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Keller Williams UniversityMCA Skills-IntroductionSusan CookStacia ThompsonA course for the new MCA

PrefaceAcknowledgmentsThe author(s) gratefully acknowledge the assistance of the following individualsin the creation of this course:Jo Lynn BozerPaula HoeftAntoinette PerezMary CookRose JamisonCheryl StuderSharon GibbonsRita LandryNorma VrankenMimi HaganBecky MercerTiffany WiseMichelle HeidtNOTICESWhile Keller Williams Realty International (KWRI) has taken due care in the preparation of allcourse materials, we cannot guarantee their accuracy. KWRI makes no warranties eitherexpressed or implied with regard to the information and programs presented in the course or inthis manual.This manual and any course it’s used as a part of may contain hypothetical exercises that aredesigned to help you understand how Keller Williams calculates profit sharing contributionsand distributions under the MORE System, how Keller Williams determines agentscompensation under the Keller Williams Compensation System, and how other aspects of aKeller Williams Market Center’s financial results are determined and evaluated. Any exercisesare entirely hypothetical. They are not intended to enable you to determine how much moneyyou are likely to make as a Keller Williams Licensee or to predict the amount or range of salesor profits your Market Center is likely to achieve. Keller Williams therefore cautions you not toassume that the results of the exercises bear any relation to the financial performance you canexpect as a Keller Williams Licensee and not to consider or rely on the results of the exercisesin deciding whether to invest in a Keller Williams Market Center. If any part of this notice isunclear, please contact Keller Williams’ legal department.Materials based on the Recruit-Select-Train-Manage-Motivate (RSTMM ) system and theWinning Through Selection course have been licensed to Keller Williams Realty International byCorporate Consulting. KWRI has the exclusive right within the residential real estate industryto market and present material from RSTMM , Winning Through Selection , and any derivativesowned by or created in cooperation with Corporate Consulting.Material excerpted from The Millionaire Real Estate Agent appears courtesy of The McGraw-HillCompanies. The Millionaire Real Estate Agent is copyright 2003 Rellek Publishing PartnersLTD. All rights reserved.All other materials 2004 Keller Williams Realty Inc. All rights reserved.Printed September 2007.No part of this publication and its associated materials may be reproduced or transmitted in anyform or by any means without the prior written permission of Keller Williams Realty Inc.MCA SKILLS SECTION I: INTRODUCTION ed. 1rev. 2– 2004 KELLER WILLIAMS REALTY, INC.ii

PrefaceTABLE OF CONTENTSINTRODUCTION .1Ground Rules2What You Will Learn3Why You Are Here5How You Will Learn6CHAPTER 1: THE ROLE OF THE MCA . 7MCA Job Description8Tools for the Successful MCA11MCA Certification12CHAPTER 2: CUSTOMER SERVICE. 13Customer Service14The Daily Balance15Market Center Operations16Associates18Resources19Catch the Vision20CHAPTER 3: PROFIT SHARE .22Commission Split23Profit Share Model24Notes 26MCA SKILLS SECTION I: INTRODUCTION ed. 1rev. 2– 2004 KELLER WILLIAMS REALTY, INC.iii

IntroductionMCA S K I L LSIntroductionIn this chapter, you will [1][2][3][4]Describe the ground rules for this class.Identify what you will learn.Identify why you are here.Identify how you will learn.MCA SKILLS SECTION I: INTRODUCTION ed. 1rev. 2– 2004 KELLER WILLIAMS REALTY, INC.1

IntroductionGround Rules1.Dial into the call on time.2.Be willing to commit to the 2 hours. There will be minimal breaks.3.Put your phone on mute unless you are asking or responding to aquestion.4.Limit your side conversations.5.Accept the reality of time and participation.6.Respect the different learning styles and opinions of others.7.Help each other learn because none of us is as smart as all of us workingtogether to improve our skills and knowledge.8.Have fun and learn something new!MCA SKILLS SECTION I: INTRODUCTION ed. 1rev. 2– 2004 KELLER WILLIAMS REALTY, INC.2

