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TABLE OFCONTENTS4 - 11Machines12 - 13Generator Sets14Hybrid Energy Solutions16 - 19Allied Products20 - 21Cat Rental22 - 23Cat Certified Used24Link Technology25 - 26Product Support27Customer Value Agreement (CVA)28Parts Exchange Program (PEX)29Mining30Cat Financial31Cat Integrated Procurement

MACHINESUnsurpassed efficiency and durability, built for the long haulWe are equipped with an extensive array of machines, all designed to meet your project needs. Our Cat product line ofover 300 machines deliver efficiency and durability. From pavers, tractors, dozers, loaders, and excavators that can beused for applications such as general construction, quarrying, demolitions, landscaping, and mining operations. We makeourselves the most reliable choice in all your equipment essentials. We have the ideal product support system in theindustry that will help maintain your uninterrupted efficiency, bringing you an enduring productivity.4

HYDRAULICEXCAVATORModelOperatingWeight (ton)EngineNet HorsePower (hp)BucketCapacity (m3)306.56Cat C2.4 (DI Turbo)470.25313D2GC13.2 - 13.9Cat C4.4910.6532020 - 22Cat C7.1 ACERT1571.2320GC20.5Cat C4.4 ACERT1431323GC22.6Cat C7.1 ACERT1571.3 - 1.41.833030.9Cat C7.1260330GC28.4Cat C7.12121.633636.2Cat C9.3B3112.12336GC33.9Cat C7.1 ACERT2591.88345GC42.2Cat C9.33462.6934948.1Cat C134052.41 - 3.21 Large boom base for strength and rigidity With internal baffles to add strength Large hydraulic cylinders for digging power Hydraulic hammer / breaker available320GCWHEELEXCAVATORModelOperatingWeight (ton)EngineNet HorsePower (hp)BucketCapacity (m3)M31515.7Cat C3.61200.6M317D215.3 - 17.5Cat C4.4 withACERT Technology1470.8M320D219- 19.8Cat C7.1ACERT Technology1690.35 - 1.18M315 Booms and sticks are welded, box section structures with thick,multiplate fabrications in high stress areas for rugged performanceand long service life.TRACK TYPETRACTOROperatingWeight (ton)EngineNet HorsePower (hp)BladeWidth (mm)D4K2XL8D5R2XL17Cat C4.4 ACERT 842,782Cat C7.1 ACERT 177D6R24,16518.9 - 19.4Cat C9 ACERT 1893,360D7R25Cat C9 ACERT 2403,693D8T38.3Cat C15 ACERT2694,041D9R48.7 - 49.4Cat 3408C4054,310D10T270.1Cat C27 ACERT 7224,940D11104.2Cat C32 ACERT 8505,580ModelD8T with differential steering system units are equipped with ripperVisit www.monark-cat.com for complete product offering5

MOTOR GRADERModelOperatingWeight (ton)EngineVHP Range- Net (hp)Bucket Length(mold board)120K13.8Cat C7 ACERT 125 - 14512 ft.140GC18.32Cat C7 ACERT 176 - 19614 ft.140K16.62Cat C7.1171 - 19114 ft. with Proportional Priority Pressure compensating which ensures thatall implements operate simultaneously Load sensing hydraulics for proportional balanced flow with 240 rotation of drawbar circle140GCWHEEL LOADERModelOperatingWeight (ton)EngineNet Power(hp)BucketCapacity (m3)924K12.9Cat C6.6 ACERT 1411.9 - 2.5938K15.1Cat C7.1 ACERT 1692.5 - 3.2950GC18.7Cat C7.1 ACERT 2023.1 - 3.4950L18.3Cat C7.1 ACERT 2522.5 - 3.5966L23.3Cat C9.3 ACERT 2813.2 - 7.4972L24.8Cat C9.3 ACERT 3293.4 - 9.9988K51.1Cat C18 ACERT 5414.7 - 13 Z-bar linkage generates excellent breakout force and ample rack backangle for better bucket loading and load retention. Equipped with load sensing hydraulic system that automatically adjuststo operating conditions to provide only the hydraulic flow required bythe implement for improved fuel efficiency.950GCBACKHOE LOADERModelOperatingWeight (ton)426F28.7EngineCat 3054CMechanical TurboNet Power(hp)88BucketLoaderCapacity (m3) Capacity (m3)0.181.03 Work tool attachment/s: Multi-purpose bucket; Hydraulic hammer/ breaker All wheel drives with differential lock426F26Visit www.monark-cat.com for complete product offering

