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QUALITY PRODUCTS FORSECONDARY CONTAINMENT &OPTIMUM PERFORMANCESUPERIOR SERVICESika technical engineers are available for design review,chemical testing data, material takeoff and shopdrawing assistance.Industrial applications often have harsh chemicalenvironments in which a traditional flexible PVCwaterstop may not be suitable. Sika’s Westec BarrierTechnologies specialize in waterstop applications forthese unique conditions with a wide range of bothtraditional and specialty profiles specifically designedfor industrial hemical resistance recommendationsare based on short term, secondarycontainmentapplications.Typicaltesting is performed according to ASTMD-471 “Standard Test Method for RubberProperty-Effect of Liquids” with 166-hour(7 day) immersion. Performance data hasbeen collected from a variety of sourcesincluding industry reference data, thirdparty and in-house testing. Consult aSika Technical Sales Representative forapplication specific chemical data orfurther testing.APPLICATION AREAS Ethanol / Biodiesel Plants Petrochemical Manufacturing Refineries Pulp and Paper Mills Land, Air and Seaports Fuel Storage / Tank Farms Pipelines Pharmaceutical Plants2Sika Westec BARRIER TECHNOLOGIESConcrete AccessoriesRating Key: A ExcellentB GoodC ConditionalAmmonia, Anhydrous23 C (73.4 F)A*Antifreeze100 C (212 F)A(50% Ethylene Glycol/50% Water) 125 C (257 F)BASTM Oil #2100 C (212 F)BBenzene23 C (73.4 F)BStainlessPVCSteel 316X Do not useBAABAAAAXBAXCarbon Tetrachloride23 C (73.4 F)XXBXChlorine (Wet/Dry)CreosoteCyclohexaneDiesel FuelEthanolHydraulic FluidHydrogen PeroxideIsopropyl AlcoholsJet Fuel - JP8KeroseneMethyl Ethyl KetoneNitric Acid- 70%Oil, MineralSodium Hydroxide 80% SolutionSodium HypochloriteStyreneSulfuric Acid 98%TetrahydrofuranTolueneTrichloroethyleneDI Water pH 11Xylene23 C23 C23 C23 C23 C23 C23 C23 C23 C23 C23 C23 C23 C23 C23 C23 C23 C23 C23 C23 C23 C23 AAX/XXXXXXAACCXXB/CAAXXXXXAXCHEMICAL EXPOSURETemperature(73.4 F)(73.4 F)(73.4 F)(73.4 F)(73.4 F)(73.4 F)(73.4 F)(73.4 F)(73.4 F)(73.4 F)(73.4 F)(73.4 F)(73.4 F)(73.4 F)(73.4 F)(73.4 F)(73.4 F)(73.4 F)(73.4 F)(73.4 F)(73.4 F)(73.4 F)TPE-RPEXBABBABCBXBCBBCXBXBB

