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OLA789OWho Should You Target?How to Find Your Perfect AudienceUsing Data for SuccessB346T ATABLE OFCONTENTSIntroductionWhat does advertising look like for you today?We’ll Cover What Content Should You Distribute?High Opportunity Post-Click Content TypesHigh Opportunity Post-Click Content Types, By CountryVideo: Data-Driven Insights Behind What Makes a Good OneSponsored Content: Capture Attention When Promoting Articlesand Photo GalleriesWorldwide Trends: Image PerformanceWorldwide Trends: Keyword Performance1011121516When is the Best Time to Reach Your Audience?High Opportunity Time of YearHigh Opportunity Day of the WeekHigh Opportunity Day of the Week, By CountryHigh Opportunity Time of the DayHigh Opportunity Time of the Day, By Country202122232627Where is Your Audience?High Opportunity DevicesHigh Opportunity Devices, By CountryTargeting by Site: How to Find Your Niche29303133How do You Measure?High Opportunity KPIs3435To sum it up .Get Started with Taboola373817192

T ABOOLAINTRODUCTIONIt’s an exciting time in the world of online marketing forfashion and beauty businesses.Both industries are a huge subset of retail ecommerce sales.According to eMarketer, they’re projected to make 122.76billion and 49.25 billion in 2019 respectively in the US alone.1Consumers are getting great experiences from these typesof businesses and making purchases online. They’reinteracting with fashion and beauty brands in so many places,like branded articles, video marketing, via recommendationsfrom friends and through trusted influencers.But most importantly, they’re discovering new trends directlyfrom the brands themselves.In the middle of this direct-to-consumer renaissance, it’simportant to build 1:1 relationships with your customers. Inorder to do that, the consumers first have to know about you.That’s where online marketing efforts come in.1eMarketer: Retail Ecommerce Sales, by Product Category, US, 20193

T AFashion and beauty marketing today has to move fast.BOLthe most rapidly growing fashion subsets is fast fashion—AFASHION ANDBEAUTYADVERTISINGTODAYO F ashion trends change with the runway. One ofwhen brands adapt their products to reflect trends in thecatwalk very quickly.2 B eauty trends are highly personalized. Beautymarketers are chasing consumers that are constantlyon-the-go and are demanding customized products fasterthan ever before.3To move fast, you need a constant flow of fresh content andcampaign creatives targeted strategically to your audienceonline, and you need to know exactly how to optimize thosecampaigns as trends change.You’ll need both a strong creative strategy and media mix.Today, you’re likely using search and social to do so.Discovery is the third pillar of any successful digital strategythat sits alongside both—it’s the most effective way to reachpeople who’ve never seen your brand before and for thosewho are open to discovering something new about you.In this report, we’ll guide you through data-driven insightsto help you build a successful discovery campaign for yourfashion or beauty brand.4eMarketer: -is-experiencing-rapid-growth3 Forbes: oreal-shiseido-lauder/#1a0ab88c69822


T ABOOLAWE’LL COVER The who, what, when, where, and how behind today’s most successfulR E A D O N T O D I S C O V E R D ATA - D R I V E Ndiscovery campaigns in the beauty and fashion industries.INSIGHTS BEHIND:We’re going beyond benchmarks and defining where your brand hasthe most opportunity on the open web. T he audiences you should target,test and optimizeWe’ve defined opportunities for several types of targeting tactics—from content T he content types for which youtypes to time of day, and more. Opportunity for each exists at the intersection ofhave the biggest opportunity tosupply and demand. When there is high demand for fashion and beauty contentgrow your audiencebut low supply, there’s a high opportunity for success.To get even more specific, we define demand in this context as a click-throughrate (CTR). If someone is clicking on a piece of content, we assume they want Time of year, week and day that’sbest to reach your audiences T he platforms and countriesto see it. Supply is defined as the percentage of spend that marketers havewith the best chance forallocated toward a type of content on our network.campaign successThe data in this report is based on campaigns from all types of advertisers in the T he KPIs your peers are targeting,fashion and beauty industries—including e-commerce retailers, disruptive beautyand how to measure and A/Bproducts, mobile apps related to these industries, related article content and more—test them effectively.which includes 26,045,611,870 impressions and over 41,469,096 clicks.Opportunity is different for every industry, especially when it comes to seasonality.6