SKID STEER LOADERModelOperatingWeight (ton)EngineNet Power(hp)BucketCapacity (m3)226B32.6Cat C2.2560.36232D3LRC3.25Cat C2.2 CRDI73.20.40 Worktool attachment/s: Multi-purpose bucket; Hydraulic hammer; Pick-upbroom; Trencher The anti-stall system maximizes machine power at all times by matching theengine torque with the operational requirements of the hystat and implementsystems. This load sensing feature prevents the engine from stalling evenduring part throttle operation, keeping productivity high and fuel consumption low.226B3TELEHANDLERModelOperatingWeight (ton)EngineRated LoadCapacity (ton)Maximum LiftHeight (m)TH41711.95TCD 3.6 L4415.75 - 17 The drive system for the conveyor belt has the capacity to run the22 ft. (6.71 m) long conveyor belt to nearly 500 fpm (152.4 mpm),allowing the trucks to unload quickly. The conveyor deflector directs the flow of concrete at the discharge endof conveyor.TH417MINING MACHINESARTICULATED DUMPTRUCKOperatingWeight (ton)Engine73031Cat C13 ACERT 37523730 EJ30Cat C13 ACERT 37022.126.2ModelNet Power(hp)BodyCapacity (yd3)73532Cat C13 ACERT 434740 GC40Cat C15 ACERT 44929.774545Cat C18 ACERT 50432.7 Automatic Traction Control (ATC) modulates the correct level of Inter-Axle andCross-Axle differential lock engagement which will improve cycle times andproductivity. No operator interaction.Visit www.monark-cat.com for complete product offering7457

OFF-HIGHWAY TRUCKOperatingWeight (ton)Net Power(hp)PayloadCapacity del777E163.495098.2785D249.41,348111 Automatic Retarder Control (ARC) electronically regulates braking on gradeto maintain engine at approximately 1,900 rpm. ARC is deactivated whenthe operator applies the brakes or throttle.777EHYDRAULIC SHOVELModel OperatingWeight (ton)Net Power(hp)BucketPayload (ton)Bucket 324 - 3261,530341716.56040446 - 4492,0324422226050582 - 5922,52052 - 552826Proven success in nearly every surface mining across the globeSuperior digging forceFaster cycle timesHigher payload capacityLow cost per ton6030PAVING PRODUCTSVIBRATORY SOILCOMPACTORModelOperatingWeight (ton)EngineGross Power(hp)DrumWidth (mm)CS11GC10.8Cat C4.4111.32,134 Equipped with Dual Pump Propel System that provides a separate balancedhydraulic flow to both the rear drive axle and the front drum drivemotor thus, providing good grade climbing, machine control andtractive power.8CS11GCVisit www.monark-cat.com for complete product offering

PNEUMATICCOMPACTORModelOperatingWeight (ton)EngineGross Power(hp)CompactionWidthCW165.3 - 15Cat C4.4B Engine101.91,754(9 Wheel Tire Option)2,132(11 Tire Option)CW348.6 - 27Cat 4.4 w/ ACERT 1292090 Automatic Traction Control (ATC) modulates the correct level ofInter-Axle and Cross-Axle differential lock engagement which willimprove cycle times and productivity. No operator interaction.CW34COLD PLANERModelOperating VHP Range Gross PowerWeight (ton)Net (hp)(hp)RotorCuttingWidth (mm)Rotor CuttingDepth (mm)Number ofToolsPM31021.65Cat C9.3 ACERT 3301,00033091PM62033.3Cat C18 ACERT 6302,010330178 ACERT Technology maintains engine performance, efficiency and durabilitywhile reducing emissions. Wheels provide high travel speeds, which reduce machine repositioning times.PM620ASPHALT PAVERPavingRange (m)ModelEngineGross Power(hp)AP300FCat C3.3B73.81.75 - 4AP355FCat C3.3B73.81.75 - 4.6AP600FCat C7.12052.55 - 8AP655FCat C7.12052.55 - 10 Excels in a wide range of applications from routine commercial jobs todemanding highway operations. Simplified service means more time spent paving and less time spent on maintenance. The high capacity generator provides power for the electric screed heat, auxiliarylights and job site tools.Visit www.monark-cat.com for complete product offeringAP300F9