MATERIAL CHOICESFOR OPTIMUM PERFORMANCEEnvirostop TPE-RThermoplastic Elastomeric Rubber isa fully vulcanized blend of EPDM andPolypropylene, also called a ThermoplasticVulcanizate or TPV. This gives thewaterstop the flexibility and sealingproperties of a rubber seal, but allows forheat welding and processing like a plastic.In addition to the favorable physicalproperties, TPE-R also offers an excellentresistance to a wide range of chemicals.ASTM tests (D-471) show good resistanceto oils, fuels, acids, bases and numeroussolvents.Envirostop TPE-RWestec Envirostop TPE-Rwaterstop is certified toNSF/ANSI Standard 61 for drinkingwater applications. The standardestablishes minimum health effectsrequirements for the chemicalcontaminants and impurities thatmay be indirectly imparted to drinkingwater. Although more commonlyknown for its use in chemicalcontainment applications, TPE-Rwaterstop is now widely used forozone contact structures in the watertreatment industry. Envirostop TPE-R waterstop can be specifiedfor any drinking water containmentstructure where this certification isrequired for joint sealing materials.PE POLYETHYLENEPolyethylene (VLDPE) is more plasticlike, having increased elastic modulus andhardness than TPE-R. PE also has greaterresistance in some applications, and isparticularly effective for hydrocarbonssuch as Benzene, Toluene and Xylene.After exposure (1-4 weeks) to such andsubsequent drying, PE waterstop wasfound to return nearly to its originalphysical properties.SS (STAINLESS STEEL)Stainless steel is for high temperatureenvironments that exceed 121 C (250 F)or the most severe chemical applications.Sika offers 316 low carbon stainless steelwaterstops. However, many applicationsthat have traditionally used SS waterstopcan be served with TPE-R, including ozonecontact structures.Westec PE 050 and 631 waterstopprofiles are the first to receivethe European Technical Approval forwatersealing bands and have been approvedfor CE marking in the European Union, ETA04/0044.GROMMETSTPE-R and PE 6” and 9” waterstops arepre-punched in the outermost rib withbrass grommets providing convenientpoints on 12” centers to wire thewaterstop to reinforcement. Properlysecuring the waterstop is critical toensure good consolidation around theribs and a liquid-tight seal.SPLICING AND FABRICATIONSSika Greenstreak PVC welding equipmentand techniques can be used for Westec TPE-R and PE waterstops, requiring onlya higher temperature set at 210 C (410 F).Sika recommends factory-fabricatedjoints at all intersections and directionchanges. They offer a quick and economicalalternative to cutting and splicing thesecritical junctions in the field. Contact a SikaTechnical Sales Representative to arrangefor a material takeoff and custom shopdrawings. Fabrications are available forTPE-R, PE and SS.Sika Westec BARRIER TECHNOLOGIESConcrete Accessories3



PATENTED EXPANSION BOARD CAPSEAL SYSTEMCONSTRUCTION DETAILS FORSPECIAL EB CAP DESIGNSPOLYBOARDWestec ¾” HDPE Polyboard is available for 6” and 8” pavingapplications. The polyboard is designed to work with the EB Capand EB Cap retrofit profiles and serves as both expansion materialand a forming system.SPEED LOADSpeed Load sleeves are an excellent addition to the ExpansionBoard cap seal and Polyboard. Speed Load sleeves align the steelload transfer dowels and are designed specifically for leave-in-placeforming systems like the EB Cap System.Please consult a Sika Technical SalesRepresentative for your specific project needs.All Retrofit systems include stainless steel batten bars and tapcons. Westec 151 Novolac Gel Epoxy createsa fluid tight and chemical resistant seal between the waterstop and existing concrete.The EB Cap seal system is a complete concrete joint system designed and patented byWestec . Easy to install, the EB Cap integrates the waterstop, forming system, expansionboard, joint seal and load transfer units into a single structure. Just stake down the board,set your screed elevation and that’s it. No stripping forms, no messy sealants, no problems!INSTALLATION BENEFITS:Patent # for EB Cap is 5,378,3866Sika Westec BARRIER TECHNOLOGIESConcrete Accessorieś́́́́́́́́́́́́́No split formworkFewer installation stepsNo poured-in-place sealant requiredNo remobilization for saw cutting or sealantConvenient strip pouring possible with Speed LoadsLower labor and installation costsNo joint finishing required

