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DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING,EAST COAST RAILWAYDISCLOSURES UNDER RTI ACT(i) THE PARTICULARS OF FUNCTION, ORGANISATION & DUTIES OF MECHANICAL DEPARTMENT.A. Function & Role:Mechanical Department is primarily responsible for maintenance of Rolling Stocks(Diesel Locomotives, Coaches & Wagons) .The fitness to run them for transportingrailway traffic, both passenger & goods, is given by the department. Thedepartment is also responsible for maintenance and functioning of „Accident ReliefTrain‟ equipment including railway cranes. It coordinates planned expenditure onM&P procurements, Rolling Stock and Capital Spares Procurement and Workshopinfrastructure on East Coast Railway.B. Organization Structure-HQ – [As on 01.06.2015]Chief Mechanical Engineer[HAG]Dy. Chief Mech. Engineer(Diesel & HQ)Secretary to Chief MechanicalEngineer [JAG]PS-I to Chief MechanicalEngineer [JS/Gr.-‘B’]Chief Motive PowerEngineer [HAG-NF]Dy. Chief MechanicalEngineer (Diesel) [JAG]Chief WorkshopEngineer [SAG]Dy. Chief MechanicalEngineer (Planning) [JAG]Executive Mech.Engineer (WS) [SS/Gr-B]Chief Rolling StockEngineer [SAG]Dy. ChiefChief SAG-NF][SAG-F]Asst. Executive Mech.Engineer (C&W) [JS/Gr-B]

C. Organization Structure at Divisional & Workshop LevelIn divisions, Mechanical department is represented by Senior DivisionalMechanical Engineer who is assisted by one or more Divisional MechanicalEngineers & few Assistant Divisional Mechanical Engineers. In addition to 03 SeniorDivisional Mechanical Engineers, one more Senior Divisional Mechanical Engineer(Diesel) has been posted to look after locomotive maintenance at Diesel LocomotiveShed located at Visakhapatnam in WAT Division.In Workshop, Chief Works Manager is the head of the organisation who reportsto CME. In East cost Railway Chief Works Manager is posted in Mancheswar CarriageRepair Shop who is assisted by 02 Dy. Chief Mechanical Engineers, 01 Works Manager,and few Assistant Works Managers. Officers of other departments like ElectricalEngineering, Personnel, Finance & Engineering, who work in the workshop report toCWM.D. Duties & ResponsibilitiesChief Mechanical Engineer:He is in charge of Mechanical department in ECoR and is responsible for overallfunctioning of the department, implementation of policy directives pertaining tofunctioning ofMechanical Department. He coordinates with Railway Board,Production Units and RDSO on issues relating to working of the department. He isresponsible for budget of the department and its control. He is responsible forimplementation of Corporate Safety Plan, RSRC Recommendations and DisasterManagement Plan pertaining to the department. He is responsible for Audit Para,Draft Para and compliance to Parliament Questions, Public Grievances, Court Cases,MP/MLA references etc. He sets the tone for future planning of the MechanicalDepartment and investment proposals. All officers of Mechanical Department in EastCoast Railway report to him and assist him in discharging these responsibilities.Chief Motive Power Engineer: He is responsible for maintenance and operation of Diesel locomotives and Railbuses. He is also responsible for maintenance of all Accident Relief Trains and AccidentRelief Medical Equipment Vans of East Coast Railway. He liaises with stores organizationof ECoR, Diesel Locomotive works, Diesel Component Works & Jamalpur Workshop forprocurement of spares for maintenance of the locomotives and cranes and initiatesquality control initiatives. He is responsible for procurement planning of diesel fuel in

