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Models and manufacturingnumbers in this manualServiceGas CooktopsThis manual replaces RS2410001 Rev. 4Service Manual forAmana Caloric Modern Maid NP1131401NP1142508NP1131494NP1142505NThis manual is to be used by qualified appliancetechnicians only. Maytag does not assume anyresponsibility for property damage or personalinjury for improper service procedures done byan unqualified person.16021879Revision 0August 2002

Important InformationPride and workmanship go into every product to provide our customers with quality products. It is possible however,that during its lifetime a product may require service. Products should be serviced only by a qualified servicetechnician who is familiar with the safety procedures required in the repair and who is equipped with the proper tools,parts, testing instruments and the appropriate service manual. REVIEW ALL SERVICE INFORMATION IN THEAPPROPRIATE SERVICE MANUAL BEFORE BEGINNING REPAIRS.IMPORTANT NOTICES!WARNINGIf repairs are attempted by unqualified persons, dangerous conditions (such as exposure to electrical shock) mayresult. This may cause serious injury or death.!CAUTIONAmana will not be responsible for any injury or property damage arising from improper service or serviceprocedures. If you perform service on your own product, you assume responsibility for any personal injury orproperty damage which may result.To locate an authorized servicer, please consult your telephone book or the dealer from whom you purchased thisproduct. For further assistance, please contact:Customer Service Support CenterCAIR CenterTelephone NumberWeb SiteW W W .AMANA.COM . 1-800-843-0304W W W .JENNAIR.COM . 1-800-536-6247W W W .MAYTAG.COM. 1-800-688-9900CAIR Center in Canada . 1-800-688-2002Amana Canada Product . 1-866-587-2002Recognize Safety Symbols, Words, and Labels!DANGERDANGER Immediate hazards which WILL result in severe personal injury or death.!WARNINGWARNING Hazards or unsafe practices which COULD result in severe personal injury or death.!CAUTIONCAUTION Hazards or unsafe practices which COULD result in minor personal injury or product or property damage.16021879 Rev. 02 2002 Maytag Appliances Company

Table of ContentsInstallation Notes AKS3020, AKS3030,AKS3040, AKS3050, and CKS3020.13Countertop Cutout .13Clearances .13Above a Drawer.13Placing Unit in Countertop.13Adjusting Air Shutter.13Operating InstructionsUsing the Cooktop .14Cooking Utensils.14Using a Wok .14Operating the Cooktop .14Burner Operation - All Models .14Top Burner Settings .15Flame Adjustment .15Using Cooktop During Power Failure .15Cleaning .15Grates and Caps .15Cooktop .15Sealed Burners.16Open Head Burners .16Troubleshooting ProceduresChart.17Top Burner Valve.17Spark Module (Models RTP306 and RTP307).18Top Burner Spark Ignitors .18Gas Pressure and Measurement .18Measuring Gas Pressure.18Using the Manometer .17Disassembly ProceduresMaintop Removal.19Models RTP302,RTP304, RTP305,RTP307.19Models RTP203 and RTP210 .19Burner and Related Parts .19Burners.19Burner Control Valve .19Pilot Fitting (Applicable Models) .19Electronic Spark Module:Models RTP306 and RTP307 .19Spark Module Removal.20Disassembly Instructions forModels AKS30, AKS3020, AKS3030, AKS3040,AKS3050, CKS3020, PGT153, and RTP308.20Diecast Burners.20Maintop.20Venturi Assemblies .20Spark Module .20Burner Ignitor Switches .20Burner Gas Valve .20Manifold.20Wiring Diagrams and SchematicsAKO2000 .21AKS30, PGT153, and RTP308.22GT341 / PGT120 .23GT451.24GT583.25RTP306 and RTP307 .26AKS3020, AKS3030, AKS3040, AKS3050,and CKS3020 .27Important InformationIntroductionGeneral Information . 4Model Identification and OrderingReplacement Parts . 4New Amana Cooking Products Nomenclature . 4Old Amana Cooking Products Nomenclature . 4Modern Maid Cooking Products Nomenclature . 5Caloric Cooking Products Nomenclature. 5Gas Cooktop Feature Chart. 5InstallationBefore Installing . 6Receiving . 6Unpacking. 6Electrical Connections . 6Making the Gas Connections - All Models . 6Access to Gas Connection . 6Pressure Testing theGas Supply Piping System . 7Test for Gas Leaks . 7Cooktop Conversion to LP Gas . 7Pressure Regulator Conversion - All Models. 7Example One . 7Example Two . 7Example Three . 7Example Four . 8Example Five . 8Example Six. 8Converting Burners to LP Gas - All Models . 8Burner Section - All Models. 9BTU Input. 9Top Burner Adjustment. 9Proper Flame Adjustment - All Models . 9Installation NotesRTP308, AKS30, and PGT153 Models . 9Countertop Cutout . 9Clearances. 10Above a Drawer . 10Placing Unit in Countertop . 10Removal and Replacement of the Cooktop. 10Adjust Burner Flame Height. 10Installation NotesRTP201 and RTP203 Models . 11Countertop . 11Clearances. 11Placing Unit in Countertop . 11Adjusting Top Pilot. 11Installation NotesRTP302, RTP304, RTP305,RTP306 and RTP307 Models . 12Countertop Cutout . 12Clearances. 12Above a Drawer . 12Placing Unit in Countertop . 12Adjusting Top Pilots (Gas Ignition) . 12Automatic Pilotless Ignition Models . 12 2002 Maytag Appliances Company316021879 Rev. 0