T ABOOLAHOW TO FIND YOURPERFECT AUDIENCEMarketers tend to assume they know their audiences—andthey do, just maybe not as well as they thought.The best way to tell is with data. Analyzing who responds toyour campaign is the educational experience that you needin the beginning of a campaign in order to get the contentand targeting just right.Here’s a targeting flow we’d recommend for a month-long campaign:WEEK 1WEEK 2WEEK 3WEEK 4REPEATWhen you’re startingCheck in with yourThis is a good time toWhen analyzing yourDo it all again.out, keep your targetingcampaign at the endtake a look at yourcampaign, take a lookwide—we oftenof the week. Whocreative performance.back at what surprisedrecommend no targetingresponded? Are youIs each headline, photoyou, and look to testat all. This will givesurprised by gender,or video resonatingnew audiences in orderyou a clear picture oflocation or interests?with each audienceto expand your reachexactly who is respondingChoose several audiencesegment? A/B testin the your campaignssegments to test baseddifferent combinationswithout any bias.on your initial results.for the right fit.8

T ABOOLAUSING DATA FORSUCCESSOur data marketplace includes data from leadingdata-providers as well as data of our own.Try testing some of these segments in your nextcampaign: Interest Shopping Beauty and Fashion High Interest Interest Shopping Beauty and Fashion Fashion Enthusiasts Interest Shopping Beauty and Fashion Women’s Pants, Skirts, Undergarments Interest Shopping Beauty and Fashion Men’sClothes Pants And many, many more!9


T AHIGHOPPORTUNITYPOST-CLICKCONTENT TYPESBOOLADiscovery Content Type Performance for the Fashion & Beauty VerticalsWorldwide, 2018Supply4 of Fashion & Beauty Content vs. Consumer Demand5 by Content Type, 2018Sponsoring articles like branded blog postsand product pages is a well-known tactic forfashion and beauty marketers, but it’s not theonly effective option—leading consumers topages containing photo galleries and videosWhile supply of text articles is high, marketersCTRalso performs well.should also promote more photo galleries.TIPPHOTO GALLERYL ANDING PAGES.SPEND %CONSIDER TESTINGPhoto45TextSupply is indicated by the percentage a market spends on fashion and beauty contentConsumer demand is indicated by the average calibrated CTR for fashion and beauty contentVideo LP11

FranceT ABrazilBHIGH OPPORTUNIT Y POST-CLICKCONTENT T YPES, BY COUNTRYOOCTRACTRLThese country-specific trends provide a benchmark forzadvertisers looking to allocate spend by post-click content typein specific countries.SPEND %Or, a Fashion & Beauty advertiser in the United Kingdom shouldtest driving users to a video, as there is high demand and notmuch competition.SPEND %For example, a fashion & beauty advertiser in the United Statesleading users to an article page should consider testing photogalleries in their sponsored content campaigns as the demand isthe highest and supply is very low.PhotoVideo LPPhotoTextVideo LPVideo LPVideo LPPhotoTextVideo LPCTRSPEND %CTRTextTextIndiaSPEND %CTRChinaSPEND %PhotoPhotoCTRVideo LPBelgiumVideo LPSPEND %CTRTextTextGermanySPEND %SPEND %PhotoPhotoCanadaCTRAustraliaTextPhotoTextVideo LP12

MexicoTurkeyT AIsraelBOOCTRCTRSPEND %SPEND %SPEND %TextVideo LPPhotoJapanTextVideo LPPhotoPhotoTextVideo LPTextVideo LPCTRSPEND %CTRTextVideo LPUnited StatesSPEND %SPEND %PhotoPhotoVideo LPThailandCTRSouth KoreaTextCTRSPEND %Video LPVideo LPSPEND %CTRCTRSPEND %TextTextUnited KingdomSpainPhotoACTRLPhotoPhotoTextVideo LPPhoto13


T ALESS THAN 30 SECONDSBOLAVIDEO:DATA-DRIVENINSIGHTS BEHINDWHAT MAKES AGOOD ONEOOur video length recommendation. Keep it short and sweet.OPTIMIZE FOR SOUND OFFInclude subtitles in case your consumer is in the office, doesn’thave headphones, or just doesn’t want video with sound.THREEThe number of video creatives we recommend you test foroptimization.LOGOIf brand awareness is your goal, include your logo on-screen atall times.END CARDLeave your viewers with an action item—an end card is a greatway to direct them to your website or more content.In addition to these general best practices, includingcertain types of content, like denim, eyelashes, andthe color magenta can increase the likelihood that yourvideo is completed.These video characteristics drive both high viewabilityand completion rates.15