liaison with stores and ensures control on issues of diesel oil from different railwayconsuming depots of ECoR. He is responsible for overall management of running staffsunder the control of mechanical engineering department and facility planning for therunning staffs. He is entrusted with implementation of „Disaster Management‟ itemspertaining to the department and „RSRC‟ items & „Corporate Safety Plan‟ itemspertaining to diesel locomotive maintenance, operation & running staff underdepartment‟s control. He is assisted by Dy. Chief Mechanical Engineer (Diesel) todischarge these functions and assigns job to them.Chief Rolling Stock Engineer:He is responsible for maintenance and safety certification of coaches and wagons fortheir use in railway system. He ensures implementation of policy directives onmaintenance activities of freight and coaching stocks. He liaises with storesorganization for procurement of materials for maintenance of different types of rollingstocks and initiates quality control initiatives. He liaises with workshops and plans forperiodic timely overhauling of coaches and wagons. He is entrusted withimplementation of „RSRC‟ items & „Corporate Safety Plan‟ items pertaining to carriageand wagon maintenance in open line. He is responsible for planning for training of staffengaged in maintenance of coaches and wagons. He is assisted by Dy. ChiefMechanical Engineer (Carriage & Wagon) & Assistant Executive Mechanical Engineer(Carriage & Wagon) at HQ to discharge these functions and assigns job to them.Chief Workshop Engineer:He is responsible for monitoring outturn and quality of Mancheswar Carriage RepairShop. He is responsible for implementation of all policy guidelines pertaining toworkshop working. He is responsible for revenue budgeting for the department. He isresponsible for processing sanction and execution of works, liaison with stores and„Centre for Modernization of Workshop‟ for procurement of machines and budget andexpenditure control under Workshop Facility works, Machine and Plant program andRolling Stock program of East Coast Railway. He is responsible for drawing office of thedepartment and dealing with monitoring of in-motion weigh bridges. He is assisted byDy. Chief Mechanical Engineer (Planning) and Executive Mechanical Engineer(Workshop) to whom he assigns work.

E. Non Gazetted Sanctioned Staff erk/Jr.Clerk,Sr.SO etc.)Diesel,Operation &PowerControl6386---23Coaching,Freight &C&W control94-----13Drawing &Design22-----4Workshop r.Clerk-2Sr.SO-1PS-II,Steno-I,Steno-II &OthersGr.-DTotalPS-II- 2Steno-I- 3Jr.Steno-3Peon-6B.Peon-839(ii) THE POWERS AND DUTIES OF OFFICERS AND EMPLOYEES OF ECOR MECHANICAL DEPARTMENTThe officers and employees derive powers from concern publication on “Delegation ofPower” on “Works”, “Stores”, “Personnel” & “Miscellaneous” matter and discharge theirduties accordingly.(iii) Decision making Process Including Channel of Supervision and Accountability:This is depicted in „Organization Chart‟(iv) Norms Set For Discharge of Mechanical Department’s FunctionNorms for discharge of department‟s function are set by the code for MechanicalDepartment, schedule of Power and different maintenance manuals, GCC andInstructions issued by Railway Board from time to time on different policy matters.(v) & (VI). RULES, REGULATIONS, INSTRUCTIONS, MANUALS AND RECORDS HELD: THERULES, REGULATIONS, INSTRUCTIONS, MANUALS AND RECORDS, HELD BY IT ORUNDER ITS CONTROL OR USED BY ITS EMPLOYEES FOR DISCHARGING ITS FUNCTIONS.A STATEMENT OF THE CATEGORIES OF DOCUMENTS THAT ARE HELD BY IT OR UNDERITS CONTROL.

(A)List of Manuals available related to Rolling stock maintenance1. Maintenance manual for wagons2. Maintenance manual for broad gauge coaches ICF design3. Operation & Maintenance manual for 140T Gotwald Crane4. White Manual on Diesel Locomotive5. Accident manual6. General Rule7. IRCA Pt-III for goods8. IRCA Pt-IV for coaching.9. Mechanical Code10. Drawings of Diesel, Carriage & Wagons components.11. BIS specifications on Mechanical & Metallurgical items12. RDSO specifications and Maintenance Instructions and Technical pamphlets(B) List of records1. Diagram book of coaches.2. Diagram book of wagons.3. Diagram book of Diesel locomotives.4. Allied Statistics pertaining to Maintenance of Rolling Stocks & Crew Management.(vii) THE PARTICULARS OF ANY ARRANGEMENT THAT EXISTS FOR CONSULTATIONWITH, OR REPRESENTATION BY, THE MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC IN RELATION TOTHE FORMULATION OF ITS POLICY OR IMPLEMENTATION THEREOFAll polices are formulated at Railway Board (Ministry) at New Delhi, hence, no arrangementexists at local level.(viii) A STATEMENT OF THE BOARDS, COUNCILS, COMMITTEES AND OTHER BODIESCONSISTING OF TWO OR MORE PERSONS CONSTITUTED AS ITS PART OR FOR THEPURPOSE OF ITS ADVICE, AND AS TO WHETHER MEETINGS OF THOSE BOARDS,COUNCILS, COMMITTEES AND OTHER BODIES ARE OPEN TO THE PUBLIC OR THEMINUTES OF SUCH MEETINGS ARE ACCESSIBLE TO PUBLICNo such bodies exist for Mechanical Department at local level