IntroductionGeneral InformationModel Identification and OrderingReplacement PartsThis manual provides complete instructions andsuggestions for handling, installing and servicingAmana gas cooktops.Unit’s model and manufacturing numbers are recordedon its rating label. Rating label is located on the bottomof sealed burner units. On open burner units, ratinglabel is located under maintop. Lift cooktop from frontedge to see rating label on top of burner box. Beforeordering parts, write down the correct model andmanufacturing numbers from rating label. This avoidsincorrect shipments and delays. Please refer to partscatalog when ordering replacement parts.Directions, information, and warnings in this manual aredeveloped from experience with, and careful testing ofthe product. If the unit is installed according to themanual, it will operate properly and will require minimalservicing. A unit in proper operating order ensures theconsumer all the benefits provided by clean, moderngas cooking.This manual contains all the information needed byauthorized Maytag service technicians to install andservice Amana , Caloric , Modern Maid gas cooktops.There may be, however, some parts which need furtherexplanation. Maytag maintains a toll-free technicalsupport line to answer questions from authorizedservice technicians. To located an authorized servicetechnician, the number is 1-800-628-5782 for Amanaproducts.New Old Amana Cooking Products NomenclatureBrandA - AmanaC - CaloricN InternationalZ - CanadianProductK - CooktopEHRTFuel/TypeElectric- Electric Downdraft- Halogen- Rough Top- RadiantGLOSGas- Gas Downdraft- Gas Glass- Open Burners- Sealed BurnersDFSGConfiguration- Double Cartridges- Fixed Cartridges- Single Cartridge- GriddleWidth20 - 20”30 - 30”36 - 36”Feature1 - Least23456789 - MostSeries0ColorE - EbonyK - ChromeL - AlmondW - WhiteLL Almond/AlmondSS - StainlessWW White/WhiteOld Amana Cooking Products NomenclatureProduct GroupG - Gas Wall ovenR - Electric Wall ovenK - CooktopCO - Convection WallOvenO - Wall Oven16021879 Rev. 0Product Type2H-HalogenDG1-Downdraft GasSmoothtopCooktop, 1 pcCooktop, 2GrateHalogenDH-Downdraft ElectricElements, 1Cooktop, OptionalDualHalogen CartridgeR-Electric RoughtopDS-Gas or ElectricWall oven, CalrodDowndraft Slide-InElementsWall ovenS-Gas Wall oven,G-Gas on GlassSealed BurnersCooktop, SealedT-Radiant SmoothtopBurnersWall ovenH-Halogen Smoothtop2T-RadiantWall oven, 1 DualSmoothtop WallElementoven or Cooktop,1 Dual Element4FeaturesWall oven FeaturesVariable Cooktop Width 30 30” 35 35” 300 30” reduced depth(20-1/4”)Wall Oven Width/Fuel 24SE2 24” SingleElectric (2.9 cu. ft.oven), Soft Look Trim 27SE 27” Single Electric(3.3 cu. ft. oven) 27DG 27” Double Gas(Two 3.3 cu. ft. ovens)ColorNo Designator-EbonyK-Chrome TopL-AlmondLG-Almond, Glass DoorW(1*)-WhiteWW-White on WhiteE(1*)-Ebony*Enhancements: Electric VariableIntensity System. Gas One PieceGrates 2002 Maytag Appliances Company