Video Characteristics by Viewability and Completion Rate for Worldwide, 2018Month over Month Supply of Content vs. Consumer Demand, 2018T AVideo eblack andFashion wimwearFlowernaturevacationbottlelipnail beachwatercar cheekfingerbrowneyebrow perfumebuilding planthandgowntexthair dressSkinTIPCONSIDERTESTINGBL ACK &EyelashWHITE VIDEOSHighViewabilityVERSUSCOLORFOR YOURNEX ionBeautyBoth/Other16

BO 195%Men vs. Women 27%cvr(gender) 122%Distance vs. Close-upPerson vs. No Person( s u b j e ct )cvrColor vs. B/W( i m ag e c o lo r ) 13%cvr( fac e s i z e )A( lo cat i o n )LIndoor vs. OutdoorsOWORLDWIDE TRENDS:CVR IMPACT FOR FASHION AND BEAUTY IMAGEST HOTOGALLERIESPhoto vs. Illustrationcvr( i m ag e t y p e )IMAGE PERFORMANCEThe performance of a discoverycampaign often hinges on theimages a fashion or beautyadvertiser chooses for his or hercreatives. Based on data from 106% 2%cvrText vs. No Textcvr(text)Taboola Trends, here are the typesof images that increase CTR andconversion rates (CVR)6 the most. 31%6 enchmark CVR is calculated fromBcampaigns optimizing for purchasescvr17

CTR IMPACT FOR BEAUTY IMAGEST ACTR IMPACT FOR FASHION IMAGESBc t r than With TextFood (FOOD)No Animals (ANIMALS) 64% 100%c t r than No Foodc t r than AnimalsClose Up (FACE SIZE)Color (IMAGE COLOR) 44% 94%c t r than DistanceA 110%c t r than No AnimalsL 102%ONo Text (TEXT)OAnimals (ANIMALS)c t r than B/W18

SPONSORED CONTENT:HEADLINES THATDRIVE CLICKSperformance for all native advertisers. This chart indicatesperformance for the most popular keywords worldwide.Strong Engagement KeywordsStrong Competition KeywordsOpportunity KeywordsRed 292% c t rFirst-70% c t rChallenge 340% c t rDaring 212% c t rStrategy-69% c t rModel 340% c t rDresses 203% c t rFarm-67% c t rIndia 340% c t rAround 107% c t rGame-67% c t rLite 326% c t rDrivers 107% c t rLove-65% c t rMaxi 326% c t r(Keywords with high demand)(Keywords with low demand)(Keywords with low supply and high demand)Strong Engagement KeywordsStrong Competition KeywordsOpportunity KeywordsShape 170% c t rOil-54% c t rEnd 3% c t rSecrets 170% c t rWhy-44% c t rSeason 3% c t rNose 170% c t rBeauty-41% c t rVanish 3% c t rShort 151% c t rAre-38% c t rCare 2% c t rReveal 143% c t rTop-34% c t rPlace 3% c t r(Keywords with high demand)AKEY WORDSHeadlines are another extremely important aspect of campaignLFOR BEAUT YOCTR IMPACTKEY WORD PERFORMANCEOKEY WORDSBFOR FASHIONT ACTR IMPACTWORLDWIDE TRENDS:(Keywords with low demand)(Keywords with low supply and high demand)19


T AHIGHOPPORTUNITYTIME OF YEARBOOLAThe holiday season is by far the time of theDiscovery Market Opportunity by Time of Year for the Fashion & BeautyVertical WorldwideMonth over Month Supply7 of Fashion & Beauty Content vs. Consumer Demand8year with the highest opportunity for fashionand beauty marketers to run successfulcampaigns—but don’t stop when the newyear hits. Demand stays high, while supplyTIPSPEND %CTRfalls during this time period.INCREASE YOURBUDGET OVER THEQ1HOLIDAYS, BUTQ2Q32016Q4Q1Q2Q3Q42017Q1Q2Q3Q42018DON’T STOP THROUGHTHE NEW YEAR.78Supply is indicated by the percentage a market spends on fashion and beauty contentConsumer demand is indicated by the average calibrated CTR for fashion and beauty content21

