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Keywords For Specific Genres “Literature And Fiction”

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Keywords for Specific Genres“Literature and Fiction”In order for a title to appear in the Literature & Fiction (US) subcategories below, the title's search keywordsmust include at least one of the keywords or phrases listed next to the subcategory.CATEGORYHistorical Fiction Time Periods/AncientHistorical Fiction Time Periods/MedievalHistorical Fiction Time Periods/RenaissanceHistorical Fiction Time Periods/16th CenturyHistorical Fiction Time Periods/17th CenturyHistorical Fiction Time Periods/18th CenturyHistorical Fiction Time Periods/19th CenturyHistorical Fiction Time Periods/20th CenturyHistorical Fiction Time Periods/21st CenturyLiterary Fiction Themes/AgingLiterary Fiction Themes/ChildhoodLiterary Fiction Themes/Coming of AgeLiterary Fiction Themes/Death & GriefLiterary Fiction Themes/Depression & Mental IllnessLiterary Fiction Themes/Alcohol & Drug AbuseLiterary Fiction Themes/Family LifeLiterary Fiction Themes/FriendshipLiterary Fiction Themes/ImmigrationLiterary Fiction Themes/Love StoriesLiterary Fiction Themes/MarriageLiterary Fiction Themes/PoliticsLiterary Fiction Themes/ReligionLiterary Fiction Themes/TravelLiterary Fiction Themes/Military & WarLiterary Fiction Themes/School & CollegeWomen's Fiction Themes/Career & WorkplaceWomen's Fiction Themes/DivorceWomen's Fiction Themes/MarriageWomen's Fiction Themes/Family LifeWomen's Fiction Themes/FriendshipWomen's Fiction Themes/Parenthood & ChildrenWomen's Fiction Themes/Dating & RelationshipsWomen's Fiction Themes/SinglehoodWomen's Fiction Themes/SisterhoodWomen's Fiction 6th century17th century18th century19th century20th century21st centuryaging, agedchildhood, youthcoming of agedeath, loss, griefdepression, mental illnessalcohol abuse, drug abusefamily lifefriendshipimmigration, immigrantlovemarriagepolitics, politicianreligion, religious, spiritualtravel, voyagemilitary, warschool, collegecareer, workplace, working, officedivorcemarriagefamily lifefriendshipparenting, parent and childrendating, relationshipssinglehood, single womensisterwedding

Keywords for Specific Genres“Mystery, Thriller & Suspense”In order for a title to appear in the Mystery, Thriller, & Suspense (US) subcategories below, the title's searchkeywords must include at least one of the keywords or phrases listed next to the subcategory.CATEGORYMystery, Thriller & Suspense Characters/Amateur SleuthMystery, Thriller & Suspense Characters/British DetectivesMystery, Thriller & Suspense Characters/FBI AgentsMystery, Thriller & Suspense Characters/Female ProtagonistsMystery, Thriller & Suspense Characters/Police OfficersMystery, Thriller & Suspense Characters/Private InvestigatorsMystery, Thriller & Suspense/Crime Fiction/HeistMystery, Thriller & Suspense/Crime Fiction/MurderMystery, Thriller & Suspense/Crime Fiction/NoirMystery, Thriller & Suspense/Crime Fiction/Organized CrimeMystery, Thriller & Suspense/Crime Fiction/Serial KillersMystery, Thriller & Suspense/Crime Fiction/Vigilante JusticeMystery, Thriller & Suspense Moods/DarkMystery, Thriller & Suspense Moods/DisturbingMystery, Thriller & Suspense Moods/FunMystery, Thriller & Suspense Moods/HumorousMystery, Thriller & Suspense Moods/RacyMystery, Thriller & Suspense Moods/ScaryMystery, Thriller & Suspense Moods/VengefulMystery, Thriller & Suspense/Mystery/Cozy/AnimalsMystery, Thriller & Suspense/Mystery/Cozy/Crafts & HobbiesMystery Thriller & Suspense/Mystery/Cozy/CulinaryMystery, Thriller & Suspense Settings/BeachesMystery, Thriller & Suspense Settings/IslandsMystery, Thriller & Suspense Settings/MountainsMystery, Thriller & Suspense Settings/Outer SpaceMystery, Thriller & Suspense Settings/Small TownsMystery, Thriller & Suspense Settings/SuburbanMystery, Thriller & Suspense Settings/UrbanMystery, Thriller & Suspense/Suspense/Paranormal/GeneralMystery, Thriller & Suspense/Suspense/Paranormal/PsychicsMystery, Thriller & Suspense/Suspense/Paranormal/VampiresMystery, Thriller & Suspense/Suspense/Paranormal/Werewolves &ShapeshiftersMystery, Thriller & Suspense/Thrillers/AssassinationsMystery, Thriller & Suspense/Thrillers/ConspiraciesMystery, Thriller & Suspense/Thrillers/FinancialMystery, Thriller & Suspense/Thrillers/PulpMystery, Thriller & Suspense/Thrillers/Terrorism(UK) Crime, Thriller & Mystery / Crime Fiction / British & Irish / English(UK) Crime, Thriller & Mystery / Crime Fiction / British & Irish / Irish(UK) Crime, Thriller & Mystery / Crime Fiction / British & Irish / ScottishKEYWORDSamateurBritish detectiveFBIfemale protagonistpoliceprivate investigatorheist, robbery, thief, theftmurdernoirmob, mafia, organized crime,serial killervigilante , dog, horse, animal, petscraft, hobby, knitting, quiltingfood, cook, bakebeachislandmountainspacesmall townsuburbanurbanparanormalpsychic, telepathyvampirewerewolf, shapeshifterassassin, hitmanconspiracyfinancialpulpterrorismLondon, England, EnglishIreland, Dublin, IRA, IrishScotland, Scottish, Edinburgh

