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Trane Training Class 2018Go Green & Go DigitalAgenda Trane Controls Digital Direction Trane Building Connected Solution Wireless SystemsTrane Smart and BuildingConnected SolutionsWireless Controls– Why Wireless– Wireless Technologies Trane Air-Fi Wireless System Demoby Ir Glorisun WongSenior ManagerTrane Hong Kong2 Tracer Ensemble Customer PresentationConfidential and proprietary. Do not distribute. 2016 TraneTrane Connected Buildings – Digital Strategy & InnovationTrane Controls & Energy Services40 years of building on a strong foundation of innovationGen 1: 1978Gen 5: Today Hardwired electronicsGen 3: 1993 Graphical userinterface Applications Networking Easy to UseMobileFlexibleOptimizedIntelligentGen 4: 2000 Open, Standard Web based ModularGen 2: 1985 DDC CommunicatingProprietary & Confidential Information of Trane1

Trane Training Class 2018Go Green & Go DigitalTrane ControlsTrane Controls & Energy ServicesA True Systems Approach Configurable, pre-engineered equipmentand systems components Factory-programmed, tested anddocumented Advanced tools streamline engineering,implementation and commissioningDelivers Tangible Customer ValueDelivering VALUE that impacts your business.Flexible, Energy Efficient System OperationConsistent, Intuitive User InterfacesReliable, Proven PerformanceSustainable & Repeatable SolutionsLow Risk and High Performance!Tracer Controls OpenEasyFlexibleOptimizedIntelligentIntelligence Builds SuccessFind Your Building’s Potential withTrane Connected Building SolutionsTECHNOLOGYEXPERIENCEDATATRANE INTELLIGENT SERVICESActionable Insights That Help You Achieve Your BusinessOutcomesIntelligent Services MovieProprietary & Confidential Information of Trane2

Trane Training Class 2018Go Green & Go DigitalTracer Ensemble for IoTTrane Building System PortfolioAll your buildings in a single viewToolsandServicesEnterpriseTracer EnsembleBuildingTracer SCEquipmentTracer UCFamily SpacesSensors10 Tracer Ensemble Customer PresentationConfidential and proprietary. Do not distribute. 2016 TraneTrane Controls Product PortfolioTracer Ensemble Supported SystemsIntegration PlatformTracerEnsembleInternetEnterprise PlatformBACnet/IPNewLegacy3rd PartyProprietary In the space wireless flexibility On the machine for leading HVACperformanceSummit BCUTrackerTracer SCMeters,HVAC,LightingModbus,N2, etc. Run the building for energy savingsand ongoing systemmaintenanceUnit ControlZone SensorBuilding Control Across multiplebuildings, over theweb for ease of useand serviceTISTrane ConnectCommandTrane Intelligent ServicesCloudCenter11 Tracer Ensemble Customer PresentationProprietary & Confidential Information of TraneConfidential and proprietary. Do not distribute. 2016 Trane3

Trane Training Class 2018Go Green & Go DigitalFully Customizable NavigationStandard Equipment-Centric InformationStandard pages and navigation out of the boxThe right information just a “click” awayTailored for your Enterprise Fully customizable Navigation TreeHide/expand both tree & nodesEdit names and create groupings13 Tracer Ensemble Customer PresentationConfidential and proprietary. Do not distribute. 2016 Trane14 Tracer Ensemble Customer PresentationMobile FriendlyGraphical SchedulingDoes your current BAS work on your smart phone?Change a single schedule or across an entire enterpriseConfidential and proprietary. Do not distribute. 2016 TraneWith Tracer Ensemble – Touch-friendly buttons for easymobile access Drag and drop quickediting and changes– Full browser support, so you canuse your favorite device Weekly/daily views Only three “clicks” to– Receive, view, and acknowledgealarms directly from your phonechange– Quickly respond to comfortcomplaints regardless of yourlocation15 Tracer Ensemble Customer PresentationProprietary & Confidential Information of TraneConfidential and proprietary. Do not distribute. 2016 Trane16 Tracer Ensemble Customer PresentationConfidential and proprietary. Do not distribute. 2016 Trane4