T AHIGHOPPORTUNITYDAY OF THE WEEKBOOLAConsumers are interested in fashion andDay of Week Performance for the Fashion & Beauty Vertical Worldwide, 2018Supply9 of Fashion & Beauty Content vs. Consumer Demand10 by Day of Week, 2018beauty products during the week—in fact,the opportunity for marketers is highest fromTIPTEST FASHION &BEAUT Y CAMPAIGNSSPEND %CTRMonday to Wednesday.ON TUESDAYS WHENDEMAND IS HIGHSundayAND SUPPLY IS LOW.910MondayTuesdayWednesday ThursdaySupply is indicated by the percentage a market spends on fashion and beauty contentConsumer demand is indicated by the average calibrated CTR for fashion and beauty contentFridaySaturday22

BrazilFranceT AHIGH OPPORTUNIT YBODAY OF THE WEEK ,OCTRACTRLBY COUNTRYSPEND %Most of Europe on the other hand, including the UnitedKingdom, Spain, Germany, France and Belgium, allstay true to the global trend with high opportunity formarketers on Tuesdays.SPEND %When we just look at the United States, Monday standsout as a higher opportunity than Tuesdays for fashion andbeauty marketers.SundayTuesdayWednesday ThursdayFridaySaturdayTuesdayWednesday ThursdayFridaySaturdayMondayTuesdayWednesday ThursdayFridaySaturdaySundayTuesdayWednesday ay ThursdayFridaySaturdayMondayTuesdayWednesday ThursdayFridaySaturdayCTRSPEND %CTRMondayFridayIndiaSPEND %CTRChinaSPEND %SundayWednesday ThursdayCTRSundayBelgiumTuesdaySPEND %CTRMondayMondayGermanySPEND %SPEND uesdayWednesday ThursdayFridaySaturdaySunday23

MexicoTurkeyT AIsraelBOOCTRCTRTuesdayWednesday ThursdayFridaySaturdaySPEND %SPEND %SPEND %MondaySundayJapanMondayTuesdayWednesday ThursdayFridaySaturdayWednesday ThursdayFridaySaturdayMondayTuesdayWednesday MondayTuesdayWednesday ThursdayFridaySaturdayTuesdayWednesday ThursdayFridaySaturdayCTRSPEND %SPEND %Wednesday ThursdayFridayUnited StatesCTRCTRTuesdayWednesday ThursdayCTRSundayThailandSPEND %MondayTuesdaySPEND %SPEND %TuesdayMondayUnited KingdomCTRCTRMondaySouth KoreaSundaySundaySpainSPEND %SundayACTRLSundaySundayMondayTuesdayWednesday ThursdayFridaySaturdaySundayMonday24


T AHIGHOPPORTUNITYTIME OF THE DAYBOOLATime of Day Performance for the Fashion & Beauty Vertical Worldwide, 2018Supply11 of Fashion & Beauty Content vs. Consumer Demand12 by Time of Day, 2018While fashion and beauty shoppers might beshopping during the work week, demand isn’thighest during work hours. In fact, fashionand beauty marketers have an opportunity toTIPTEST CAMPAIGNSSPEND %high demand for content and low competition.CTRcapitalize on late night shopping, when there’sFOR L ATE-NIGHTSHOPPERS, AROUND11PM LOCAL 11:00 12:0013:0014:0015:00 16:00AM1112Supply is indicated by the percentage a market spends on fashion and beauty contentConsumer demand is indicated by the average calibrated CTR for fashion and beauty content17:0018:0019:00 20:0021:0022:0023:00PM26

BrazilFranceT AHIGH OPPORTUNIT Y TIMEBCTRSPEND %SPEND 00 12:0013:0014:0015:00 16:00AMAustralia17:0018:0019:00 1:00 12:0013:0014:0015:00 16:00AM17:0018:0019:00 0010:0011:00 12:0013:0014:0015:00 16:0017:0018:0019:00 011:00 12:0013:0014:0015:00 16:0017:0018:00PM19:00 20:0021:0022:0023:007:008:009:0010:0011:00 12:0013:0014:0015:00 16:0017:0018:0019:00 20:0021:0022:0023:0019:00 20:0021:0022:0023:0019:00 8:009:0010:0011:00 12:0013:0014:0015:00 16:0017:0018:00PMIndiaSPEND %CTR3:006:00AMSPEND %2:000:00PMChinaCTR1:005:00CTR1:00AMSPEND %0:004:00SPEND %0:00PMBelgium3:00CTR3:002:00GermanySPEND %2:001:00AMCTRCTR1:000:00PMCanadaSPEND %0:00LCTROVarious countries see more engagement with fashion andbeauty content during work hours, and some before and afterwork. Either way, take into consideration the gap betweenthe demand for fashion and beauty content and the supply toidentify the times of day with highest potential by region.OOF THE DAY, BY 0:0011:00 12:0013:0014:0015:00 16:0017:0018:00PM19:00 7:008:009:0010:0011:00 12:0013:0014:0015:00 16:0017:0018:00PM27