Keywords for Specific Genres“Romance”In order for a title to appear in the Romance (US) subcategories below, the title's searchkeywords must include at least one of the keywords or phrases listed next to the MilitaryRomance/Multicultural & InterracialRomance/New Adult & /Demons & al/Werewolves & ShiftersRomance/Paranormal/Witches & WizardsRomance/Romantic ComedyRomance/SportsRomantic Heroes/CowboysRomantic Heroes/DoctorsRomantic Heroes/FirefightersRomantic Heroes/HighlandersRomantic Heroes/PiratesRomantic Heroes/PoliticiansRomantic Heroes/Rich & WealthyRomantic Heroes/Royalty & AristocratRomantic Heroes/SpiesRomantic Heroes/VikingsRomantic Themes/AmnesiaRomantic Themes/BeachesRomantic Themes/Gambling & PokerRomantic Themes/InternationalRomantic Themes/Love TriangleRomantic Themes/MedicalRomantic Themes/Second ChancesRomantic Themes/Secret BabyRomantic Themes/VacationRomantic Themes/WeddingRomantic Themes/WorkplaceKEYWORDSChristmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine, Halloween, New YearAmishinspirationalmilitary, navy, army, soldierinterracialnew adultangeldevil, demonghost, spiritpsychic, telepathyvampirewerewolf, shapeshifterwitch, wizard, warlock, druid, shamancomedy, humorsport, hockey, soccer, baseball, basketball, football, golf,Olympics, climbing, lacrosse, surfing, boxing, martial artscowboydoctor, physician, naire, rich, millionaire, wealthynobility, royalty, aristocrat, princespies, espionageVikingamnesiabeachgambling, poker, casinointernationallove triangle, ménagemedical, doctor, nurse, hospitalsecond chancebaby, pregnancyvacationweddingoffice, workplace

