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Why We Wrote This GuideAccording to Wikipedia, a paragraph is a self-contained unit of a discourse inwriting dealing with a particular point or idea. A paragraph consists of one ormore sentences. Though not required by the syntax of any language,paragraphs are usually an expected part of formal writing, used to organizelonger prose.This guide is specifically written for those looking to sell their used & surplustelecom equipment and has little to no clue on where to start, whom toapproach. Let us make your disposal journey with Telecom Recycle feasiblewith this quick guide.”Telecom Recycle Team

Table of ContentsIntroduction4SECTION I:Frequently Asked Questions: Old, Surplus or OutdatedTelecom Equipment5-6SECTION II:Get rid of your Surplus & Inutile Equipment in4 Simple Steps7-8Step 1: Fill and Submit Bid Form7Step 2: Value Assessment and Releasing of Quote8Step 3: Collection and Payment8Step 4: Top Dollar Paid8SECTION III:List of Brands & Equipment We Buy9 - 16

Introduction to the CompanyTelecom Recycle is a leading IT Asset and Disposition (ITAD) companyspecialized in buying and recycling of redundant business telephone systemsand handsets.We are proud to offer you an environmentally green alternative and completetelephony buying solution for all your business telecom needs.As specialists in asset recovery, we help companies of all sizes recapturemaximum value. We make the process simple, fast, and easy, and we promiseyou will receive top-dollar for your used equipment.

SECTION I:Frequently Asked Questions: Old,Surplus or Outdated TelecomEquipmentQ. Why is it essential to hire an ITAD company to take care of your IT assets?IT Asset Disposition, or simply ITAD, is the full-fledged process involvingrecycling and disposal of old and inutile IT assets in a proper and responsiblemanner, strictly adhering to the environmental policies laid out by thegovernment. An ITAD company ensures that you get the maximum value out ofyour old and outdated devices and provides you with step by step reporting ofthe asset recovery & recycling process- from assessment, packaging to finalshipping and delivery.Q. What types of Telecom Equipment do you buy?We buy a wide range of excess, outdated, but working telecommunications &networking equipment including telephone sets & systems, routers, VoIPendpoints, switches, wireless phones, and smartphones.

Q. What happens if I’m not sure exactly what equipment is in my inventory?Drop us a request anyway. We’ll work with you to find equipment that can bereused, those who need modernization, ones you could sell and finally, theequipment that needs to dispose of. Our team will then sit with you to chalk outthe best and actionable plan for your inutile equipment and execute themeffectively so you recoup the maximum value of them. All equipment moved areproperly counted and numbered for a more transparent service.Q. Does the volume of my inventory matter?With us, you don’t need to worry about the volume or the size. Whether you own2 pieces or 200, we’ll buy them all as long as they are in working condition.Q. How does Telecom Recycle calculate how much money my equipment isworth?We use the latest technology to run a thorough market evaluation for eachequipment type and come up with a fair quote.

SECTION II:Get rid of your Surplus & InutileEquipment in 4 Simple StepsStep 1: Fill and Submit Bid FormSend us your list of equipmentFill up and submit the bid request form with a list of all theequipment details (including quantities, model numbers, colors,descriptions, etc.) and any other necessary information to get afree quote.You can find the form: HEREYou can also mail us your bid request at bid@telecomrecycle.com

Step 2: Value Assessment and Releasing of QuoteReceive a lightning-fast bid with maximum cash valueOur Liquidation Expert will access the equipment you are planningto sell and provide you a quote to get you a fair and accurate bidwith maximum cash value. We value time and money, hence no timeis wasted on unnecessary negotiations!Step 3: Collection and PaymentSafe & secure shipping for your valuable equipmentOnce agreed on the price, our quality inspectors will do an onsiteinspection of the equipment, providing you with quick removal andpayment services. We promise top quality services including safehandling and procurement, packing, removals, and shipping withoutbeing a hassle to your ongoing business scene.Step 4: Top Dollar PaidBe assured of the best return on your used and surplus IT equipment.We get you fair market value prices so you can recapture maximumvalue off your once-valuable equipment. Simple, fast with a value forevery dollar paid!

SECTION III:List of Brands & Equipment We BuyTelecom recycle has the domain expertise and a dedicated team of liquidationexperts that could help resolve all your IT Asset recovery related queries. Webuy all models of equipment -used, new or surplus telecom and networkhardware.Brands we look forS.No.1BRANDAvayaEquipment Lista) Used Avaya IP Phones1600 Series Phones2400 Series Phones4600 Series Phones5000 Series Phones9600 Series Phonesb) Used Avaya Wireless Phones3645, 3810, 3910, 9040Partner 18 and 18D302D Attendant Consolec) Used Avaya Phone SystemsAvaya IPAvayaDefinity G3Partner: ACS, Standalone, Plus, IIPrologixIP Systems