Trane Training Class 2018Go Green & Go DigitalAlarm ManagementStandard & Custom ReportingManage all your system alarms in one placeInformation for the entire organization Built-in Web based report designer– No third party software required– Measure and compare building and assetperformance– Track and verify energy use and savings Filtering & grouping– Manage your alarms like e-mail– Eliminates the noise cased bynuisance alarms Ability to schedule & email reportsacross the organization– Compliance reporting– Secure auto archiving17 Tracer Ensemble Customer PresentationConfidential and proprietary. Do not distribute. 2016 Trane18 Tracer Ensemble Customer PresentationConfidential and proprietary. Do not distribute. 2016 TraneCustom DashboardsView what’s most important to you Built-in web based dashboarddesigner– No third party software required Real-time and historical data– Monitor system health andperformance– Quick insight into potential problemsand changesWireless SystemsWhy Wireless? Responsive screen sizing– No need to design based on monitorsize19 Tracer Ensemble Customer PresentationProprietary & Confidential Information of TraneConfidential and proprietary. Do not distribute. 2016 Trane5

Trane Training Class 2018Go Green & Go DigitalTypical Building System ArchitectureWireless CommTracer ESWeb EnabledGraphical Operator ViewSchedules (view and edit)Common Alarm LogTracer ES Reports and TrendsLocal PCwithweb browserRemote PC/Tablet/Smartphonewith web browser/AppsEthernet WAN/LANBACnet/IPWirelesscontrollersTracer SCArea/VAS/Chiller Plant ControlTime ScheduleAlarm Log/Data Log/ReportingWirelessBACnet/LonTalkLighting SystemWirelessEquipmentChiller UC800with Touch Screen DisplayChiller CH530with Touch Screen DisplayFire SystemLift &EscalatorSystemRooftop UnitElectrical SystemOtherSystemsPlumbing andDrainage SystemAir handlerUC400/UC600/MP581and TD7 DisplayFCU ControllerZN521 WirelessSensorsWireless Connectivity: BACnet ControllersVAVs UC210/UC400 withwireless sensorBenefits for WirelessEasier problem solvingTrane Air-Fi Wireless is the best BAS Solution in the industry On-time, On-budget Project Completion– Project simplification– minimize the complexities and costs of wire, laborand sub-contractors– Easy troubleshooting– sensor relocation and tracing wiring or installationmistakes– Standard factory installation, programming and addressing Lifecycle Savings– Flexibility– Reconfigure, Upgrade and Expand your Spaces as your buildingneeds evolve– Reduced Maintenance– Lifetime sensor batteries– Open standard wireless BACnet solution Increased Reliability– Self-optimizing mesh network– Double the wireless range for maximum redundancy– Reduces possible points of communications failureProprietary & Confidential Information of Trane6

Trane Training Class 2018Go Green & Go DigitalLife-cycle savingsWhat’s Wireless?Common Wireless Topologies Point-to-point Star MeshProprietary & Confidential Information of Trane7

Trane Training Class 2018Go Green & Go Digitalpackagedrooftop unitpackagedrooftop ntrollerbuildingcontrollerVAV boxVAV boxVAV boxVAV boxredundant, self-healing mesh networkCommon Wireless TechnologiesWirelessTechnology Wi-Fi Bluetooth EnOcean Z-Wave Zigbee Wi-Fi StarIEEE 802.11 b/g/nBluetooth PowerBattery (hours)1025 Mbps Point-to-pointBattery (days)30125 kbps Point-to-pointPowerharvestingBattery (years)Z-Wave 3040 kbps MeshBattery (years)Zigbee 70*250 kbps Point-to-pointStarMeshBattery (years)IEEE 802.15.1EnOcean ISO/IEC 14543-310IEEE 802.15.4Proprietary & Confidential Information of TraneTypicalRange(meters)8

