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MAINTAIN COMPRESSOR RELIABILITY AND PERFORMANCE WITHGENUINE GARDNER-DENVER AND JOY COMPRESSORPARTS AND SUPPORT SERVICESGardner-Denver and Joy Compressor genuine parts,engineered to original tolerances, are designed for optimum dependability --- specifically for Gardner-Denverand Joy compressor systems. Design and material innovations are the result of years of experience with hundreds of different compressor applications. Reliability inmaterials and quality assurance are incorporated in ourgenuine replacement parts.Your authorized Gardner-Denver and Joy Compressor distributor offers all the backup you’ll need. Aworldwide network of authorized distributors providesthe finest product support in the air compressor industry.Your local authorized distributor maintains a large inventory of genuine parts and he is backed up for emergencyparts by direct access to the Gardner-Denver IndustrialMachinery Master Distribution Center (MDC) in Memphis, Tennessee.Your authorized distributor can support your GardnerDenver or Joy air compressor with these services:For the location of your local authorized Gardner-Denverpages of your phone directory or contact:1.Trained parts specialists to assist you in selectingthe correct replacement parts.2.Factory warranted new and remanufactured rotaryscrew air ends. Most popular model remanufactured air ends are maintained in stock at MDC forpurchase on an exchange basic with liberal corecredit available for the replacement unit.3.A full line of factory tested AEON ‘“ compressorlubricants specifically formulated for use in Gardner-Denver and Joy compressors.4.Repair and maintenance kits designed with the necessary parts to simplify servicing your compressor.Authorized distributor service technicians are factory-trained and skilled in compressor maintenanceand repair. They are ready to respond and assist youby providingfast, expert maintenance and repairservices.and Joy Air CompressorFactory:Gardner-DenverIndustrial Machinery Division1800 Gardner ExpresswayQuincy, IL 62301Phone:(217) 222-5400Fax:(217) 223-5897Distribution Center:Gardner-DenverIndustrial Machinery DivisionMaster Distribution Center5585 East Shelby DriveMemphis, TN 38115Phone:(901) 363-6100Fax:(901) 393-1095INSTRUCTIONSdistributor refer to the yellowFOR ORDERINGWhen ordering parts, specify Compressor MODEL,Method of Cooling, HORSEPOWER and SERIAL NUMBER (see nameplate on unit). Serial Number is alsostamped on top of the cylinder flange to the right of theinlet housing.All orders for Parts should be placed with the nearestauthorized distributor.Where NOT specified, quantity of parts required percompressor or unit is one (1); where more than one isREPAIR PARTSrequired per unit, quantity is indicated in parenthesis.SPECIFY EXACTLY THE NUMBER OF PARTS REQUIRED.DO NOT ORDER BY SETS OR GROUPS.To determine the Right Hand and Left Hand side of acompressor, stand at the motor end and look toward thecompressor. Right Hand and Left Hand are indicated inparenthesis following the part name, i.e. (RH) & (LH).AIR ENDSNOTE:Factory warranted new and rebuilt air ends are available from your authorized Gardner-DenverCompressor Distributor.and JOY

FOREWARDGardner-Denver Rotary Screw compressors are the result of advanced engineering and skilled manufacturing. To beassured of receiving maximum service from this machine the owner must exercise care in its operation andmaintenance. This book is written to give the operator and maintenance department essential information for day-todayoperation, maintenance and adjustment. Careful adherence to these instructions will result in economical operationand minimum downtime.DANGERDanger is used to indicate the presence of a hazard which will cause severe personalinjury, death, or substantial propery damage if the warning is ignored.IIWarning is used to indicate the presence of a hazard which can cause severe personalinjury, death, or substantial propery damage if the warning is ignored.IIIA WARNINGI cAuTIONCaution is used to indicate the presence of a hazard which will or can cause minorpersonal injury or propery damage if the warning is ignored.Ioperationor maintenanceinformationThis book covers the following models:PSIGAir CooledWater Cooled40 HP100, 125EBHQHAEBHQHCEBHSHAEBHSHC13-9-55513-9-55050 HP100, 125,150EBHQJAEBHQJCEBHSJAEBHSJC13-9-55513-9-55060 HP100, 125EBMQKAEBMQKCEBMSKAEBMSKC13-9-55713-9-55175100, 125,150EBMQLAEBMQLCEBMSLAEBMSLC13-9-55713-9-551100 HP100, ce is used to notify people of installation,which is important but not hazard-related.IParts List13-9-55613-9-54813-10-507Page i