IntroductionModern Maid Cooking Products NomenclatureProduct GroupD-DishwasherF-Electric ProductG-RefrigeratorK-CooktopM-Microwave OvenP-Gas ProductX-Kit or AccessoryProduct TypeET-Electric CooktopBR-Backguard Kit(Coil orDC-ElectricDowndraft)Single/DoubleGO-Gas Wall Oven,Convection WallManual CleanOven, Self-CleanGT-Gas CooktopDO-ElectricHO-Double Gas WallCombination WallOven, Self-CleanOven, Self-CleanHU-Gas Slide-In WallDU-Electric Slide-InOven, Self-CleanWall oven, SelfKO-Gas Wall Oven,CleanContinuousCleanProduct GroupE-Electric ProductR-Gas RangeT-Trash CompactorH-Vent HoodM-Microwave OvenD-DishwasherProduct -High BroilT-CooktopJ-Hi-Broil w/Cont.U-UndercounterCleaning PanelsV-Variable PowerK-Upper OvenW-Wall Oven w/Cont.Microwave LowerCleaning Panels- Self-CleaningY-Self-CleaningL-Low BroilM-Low Broil w/Cont.Cleaning N-NaturalGas OnlyU-Universal(Set fornaturalgas)1-120 Volts,60 Hz.2-240 Volts,60Hz.ColorW-WhiteWW-White on WhiteWW1-White onWhite/1 pc.grateB-BlackB1-Black/1 pc. grateL-AlmondK-Chrome TopD-Black GlassFuelN-NaturalGasL-Bottled GasU-Universal1-115 Volts2-240 Volts8-208 VoltsColor0-No Color1-White2-Antique ck8-Color Pack9-Color PackH-HarvestL-AlmondW-WhiteCaloric Cooking Products NomenclatureSeriesPRDSFeaturesVariableGas Cooktop Feature ChartModelBurner IgnitionThermosetBurnerTri-SetControlsHinged ”21”21”21”21”21”21”21”Refer to Rating Label on above models for information on Natural/L.P. gas supply pressure. 2002 Maytag Appliances Company516021879 Rev. 0

Installation InstructionsBefore InstallingMaking the Gas Connection - All ModelsInstalling the gas cooktop in compliance with localelectrical and gas building codes results in properoperation and consumer satisfaction with the cooktop.Verify the cooktop installation meets local codes orcurrent American Gas Association requirements in theabsence of local codes. When installing CGA units,verify that installation meets local codes or, in absenceof local codes, current Natural Gas Installation CodeCAN/CGA-B149.1 or current Propane Installation Code,CAN/CGA-B149.2 before connecting to the gas supplysystem.ReceivingInspect cooktop thoroughly at time of delivery.Immediately report any visible damage to carrier.Damage not discovered until after accepting delivery canstill be claimed by using a concealed damage reportform, available from the carrier’s agent.Installation in manufactured homes must conform withthe standard CAN/CSA-Z240 Mobile Homes,Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards,Title 24CFR, Part 3280, or with local codes if applicable.All shipments, i.e., complete cooktop or parts, areshipped at the buyer’s risk. Amana responsibility endswhen the consignment is accepted by the carrier in“good order.” Amana supports damage claims bysupplying invoices, bills of loading and otherdocumentation as needed. Providing this assistance,however, does not imply any responsibility for settlingclaims. Do not deduct claims for loss or damage fromthe invoice and do not withhold payment pendingadjustment of claims. Do not return any units or parts forcredit without written consent.!WARNINGTo avoid risk of personal injury or property damage.Use only new flexible connectors design certified bythe AGA or CGA. Do not reuse an old connector. Donot reuse old connector when moving the appliance.UnpackingOpen one end of the carton. Remove all literaturepacked with the cooktop and slide cooktop onto a flatsurface. Avoid countertop damage by NOT slidingcooktop across the countertop. Remove grates, burnercaps and pressure regulator from the carton.Access to Gas ConnectionInstall a manual shut-off valve in an accessible locationoutside the cooktop. Shut-off valve not supplied withcooktop.Electrical ConnectionConnect the gas supply line either using hard piping or aproperly-certified flexible connector. The pressureregulator supplied with cooktops have a 1/2 inch NPTfemale connection. Check local codes before choosing amethod.Use a pipe joint compound resistant to the action ofpropane gas on all male threads.Models with automatic pilotless (spark) ignition requirean external electrical source that must be grounded andpolarized in accordance with local codes. Use NationalElectrical Code, ANSI/NFPA No. 70-Latest Edition in theabsence of local codes.The wall receptacle must be placed within easy reach ofthe power cord without interfering with the gas supplyline.!Do not overtighten the fitting on the pressure regulator.Overtightening may crack the regulator.Cooktops must be properly grounded. Cooktop powercords are equipped with a three-prong grounded plug.They fit standard three-prong wall receptacles.!WARNINGWARNINGTo avoid risk of serious electrical shock or propertydamage. Do not cut or remove the third (grounded)prong from the power plug.The consumer is responsible for replacing any standardtwo-prong wall receptacle with a grounded and polarizedthree-prong wall receptacle. A qualified electrician shouldcheck any receptacle the customer doubts is properlygrounded. The wiring diagram is on the bottom of thecooktop.16021879 Rev. 06 2002 Maytag Appliances Company

