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Welcome to theMinnesota GEDTesting Meeting!We’ll begin at 9:30.Please introduce yourself in thechat with your name, your GEDtesting center location(s), andanything else you would like toshare!This PowerPoint and materials arein the materials tab.If you are having any tech issues,please chat to Astrid for assistance.

We will post the recording at mnabe.orgin State ABE Presentations.2

Minnesota GED Testing MeetingFacilitator: Brad Hasskamp, Adult Secondary Credential and Education Policy Specialist, Minnesota Department of EducationMay 7, 2020

Today’s Topics1. Check In andIntroductions2. News from MDE andGEDTS GED in Public Schools GED remote testing(OP) Additional reminders3. Next Steps4. Questions?4

Who’s Here?Brad Hasskamp, Adult SecondaryCredentials & Policy, MDETodd Wagner, State ABE Director MDEAlice Smith, GED Records Specialist,MDEAstrid Liden, ABE ProfessionalDevelopment, MDE (technicalassistance)Mellissa Hultstrand, State RelationshipManager, GED Testing ServicePlease introduce yourself in the chatwith your name, your GED testingcenter location(s), and anything elseyou would like to share!

News from Minnesota Department ofEducation and GED Testing Service6

Check Out the MaterialsFour resources:1. Statement on Permitting GEDTesting in Public SchoolBuildings (MDE Adult Education)2. School Building Use Guidance(MDH)3. Distance LearningImplementation Guidance(MDE)4. Meeting Slides (MDE AdultEducation)7

Access to School Buildings for GED TestingGuidance from EducationCommissionerOn May 5, Minnesota Departmentof Education Commissioner, MaryCathryn Ricker, announced thatoperating a GED Testing Center incompliance with MinnesotaDepartment of Heath guidelines isan allowable use of a publicschool building.8

Guidance from EducationCommissionerGED Testing: Only GED Applies only to GED Testingin schools; the provisiondoes not necessarily applyto other tests, such as NRSassessments, GED Ready, orother Pearson VUEassessments.9

Guidance from EducationCommissionerGED Testing at Schools: Permissive Is permissive, meaning itpermits but does notrequire GED TestingCenters located in publicschools to re-open.10

Guidance from EducationCommissionerGED Testing: Adhere to MDH Guidance Requires that programsfollow the MinnesotaDepartment of Health(MDH) guidance provided inthe School Building UseGuidance for In-PersonAssessment/Hands-OnCourse Completion.11

Minnesota Department ofHealth (MDH) GuidanceAttached PDFDetails: Scheduling and Screening atArrival Preparing Materials andEquipment Maintaining a SafeEnvironment12

Guidance from EducationCommissionerGED Testing: Public Schools Applies only to GED TestingCenters located in K-12public schools; theprovision does not apply toGED Testing Centers locatedin non-school buildingswhich continue to besubject to other ExecutiveOrder provisions.13

What about GED Testing Centers that are notin public school buildings?Governor’s Executive Orders Stay at Home Business operations,especially on those workingface-to-face withclients/customers and what isconsidered essential14

MDE Adult Education Office PerspectiveLocal organizations will make decisions and plans on GEDtesting, adhering to governor’s executive orders, guidancefrom GEDTS and Pearson VUE, and guidance from theMinnesota Department of Health.MDE Adult Education Office and GED Testing Service willcontinue to provide guidance and need to know your plansas they evolve.15

Guidance from EducationCommissioner Does not waive GED TestingService or Pearson VUErequirements regarding testcenter operations. GEDTesting Centers mustcomply with all GED TestingService and Pearson VUErequirements, while alsofollowing MinnesotaDepartment of Healthguidance.GED Testing: Adhere to Pearson VUEand GEDTS Policies and Guidelines16

Guidance from GED TestingServiceOpening Procedures in GED Software Sites will have to go intoSite Manager to configuretheir open days / hours. If sites need additional helpcall Channel Quality at 1866-389-3665, option #2.17

