapolisMarion5Kroger Pharmacy, 7101 E. 10th St., IndianapolisMarion5Kroger Pharmacy, 8130 E. Southport Rd., IndianapolisMarion5Kroger Pharmacy, 8150 Rockville Rd., IndianapolisMarion5Kroger Pharmacy, 8850 S. Emerson Rd., IndianapolisMarion5Kroger Pharmacy, 9835 Fall Creek Rd., IndianapolisMarion5Kroger Pharmacy, 5350 E. Thompson Rd., IndianapolisMarion5Kroger Pharmacy, 5810 E. 71st St., IndianapolisMarion5Kroger Pharmacy, 1365 E. 86th St., IndianapolisMarion5Meijer Pharmacy, 5325 E. Southport Rd., IndianapolisMarion5Meijer Pharmacy, 8375 E. 96th St., IndianapolisMarion5Meijer Pharmacy, 5550 Keystone Ave., IndianapolisMarion5CVS Pharmacy, 9550 Allisonville Road, IndianapolisMarion5Dr. Aziz Pharmacy, 7320 E. 82nd St., Indianapolis9Last updated: 3.30.21

Marshall2St. Joseph Regional Medical Center - Plymouth CampusMarshall2Marshall County Local Health DepartmentMarshall2Kroger Pharmacy, 2001 N. Michigan St., PlymouthMarshall2Walmart Pharmacy, 2505 N. Oak Dr., artin County Local Health DepartmentWilliams Brothers Pharmacy, 104 E. Broadway St., LogooteeMiami Co. Local Health Dept. (at First Christian Church Firehouse)Kroger Pharmacy, 930 W. Main St., PeruWalgreens Pharmacy – 720 N. Broadway, PeruIndiana University, Simon Skjodt Assembly 5555133333988888IU Health Bloomington – Medical Arts Bldg.Monroe County Health Department (at Monroe Convention Center)Kroger Pharmacy, 528 S. College Ave., BloomingtonKroger Pharmacy, 1825 Kinser Pike, BloomingtonKroger Pharmacy, 1175 College Mall Rd., BloomingtonKroger Pharmacy, 4025 S. Old State Road 37, BloomingtonKroger Pharmacy, 500 S. Liberty Dr., BloomingtonWalmart Pharmacy, 3313 W. SR 45, BloomingtonWilliams Brothers Pharmacy, 574 S. Landmark Ave., BloomingtonMontgomery County Local Health Dept. (in old Sav-a-Lot building)Kroger Pharmacy, 1660 Crawfordsville Square Dr., CrawfordsvilleWalmart Pharmacy, 1835 S US Hwy. 231, CrawfordsvilleWalgreens Pharmacy – 110 W. Market St., CrawfordsvilleMorgan County Local Health Department (in old Sav-a-Lot building)Kroger Pharmacy, 1600 S. Ohio St., MartinsvilleKroger Pharmacy, 530 S. Indiana St., MooresvilleWalmart Pharmacy, 410 Grand Valley Blvd., MartinsvilleNewton County Local Health DepartmentNoble County Local Health Department (at Noble Co. Public Library)Kroger Pharmacy, 310 W. North St., KendallvilleWalmart Pharmacy, 2501 E. North St., KendallvillePill Box Pharmacy, N. Ridge Rd., AlbionWalgreens Pharmacy – 124 E. North St., KendallvilleOhio County Health Department (at Rising Sun Church of Christ)IU Health Paoli (at Orange County Community Center)Orange Co. Local Health Dept. (at Orange County Community Ctr.)Southern Indiana Community Health CareWalmart Pharmacy, 735 N. Gospel St., PaoliWilliams Brothers Pharmacy, 889 N Gospel St #2, PaoliOwen7Owen Co. Local Health Dept. (at Spencer First Church of Nazarene)10Last updated: 3.30.21

