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Kolbe Academy1600 F Street, Napa, California 94559707-255-6499707-255-1581 (fax)[email protected] OF FIFTH GRADE ASSESSMENTCUMULATIVE1. Reading Assessment: Student Passage2. English Assessment3. Spelling Assessment: Answer Sheet4. Math AssessmentStudent’s NameDate(EO5G: Student)AMDG

t:r\' Qwt2t-C/)problem.specialahasthatpupsealharborAbout the story: Read this story to find out about atheatweaned,isittimetheBymother.itswatchingbyIn the sea, a harbor seal pup learns to catch and eat fishage of four or five weeks, it is able to feed on its own.Without a mother, and living temporarily in captivity,Pearson had to be taught what a fish was and how toswallow it. Eventually, he would have to learn to catch rThiswadingsmalltheformula.thesplashingboth seals and people. indayfriskierpen.time,in one gulp and looked eagerly fora week, he was being hand-fed a pound of fish athe shallow C/)C/)1 a.-.,,''. '"-{{ ,ontoswallowed the ButTheyteethsharpsupposedout.u.0 chewing. Holly started his training with a small herring-anoilyfish which is a favorite with seals. Gently, she opened hismouth and slipped the fish in headfirst. Harbor seals have

A.M.D.G.English/Grammar Assessment (EO5G)Rewrite making the necessary corrections.1. my mothers friend has began to work in a orphanage2. susan its time to go upstairs he said3. john has did good in all his classess4. john and me will by bananas apples and oranges at the market5. there parents gave tickets to he and i6. did you right five pages yesterday

English/Grammar Assessment (EO5G) (cont.)Put the proper punctuation mark after each sentence and tell whether the sentenceis declarative, interrogative, imperative, or exclamatory.7. Mary is the mother of God8. Where did John put his books9. Please close the door10. Mother said, "You may go to the library tomorrow "11. What a beautiful day this is12. Think of what you can do to help the poorTell whether each verb is regular or irregular form.13. Moses and Aaron spoke to the pharoah.14. The Israelites walked to the Promised Land.15. James broke his arm.16. He went to the emergency room.17. The children dug in the sand.18. They like to watch the waves.Underline the subject and circle the predicate in these sentences.19. The men have gone to work.20. What time will they be back?21. Fr. Serra founded the California missions.22. The basketball player dribbled the ball down the court.

English/Grammar Assessment (EO5G) (cont.)Name the parts of speech of the words in the following sentence.(noun, pronoun, adjective, verb, adverb, preposition, conjunction, article)23. The old woman kindly gave me two cookies with some On a separate piece of paper write one or two paragraphs describing what you liketo do in your spare time. Write it in your best cursive.

KOLBE ACADEMYSpellingAnswer, o.25.,, .,

A.M.D.G.Math Assessment Test - (EO5G)What is the value of the underlined digits?1. 3,6382. 782,4063. 56,483Write our numerals.4. XLIV5. LXIXSolve6. 82,34175,2386,427 2,8757. 4,843.757,452.69 4,837.198. 72,507- 37,89211. 5,930- 2,10012. 5,751x 9Estimate the answers.10. 529286 105Solve13. 7.36x 4814. 784x 60615. Name the first five multiples of 13.Solve16. 8 92,63217. 6 4,92318. 21 58,87419. 78 971.1020. Average: 4.44 5.55 6.6621. 9 hours 40 min.- 5 hours 30 min.22. 4 hours 45 min. 5 hours 25 min.9. 635.72- 46.05

23. What part is shaded? 24. Write two equivalent fractions. 25. Compare. Use , , and 114613125715342430Solve and simplify.26. 1/3 4/1527. 6 3/4 4 1/530. 2/5 x 3/431. 1/3 x 2/5 x 3/728. 8 1/2- 4 2/529. 9 2/5- 6 2/332. Match each figure with a name. Use each name only once.parallel endicular linestrapezoidright angleline of symmetryWrite decimals.33. 5 3/1034. 8/100Write fractions or mixed numbers.35. 8.136. 0.74Solve37. 0.794 0.08638. 6.231- 4.57340. Find the area.5 cm9 cm39. 0.9x 7

END OF FIFTH GRADE ASSESSMENT . CUMULATIVE . 1. Reading Assessment: Student Passage . 2. English Assessment . 3. Spelling Assessment: Answer Sheet . 4. Math Assessment _ Student’s Name Date (EO5G: Student) t:r\ ' t-2 w Q t-C/) About the story: Read this story to find out about a harbor seal pup that has a special problem. In the sea, a .