Questions about the Education Commissioner’sAnnouncement on GED Testing in Schools1. Will personal protective equipment(PPE, such as masks and gloves) berequired to be worn by testers?2. Who provides the personal protectiveequipment?3. Will ged.com update their "list ofthings to bring to testing" to includePPE?4. If a student gets "screened out" by atest center (because someone showsup with a fever, for example), will thetester get to reschedule at no cost tothe tester, or will they be charged forthat session (or use up their freevoucher)?18

More Questions: Education Commissioner’sAnnouncement on GED Testing in Schools19

Exploring OP (GED OnlineProctored Testing)Minnesota plans to participate in OP Must be taken by tester on computer meetingtechnical requirements. Not available until 3rd week of May at the earliest Test cost is same as on-site GED testing Proctors from OnVUE Prioritized nationally Top: For those with GED Ready testing green score(within 60 days of scheduling test) and either: acancelled test due to school closure or 1 test left Next (state-determined priorities): those with joboffers, those enlisting in the military, court orderedand GED Ready green Send priority testers (name and GED ID#) to20brad.hasskamp@state.mn.us.

National GED OP Phases1. Initial Pilot (3-4 states, does notinclude MN): This phase will likelylast about 4 days2. Add states without residencyrequirement (MN included)3. All testers with a GED Ready GreenScore within the last 60 days4. Add states with residencyrequirementsDiscuss next steps21

Minnesota’s OP ParticipationAdditional Details From GED Testing Service: For Phase 2 GEDTS will invite those with a cancelledtest since mid-March time frame as well as thosetesters who have passed 3 of 4 subjects. NOTE: Allindividuals in these two groups will have to show aGED Ready green in the past 60 days in order toschedule. Also, GEDTS will invite all individuals who have a GEDReady Green in the past 60 days. These individuals donot need to have a cancelled test or 3 out of 4subjects passed in order to schedule. GEDTS will also send the invite to those onMinnesota’s extenuating circumstances list, but itlooks like all of these people will have to score GEDReady green.22

GED Ready proctoring for age waiverTrain On-Site Adult to Proctor: An ABE programcan train an adult (like a parent) to be in the roomwith the tester. After testing, the program wouldcheck with the proctor to ask about the testingand any questions the proctor may have.Remote proctoring: The ABE program couldvirtually proctor the test by watching the potentialtester complete the GED Ready Test. This could bevia a video call on a device (laptop, smart phone,tablet. etc.).Other ideas?23

GED Ready proctor requirementsProctors must be able to: Watch the tester complete the entire test; Know what is and is not allowed during testing; Verify that the tester did not use a device orresource not allowed during testing; Check that the student is not recording the testquestions or responses; and Assure that the tester did not cheat.24

GED Subsidy Code Update: MNGED30Still funding left, though notcurrently being used.July-March: Nearly 90% of thesubsidy has been spent ( 28,830left).Subsidy is currently approved by toget same funding again starting July2020.25

GED Ready Promotion Those with a cancelledtest are getting a free GEDReady voucher. All others can take GEDReady for 50% off. Promo which will beintroduced later thismonth for all.26

GED Grad Day: May 14, 2020#GEDGradDay Celebrate viasocial media Grads sharephotos & stories GED/ABE staffsendcongratulations27

Other GED Testing Service Announcements?Mellissa Hultstrand, GED Testing Service28

Next steps?What is your GED Test Centerdoing or planning?

Whatquestionsdo youhave?

Thank you for your time and your thoughts!Brad HasskampBrad.hasskamp@state.mn.us651-582-859431

Additional Details From GED Testing Service: . GED Subsidy Code Update: MNGED30 Still funding left, though not . GED Ready Promotion Those with a cancelled test are getting a free GED Ready voucher. All others can take GED Ready for 50% off. Promo which will be introduced later this month for all. 26. GED Grad Day: May 14, 2020 # .

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