Installation InstructionsPressure Testing the Gas Supply Piping SystemDisconnect the cooktop from the house gas supplypiping system during any pressure test exceeding 1/2psig (3.5kPa).Example One1. Remove pressure regulator cap with a 7/8-inchwrench.2. Remove plastic insert from cap. Insert fits tightly incap.3. Reverse plastic insert. Push firmly into hole in cap.4. Verify insert fits tightly in hole. Do not disturb spring inregulator body.5. Replace cap in regulator body.Use the manual shut-off valve to isolate the cooktopfrom the supply system during pressure tests atpressures equal to or less than 1/2 psig (3.5kPa).The gas supply pressure for checking the regulatorsetting is to be at least 1 inch WCP above pressure onrating label.Test for Gas LeaksTest for leaks after making final gas connection byclosing all burner valves and turning on the gas supply.Test for leaks by applying soap suds to all gasconnections in the supply line and in the cooktop.Bubbles appear when there is a leak. If bubbles indicatea leak, shut off the gas supply valve. Fix the leak bytightening the joint or by unscrewing the joint andapplying additional pipe joint compound. Open the gassupply valve and retest for leaks. Retest for leaks on anyjoints disturbed.!Natural GasL.P. GasPlastic InsertCoverSpring LocationExample Two1. Remove cap with screwdriver.2. Remove insert.3. Reverse insert and replace. “LPG10” is visible. Donot disturb spring in regulator body.4. Replace cap.DANGERTo avoid risk of property damage serious personalinjury or death. Never use a lit match to check forleaks.Cooktop Conversion to LP GasCapAmana, Caloric and Modern Maid gas cooktops areconfigured at the factory to use natural gas. Thecooktops featured in this manual may be modified to useLP gas supplies. Modifying the gas supply pressureregulator and individual burner valves enables theseunits to use LP gas.PlugSpringPressure Regulator Conversion - All ModelsAmana uses several types of gas pressure regulators forcooktop units. Each type, however, performs the samefunction. Universal pressure regulators, which equip allcooktops featured in this manual, enable connection toeither natural gas or LP gas supplies. Cooktops are setat the factory to use natural gas; no modification isnecessary. Modification, however, is necessary whenconnecting a cooktop to an LP gas supply. How eachtype of universal pressure regulator is converted to LPuse is explained and illustrated in the followingexamples.L.P. GasNatural GasExample Three1. Remove cap marked “Nat.”2. Reverse cap. “LP” now appears on cap.3. Reinsert cap. Do not disturb spring beneath the cap.Verify fiber washer is correctly between cap and theregulator body.NOTE: Some models may not have washers. If washeris not supplied, none is needed.CapSpringNatural Gas 2002 Maytag Appliances Company7L.P. Gas16021879 Rev. 0