ROTARY MIXERModelGross Power(hp)EngineCutting Width(mm)Cutting Depth(mm)RM300355Cat C11 with ACERT 1,000457 - 508RM500B540Cat C15 with ACERT 2,010406 - 508 Reliable field-proven technology makes machine operation simpleand self-diagnostics simplifies trouble shooting. Hydrostatic drive provides balanced tractive effort to each drive motor.RM500BUTILITYCOMPACTORModelOperatingWeight (ton)EngineDrumWidth (mm)Static LinearLoad (kg/cm)CB1.71.6Cat C1.19009.4CB34B3.7 - 3.9Cat C2.21,30014.2CC34B3.3 - 3.5Cat C2.21,30013 The vibratory system provides good balance between frequency andamplitude in order to meet various job site conditions. Corrosion-proof system and extended life components providereliable operation.CC34BDOUBLE DRUMCOMPACTORModelOperatingWeight (ton)EngineDrumWidth (mm)CB77.9 - 8.9Cat C3.4B1,500CB109.75 - 10.5Cat C4.4 w/ ACERT 1,700 High-tech four cylinder engine provides outstanding performance and reliability. Reliable two-amplitude selection and innovative design ensure precise performance. Corrosion-proof system and long-life components for reliable operation.10CB10Visit www.monark-cat.com for complete product offering

GOMACOConcrete Paving MachinePavingRange (m)ModelEngineGross PowerCommander III 4 - TrackCat C7.11726GP2400 Four TrackCat C7.11727.5 The 5 ft. (1.52 m) wide GOMACO-designed conveyor system is built withthe strength and durability to catch the concrete load from end-dumptrucks.Commander IIIPOWER SCREENA TEREXBRANDJAW ksPowerUnitFuel TankCapacityMetrotrak HAUp to 200 tph(220 US tph)Capacity:3.6m³High capacityLength: 3.8m (12'5")single toggle jawMax CSS: 100mm (4") Width: 800mm (2'7")Width:400mm (15.7")Cat C4.4129kW(173hp)400 L(106 US Gal)PremiertrakUp to 400 tph(441 US tph)Capacity:10m³High capacityLength: 4.2m (13'9")single toggle jawMax CSS: 150mm (6") Width: 1.06m (3'6")Width:500mm (19.7")Cat C9 ACERT194kW(260hp)450 L(119 US Gal)Metrotrak HAPremiertrakWARRIOR werUnitFuel TankCapacityWarrior 1800Up to 600 tph(661 US tph)Capacity:6.8m³Width: 400mm(15.7”)- 2 speed trackingFinesizeMidsizeOversizeCat C4.4ATAAC 83kW(110hp)336 L(88 US Gal)Warrior 1800Visit www.monark-cat.com for complete product offering11

GENERATOR SETSBecause real power knows no interruptions.Various business sectors need a reliable power source to make sure they never stop during critical power conditions. Our Cat Power Systems can meet the most critical needs of your operations with the most stringent standards. Alongside our enginescome highly trained technicians to operate and work with you, securing the continuous and smooth flow of your operations.12

DIESEL-POWEREDGENERATORSBRAND NEW / REBUILD / USED 8 kW to 4,000 kW 1,800 RPM 220 / 380 / 400 / 440 / 480 VoltsRENTAL POWER 45 kW to 2,000 kW 1,800 RPM 220 / 380 / 400 / 440 / 480 VoltsMARINE GENERATOR SETS &PROPULSION ENGINES Generator Set: 11 kW to 8,000 kW Propulsion Engine: 93 kW to 16,000 kW 1,800 / 2,400 RPMBIOGASGENERATOR SETS 72 ekW to 2,000 ekW 1,800 / 1,500/ 1,200 RPM 220 / 480 Volts Turning Waste to EnergyVisit www.monark-cat.com for complete product offering13

HYBRID ENERGYSOLUTIONSHYBRID ENERGYSOLUTIONSABABPOWER DENSITY11,236IN ORDER TO GET1 MW DCThin film117.5 (W) modules1 module 0.72 m28,090 m2Thin film modulesYOU’D NEEDC4.348Silicon (c-Si)310 (W) modules1 module 1.94 m28,435 m2Silicon modulesCGET THE SAME INSTALLED CAPACITYWITH LESS LAND USEDBETTER SHADING RESPONSEUSING 50% GROUND COVERAGE RATIOThin film16,180 m2of land usedSilicon (c-Si)16,870 m2of land usedAS A RESULT, YOUR POWER DENSITY (MWh/m) WILL BE4.3% BETTERPOWER DENSITY3 Get Renewable Energy Solutions Save Energy Costs Reliable PowerPOWERING SUSTAINABLE PROGRESS.EVERYWHERE. ALL THE TIME.14Visit www.monark-cat.com for complete product offering

