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Electra-Saver IIDirect Drive, Slow Speed, Premium QualityRotary Screw Compressors40–200 HP 60 Hz, 45–112 kW 50 Hz

2Electra-Saver II ModelsThe 50 HP Electra-Saver II has the largest,most efficient airend in its class.The 15–30 HP Electra-Saver II is shown tank-mounted.The 150 HP Electra-Saver II is a gearless,direct drive compressor built to provide results.

3Our PhilosophyThe application drives theCompressor typeMany manufacturers try to sell one typeCost of Compressed Air Over 5 YearsService, Repair& Maintenance6%Purchase Cost8%of compressor for all applications. Thetruth is, compressor selection shouldEnergy Costfollow an analysis of the application.86%One type of compressor does not fit allneeds. That’s why Gardner Denver offersthe broadest line of machines and controloptions in the industry. If you want theright compressor, you need choices.At Gardner Denver, we manufacture avariety of compressors for all yourHigher initial cost, lowest total costneeds and applications.At Gardner Denver, we know the Electra-Saver II rotary screw air compressor will cost more topurchase than other brands. That’s because GardnerDenver compressors are designed to be “low costprovider of air over the product’s life” when all costs—energy, maintenance, repair and purchase price areconsidered. Since the design objective is lowesttotal cost—energy efficiency, reliability and longterm durability are given paramount consideration.Take a look at Gardner Denver compressors andyou will agree that the incremental purchase cost ofan Electra-Saver II is easily justified by lower totaloperating costs.

4Why direct drive,slow speed compressors?Slow Speed Design – 100 HP ExampleBigger is Better –Greater Energy EfficiencyThe Gardner Denver ST 100 has a dedicated 227 mmrotor set that turns at 1780 RPM. This gear-less unitproduces 490 CFM and requires 105.5 BHP at full loadfor a BHP/100 CFM – an indication of efficiency –of 21.5.The only reason to make a compressor airendsmall and turn it at high speed is to minimizeproduction cost. To maximize energy efficiency,the airend should be large and run at slow speed,typically 1800 RPM. Why? For several reasons:A typical competitor’s gear-driven unit turns 85%faster at 3300 RPM because the 178 mm rotor set is22% smaller. This unit produces 483 CFM requiring110 BHP for a less efficient BHP/100 CFM of 22.8. The6% efficiency advantage of the Gardner Denver unitgenerates about 2,700 in energycost savings for each yearof around-the-clockoperation, at anenergy costof 8 /kWh.Direct drive, gearlessGear drive designCompressed Air is Not FreeChoose the nominal size of an air compressor and cost of electricity to estimate annual energy costs.NominalHPOperating Cost per Year (5000 hours) at Cost per kWh ( ). 1,834 2,751 3,667 4,584 212,591255,109Note: Hours of operation based on two 8-hour shifts, six days a week. BHP based on nominal horsepower plus 10%.

5Gear-Less OperationA true direct drive unit operates at motor rpm withoutspeed-increasing gears. Gears consume power in theform of mechanical losses. Thus, direct drive, slowspeed, gear-less compressor airends have a 3–5%efficiency advantage—by design.Reduced Air Blow BackAt high speeds, more air leaks across the rotors duringthe compression process. Simply put, the faster rotorsturn, the harder it is to trap and hold all the air thatis compressed. Rotor production technique cannotoffset the advantage of slower speeds since largerotors can be machined to the same tolerances assmall ones. Also, some smaller airends even requiresealing strips to reduce this blow back. To maximizeefficiency, minimize speed!Reduced Lubricant DragIn an airend, the rotors have to “cut through” heatreducing lubricant. And the fact is, less drag on therotors occurs at slower speeds. In addition, lubricantis intensively injected into Gardner Denver airendsthrough numerous ports rather than isolated to asingle point, further reducing viscous drag. Everyarea of the Gardner Denver compressor is designedto maximize energy efficiency.Smaller Leakage Areas as a Percentage ofAir OutputThough this sounds technical, it is quite simple. Theareas between the rotors and the rotor housing areleakage areas where air can escape, thus reducingefficiency. As rotor size increases, this leakage becomesa smaller percentage of air output. Think of a small andlarge circle where the circumference represents leakagepoints and the area of the circle represents air output.For a circle with a 10" diameter, the circumference(i.e. leakage area) is 40% of the area (air output).Up to 41% larger, Gardner Denver airends operate moreslowly and efficiently than smaller, gear-driven products.Double the diameter to 20" and the circumference(leakage area) becomes just 20% of the area (air output).In summary, leakage areas have less influence onperformance when you make a compressor large andturn it slowly.