Installation InstructionsConverting Burners to LP Gas All ModelsUniversal units have double coaxial orifices sized fornatural gas. Converting these orifices requires tighteningthe orifice hood as described below.1. Remove grates, burner caps, knobs and controlpanel.2. Remove or lift up maintop.3. Remove venturi assemblies. Orifice hoods becomeaccessible.4. Turn clockwise each orifice hood approximately 1-1/2to 2 turns. Orifices should fit snugly on the pins. Donot damage or distort the hole through pin center byovertightening.Example Four1. Remove cap with screwdriver slot.2. Reverse and replace cap. Verify “LPG10” is visible.3. Do not disturb spring beneath cap.CapSpringNatural GasL.P. GasExample Five1. Remove cap with screwdriver slot.2. Remove black insert marked “NAT.” from cap. Insertfits tightly in cap.3. Reverse insert.4. Replace in hole. Verify “LP” is visible. Verify thatinsert is pressed firmly into shoulder. Do not disturbspring in regulator body.5. Replace cap in regulator body and tighten.PinL.P. GasNatural GasOrifice HoodCapInsertUniversalBurner OrificeL.P. GasSpringL.P. GasNatural GasUniversalBurner OrificeNatural Gas5. Replace venturi assemblies, maintop, controls panel,knobs, burner caps and grates.Example Six1. Remove cap with screwdriver slot.2. Remove spring and washer. Washer will be at bottomof spring as illustrated below.3. Reverse to bring washer to the top.4. Reinstall spring and washer.5. Tighten cap.!CAUTIONDo not overtighten orifice hood. Damage to pins insidethe orifice hoods may result if hoods are overtightened.CapWasherNatural Gas16021879 Rev. 0L.P. Gas8 2002 Maytag Appliances Company

Installation InstructionsA proper flame is set by adjusting the air shutters foreach burner. Air shutter adjustment is described below.1. Remove grates, burner caps, knobs and controlpanel.2. Remove or lift up maintop.3. Loosen lock screw on air shutter.4. Opening air shutter increases air to flame. Closing airshutter decreases air to flame.5. Replace maintop, control panel, burner caps, knobs,and grates.Burner Section - All ModelsBTU InputModels AKS30, PGT153 and RTP308 feature a pair oflarge and small burners each. The hourly BTU input forthe larger burners is 9,000 when connected to a naturalgas supply and 8,000 when connected to an LP gassupply. The BTU input for smaller burners is 7,000 whenconnected to a natural gas supply and 6,000 whenconnected to an LP gas supply.Other models with just a single size burner is rated at10,000 when connected to a natural gas supply and9,000 when connected to an LP gas supply.Refer to rating label for specific information.Top Burner AdjustmentAir shutters must be adjusted for proper flame. Loosenthe air shutter lock screw and adjust the air shutter untilthe flame’s inner cone is blue-green and its outer mantleis dark blue.Sealed BurnerLock ScrewOpenHead BurnerAir ShutterInstallation Notes RTP308, AKS30, andPGT153 ModelsAdjusting pilot burners and locating adjustment screwsfor models with pilot lights are covered in installationnotes for those models. A properly adjusted pilot flamemeans the burner will correctly ignite. Problems causedby delayed ignition are avoided.Countertop CutoutPrepare the countertop opening for the unit according tothe dimensions as illustrated. The cooktop requires abase cabinet with a minimum width of 30 inches.Proper Flame Adjustment - All ModelsFor the best results, each burner should display a properflame. A proper flame has a blue-green inner core, adark blue outer mantle and a soft appearance.Cabinet BaseMin. width 30"1-3/8"27-5/8"20"13-3/4"1-1/2" 2002 Maytag Appliances Company916021879 Rev. 0

Installation InstructionsAbove a DrawerAllow a three inch clearance between the top ofcountertop and the top of a drawer or any other cabinetfeature beneath the cooktop. There must be enoughclearance to accommodate the pressure regulator andmake adjusting the regulator easier.21"29-1/2"2-7/8"Placing Unit in Countertop1. Set unit into countertop cutout.2. Center burner box in cutout.3. The burner box’s front edge and the edge ofcountertop must be parallel.4. Locate holding tabs on the underside of cooktop. Pulleach tab outward to form a 90 degree angle withbottom of cooktop. Tabs keep cooktop from beinglifted out of cooktop.Overall DimensionsRemoval and Replacement of the Cooktop1. Shut off electrical and gas supply.2. Turn holding tabs on the underside of the burner boxinward.3. Disconnect electrical connection.4. Disconnect gas supply piping.5. Replace cooktop by following steps listed under theprevious heading.30" min.13" max.30" min.18" min.Adjust Burner Flame HeightThe low burner flame should be a steady blue flameapproximately 1/4 inch in length. Make adjustments withthe adjustment screw in the center of valve stem. Valvestem is directly behind the control knob.1. Remove burner control knob by pulling straight upfrom valve stem.2. Hold valve stem stationary. Turn screw in center ofknob stem with flat blade screwdriver until flame isapproximately 1/4 inch long at low setting.3. Replace burner control knob.4. Turn control knob from low to high to test flame.Check flame at each rancesObserve the following clearances to safely operatecooktop. Side by side cooktops - 5-7/8 inches, measured fromthe side flanges of the maintops. Rear wall - 1-3/8 inches Right side wall - 1/4 inch Left side wall - 5-7/8 inches16021879 Rev. 0LowFlameHighFlame10 2002 Maytag Appliances Company