ALLIED PRODUCTSProductivity at its best with the best Allied productsMonark Equipment values your productivity. Aside from providing the toughest, most durable Caterpillar heavy equipment, wealso partnered with leading equipment companies to complement and complete your operation needs. You don’t have to sourceout from others, we make them available for you. The best of the best, partnering with the best heavy equipment in the industry.15

LIFT TRUCKSIC ENGINE COUNTERBALANCE Diesel Range - 1.5 tons to 15 tons capacity LPG Range - 1.5 tons to 5.5 tons capacityELECTRIC COUNTERBALANCE 1.0 ton to 3 tons capacityWAREHOUSE RANGE(pallet & reach trucks, stackers & order pickers) 1.0 ton to 2.5 tons capacityCONCRETEMACHINERIESROTOR MACHINES 0.2 m3/h to 240 l/hTELESCOPIC SPRAYING ARM 2m to 8mAliva 302.116Aliva 237Visit www.monark-cat.com for complete product offering

CONCRETEMACHINERIESSTATIONARY CONCRETE PUMPS Output: 52 m3/h to 95 m3/h Pressure: 70 bar to 220 barTRUCK-MOUNTED CONCRETE PUMPS Reach Height: 20m to 70m Output: 52 m3/h to 200 m3/h Folds: 4 to 5 foldsUNDERGROUND CONCRETE SPRAYING Spraying Reach (H): 8m to 15m Spraying Reach (W): 10m to 17m Output: 4 m3/h to 30 m3/hUNDERGROUND CONCRETE TRANSPORT Drum Capacity: 4 m3 to 5 m3 (Mixkret) Lifting Capacity: 8.25t (Cemkret) Lifting Height: 4mHYDRAULICCRANESALL-TERRAIN CRANES 40t to 400tROUGH TERRAIN CRANES 12t to 145tTRUCK CRANES 30t to 75tCRAWLER CRANES 27t to 120tVisit www.monark-cat.com for complete product offering17

MOBILE CRANESALL-TERRAIN CRANES 55t to 1,200tCITY CRANE 45tLATTICE BOOM CRAWLER CRANES 400t to 3,200t18Visit www.monark-cat.com for complete product offering

AERIAL BOOM LIFTSTELESCOPIC BOOM LIFT Working Height: 40 ft to 180 ft Horizontal Reach: 32 ft to 80 ft Lifting Capacity: 227 kg to 340 kgARTICULATING BOOM LIFT Working Height: 30 ft to 135 ft Horizontal Reach: 22 ft to 70 ft Lifting Capacity: 227 kg to 272 kgLIGHT TOWERSLIGHT TOWERS Lamps: Metal halide bulb (4 x 1,000 Watts) Height: 23 ft (7.13 m) Fuel Capacity: 45 gal (170 L) Run Time: 90 hoursVisit www.monark-cat.com for complete product offering19

YOUR TOTAL RENTALSOLUTIONS PROVIDERInquire now about our affordable and flexible RENT with PURCHASE OPTION SCHEMES! Know more onhow MONARK CAT RENTAL STORE can help you save on operating costs and increase your revenue.On-site study to check the right machine configurationRight mix and size of fleet fit for the applicationsFleet planning and timeline estimationBIG RESPONSIVE SUPPORT TEAM throughour expert Account Managers, skilledoperators and technicians to ensure uptimeoperations for your critical applications.20Monark Cat Rental Store has the WIDESTRANGE OF EQUIPMENT & SERVICES availablefor industrial, commercial and constructionneeds.Visit www.monark-cat.com for complete product offering

RENT WITHPURCHASE OPTIONOWNING CAT MACHINE, THE EASY WAY! Choose between BRAND NEW or USED Get RENTAL CREDITS No Down Payment Required SKILLED OPERATOR during rental period REGULAR REPAIR & MAINTENANCE bycertified technicians, during rental period21