IntroductionWhat You Will LearnMCA Skills Action-Oriented OutcomesAt the end of this class, you will:1. Identify the role of the MCA.2. Review the Market Center structure and culture.3. Begin to understand the Keller Williams’ profit share model.MCA SKILLS SECTION I: INTRODUCTION ed. 1rev. 2– 2004 KELLER WILLIAMS REALTY, INC.3

IntroductionWhat You Will LearnChapterTopics1.The Role of theMCAa. MCA Job Descriptionb. Tools for the Successful MCAc. MCA Certification2.Customer Service3.Profit Sharea.b.c.d.e.f.a.b.Customer ServiceThe Daily BalanceMarket Center OperationsAssociatesResourcesCatch the VisionCommission SplitProfit Share ModelMCA SKILLS SECTION I: INTRODUCTION ed. 1rev. 2– 2004 KELLER WILLIAMS REALTY, INC.4

IntroductionWhy You Are HereAs a new MCA, what do you find most challenging?MCA SKILLS SECTION I: INTRODUCTION ed. 1rev. 2– 2004 KELLER WILLIAMS REALTY, INC.5

IntroductionHow You Will LearnGet ready for some action-oriented training!In order to learn and succeed, you will:1. Participate in group discussions.2. Observe your instructor as he/she demonstrates the skills and techniques.Are you ready to learn how to effectively and efficientlycomplete all the tasks required as an MCA?MCA SKILLS SECTION I: INTRODUCTION ed. 1rev. 2– 2004 KELLER WILLIAMS REALTY, INC.6

The Role of the MCAChapter 1MCA S K I L LSChapter 1:The Role of theMCAIn this chapter, you will [1] Review the job description of the MCA.[2] Identify the tools for the successful MCA.[3] Understand the path for MCA Certification.MCA SKILLS SECTION I: INTRODUCTION ed. 1rev. 2– 2004 KELLER WILLIAMS REALTY, INC.7

The Role of the MCAChapter 1MCA Job DescriptionThe Market Center Administrator (MCA) is responsible for keeping the officeand the Team Leader on track and productive. He or she maintains personalworking relationships with associates and interacts with them on a daily basis.The MCA also helps with any miscellaneous projects and brainstorms ways tohelp improve the Market Center both financially and operationally. Think ofthe MCA as the Market Center’s Chief Financial Officer and Chief OperationsOfficer.The MCA wears many hats. The MCA’s job responsibilities cover three specificareas:a. Accountingb. Operation and Administrationc. SupportAccountingAs the equivalent to a Chief Financial Officer, the MCA is responsible foraccurate banking and accounting services. This includes:1. Full charge accounting2. Computerized bookkeeping and general computerexperience3. Staff payroll if not using a Professional EmploymentOrganization (PEO)4. Acting as the Market Center liaison to the CPA5. Being detailed and action oriented6. Maintaining office files, including accounting files, generalledger files, associate files, employee files, listing files,contract pending files, and closed contract files7. Monthly reporting to Keller Williams Realty International(KWRI) by the third working day of the following month ofall production and accounting figures for the month8. Responsible for processing and paying associatecommissions in states or provinces where associates are notpaid at closingMCA SKILLS SECTION I: INTRODUCTION ed. 1rev. 2– 2004 KELLER WILLIAMS REALTY, INC.8

The Role of the MCAChapter 1MCA Job DescriptionOperations and AdministrationAs the equivalent to a Chief Operations Officer, the MCA is responsible for allsystems in the Mark

Certified MCA (CMCA) To become a Certified MCA, you will complete the MCA Skills program and successfully transmit. Market Center Operations Manager (MCOM) Once you have completed the MCA Skills program and successfully transmitted, you may attend Franchise System Orientation. This week-long training program offered in Austin includes:

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