Owen7Owen Co. Local Health Dept. (at Owen Co. Fairgrounds)Owen7Walmart Pharmacy, 823 W. Hwy. 46, SpencerParke7Parke County Local Health Department (at Parke Co. Fairgrounds)Parke7Family Health and Help CenterParke7Valley Professionals Community Health Ctr. (Bloomingdale)Parke7Valley Professionals Community Health Ctr. (Rockville)Perry10Perry County Memorial HospitalPerry10Perry County Local Health DepartmentPerry10Walmart Pharmacy, 730 Hwy. 66 E., Tell CityPike10Pike County Local Health DepartmentPorter10Northwest Health ChestertonPorter1Northwest Health PorterPorter1Porter County Local Health DepartmentPorter1NorthShore Health Centers – PortagePorter1NorthShore Health Centers - ChestertonPorter1HealthLinc ValparaisoPorter1Walmart Pharmacy, 6087 US Hwy. 6, PortagePosey10Posey County Local Health DepartmentPulaski2Pulaski Memorial HospitalPulaski2Pulaski County Local Health DepartmentPutnam7Putnam County Hospital – Putnam County FairgroundsPutnam7Putnam County Local Health DepartmentPutnam7Kroger Pharmacy, 821 Indianapolis Rd., GreencastlePutnam7Walmart Pharmacy, 1750 Indianapolis Rd., GreencastlePutnam7Cloverdale Drugs Pharmacy, CloverdaleRandolph6Randolph County Local Health Dept. – Randolph Co. FairgroundsRandolph6Randolph County Local Health Dept. – 325 S. Oak St., WinchesterRandolph6Walmart Pharmacy, 950 E. Greenville Pike, WinchesterRandolph6Kaup Pharmacy – Union CityRipley9Margaret Mary Health (at Batesville Street Department Bldg.)Ripley9Ripley County Local Health Department (at 525 Beech St., sh Memorial Hospital – 323B Conrad Harcourt WayRushville Pharmacy, RushvilleKroger Pharmacy, 202 S. Main St., RushvilleScott County Local Health DepartmentWalmart Pharmacy, 1618 W. McClain Ave., ScottsburgMajor HospitalShelby County Local Health Department11Last updated: 3.30.21

ShelbyShelbySpencerSt. JosephSt. JosephSt. JosephSt. JosephSt. JosephSt. JosephSt. JosephSt. JosephSt. JosephSt. JosephSt. JosephSt. JosephSt. JosephSt. JosephSt. JosephSt. 51022222222222222222223333779444444444444Kroger Pharmacy, 1601 E. Michigan Rd., ShelbyvilleWalmart Pharmacy, 2500 Progress Pkwy., ShelbyvilleSpencer County Local Health DepartmentSt. Joseph Regional Medical Center-Mishawaka CampusSt. Joseph County Local Health Dept (at St. Hedwig Parish)HealthLinc CentennialHealthLinc MishawakaHealthLinc SoutheastMeijer Pharmacy, 5020 Grape Rd., MishawakaMeijer Pharmacy, 3610 Bremen Hwy., MishawakaMeijer Pharmacy, 3600 N. Portage Rd., South BendKroger Pharmacy, 4526 Western Ave., South BendKroger Pharmacy, 1217 E. Ireland Rd., South BendKroger Pharmacy, 906 S. Merrifield Ave., MishawakaWalmart Pharmacy, 3701 Portage Rd., South BendWalmart Pharmacy, 700 W. Ireland Rd., South BendWalmart Pharmacy, 316 Indian Ridge Blvd., MishawakaSam’s Club, 120 Indian Ridge Blvd., MishawakaCVS Pharmacy, 4403 W. Western Ave., South BendStarke Co. Health Dept. (at Nancy J. Dembowski Community Ctr.)HealthLinc KnoxKnox Winnamac Community Health CenterCameron Memorial Community Hospital (at Steuben Co. Event Ctr.)Steuben Co. Local Health Department (at Steuben Co. Event Ctr.)Walmart Pharmacy, 2016 N. Wayne St., AngolaWalgreens Pharmacy – 2012 N. Wayne St., AngolaSullivan County Local Health DepartmentWalmart Pharmacy, 757 W. Wolfe St., SullivanSwitzerland Co. Local Health Dept. (at Technology & Education Ctr.)IU Health Arnett HospitalTippecanoe Co. Local Health Dept. – 2577 Maple Point Dr. locationRiggs Community Health Center (Hartford St.)Meijer Pharmacy, 4901 IN 26, LafayetteMeijer Pharmacy, 2636 US 52 W., West LafayettePay Less Pharmacy, 65 Beck Lane, LafayettePay Less Pharmacy, 1032 Sagamore Pkwy West, W. LafayettePay Less Pharmacy, 2513 Maple Point Dr., LafayettePay Less Pharmacy, 2200 Greenbush St., LafayetteWalmart Pharmacy, 4205 Commerce Dr., LafayetteSam’s Club, 3819 South St., LafayetteWalmart Pharmacy, 2801 Northwestern Ave., West Lafayette12Last updated: 3.30.21