CAT CERTIFIED USED2.1.Brand New Machinefrom Caterpillar factory toMonark Cat Rental Store3.WELCOME PACKMonark Rental units are kept at optimum condition Regularly maintained by Monark Handled by seasoned operators Serviced by trained and experienced technicians Repaired with Cat Genuine Parts onlyHandpicked units from Rental fleet gothrough rigorous inspection Technical analysis on engine and hydraulics Custom Track Service for the undercarriage Custom Ground Engaging Tools Service for buckets Overall machine inspection Oil SamplingCERTIFICATEWELCOME PACK6.Cat Certified Used Equipment isturned over to customer completewith its repair and maintenancehistory Warranty Certificate Machine History Technical Analysis Operation and Maintenance Manual Parts Manual5.4.Inspected and tested units arerefurbished up to Caterpillarstandards Repaired by skilled technicians Passed 140-point inspection Classified CertifiedDelivered with guaranteed after-sales service support Assured parts availability with about USD 13 Million worth of parts inventory Philwide 24/7 access to parts.cat.com with credit card online facility Broadest network in the industry with at least 14 branches and satellite offices Equipped with Product Link Supported by Monark’s trained analysts that track your machine and help youincrease uptime and control costs.TRUST CAT CERTIFIED USEDSold with warranty for peace of mindPassed Cat certified 140 points inspectionwith all items in good conditionDealer serviced using genuine Cat partsReliable support & after-sales services from Monark22SERVICEDISTINGUISHED PERFORMANCEFOR LESS THAN YOU THINKFinancing solution from Cat FinancialEquipment Management Solutions from MonarkRent with Purchase OptionClassificationService HourRangeWarrantyPlatinum1000-300012 monthsGold3001-70006 monthsVisit www.monark-cat.com for complete product offering

WE TEST IT.YOU CAN TRUST IT.CAT CERTIFIED USED EQUIPMENTSelected, Inspected & Serviced to a Higher StandardBefore you put a Cat Certified Used machine to work, we put it to the test. Each low-hour, well-maintained model must survivea rigorous inspection that includes up to 140 checkpoints before we’ll even consider it for “certified” status. Once a machinepasses that tough test, we service it with Cat parts, complete all required maintenance, back it with a Caterpillar warranty andturn on the connectivity (if equipped).The result? A used machine you can trust to deliver good-as-new performance and peace of mind.Visit www.monark-cat.com for complete product offering23

LINK TECHNOLOGYMY.CAT.COM / CAT APP» 1-3 Connected Assets» Basic Equipment ManagementVISIONLINK » 4-100 Connected Assets» Advanced Equipment & Site ManagementHoursAsset OperationLocationProjects & GeofencesFuel UsageNotifications & Special ReportsMY.CAT.COM CAT APPVISIONLINKComplimentary with all new machines!Requires Paid SubscriptionFLEET MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONSTAILORED TO YOUR NEEDSGet the most up-to-date information about your assets and start saving time and money through useful data, insightful visualsand informed decisions.24

PRODUCTSUPPORTWE GO THE EXPERT MILEWith strong brand comes strong after sales support. We have what youneed in all aspects of operations - the broadest network, highly trainedtechnicians, latest equipment management solutions, and expertservices concerning your operations. We make constant improvementsand innovations so that we can serve you the best we can.FOOTPRINTLargest footprintin the Philippines,with 19 facilities,9 service station,& 8 on-site supportPhilwideEQUIPMENTMANAGEMENTCOMMAND CENTERDedicated Condition MonitoringAnalysts providing timely equipmentmanagement advicePARTS AVAILABILITYISO 9001:2015Over US 9M worth of partson-hand and 96% availability*Continuous improvement andcustomer satisfaction- The Monark WayDIGITAL SOLUTIONSPARTS OPTIONVisionlinkRemote Access MonitoringParts.Cat.ComMy.Cat.ComCat Inspect AppCat Genuine PartsCat Reman PartsCat General Duty PartsParts Exchange Program (PEx)*Parts inventory level and availability rating for stocking items are as of January 2021*Visit www.monark-cat.com for complete product offering25