(ix) DIRECTORY OF MECHANICAL DEPARTMENT [As on neMobilePresentIncumbent(S/Shri)1Chief MechanicalEngineer50050230337008455885400Prem Chandra2Chief Motive PowerEngineer50250230043908455885402Arjun Mundiya3Chief Workshop Engineer50350230304108455885403S.K. Bagh4Chief Rolling StockEngineer50150230119008455885401M .K. Poddar5Dy. Chief MechanicalEngineer (C&W) Nodal 102408455885404J.K. 53008455885407Niranjan Sahoo6Dy. Chief MechanicalEngineer (Diesel)7Dy. Chief MechanicalEngineer(Planning)8Secy. to CME9Exec. 10Asst. Exec. P.S. to CME50054-08455885410Niranjan Mishra

(x) MONTHLY REMUNERATIONS OF OFFICERS AND STAFF OF MECHANICALDEPARTMENT-AS PER SCALE OF PAY DETAILED BELOW (PAY STRUCTURE AS PER6TH PAY COMMISSION):Sl.No.DesignationScale of Pay(Remuneration)PayBandGrade Pay1HAG (CME),HAG/NF (CMPE)Rs. 37400 – 67000PB-4120002SAG ( CRSE, CWE)Rs. 37400 – 67000PB-4100003SAG/NF ( DY.CME/C&W)Rs. 37400 – 67000PB-4100004JAG (Dy.CMEs)Rs. 15600 - 39100PB-376005Sr. Scale EMEsRs. 15600 - 39100PB-366006Jr. Scale (AEMEs) – [Gr.-‘A’ Scale]Rs. 9300 – 34800PB-254007Jr. Scale AEME(C&W) – [Gr.-‘B’Scale]Rs. 9300 – 34800PB-248008Sr. Section EngineerRs. 9300 – 34800PB-246009Jr. EngineerRs. 9300 – 34800PB-2420010Chief Loco InspectorRs. 9300 – 34800PB-2460011Chief Office SuperintendentRs. 9300 – 34800PB-2460012Office SuperintendentRs. 9300 – 34800PB-2420013Sr. ClerkRs. 5200-20200PB-1280014Jr. ClerkRs. 5200-20200PB-1190015PS-IIRs. 9300 – 34800PB-2460016Steno - IRs. 9300 – 34800PB-2420017Steno - IIRs. 5200-20200PB-1280018PeonRs. 5200-20200PB-11800(xi) BUDGET ALLOCATION & EXPENDITUREDetails of revenue budget and budget for RSP, M&P & works can be seen at the following link rectorate/finance budget(xii) EXECUTION OF SUBSIDY PROGRAMME, ALLOCATION & DETAILS OF BENEFICIARIES: Mechanical Department does not handle any subsidy programme.(xiii) PARTICULARS OF RECIPIENTS OF CONCESSIONS, PERMITS OF AUTHORIZATIONGRANTED:-NIL-

1. Maintenance manual for wagons 2. Maintenance manual for broad gauge coaches ICF design 3. Operation & Maintenance manual for 140T Gotwald Crane 4. White Manual on Diesel Locomotive 5. Accident manual 6. General Rule 7. IRCA Pt-III for goods 8. IRCA Pt-IV for coaching. 9. Mechanical Code 10. Drawings of Diesel, Carriage & Wagons components. 11.