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Coaxial speakerFigure 1BASIC COAXIAL CONNECTION –– Figure 3INSTALLING MM5251 ROUND MODELAmplifierCrossoverTweeterMid-Woofer– – – –Figure 4INSTALLING MM461p, MM571OVAL MODELS AmplifierMM571 ShownCrossoverFigure 5INSTALLING MM691OVAL MODEL WITH GRILLEFigure 2BASIC COMPONENT CONNECTIONINSTALLING MM5251& MM6501

Figure 6INSTALLING MM521 ROUND MODELFigure 8INSTALLING MM651/MM6501 WITH GRILLESome applications may require using theadditional spacer/adapter bracket.Figure 7INSTALLING MM651& MM6501WITH GASKETSPACER/ADAPTER BRACKET(for MM651/MM6501driver installation only)

Figure 9CROSSOVER MOUNTINGAllow for ventilation clearance.ENGLISHMM6501 & MM5251Figure 12Flush MountTWEETER MOUNTING1. Check for proper clearance: The flush mountkit is 7/8" (22.2mm) deep.spring clipcrampon-ressortabrazadera de resortefederklemmegrampo de molastaffa elastica2. Mark the center of the hole you want to cut.Then cut a 2" (50.8mm) diameter hole usinga hole saw, drill bit or razor knife.Note: The cup and spring clamp come preassembled as a single unit.3. Route wires through the cutout and then throughthe round opening in the bottom of the cup.4. Press the flush cup/spring clamp assembly intothe cutout until the spring clamp arm's snapinto place.– Figure 10TWEETER ATTENUATION SWITCHA 2-position switch (-3dB, 0dB) allows youto adjust tweeter level for the tonal balance that'sright for your car and system.– – 5. Connect wires from the tweeter terminals forthe crossover to the tweeter itself using thefaston connectors. Connect the red wire fromthe ( ) positive terminal of the crossover tweeteroutput to the red positive ( ) wire from the tweeter.TWEETER POLARITY / BLENDINGIf it seems that the tweeters and drivers are not“blending” seamlessly, try changing the polarityof both tweeters by reversing their positive( ) and negative (-) wires at the crossover.Reversing the phase of the tweeterswill usually optimize the blending of thesystem components when the tweeters anddrivers are located far apart from each other.Note: Use the included extension wires if thetweeter leads aren't long enough.6. Mount the tweeter by snapping it into the flushmount cup.

ENGLISHMM6501 & MM5251Figure 13Surface MountTWEETER MOUNTING1. Using the base of the surface mount cup asa template, mark the screw hole and drill themusing a 1/8" (3mm) drill bit. Drill a second hole(for the speaker wire) using a 3/16" (5mm) drill bit.2. Screw surface mount cup to the panel.3. Push the tweeter wires through the open area atthe bottom of the cup and through the 3/16" (5mm)hole in the panel.4. Connect wires from the tweeter terminals ofthe Crossover to the tweeter wires using fastonconnectors. Be sure to connect the red wirestrand from the tweeter to the ( ) terminalof the crossover tweeter output.5. Mount the tweeter by snapping it into themounting cup.

ENGLISHENGLISHMM Series Full Range/Component Systems SpecificationsMM Series Full Range/Component Systems SpecificationsMM461pMM521MM571MM651Type4" x 6"plate5 1/4"coaxial5" x 7"coaxial6 1/2"coaxialDriver complement3 1/2"(88.9mm)mid/woofer5 1/4"(133.4mm)mid/woofer5" x 7"6 1/2"(127mm x 177.8mm) (165.1mm)mid/woofermid/wooferTweeter complement3/4" (19mm)soft dome tweeter1" (25mm)soft dome tweeter1" (25mm)soft dome tweeter1" (25mm)soft dome tweeterCutout dimensions3 7/8" x 5 15/16"(98.4mm x150.8mm)4 5/8"(117.5mm)4 5/8" x 7 3/16"(117.5mm x182.6mm)5 1/16"(128.6mm)Mounting depth(top)1 11/16"(43mm)2 3/8"(60mm)2 5/8"(67mm)2 5/8"(67mm)Mounting depth(bottom)n/a2 13/16"(71mm)3"(76mm)2 7/8"(73mm)Peak Power handling150W200W200W200WContinuous Powerhandling50W90W90W100WNominal Impedance4Ω2.7 Ω2.7 Ω2.7 ΩFrequency response70-25kHz50-25kHz38-25kHz40-25kHzGrille yPOLK AUDIO SPEAKERS90dB92dB92dB94dBMM691MM5251MM6501Type6" x 9"three-way5 1/4"componentsystem6 1/2"componentsystemDriver complement6" x 9"(152.4mm x228.6mm)mid/woofer5 1/4"(133.4mm)mid/woofer6 1/2"(165.1mm)mid/wooferTweeter complement(1) 3/4" (19mm)(1) 1" (25mm)soft dome tweeter1" (25mm)soft dome tweeter1" (25mm)soft dome tweeterCutout dimensions5 1/2" x 8 3/8"(140mm x 213mm)4 5/8"(117.5mm)5 1/16"(128.6mm)Mounting depth(top)3 3/16"(81mm)2 3/8"(60mm)2 5/8"(67mm)Mounting depth(bottom)3 1/2"(89mm)2 13/16"(71mm)2 7/8"(73mm)Peak Power handling300W200W250WContinuous Powerhandling125W90W125WNominal Impedance2.7 Ω2.7 Ω2.7 ΩFrequency response30Hz-25kHz50Hz-25kHz40Hz-25kHzGrille height1 1/8"(29mm)1 1/16"(27mm)1 1/16"(27mm)Sensitivity94dB92dB94dBSPEAKER SYSTEM

Polk Audio Speakers System Manual Author: CARiD Subject: Polk Audio Speakers System Manual Keywords: speakers, car speakers, best speakers, speaker system, speaker grilles, full range speakers, automotive speakers, coaxial speakers, stereo speakers, 3-way speakers, sound bars, speaker boxes, speaker kits, tweeters Created Date: 4/5/2014 7:44:42 PM

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INSTALLING MM461p, MM571 OVAL MODELS Removebottommountspacer ringbeforeinstallinggrille. 5 I MM691 OVAL MODEL WITH GRILLE MM571Shown. Figure 9 CROSSOVER MOUNTING Allow for ventilation clearance. Figure 10 TWEETER ATTENUATION SWITCH . Polk Audio Speakers Owner Manual Keywords:

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