COMPLETE FACILITIESFASTER TURNAROUND TIMECUSTOMER VALUEAGREEMENTUNDERCARRIAGEREBUILD SERVICEHassle-free maintenance programthat is customizable to cover eventhe simplest of PM Kitagreements to more sophisticatedfull maintenance contracts andeverything in between.Rebuild services available for idler, roller,regrousering, turn pin and bushing.Restore your undercarriage to OriginalEquipment Manufacturer specifications ata fraction of its original price.EQUIPMENT INSPECTIONFUEL INJECTION PUMPCALIBRATION AND REPAIRComplete and in-depth check ofequipment cycle time, systempressure and engine powerperformed by certifiedtechnicians equipped withspecialized Caterpillar tools.Our 2500 Series Hartridge Fuel InjectionPump Calibration Equipment puts theinjection pump back to Cat specifications,ensuring correct delivery of fuel in yourengine for maximum engine performanceand fuel economy.S O S FLUID ANALYSISCAT CERTIFIEDREBUILD PROGRAMThorough, reliable, andcost-effective early warningsystem that quantifies telltalewear elements, dirt and othercontaminants in your equipmentfluids to help predict troubles earlyfor scheduled repairs.Rebuild your Cat equipment for a secondlife – with same as brand new warranty,new serial number and back to zero SMR– at a fraction of buying a brand new unit.REPAIR OPTIONSBroad range of repair strategiesavailable to ensure longerequipment life and maximumvalue - from simple reseal andrebearing, to more sophisticateddealer rebuilds.ENGINE OVERHAULAll engine overhauls should passDynamometer testing beforeleaving Monark shop to ensure thatthe unit is back to producingmaximum output in line withCaterpillar specifications.NEVERCOMPROMISEHOSE ASSEMBLYOur Cat Radial Hose Pressoffers reduced assembly time,reduced contamination, andcomputer-assisted, preciseassembly.26Visit www.monark-cat.com for complete product offering

CUSTOMER VALUEAGREEMENT (CVA)“HASSLE-FREE MAINTENANCE, GUARANTEED!”Every piece of Cat equipment is designed and built to provide maximum productivity and optimal operating economythroughout its working life. Maintain that built-in value through a CUSTOMER VALUE AGREEMENT (CVA).CUSTOMER VALUE AGREEMENT (CVA) is a maintenance program which can be customized to cover a wide range ofservices. Tailored to fit your unique business requirements, CVA comes in all shapes and sizes–from simple PM KitAgreements to a more sophisticated Full Maintenance Contracts, and everything in between.Remove the maintenance burden from your shoulder by partnering with Monark in managing the health andperformance of your equipment thru CUSTOMER VALUE AGREEMENT (CVA).CHECKTECHNICAL ANALYSIS 2 (TA-2)Get complete and in-depth inspectionsperformed by Cat-certified techniciansequipped with proprietarydiagnostic tools.PRODUCT LINKRemote, accurate, and timely collection ofequipment data.VISIONLINK (Machine) & REMOTE ACCESSMONITORING (Engine)Enjoy complete suite of fleetmanagement solutions witheasy-to-use online interface.SOS FLUID ANALYSISLet expert lab technicians provide you withcomprehensive report on fluidcondition, contamination levels, andpossible internal wears.Visit www.monark-cat.com for complete product offeringEMERGENCY CALL (E-CALL)We got you covered with emergencydiagnostic and troubleshooting servicesexclusive to Monark CVA customers.PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCESERVICES (PMS)Never miss a PM again with the help of yourCVA Coordinators who will schedule yournext PMS for you based onCat-recommended intervals.MY.CAT.COMAccess all your equipmentinformation from any location,anytime, using any device.PARTS.CAT.COMPARTS.CAT.COM24/7 parts shopFast, Easy, ConvenientPOST-VISIT REPORTSReceive comprehensive reports for eachCVA visit.CUSTOM TRACK SERVICEComplete inspection of undercarriage systemto help determine timely and mostcost-effective UC replacementstrategy.27

PARTS EXCHANGEPROGRAM (PEX)Partner with Monark for your major component requirements under Parts Exchange (PEx) Program to enjoy minimumrepair time and maximum machine availability.Components under Monark’s Parts Exchange (PEx) Program are remanufactured to like-new Caterpillarspecifications following industry-leading safety practices. All components under the program underwent the strictestquality control and the most innovative manufacturing processes in the industry. Comprehensive Cleaning and Inspection Safe Work Practices Strict Quality Management Effective Contamination Control Latest Product Updates Rigorous Testing Genuine CAT PartsCat GenuineParts28Cat RemanPartsMonarkPartsExchange (PEx)Visit www.monark-cat.com for complete product offering

TOGETHERCat Product LinkWE’REMININGBETTEREM ServicesEffectiveOn-Site SupportProduct Studies& Site AssessmentSystem &GovernancePartsService Centerof isit www.monark-cat.com for complete product offering29