Installation InstructionsPlacing Unit in CountertopUnpack all parts. Access the burner compartment byremoving the maintop as follows:1. Remove top grates, burner bowls and burner knobs.2. Unlatch maintop from burner box by pressing downon four release catches located inside burneropenings as shown.Installation Notes RTP201 and RPT203ModelsCountertop CutoutPrepare countertop opening for these models asillustrated 2-1/4"Top Release CatchesOverall Dimensions3. Lift maintop by grasping between two burneropenings and lifting up.4. Set unit into countertop cutout.5. Center burner box in cutout. Front edges of burnerbox and countertop must be parallel.6. Secure to countertop with screws.ClearancesObserve the following clearances to safely operatecooktop. Side by side cooktops - 5-7/8 inches, measured fromthe side flanges of the maintops. Rear wall - 1-3/8 inches Right side wall - 1/4 inch Left side wall - 5-7/8 inchesAdjusting Top Pilot1. Turn pilot adjustment screws clockwise until fullyclosed.2. Turn pilot adjusting screws 1-1/2 turnscounterclockwise.3. Light pilots.4. Adjust until flame tips are even with center of flashtubes as shown below.Above a DrawerAllow a three inch clearance between the top ofcountertop and the top of a drawer or any other cabinetfeature beneath cooktop. There must be enoughclearance to accommodate the pressure regulator andmake adjusting the regulator easier.Flash TubePilot FlamePilot AdjustmentScrew 2002 Maytag Appliances Company1116021879 Rev. 0

Installation InstructionsClearancesObserve the following clearances to safely operate thecooktop. Side by side cooktops - 5-7/8 inches, measured fromthe side flanges of the maintops. Rear wall - 1- 3/8 inches Right side wall - 1/4 inch Left side wall - 5-7/8 inchesInstallation Notes RTP302, RTP304,RTP305, RTP306, and RTP307 ModelsCountertop CutoutCut countertop opening for unit according to dimensionsillustrated below. A 30 inch minimum base cabinet isrequired.Cabinet BaseMin. width 30"Above a DrawerAllow a three inch clearance between the top of thecountertop and the top of a drawer or any other cabinetfeature beneath the cooktop. There must be enoughclearance to accommodate the pressure regulator andmake adjusting the regulator easier.2-3/16"27-5/8"19-3/8"Models RTP306 and RTP307 have an electrical supplycord and an electrical supply box. It is important that thewall receptacle be located within the cabinet cutoutspecifications.13-13/16"2-3/8"Placing Unit in CountertopRemove all literature packed with cooktop. To accessthe burner compartment do the following.1. Remove the carton containing the maintop and gratesfrom the top of the cooktop.2. Remove packing material and tape securing controlpanel to burner box.3. Set unit into countertop cutout.4. Center burner box in cutout. Front edges of burnerbox and countertop must be parallel.5. Secure to countertop with screws.21"29-1/2"2-1/8"Adjusting Top Pilots (Gas Ignition)1. Turn pilot adjustment screws clockwise until closed.2. Turn pilot adjust screws 1-1/2 turns counterclockwise.3. Light pilots.4. Adjust until flame tips are even with center of flashtubes as shown below.Electrical box on models withautomatic pilotless ignition,require two additional inchesof clearance underneath.Flash Tube1-5/8"Pilot Flame12-3/4"Pilot AdjustmentScrewAutomatic Pilotless Ignition ModelsTurn gas valve for one of the top burners fullycounterclockwise starts an electrode between the flashtubes sparking. The sparking continues as long as theknob is in this position. Turn the knob to the “HI” positionafter burner lights. The electrode will stop sparking.There are no standing pilots to light or adjust.

Caloric Modern Maid GT451 AKO2000 P1142512N AKS30 P1142501N AKS3020* P1142517N AKS3030* P1142527N . parts, testing instruments and the appropriate service manual. . Electric Wall oven K - Cooktop CO - Convection Wall Oven O-WallOven DG1-Downdraft Gas Cooktop, 1 pc GrateFile Size: 292KB

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