INDEXNOTE: Numbers precedingdash are Section Numbers - Numbers followingAir Control Components .4a-3. 4b-4Air Cooled Unit installation . 2-1Air Filter Element Life .6.lAir Filter Element - Service Instructions . 6-1Air Filter Vacuum Switch .4a-4. 4b-5AIR FILTERS (SECTION 6) . 6-1Air/Oil Flow Diagram .5.2. 5-3Air/Oil Flow Diagram - Remote OverheadCooler . 5-4Auto Sentry-ES, Controller Display .4a-5. 4b-6Auto Sentry-ES, operation .4a-5. 4b-5Auto Sentry-ES, Operation (AutomaticMale) .4a.5. 4b-6Auto Sentry-ES, Operation (Constant RunMale) .4a.5. 4b-6Auto Sentry-ES, Operation (Low DemandMale) .4a.5. 4b-6Auto Sentry-ES, Operation (Sequence Mode). 4a-5, 4b-6Auto Sentry-ES, Programming And Set-Upinstruction .4a%. 4b-7Auxilia Ar Receiver .2.3Basic information . 1-1Blowdown Valve .4a.4. 4b-4Blowdown Valve Piping .2.4Cold Weather Operation .2.2Control Schematics . 4a-9, 4a-10, 4b-10, 4b-11CONTROLS & INSTRUMENTS (SECTION 4) .la-l. 4b-1COUPLING - DRIVE (SECTION 7) . 7-1Decals . 1-6, 1-7Discharge Service Line .24Electrical Witing .2.5Enclosure .2.2Filling Oil Reservoir .5.5Foundation .2.2Gauges and Displays .4a.2. 4b-4GENERAL INFORMATION (SECTION 1) . 1-1Grease Recommendations .2-6Grounding .2.5High Temperature Operation .5-1High Temperature Shutdown .4a-1. 4b-1Inlet Line .2.3Inlet Valve Control .4a.3. 4b-4INSTALLATION (SECTION 2) . 2-1Lifting Unit .2.lLocation .2.lLubricant, Addition of Oil Between Changes . 5-5Lubricant, Changing Type of Oil .5-5Lubricant, Draining and Cleaning System . 5-6Lubricant, Oil Specifications . 5-1Lubricant, Recommended . 5-1Lubricant Change lntewal .5.6LUBRICATION, OIL COOLER, OIL FILTER &SEPARATOR (SECTION 5) .5-113-9/10-641dash are Page NumbersMAINTENANCE SCHEDULE (SECTION 8) .8-1Minimum Pressure/Check Valve . 4a-3, 4b-5Moisture inthe Oil System . 5-6Motor Lubrication . 2-6Motor Protection Devices .4a-1. 4b-1Oil Cooler (Water Cld.) - Water Flow Control Valve . 5-8Oil Cooler (Water Cld.) - Water Shutoff Valve .5-9Oil Cooler- Radiator Type . 5-7Oil Cooler - Water Coold . 5-8Oil Filter . 5-7Oil Level Gauge . 5-6Oil Reservoir . 5-9Oil Reservoir Drain . 2-2Oil Separator . 5-9Oil Separator - Inspection . 5-1oOil Separator - Pressure Differential Gauging .5-10Oil Separator - Removal . 5-1oOil System Check . 5-10Outline Drawings . 1-2, 1-3Piping, Aftercooler . 5-4Piping, Heat Exchanger . 5-5Piping, Parallel . 2-5Piping, Series . 2-5Pressure Regulator .4a-4. 4b-4Prestart-up Instructions . 3-1Protective Devices and Shutdown .4a-1. 4b-1Purge Air Valve .4a4. 4b-4Relief Valve .4a.l. 4b-2Remote Overhead Cooler . 5-1Reservoir Pressure Transducer .4a-4.4 b-5Safety Precautions . 1-4Separator Differential Pressure Shutdown . 4a-1, 4b-2Sequencing, Automatic Change . 3-4Sequencing, Installation . 3-2Sequencing, Operation . 3-3Sequencing, Other Features . 3-4Shuttle Valve .4a.4. 4b-4Solenoid Valves - IVC and IVO . 4a-4, 4b-4Solenoid Valves -TVC and TVO . 4b-4Starter/Control Panel . 4a-4, 4b-5STARTING & OPERATING PROCEDURES(SECTION 3) . 3-1Starting The Unit, Cold . 3-2Starting The Unit, Hot . 3-2Stopping Unit . 3-2System Pressure Transducer . 4a-4, 4b-5Thermostatic Mixing Valve . 5-7TROUBLE SHOOTING (SECTION 9) . 9-1Turn Valve .4b.4Turn Valve Actuator .4b4Water Cooled Unit Installation . 2-2Water Cooled Unit Piping . 2-5Wiring Diagrams .4a.l2. 4b-13Page iii