PROVIDING FINANCIAL SERVICEEXCELLENCE TO HELP CUSTOMERSBUILD A BETTER WORLDWHY CAT FINANCIAL?WE FINANCE THE FOLLOWING EQUIPMENTWe are proud to lay the foundation for a healthy and successfulbusiness for our customers, in a variety of industries. For more than 30years, you can find us wherever there is progress globally. We haveoffices and subsidiaries located throughout North and SouthAmerica, Asia, Australia, the Middle East and Europe. Headquarteredin Nashville, Tennessee, we are ready to help you get the financingand extended protection services you need to move your businessforward. Solar gas turbines Cat forklifts Non-competitive related construction equipment Project financing Marine vessel financingIn the Asia Pacific region, Caterpillar’s Philippine subsidiary isCaterpillar Financial Services Philippines, Inc. CFSPI aims to bring thesame level of financial support and services to Filipino customers byproviding them with excellent financing solutions suited to meet theirunique needsYOU CAN COUNT ON US TO PROVIDE THE BEST FINANCESOLUTIONS, BUILT JUST FOR YOUR BUSINESSAs a captive finance company, we understand your unique needs andthe industries in which you operate.Our industry and finance expertsare prepared to customize solutions for the life of your business.We support our customers with total financial solutions throughcomplementary products and services.Cat Finance is uniquelystructured to support the specific financial needs of the customers.Our vast expertise in assessing equipment values and our knowledgeof customers' businesses result in more favourable lending terms.Whatever your equipment needs may be—construction, forestry,mining, marine, industrial, quarry and aggregates, and powergeneration—we have the financing solution that will help youexpedite your purchase and get your equipment on the job fast.SOLUTIONS FOR YOUR BUSINESS Loan Finance Lease Revolving Line of CreditWhether you’re buying equipment, protecting your investment,managing your accounts or preparing for the future, ourcomprehensive financing and extended protection solutionswill help you be more successfulBENEFITS OF CAT FINANCEPURCHASE High approval rates Quick credit approval One-stop shoppingPROTECT Protection beyond standard warranty Extended Protection Plans Broader coverage than competitorsMANAGE Unmatched knowledge of industry challenges Assist in good times and hard timesWe offer a variety of customizable finance solutions. These includeloans and leases to purchase equipment from Cat dealerships and avariety of extended protection products Contract terms for up to 5 years Fast and easy credit approval process Fixed and floating interest rate options Different repayment plans that fit your cash flow and businessneeds.CONNECT WITH OUR INDUSTRY FINANCE AND EXTENDED PROTECTION EXPERTSTO LEARN HOW WE CAN SUPPORT AND PROTECT YOUR BUSINESS:Shei C. PeñarandaTerritory Manager13 Economia Street. 1110 Bagumbayan, Quezon CityEmail: shei.penaranda@cat.comTel: ( 632) 8 683.2001 to 2006Mobile: ( 63) 917.587.738330Visit www.monark-cat.com for complete product offering

CAT INTEGRATED PROCUREMENTYOUR CONNECTION TO SAVINGS STARTS HERE.Start saving time and money, learn more about how adirect connection to Cat Integrated Procurement willstreamline your Cat parts ordering process —for maximum business efficiency and lower costs.Frees up valuablepurchasing staff timeVisit www.monark-cat.com for complete product offeringReduces or eliminatesreturned partsand re-ordersSaves money byreducing more costlyoff-contract spendingAllows you to set up userpreferences31