Keywords for Specific Genres“Science Fiction & Fantasy ”In order for a title to appear in the Science Fiction & Fantasy (US) subcategories below, the title's searchkeywords must include at least one of the keywords or phrases listed next to the subcategory.CATEGORYFantasy Characters/AngelsFantasy Characters/Devils & DemonsFantasy Characters/DragonsFantasy Characters/Elves & FaeFantasy Characters/GhostsFantasy Characters/Gods & GoddessesFantasy Characters/PsychicsFantasy Characters/VampiresFantasy Characters/Werewolves & ShiftersFantasy Characters/Witches & WizardsScience Fiction Characters/AIsScience Fiction Characters/AliensScience Fiction Characters/ClonesScience Fiction Characters/CorporationsScience Fiction Characters/MutantsScience Fiction Characters/PiratesScience Fiction Characters/PsychicsScience Fiction Characters/Robots & AndroidsScience Fiction & Fantasy/HorrorScience Fiction & Fantasy/HumorScience Fiction & Fantasy/MysteryScience Fiction & Fantasy/Non-RomanticScience Fiction & Fantasy/RomanticScience Fiction & Fantasy/ThrillerScience Fiction & Fantasy/Fantasy/ArthurianScience Fiction & Fantasy/Fantasy/Coming of AgeSci Fi & Fantasy/Fantasy/Metaphysical & VisionarySci Fi & Fantasy/Fantasy/Myths & Legends/ArthurianSci Fi & Fantasy/Fantasy/Myths & Legends/Greek & RomanSci Fi & Fantasy/Fantasy/Myths & Legends/Norse & VikingScience Fiction & Fantasy/Fantasy/SuperheroScience Fiction & Fantasy/Fantasy/Sword & SorceryScience Fiction & Fantasy/Science Fiction/Alien InvasionScience Fiction & Fantasy/Science Fiction/ColonizationScience Fiction & Fantasy/Science Fiction/CyberpunkScience Fiction & Fantasy/Science Fiction/First ContactScience Fiction & Fantasy/Science Fiction/Galactic EmpireSci Fi & Fantasy/Science Fiction/Genetic EngineeringSci Fi & Fantasy/Science Fiction/Metaphysical & VisionarySci Fi & Fantasy/Science Fiction/Military/Space FleetSci Fi & Fantasy/Science Fiction/Military/Space MarineSci Fi & Fantasy/Science Fiction/Space ExplorationKEYWORDSangelsdemonsdragonself, fae, fairiesghost, spiritdeities, god, pantheonpsychic, telepathicvampireshapeshifterwitch, wizard, warlock, druid, shamanartificial , privateer, corsairpsychicsrobots, androidshorrorhumormysteryDo NOT include "romance" or "love"romance, lovethrillerArthuriancoming of agemetaphysical, visionary, theology, spiritualArthurian, Camelot, Merlin, LancelotGreek, Roman, Zeus, Apollo, OlympusViking, Norse, Nordic, Finland, Thor, Odinsuperherosword, sorcery, magic, dragon, questinvasioncolonizationcyberpunkcontactempire, republicgenesmetaphysical, visionary, theology, spiritualfleet, starshiptroop, armor, marine, soldierexploration

Keywords for Specific Genres“Teen and Young Adult ”In order for a title to appear in the Teen and Young Adult (US) subcategories below, the title's searchkeywords must include at least one of the keywords or phrases listed next to the subcategory.CATEGORYKEYWORDSChildren's & Teen's Horror Characters/Angels & DemonsangelsChildren's & Teen's Horror Characters/GhostsghostsChildren's & Teen's Horror Characters/VampiresvampiresChildren's & Teen's Horror Characters/Werewolves & Shifterswerewolf, shapeshiftersChildren's & Teen's Horror Characters/Witches & Wizardswitch, wizard, warlock, druid, shamanChildren's & Teen's Horror Characters/ZombieszombiesTeen & Young Adult Fantasy/Coming of Agecoming of ageTeen & Young Adult Fantasy/Sword & Sorcerysword, sorcery, magic, dragon, questTeen & Young Adult Mystery/Detectivesdetective, sleuthTeen & Young Adult Mystery/Fantasy & Supernaturalfantasy, paranormal, magicTeen & Young Adult Mystery/Romanticlove, romanticTeen & Young Adult Mystery/Science Fictionscience fiction, dystopianTeen & Young Adult Mystery/Spiesspy, terrorist, secret agentTeen & Young Adult Romance/HistoricalhistoricalTeen & Young Adult Romance/Fantasy & Paranormalfantasy, paranormal, magicTeen & Young Adult Romance/Science Fiction & Dystopianscience fiction, dystopianTeen & Young Adult Science Fiction/Action & Adventureaction, adventureTeen & Young Adult Science Fiction/Aliensalien, extraterrestrialTeen & Young Adult Science Fiction/Time Traveltime travelRemember: Amazon has numerous hidden best-seller subcategories, many of which are listed in thishandout. To target your niche genre, choose keywords that Amazon requires in order to show up inthe searches when readers are looking for your genre.Don’t just use single words, though. You can have lengthy keyword phrases, so try typing in theKindle search bar the suggested keywords for your niche genre found on this handout and see whatlonger phrases show up, then note those in your keyword search worksheet to use in your descriptionfield in KDP. Play around with various combinations and chart your sales results.

Science Fiction & Fantasy/Science Fiction/Galactic Empire Sci Fi & Fantasy/Science Fiction/Genetic Engineering Sci Fi & Fantasy/Science Fiction/Metaphysical & Visionary Sci Fi & Fantasy/Science Fiction/Military/Space Fleet Sci Fi & Fantasy/Science Fiction/Military/Space Marine