Trane Training Class 2018Go Green & Go DigitalControls System ComponentsPowerSourceSensorsData RateQuantityLowManyBatteries(years) PowerharvestingEquipmentcontrolsLine powerModerateBuildingscontrolsLine chnologyTypical UsesWi-Fi Replaces Ethernet cable(building controllers)Bluetooth Short range, moderate data rate applications(service tools)EnOcean Moderate range, low data rate applications(sensors, lighting)Z-Wave Moderate range, low data rate applications(residential thermostats, lighting)Zigbee Moderate range, moderate data rate applications(commercial buildings, sensors, equipment controls)ManyCommunication TechnologyCommTechnologyProtocol Promoters StrengthsWiredBACnetTM/IP100 Mbps ------76.8 Kbps ------78 Kbps Dedicated Networks, ITissues, SecurityDedicated Networks,BandwidthSomewhat proprietary,low usage todayWide usage, simple------115 Kbps100 Mbps Dedicated Network, nosecurityBandwidth, sharednetworksZBA Open standard,longer range,maintenance free2.45 GHz,5GHzHigh20 Mbps 230'Dedicated Networks, IT High performance, remoteissues, Securitybuildings2.4 GHzLow250 Kbps 200'Still gaining marketadoptionSensor and controllernetworks2.4 GHzLow250 Kpbs 100'Minimal mfgrs utilizijngSensor and controllernetworks2.4 GHzLow250 Kbps 100'Old technology, not openProprietary Multiple Mfgrs. Power harvesting900 MHzLow125 Kpbs 30'ProprietaryConsumer Devices2.4 GHzMed24 Mbps 30'Proprietary HoneywellLow cost900 MHzLow100 kpbs 50'LonTalkRTUTCPMeter & VFDmfgrs.BACnetTstatsProprietary DistechBACnetWirelessBest Applications---BACnetTMMSTP BACnetLONTalkIndoorCost Range Issues---BACnetDelta, Siemens, BandwidthKMCShared networksLow cost devicesAll BAS mfgrs.Wide usageMedia options, highlyEchelon, OthersstandardizedPowerFreq. Draw BandwidthTrane Air-FiPro Proprietary Viconics, Others Low costProprietary JCI, othersLow costProprietary & Confidential Information of TraneHigh performance, remotebuildingsController NetworksInstalled base, other nonbuilding applicationsMeters, Drives, localTrane Air-Fi Wireless SolutionBandwidth, range, sensorSensorsonlyClose Range only, one-toService Tools, Hand-heldsoneMinimal range/bandwidth Residential tstats9

Trane Training Class 2018Go Green & Go DigitalTrane Wireless SystemWireless Comm-CompatibleTracer BACnet ControllersWi-Fi RouterEthernet WAN/LANBACnet/IPTrane ControlsWhere AppliedTracer UC210Trane VAV Controller Tracer UC400Trane- and field-applied terminal equipment(VAV, WSHP, fan coil, blower coil, generic) BCI-I (IPAK)Trane IntelliPak Rooftop equipmentBCI-R (Reliatel)Trane Voyager and Precedent RooftopsTracer UC600Trane- and field-applied air handling equipment,and ancillary systems (pumps, cooling towers, etc.) Tracer SCTrane Building Control CompatibleTracer SC Wireless Zone SensorWireless ReceiverAHU controlVAV ControlsWireless Zone SensorCompatible with Trane BACnet unit controllersBACnet over ZigBee Wireless Mesh NetworkVAV Example - TraditionalAir-Fi Wireless Hardware5 Sensor OptionsAbove the ceilingWirelessCommunicationsInterfaceTU AdapterControl comm wireUnit and systemLow voltage peripheralsSensors, valves Multi-PurposeCompatible with TraneBACnet controllers Temperature-onlyTemp and DisplayTemp and OccupancyTemp, Occupancy, andCO2Up to 6 sensors percontroller2% Field Installed RHModule Wired or WirelessAccess withoutdisturbing occupantsBelow the ceiling Zone SensorsOpportunity: Eliminate all field-installed, low-voltage wire40Proprietary & Confidential Information of Trane10

Trane Training Class 2018Go Green & Go DigitalReliability through Range and RedundancyVAV Example - WirelessAbove the CeilingFactory Installed,Configured, andCommissioned VAV boxes- Sensor options Replaces comm link andsensor wire for: Reduced project time Reduced project cost Installation and problemsolving flexibility Increases system flexibilityBelow the CeilingPotential to eliminate all low voltage laborReliability through Range and Redundancy- Wireless Communication PathProprietary & Confidential Information of Trane41Reliability through Range and Redundancy- Wireless Communication Path11