SELECTING THE RIGHT PROFILEPHYSICAL PROPERTIES OF FINISHED WATERSTOPPROPERTYTensile StrengthElongation100% ModulusBrittle TemperatureHardnessYield StrengthTEST METHODASTM D 638ASTM D 638ASTM D 638ASTM D 746ASTM D 2240TPE-R2000 psi450%1000 psi-56 C (-70 F)85 Shore APE2000 psi800%4200 psi*SS (STAINLESS STEEL)75,000 psi40%40 Shore D95 max. Rockwell B25,000 psi*SS Properties taken from ASTM A240, Table 2TPE-R and PE waterstops are available in a variety of sizes and profiles to meet the needsof various structures and applications.RIBBED WITH CENTERBULB is a veryversatile waterstop and a standard for theconcrete industry. The centerbulb of thewaterstop accommodates vertical andhorizontal movement equal to the insidediameter of the centerbulb. This waterstopcan be used in control joints and expansionjoints, vertical and horizontal applications.TPE-R and PE profiles are available.EB CAP - The patented Expansion BoardCap Seal system was designed to serveas both a waterstop and joint sealant.This unique design allows for one-stepplacement of your joint sealant andwaterstop. No stripping, sawcuttingor sealing is required. The result is aneasy-to-install, maintenance-free joint.TPER and PE profiles are available.RIBBED WITH TEAR WEB is designed forlarger joint movements. The thin web inthe U-shaped centerbulb will tear duringjoint movement and allow for additionalexpansion or differential settlements.Some fabrications are limited. TPE-R andPE profiles are available.BASE SEAL is designed for slab on gradejoints or backfilled walls and eliminatesdifficult split forming details. This profileis difficult to join to other waterstops somay not be suitable for containmentareas with standard waterstops in otherjoints. This profile is available only asTPE-R.RETROFIT - Modern chemical plants andmanufacturing facilities are constantlyexpanding, modifying existing areasfor new technologies and products.Structural changes to the concreteareas create the potential for leaksbetween the new and existing concrete.Traditionally, adding a waterstop to thesejoints required saw cutting a grooveseveral inches into the existing concreteand grouting in a waterstop. This methodis time-consuming, labor-intensive andoften requires cutting through the toplayer of rebar in the existing concrete.Westec offers multiple profiles for avariety of situations and applications.TPE-R, PE and SS Retrofit profiles areavailable.Sika Westec BARRIER TECHNOLOGIESConcrete Accessories7

WATERPROOFINGCONCRETEREFURBISHMENTSEALING AND BONDINGFLOORINGROOFINGAll sales of Sika products are subject to Sika’s current Terms and Conditions of Sale available or by calling 800-325-9504. Prior to each use of any Sika product, the user must always readand follow the warnings and instructions on the product’s most current Product Data Sheet, product labeland Safety Data Sheet, which are available at or by calling Technical Services at 800-325-9504.Nothing contained in any Sika materials relieves the user of the obligation to read and follow the warningsand instructions for each Sika product as set forth in the current Product Data Sheet, product label andSafety Data Sheet prior to product use.The sale of all Sika products are subject to the following Limited Warranty:LIMITED MATERIAL WARRANTYSIKA warrants this product for one year from date of installation to be free from manufacturing defectsand to meet the technical properties on the current Product Data Sheet if used as directed within shelf life.User determines suitability of product for intended use and assumes all risks. Buyer’s sole remedy shall belimited to the purchase price or replacement of product exclusive of labor or cost of labor.NO OTHER WARRANTIES EXPRESS OR IMPLIED SHALL APPLY INCLUDING ANY WARRANTY OFMERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. SIKA SHALL NOT BE LIABLE UNDERANY LEGAL THEORY FOR SPECIAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES. SIKA SHALL NOT BE RESPONSIBLEFOR THE USE OF THIS PRODUCT IN A MANNER TO INFRINGE ON ANY PATENT OR ANY OTHERINTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS HELD BY OTHERS.Contact Sika:Phone: 1-800-325-9504Website: usa.sika.comOur most current General Sales Conditions shall apply.Please consult the Product Data Sheets prior to any use and processing.Sika Corporation201 Polito AvenueLyndhurst, NJ 07071Phone: 201-933-8800Fax: 201-933-6225Sika CorporationSika Greenstreak Office3400 Tree Court Industrial Blvd.St. Louis, MO 63122Phone: 800-325-9504Fax: 636-225-2049Sika Canada Inc.601 Delmar AvenuePointe ClaireQuebec H9R 4A9Phone: 514-697-2610Fax: 514-694-2792 Sika Corporation / Target Market Waterproofing / 07.2004.5 / 2/2016SIKA FULL RANGE SOLUTIONSFOR CONSTRUCTION:

Sika Greenstreak PVC welding equipment and techniques can be used for Westec TPE-R and PE waterstops, requiring only a higher temperature set at 210 C (410 F). . All sales of Sika products are subject to Sika’s current Terms and Conditions of Sale available at or by calling 800-325-9504. Prior to each use of any Sika .

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playing field within the internal market, even in exceptional economic circumstances. This White Paper intends to launch a broad discussion with Member States, other European institutions, all stakeholders, including industry, social partners, civil society organisations,