101010101010101010101010777777777777733334Walmart Pharmacy, 2347 Veterans’ Memorial Pkwy. S., LafayetteWalgreens Pharmacy – 1000 Sagamore Pkwy. W., W. LafayetteWalgreens Pharmacy – 1801 South St., LafayetteWalgreens Pharmacy – 2800 US Hwy. 231 S., LafayetteWalgreens Pharmacy – 130 S. Creasy Lane, LafayetteCVS Pharmacy, 1725 Salem St., LafayetteTipton County Fairgrounds,Tipton County Local Health Dept. (at IU Health Tipton Hospital)Union County Local Health DepartmentAscension St. Vincent EvansvilleDeaconess Downtown ClinicVanderburgh Co. Local Health Dept. (at Old National Events Centre)Walmart Pharmacy, 401 N. Burkhardt Rd., EvansvilleWalmart Pharmacy, 2500 N. First Ave., EvansvilleWalmart Pharmacy, 335 S. Red Bank Rd., EvansvilleWalgreens Pharmacy – 4828 Davis Lant Dr., EvansvilleWalgreens Pharmacy – 710 N. St. Joseph Ave., EvansvilleWalgreens Pharmacy – 925 S. Green River Rd., EvansvilleWalgreens Pharmacy – 2015 Covert Ave., EvansvilleWalgreens Pharmacy – 4701 N. 1st Ave., EvansvilleCVS Pharmacy, 2344 Covert Ave., EvansvillePaul’s Pharmacy, 2345 W. Franklin St., EvansvillePaul’s Pharmacy, 1150 S. Green River Rd., EvansvilleVermillion Co. Local Health Dept (at Vermillion County Fairgrounds)Valley Professionals Community Health Ctr. (Cayuga)Valley Professionals Community Health Ctr. (Clinton)Walmart Pharmacy, 1795 E. SR 163, ClintonUnion Hospital (Landsbaum Clinic)Vigo Co. Health Department (Terre Haute Regional Hospital)Wabash Valley Health CenterKroger Pharmacy, 2140 Fort Harrison Rd., Terre HauteKroger Pharmacy, 2650 Wabash Ave., Terre HauteKroger Pharmacy, 4714 S. US Hwy 41, Terre HauteSam’s Club, 4350 S. US Hwy. 41, Terre HauteWalmart Pharmacy, 2399 SR 46, Terre HauteWalmart Pharmacy, 5555 S. Hwy. 41, Terre HauteWabash County Local Health Department (at Honeywell Center)Kroger Pharmacy, 1309 N. Cass St., WabashWalmart Pharmacy, 1601 N. Cass St., WabashWebb’s Family Pharmacy, 103 N. Heeter St., North ManchesterFountain/Warren Co. Local Health Dept (at Williamsport-Attica Sr. Ctr.)13Last updated: 3.30.21

3444444333Deaconess GatewayWarrick Co. Local Health DepartmentWalmart Pharmacy, 8599 High Pointe Dr., NewburghWalgreens Pharmacy – 7769 W. SR 66, NewburghWashington Co. Local Health Dept. (at Deaconess Express Boonville)Walmart Pharmacy, 1309 E. Hackberry St., SalemReid Health (at Kuhlman Ctr., Wayne Co. Fairgrounds)Kroger Pharmacy, 3701 National Road East, RichmondWayne County Local Health DepartmentWalmart Pharmacy, 3601 E. Main St., RichmondWells County Local Health Dept. (at Wells Co. 4-H Community Ctr.)Walmart Pharmacy, 2100 N. Main St., BlufftonWalgreens Pharmacy – 1975 N. Main St., BlufftonWhite County Local Health Dept. (at Ivy Tech Monticello Campus)The Family Health Clinic of MononThe Family Health Clinic of WolcottKroger Pharmacy, 916 N. Main St., MonticelloWalmart Pharmacy, 1088 W. Broadway St., MonticelloWalgreens Pharmacy – 812 W. Broadway St., MonticelloWhitley County Local Health DepartmentWalmart Pharmacy, 402 W. Plaza Dr., Columbia CityKroger Pharmacy, 621 Countryside Dr., Columbia City14Last updated: 3.30.21

Mar 30, 2021 · Last updated: 3.30.21 4 Fayette 6 Fayette County Local Health Department Fayette 6 Walmart Pharmacy, 4200 Western Ave., Connersville Fayette 6 Kroger Pharmacy, 5

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