MexicoTurkeyT 0010:0011:00 12:0013:0014:0015:00 16:00AM17:0018:0019:00 7:008:009:0010:0011:00 12:0013:0014:0015:00 16:00AMJapan17:0018:0019:00 1:00 12:0013:0014:0015:00 16:00AM17:0018:0019:00 7:008:009:0010:0011:00 12:0013:0014:0015:00 16:00AM17:0018:0019:00 9:0010:0011:00 12:0013:0014:0015:00 16:0017:0018:00PM19:00 20:0021:0022:0023:006:007:008:009:0010:0011:00 12:0013:0014:0015:00 16:0017:0018:0019:00 20:0021:0022:0023:0019:00 20:0021:0022:0023:0019:00 8:009:0010:0011:00 12:0013:0014:0015:00 16:0017:0018:00PMUnited StatesSPEND %CTR1:005:00AMSPEND %SPEND %0:000:00PMThailandCTRSouth Korea4:00CTR3:003:00SPEND %SPEND %2:002:00United KingdomCTRCTR1:001:00AMSpainSPEND %0:000:00PMCTR1:00SPEND %SPEND %SPEND :0011:00 12:0013:0014:0015:00 16:0017:0018:00PM19:00 7:008:009:0010:0011:00 12:0013:0014:0015:00 16:0017:0018:00PM28


T AHIGHOPPORTUNITYDEVICESBOOLAAcross all device types—desktop, mobileDevice Performance for the Fashion & Beauty Vertical Worldwide, 2018Supply13 of Fashion & Beauty Content vs. Consumer Demand14 by Device, 2018and tablet—supply of fashion and beautycontent is the highest on desktop devicesas opposed to mobile and tablet devices,but tablet campaigns are showing theCTRhighest opportunity.BENCHMARK CTRTIPSPEND %0.159%TEST TABLET DEVICETARGETING ON YOURDesktopNEX T CAMPAIGN.1314MobileSupply is indicated by the percentage a market spends on fashion and beauty contentConsumer demand is indicated by the average calibrated CTR for fashion and beauty contentTablet30


FASHION AND BEAUTY ADVERTISING TODAY Fashion and beauty marketing today has to move fast. Fashion trends change with the runway. One of the most rapidly growing fashion subsets is fast fashion— when brands adapt their products to reflect trends in the catwalk very quickly.2 Beauty trends are highly personalized. Beauty

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Silat is a combative art of self-defense and survival rooted from Matay archipelago. It was traced at thé early of Langkasuka Kingdom (2nd century CE) till thé reign of Melaka (Malaysia) Sultanate era (13th century). Silat has now evolved to become part of social culture and tradition with thé appearance of a fine physical and spiritual .

On an exceptional basis, Member States may request UNESCO to provide thé candidates with access to thé platform so they can complète thé form by themselves. Thèse requests must be addressed to esd rize unesco. or by 15 A ril 2021 UNESCO will provide thé nomineewith accessto thé platform via their émail address.

̶The leading indicator of employee engagement is based on the quality of the relationship between employee and supervisor Empower your managers! ̶Help them understand the impact on the organization ̶Share important changes, plan options, tasks, and deadlines ̶Provide key messages and talking points ̶Prepare them to answer employee questions

Dr. Sunita Bharatwal** Dr. Pawan Garga*** Abstract Customer satisfaction is derived from thè functionalities and values, a product or Service can provide. The current study aims to segregate thè dimensions of ordine Service quality and gather insights on its impact on web shopping. The trends of purchases have

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Chính Văn.- Còn đức Thế tôn thì tuệ giác cực kỳ trong sạch 8: hiện hành bất nhị 9, đạt đến vô tướng 10, đứng vào chỗ đứng của các đức Thế tôn 11, thể hiện tính bình đẳng của các Ngài, đến chỗ không còn chướng ngại 12, giáo pháp không thể khuynh đảo, tâm thức không bị cản trở, cái được

The publication of the ISO 14001 standard for environmental managements systems (EMS) in 1996 and then revised in 2004 has proved to be very successful, as it is now implemented in more than 159 countries and has provided organizations with a powerful management tool to improve their environmental performance. More than 223 149 organizations have been certified worldwide against ISO 14001 at .