ILLUSTRATIONSFIGURE ion Cycle .Package - Starter Box .Package - Controller & Starters .Package- Drive Motor &Air Filter.Package - Oil Filter, Oil Level Gauge, Mixing Valve, Minimum Pressure Valve & Check Valve.Package .Compressor &inlet Valve .1-11-21-21-21-31-32-12-22-32-42-52-6Typical Compressor Room .Minimum Flow for Compression and Cooling .Cold Weather installation .Heat Exchanger and Aftercooler Flow Chafl .Seties Piping .Parallel Piping 84a-9Schematic Tubing Diagram .Blowdown Valve .inlet Valve .Minimum Discharge Pressure Valve .ShuHle Valve .Control Schematic - Compressor Unloaded - Constant Speed Mode .Control Schematic -Compressor at Full Load .Control Schematic - Compressor Unloaded - Low Demand Mode .Wiring Diagram .Auto Senty ES .4a-24a-24a-34a-34a-44a-94a-1 O4a-1 14a-1 24a-1 34b-14b-24b-34b-44b-54b-64b-74b-84b-94b-1 OSchematic Tubing Diagram .Blowdown Valve .inlet Valve .Shutile Valve .Turn Valve Actuator .Minimum Discharge Pressure Valve .Control Schematic - Compressor at Full Load .Control Schematic - Compressor Unloaded - Constant Speed Mode .Control Schematic - Compressor Fully f oaded - Low Demand Mode .Wiring Diagram .Auto Sentry ES .4b-14b-24b-24b-34b-34b-44b-1 1oFlow Diagram - EBH, EBM, EBP .Flow Diagram - EAP .Oil Flow Diagram Remote Overhead Mounted .Approximate Oil System Capacities .Cooler Drain Detail .Oil Level Gauge .Thermostatic Mixing Valve .Water Control Valve .Temperature Chafl .Oil Separator .5-25-35-45-45-45-65-85-85-95-96-1Heavy Duty Air Filter .

price 5.00 gardner-denver@ 13-9/1 0-641 4th edition electra-saver@ electra-saver ll@ stationary base-mounted compressor models 40 thru 100 hp ea_ & eb_ operating and service manual

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SERVICE MANUAL . 13-9-666 Page 1 MAINTAIN COMPRESSOR RELIABILITY AND PERFORMANCE WITH GENUINE GARDNER DENVER COMPRESSOR PARTS AND SUPPORT SERVICES . Your authorized Gardner Denver Compressor distributor offers all the backup you’ll need. An AirSmart .

Gardner-Denver and Joy Compressor genuine parts, engineered to original tolerances, are designed for opti-mum dependability ---specifically for Gardner-Denver and Joy compressor systems. Design and material inno-vations are the result of years of experience with hun-dreds of different

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