S.No.2BRANDAastraEquipment Lista) Used Aastra IP PhonesAastra 480e Power Touch Phone (A1262-0000-10-15)Aastra 480i IP Phone (A1700-0131-10-05)Aastra 6725ip Lync IP Phone (A6725-0131-20-55)Aastra / Mitel 6730i VoIP Phone (A6730-0131-10-01)Aastra/Mitel 6731i IP Phone (A6731-0131-10-01)Aastra/ Mitel 6737i IP Phone (A6737-0131-10-01)Aastra 6739i GigE SIP Phone (A6739-0131-1001)Aastra 6751i (51i) IP Phone (A1751-0131-10-01)Aastra 6753i (53i) IP Phone (A1753-0131-10-01)Aastra 6755i (55i) IP Phone (A1755-0131-10-01)Aastra 6757i (57i) IP Phone (A1757-0131-10-01)Aastra 6757i-CT (57iCT) Backlit Display Phone (A1758-0131-10-01)Aastra M675i (560M) Expansion Module (A1760-0000-1055)Aastra 6800i PhonesAastra 9480i Power TouchPhone (A1735-0131-10-05)Aastra M9112i IP Phone (A1710-0131-10-05)Aastra M9133i IP Phone (A1720-0131-10-05)Aastra 9143i IP Phone (A1733-0131-10-05)Aastra Venture IP Gateway Phone System (A1702-0000-10-000)3CiscoCisco 6900 Series IP PhonesCisco 7800 Series IP PhonesCisco 7900 Series Unified IP PhonesCisco 8800 Series IP PhonesCisco 8900 Series IP PhonesCisco 9900 Unified IP PhonesCisco Access PointsCisco Conferencing UnitsCisco SPA300 Series IP PhonesCisco SPA500 Series IP SetsLinksys/Cisco SPA900 Series IP TelephonesCisco SPA Series GatewaysCisco SwitchesCisco Unified Wireless PhonesCisco WAN Interface Cards And Voice Interface Card

S.No.4BRANDCitel/MCKEquipment ListMCK Citel 6000 Gateway & Remote UnitsCitel MCK 1000-4100 ExtendersNortel/Norstar MCK Citel ExtendersDefinity MCK ExtendersMagix MCK ExtendersToshiba MCK ExtendersPanasonic MCK ExtendersUniversal MCK ExtendersMCK 6000 PBX Gateway and ExtendersMCK 7000 ExtendersMCK 1000 3000 4000 PBX Gateway and ExtendersAudioCodes Gateways5Lifesizea) Lifesize System KitsLifeSize Team 220 KitLifeSize Icon 600 W/ Microphone KitLifeSize Icon 600 W/ Phone, Gen. 2LifeSize Passport Kitb) Lifesize PhonesLifeSize Phone 1st Gen HD Audio Conferencing UnitLifeSize Phone 2nd Gen HD Audio Conference Unit LFZ-021c) Lifesize CamerasLifeSize Camera S LFZ-029LifeSize Focus Video Conferencing CameraLifeSize CameraLifesize 10x Video-conferencing Camera

S.No.6BRANDMitel/Inter-telEquipment ListMitel 400 Series PhonesMitel 4000 Series PhonesMitel 5000 Series IP PhonesMitel 5200 Series PhonesMitel MiVoice 5300 Series IP PhonesMitel 6800i PhonesMitel MiVoice 6900 Series IP PhonesMitel 8500 Series IP PhonesMitel Superconsole and Superset 3 – 4 DNMitel MiVoice Conference Units and AccessoriesMitel 600 DECTSIP-DECT Base Stations680 Expansion ModulesMitel OMM licenses (Open Mobility Manager)Mitel-Aastra S850i AccessoriesMitel / Aastra AccessoriesMitel SX 50Mitel SX 200 AnalogMitel 200 Digital / 200 LightMitel SX-200 ML/ELMitel 2000 DigitalMitel 3300 ICP CardsMitel / Inter-Tel AxxessMitel / Inter-Tel 3000 SeriesMitel / Inter-Tel 5000Music On Hold / USB Recorder7ToshibaToshiba DKT-2000Toshiba DKT 3000Toshiba DKT 3200Toshiba DP5000Toshiba IPT2000 Series IP TelephonesToshiba IP5000Toshiba Strata Cards

S.No.8BRANDNECEquipment ListNEC Aspire NEC DSXNec Electra 616 & 16/48 (ET Phones)NEC Electra 824 Phones (ETZ)NEC DTP Dterm Series ENEC DTR Dterm Series INEC Elite DTU PhonesNEC Elite IPKNEC ITR/ITH IP TelephonesNEC Pro II ETW TelephonesNEC/Nitsuko BDS DS1000/2000 PhonesNEC SL1100 Phone Sets and SystemsNEC NEAX 2400 Phones & Control EquipmentNEC Series II ETE PhonesNEC Series III ETJ PhonesNEC Univerge (DTL/ITL/ITZ Series)NEC UX5000 Phones9NortelNortel BCM 50 Units – Key Codes – Media Bay ModulesBCM 200 BCM 400 Units, Codes, ModulesBCM 450 Units – Key Codes – ModulesBCM 400/450 Expansion CabinetsBCM Media Bay ModulesMusic On Hold / USB RecorderBCM IP Telephones 1100 and 1200 SeriesBCM IP Telephones I2000 SeriesNortel Digital TelephonesNetgear ProSafe Smart SwitchesLinksys POE SwitchesBCM IP Telephones 1100 and 1200 SeriesBCM IP Telephones I2000 SeriesMeridian 2000 Series PhonesNortel Meridian 3000 Series PhonesNortel Circuit PacksNortel Meridian SL1 Line Cards