6Bigger is better! Lower total cost of ownership Less downtime Lower lifetime maintenance costs Greater efficienciesBigger is Better – Greater ReliabilityBigger not only means more energy efficient but alsomore reliable. Slow-turning mechanical equipmentsimply lasts longer than its high-speed counterpart.It’s the reason that special formulations of oil weredeveloped in recent decades to handle high-speedengines. Higher speed causes more heat and morethermal expansion, which results in a greater risk ofwear and failure. They all go together. To maximizereliability, rotating equipment should be designed toturn slowly.

7Thousands of Hours ofReliable UseLarge, Durable, Super-Sized BearingsOf course, a larger rotor weighs more than a small rotor,so you would expect it to have larger bearings. Thekey, however, is that large rotors provide more area to“super-size” the bearings. That’s why for years GardnerDenver has been one of the few manufacturers to quotebearing life in our literature. When you super-size thiscritical component, you’re proud to say you design for aminimum L10 life of 100,000 hours.Rotor Size ComparisonGardner DenverCompetitors #1, 2, 3200mm 075 HPGardner Denver250mm0150 HPCompetitors #1, 2, 3

8Premium Package FeaturesStainless Steel Rather than HoseOur premium compressor utilizes seamless stainlesssteel control lines and tubing for lubricant circulation.If offered by a competitor, it can cost an additional 400– 1500. Why accept leaks and long-term failureswhen you don’t have to?Cool Air through Proper CoolingSome compressors overheat or deliver hot air when thegoing gets tough. This happens when heat exchangersare downsized to cut cost. All Electra-Saver II heatexchangers are sized for operation in 115 F ambientwhile delivering air to within 15 F of the inlet airtemperature. Big coolers, big airends big difference.Direct Drive, Gear-less Compressor AirendFor decades, the trademark of these premium compressors has beenservice life. Direct drive, gear-less airends typically run for more than10 years. (See pages 4–7 for details).

9The Best Motor in the BusinessOther brands are less expensive, but the Electra-Saver II motor is themost durable motor available. These cast iron, EISA premium efficiencymotors contain more winding material than any other motor. The bestmotor with the best compressor provides the best drive train you canbuy. These motors come with a standard 5-year warranty.Heavy Duty, Two-Stage Inlet FilterAn inlet filter is no place to cut corners. Dirt and dustthat enter the compressor greatly impact lubricantand machine life. This 5 micron filter is 99% efficientand standard on the Electra-Saver II. This feature is aseparate option on many compressor designs.Serviceability SupremeOur “bigger is better” design also means superiorserviceability. Maintenance personnel love the GardnerDenver Electra-Saver II. Components are accessible, notcrammed into a constrictive footprint like with otherbrands. All filters are easily accessible and piping neednot be disconnected to service the separator.Optional EnclosureWhy pay for an enclosure you don’t need? Manyinstallations are better off without one. When of benefit,Gardner Denver can supply an enclosure that is right forthe installation. The Electra-Saver II design allows you toput your money where you benefit most.

10AirSmart Microprocessor ControllerNever Out of ControlElectra-Saver II compressors use microprocessorcontrol technology because it’s the simplest, yetmost powerful compressor control design available.These controllers are built on the foundation of beingeasy to operate and read, so you just push a buttonand get back to work. Then if service is necessary ora problem exists with the compressor, the controllercommunicates the need. With the AirSmart controller, you don’t waste time troubleshootingor tracking service requirements. Electra-Saver IIcontrollers are designed to take control!AirSmart Microprocessor Controller Low voltage 24 VDC operation Two pressure transducer inputs Informative control panel– 4 line by 20 character LCD display– 4 status LEDs for “at a glance” compressorstatus– 9 buttons for easy control and menu navigation– Multiple language support The controller is feature rich with maintenance anderror handling information including:– 29 different sources for advisories– 68 different sources for system shutdown– Advisory/shutdown history stored in nonvolatile memory Last 6 advisories Last 6 shutdowns– Distributor contact information Part number is displayed when consumable itemcauses advisory or shutdown Sequence capability for control of up to eightAirSmart controlled compressors* RS-232 serial communications for local monitoring* Ethernet communications for remote monitoring** With optional communications/sequencer module.AirSmart

11Sequencing & Remote MonitoringCommunication & SequencingThe optional communication module allows the ElectraSaver II Series units to talk to each other and otherGardner Denver compressors to optimize systemefficiency. This isn’t just an hour balancing, on/offsequencing scheme. Our controller allows the systemto truly optimize efficiency because it knows thecapabilities of other machines and orchestrates theiroperation.The communication module also allows the option ofremote monitoring the Electra-Saver II units.ESP 20/20 CompressorRemote Monitoring SystemESP 20/20 is a wireless remote monitoring solutionthat upgrades the air compressor to an intelligentasset providing system performance and advisorynotification. Interfacing directly to Gardner Denveror third party compressors via discrete inputs andoutputs, any compressor asset can be transformedto provide critical operational information througha single web-based application.SYSTEMS CHECK Optimal Operation Increased Reliability Maximum Efficiency10 Year ProtectionESP 20/20 qualifies the compressor forGDXTRA, Gardner Denver’s extended warrantyprogram on airends, delivering the tools toensure the compressor is operating at peakperformance with the peace of mind that thecompressor is protected.