Trane Training Class 2018Go Green & Go DigitalAir-Fi Wireless SecurityAir-Fi Wireless Coexistence Designed to IEEE standards Air-Fi Wirelessfor reliable coexistenceis secure Proven to reliably coexist in– 2 keys required toaccess the network– Isolated from highsecurity systemsIP-Protected Datachallenging environments– Hospitals– Stadiums– Distribution WarehousesIEEE devices are designed towork and play well togetherHVAC-only DataPerforming Arts CenterA Proven SolutionAir-Fi Wireless is the Trane Standard!Education16%Government7%Healthcare14% Thousands projects installed–––––OfficesHospitals/Acute Care FacilitiesStadiums/Theme ParksWarehousesData CentersIndustrial11%Retail6%Commercial46%Proven Success: Hospitals, Stadiums,Warehouses, Data CentersProprietary & Confidential Information of TraneSituation Air handlers mounted around perimeter oftheatre Separated by cinder-block walls for quietoperation Difficult to wireProject Equipment and controls upgradesChallenges Difficult to wire The show must go onSolutions Wireless air handlers Wireless zone sensors and service toolsOutcomes On-time On-budget12

Trane Training Class 2018Go Green & Go DigitalFire StationSchool DistrictSituation County-wide fire station headquarters Significant radio trafficProject Upgrade the controls without down timeSituation Order not received until after schoolyear Project planning was not completedProject Controls upgrade – 20 buildingsChallenges Difficult to wire No time for downtime Emergency radios get prioritySolutions Wireless rooftop unit (RTU)/variable airvolume (VAV) Wireless zone sensors and servicetoolsOutcomes On-time On-budget No interferenceAirport Cargo AreaChallenges No conduit from between buildings Trenching too expensive Security restricted accessSolution Building automation systems integratedvia wireless communications networkOutcomes Affordable solution allowed project to move forward Overcame security issues in restricted areas Building automation systems integrated in less thanone week Operators no longer need to walk between buildings Response time to customer issues drastically reducedProprietary & Confidential Information of TraneChallenge Tight project schedule Availability of laborSolution Wireless sensorsOutcomes On-time completion Wireless now standardCorporate HeadquartersSituation Large campus Four separate buildingsProject Renovation and employee relocation Integrate new equipment and controls for all buildingsChallenges Could not utilize company local area network (LAN) for HVAC communications Traditional wired systems cost prohibitive Concurrent renovation/employee relocationSolution Building automation systems integrated via wirelesscommunications network throughout campusResults Wireless solution allowed project to move forward Network integration expense drastically reduced Eliminated security access issues Utilized wireless for commissioning Project completed on time Provided access to all HVAC equipment Minimized risk of lost communications during construction Easier future expansion projects and integrationThird-partybridge/access pointwith patch antenna13

Trane Training Class 2018Go Green & Go DigitalMoody County CourthouseHong Kong Office Building (Existing)Situation 30 year old HVAC system Wanted a Building Automation System Couldn’t compromise integrity of historic buildingSolution RAUJ condensing unit with a remote evaporator Fan coils Tracer SC Air-Fi WirelessResults (Part-time) facility manager can manage buildingSituation Existing room temperature too low Air pressure unbalance Replace the AHU and VAV control at Floor5/F, 7/F, 8/F, 10/F, 16/F, and 12/F100 year old historic courthouseremotely Without wireless, they might not have been ableto install a BASSolution AHU Control with Frequency Inverter VAV Control Tracer SC Air-Fi WirelessResults Improve the room temperature comfort Improve room pressure balanceHong Kong Grade A Office Building in Kowloon Bay (New) A new 28-storey Grade A office building w/ Retail & Carpark BEAM Plus Platinum & LEED Gold certificateTrane Control System Tracer Air-Fi system for 836 sets of wireless VAV controls Tracer Air-Fi system for 45 sets of wireless FCU & AHUDemocontrols Tracer Ensemble central control & monitoring system for 6buildingsBenefits Flexible zoning controls & system re-balancing Minimize disturbing tenants operation while trouble-shooting Reduce future renovation cost and timeProprietary & Confidential Information of Trane14

Trane Training Class 2018Go Green & Go DigitalThank You !Proprietary & Confidential Information of Trane15

Tracer UC210 Trane VAV Controller Tracer UC400 Trane- and field-applied terminal equipment (VAV, WSHP, fan coil, blower coil, generic) BCI-I (IPAK) Trane IntelliPak Rooftop equipment BCI-R (Reliatel) Trane Voyager and Precedent Rooftops Tracer UC600

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