S.No.10BRANDPolycomEquipment ListPolycom SoundPoint IP PhonesPolycom SoundPoint IP AccessoriesPolycom VVX Business Media PhonesPolycom VVX AccessoriesPolycom SoundStation 100/EXPolycom VoiceStation 100/300/500Polycom SoundStation PremierPolycom SoundStation 2Polycom SoundStation 2W WirelessPolycom SoundStation IPPolycom SoundStation VTXPolycom SoundStation DuoPolycom KIRK/Spectralink Wireless11SpectralinkPolycom KIRK/Spectralink WirelessSpectralink 84-Series Wireless PhonesSpectralink 8440 Wifi Phone For Microsoft LyncSpectralink 8440 Wifi HandsetSpectralink 8440 Dual Charger W/Power SupplySpectralink 84xx Standard BatterySpectralink 84xx Extended BatterySpectralink Polycom 8400 Series Quad Charger W/Power12YealinkYealink SIP-T28P IP TelephoneYealink SIP-T26P IP TelephoneYealink T41P-Skype For Business EditionYealink SIP-T41P IP PhoneYealink SIP-T42G VoIP PhoneYealink SIP-T46G VoIP PhoneYealink SIP-T48G VoIP Phone

S.No.13BRANDShoreTelEquipment Lista) Shorephone IP Phone Models PolycomShoreline 100 IP PhoneShoreTel 110 IP TelephoneShoreTel 115 IP TelephoneShoreTel 210 IP TelephoneShoreTel 212K IP TelephoneShoreTel 230 IP PhoneShoreTel 230G IP Gigabit PhoneShoreTel 265 IP PhoneShoretel IP420 PhoneShoreTel IP 480 TelephoneShoreTel IP 480 PhoneShoreTel IP 480g Gigabit TelephoneShoreTel IP 485g TelephoneShoreTel 530 IP TelephoneShoreTel 560 IP TelephoneShoreTel 560G IP PhoneShoreTel 565G IP TelephoneShoreTel 655 IP PhoneShoreTel 655 IP PhoneShoreTel IP 930D Wireless TelephoneShoreTel BB24 IPShoreTel 8000 IP Conference PhoneShoreTel Satellite External Microphones SM-1ShoreTel IP Phone Handsetb) Shoretel ShoreGear Voice SwitchesShoreTel ShoreGear 24A Voice SwitchShoretel ShoreGear 30 Voice Switch – SG-30ShoreTel Voice Switch – 30BRIShoreTel ShoreGear 40/8 Voice SwitchShoreTel ShoreGear 50 Voice SwitchShoreTel ShoreGear 50V Voice SwitchShoreTel ShoreGear 50V Voice SwitchShoretel ShoreGear 90 Voice SwitchShoreTel Voice Switch 90BRI

S.No.BRANDEquipment ListShoreTel ShoreGear 90V Voice SwitchShoreTel Voice Switch 90BRIVShoreTel ShoreGear 120/24 Voice SwitchShoreTel Shoregear Voice SwitchShoreTel Shoregear Voice SwitchShoreTel ShoreGear 220E1 Voice SwitchShoreTel ShoreGear T1 Voice SwitchShoreTel ShoreGear T1K Voice SwitchShoreTel Voice Switch – E1KShoreTel VPN ConcentratorShoreTel VPN Concentrator 5300ShoreTel Dual Rackmount TrayShoreTel Collaboration Service Appliance14Plantronicsa) Internet Calls and VoIP.Audio 648.Audio 628.Audio 478.Audio 400 DSP.Audio 355.Audio 326b) Speaker phones and HandsetsCalisto 600 SeriesT10Clarity 340T110HCalisto 240Contact us to get an exclusive and fair quote for your valuable equipment or mail us the bidrequest with all the equipment details to bid@telecomrecycle.com and we’ll get back to yousoon. We are available round the clock!

Mitel / Inter-Tel 5000 Music On Hold / USB Recorder Toshiba DKT-2000 Toshiba DKT 3000 Toshiba DKT 3200 Toshiba DP5000 Toshiba IPT2000 Series IP Telephones Toshiba IP5000 Toshiba Strata Cards 6 Mitel/Inter-tel 7 Toshiba . 4 /P #3"/% &RVJQNFOU-JTU NEC Aspire NEC DSX Nec Electra 616 & 16/48 (ET Phones) .

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