HEAD OFFICE13 Economia St.,Bagumbayan, Quezon City,Metro Manila 1110, PhilippinesPhone : (632) 8 635 0901Fax : (632) 8 635 2644SAN PEDRO, LAGUNASouth Expressway cor. MagsaysayRoad, San Pedro, Laguna 4023Phone : (632) 8 869 6748Fax : (632) 8 868 3752CALOOCAN341 Rizal Avenue Along 5th Ave.,LRT Station, Grace Park,Caloocan City 1403Phone : (632) 8 364 9027Fax : (632) 8 363 6958BACOLODAraneta Ave., Green PlainsSubdivision, Singcang,Bacolod City 6100Phone : (63) 34 432 0024 to 25(63) 34 707 0033Fax :(63) 34 434 2512ILOILOCoastal Road, Brgy.Balabago, Jaro City,Iloilo 5000Phone : (63) 33 321 0301CEBUA.C. Cortes Ave. Cambaro,Mandaue City, Cebu 6000Phone : (63) 32 346 1266SAN FERNANDO CITY,PAMPANGAG/F PSP Bldg., Jose Abad SantosAve., Brgy. Dolores, San FernandoCity, Pampanga 2000Phone : (63) 45 961 5061Fax : (63) 45 961 4085BICOLUnit 4 Camelo Bldg., Imelda RocesAve., Cruzada, Legaspi City 4500Mobile : (63) 917 546 9734EL SALVADORBrgy. Sinaloc, El Salvador City,Misamis Oriental 9017Phone : (63) 88 880 9290CAGAYAN DE OROZone 4, Tin-ao, Agusan,Cagayan De Oro 9000Phone : (63) 88 858 6030BUTUANKm. 3, Baan, Butuan City,Agusan Del Norte 8600Mobile : (63) 917 592 GAOKm. 4, Brgy. Luna, Surigao City,Surigao Del Norte 8400Telefax : (63) 86 826 5414ZAMBOANGAMCLL Highway, Divisoria,Zamboanga City 7000Mobile : (63) 917 592 9709Telefax : (63) 62 955 4998DAVAOKm. 5, J.P. Laurel Ave.,Lanang, Davao City 8000Phone : (63) 82 235 2266(63) 82 235 2277Fax : (63) 82 305 6094GENERAL SANTOSDoor 4 ECA Bldg. Nat'l. Highway,General Santos City 9500Phone : (63) 83 552 1320

Cat C2.4 (DI Turbo) Cat C4.4 Cat C7.1 ACERT Cat C4.4 ACERT Cat C7.1 ACERT Cat C7.1 Cat C7.1 Cat C9.3B Cat C7.1 ACERT Cat C9.3 Cat C13 Engine 47 91 157 143 157 260 212 311 259 346 405 Net Horse Power (hp) 0.25 0.65 1.2 1 1.3 - 1.4 1.8 1.6 2.12 1.88 2.69 2.41 - 3.21 Bucket Capacity (m3) Large boom base for strength and .

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Cisco 819G-S-K9 Integrated Solutions Router 15.2(4)M6A Cisco 819HG-4G-G-K9 Integrated Solutions Router 15.2(4)M6A Cisco 891 Integrated Solutions Router 15.2(4)M6A Cisco 881 Integrated Solutions Router 15.2(4)M6A Cisco 1905 Integrated Solutions Router 15.2(4)M6A Cisco 1921 Integrated Solutions Router 15.2(4)M6A Cisco 1941 Integrated Solutions .

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Mar 26, 2021 · Madison Avenue Securities, LLC Brochure March 26, 2021 This Brochure provides information about the qualifications and business practices of Madison Avenue Securities, LLC. If you have any questions about the contents of this Brochure, please contact us at 888-627-7323 or by e-mail at info@mas-bd.com.

See attached brochure template to see how to place the information on the brochure. If you don’t know how to make a brochure using, follow these instructions. You will be creating 2 pages, which will ultimately be pasted/printed-back to back, resulting in a tri-fold brochure with a

consumer brochure. Great for counter displays. Folded brochure is 4” x 8.5”. 1. CP4034 – Tech Stripes. Trifold Consumer Brochure. Strong graphic elements in ProtectionPro brand . colors frame lifestyle images featuring varied product applications. This stylish trifold brochure makes a great impression! Folded brochure size measures 4” x .

CREATE A TRI-FOLD BROCHURE – MS PUBLISHER For anything from a trifold or 3-panel brochure to a flyer, a template is the fastest way to start a new publication. Here’s how to choose and customize a brochure template. 1. On the Start page that appears when you open Publisher, click Brochure or type Brochure in the Search field and press Enter. 2.

Job Number: LEX-RX-P4-478 MY15 RX Brochure Job Number: LEX-RX-P4-478 MY15 RX Brochure Brochure Page: Document Page: Brochure Page: Document Page: 4 5 4 RX shown in available Parchment leather trim // Options shown. 5 The driver-inspired design features steering-wheel-mounted controls, an available Remote Touch 4 device and an elevated

Admission Brochure 2021. Important dates Thursday, April 1, 2021 to Thursday, April 8, 2021 Thursday, April 8, 2021 Monday, April 26, 2021 Monday, May 10, 2021 . IDC School of Design, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Powai, Mumbai 400 076 office.idc@iitb.ac.in admission.idc@iitb.ac.in 022 - 2576 7801.