12Lowest Total Costthrough Genuine GD PartsGardner Denver filters and separators are simply the highest quality parts available.Attention is given to every detail. O-ring gaskets are designed to stay in place andresist cracking. Protective mesh keeps filter media securely in place. Choosing aGardner Denver filter or separator eliminates problems such as clogged oil lines, thatresult in failed compressor airends. Don’t be fooled by cheaper “will fit” filters—theexpense is greater to you in the long run.Low Oil Carryover Saves You CashRemember, oil carryover costs 15 to 35 per ounce or 20 to 45 per gallon.Genuine parts minimize oil carryover.6 ppmOil Carryover (oz/24 hours)30255 ppm204 ppm153 ppm102 ppm51 ppm008001600Compressor Output (cfm)2400

13Lubricants ExtraordinaireAEON Lubricants contain a design-specific additivepackage that cannot be duplicated by other brands.The result is everything you want in a lubricant—longlife, thermal and oxidative stability, high flash point,superior film strength, low oil carryover and more. Thesenon-hazardous lubricants separate quickly from water tominimize disposal cost and maximize protection. UsingAEON Lubricants guarantees lowest total lubricant costover the life of your compressor.FILTER CUTAWAYSTop: Replicator Filter without protective meshallows filter media to migrate downstream.Below: Genuine Gardner Denver Filter contains aprotective mesh layer that keeps filter media intact.Patented ELIMINATOR Air-Oil Separator, inside our specially designedoil reservoir and tower, limits oil carryover to less than 2 PPM by weight– the lowest in the industry. Notice that piping connections do not haveto be broken to service the separator element.

1414History, Stability,& Dependability1961Rota-ScrewintroductionGardner Denver’s engineering ingenuity beganin Quincy, IL, a Mississippi River town, in 1859.Gardner Denver today continues to be a stable,dependable partner for the world’s demanding andever-changing industrial product needs.Experience Proven Results– 150 Years of Manufacturing Excellence– 110 Years of Air Compressor Engineering– 50 Years of Rotary Screw Compressor Innovation1970’sElectra-ScrewinstallationQuality & Reliability Commitment to Direct Drive Technology Large rotors and bearings for greater efficiencyand slow speed operation for longer life (rotor sizecomparison below) Variable speed design with matched motor, drive,and airend for maximum energy efficiency andsuperior reliabilityCustomer Service Headquarters in Quincy, IL sentVS Seriesenergy-savinginstallation Thousands of installations worldwide Gardner Denver Authorized Distributors:average 20 years of compressed air experience Experienced, dependable service technicians Sales consultants that know the correctcompressed air product for each compressedair application

15Total System SolutionsServiceability & Product SupportGardner Denver, anEnergy Star Partner, iscommitted to developing productsand introducing technologies thathelp conserve energy and protectthe environment.Support NetworkGardner Denver has a network of trained serviceproviders available whenever needed to keep yourcompressors in top form. We are committed to stockingcomponents to support your compressed air systemneeds.Let Gardner Denver Take Controlof Your SystemTo ensure total system reliability, Gardner Denverprovides a broad range of dryers, filters, oil/waterseparators, drains, cleaning fluids, and aftercoolers.ONE-STOP shopping from Gardner Denver assures thatall components of the system are designed to worktogether and are backed by customer support todayand for years to come.FIL SeriesHigh Efficiency FiltersDS2 SeriesEvacuator Drain ValvesRNC SeriesRefrigerated DryersDGH SeriesDesiccant DryersA full range of filters20–21,250 cfm;coalescing, particulate,and activated carbon forthe removal of water, oil,and particulates fromcompressed air.A full family of zero airloss, energy efficientdemand drains. Ruggedlydesigned to effectively andreliably prevent moisturedamage to dryers, air tools,gauges, and other criticalcomponents.A full line of high qualityrefrigerated dryers withfeatures and benefitsun matched by thecompetition. Designed toproduce dew points as lowas 38 F in compressed air.A complete line of desiccantdryers for the removal ofwater vapor in compressedair to dew points as low as-100 F.

www.GardnerDenverProducts.comGardner Denver, Inc. 1800 Gardner Expressway, Quincy, IL REDITED 2013 Gardner Denver, Inc.Printed in U.S.A.GS-ST-FAM 2nd Ed. 10/13Please recycle after use.

2 Electra-Saver II Models The 50 HP Electra-Saver II has the largest, most efficient airend in its class. The 150 HP Electra-Saver II is a gearless, direct drive compressor built to provide results. The 15–30 HP Electra-Saver II is shown tank-mounted.

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