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Kemppi Mastertig MLS 2500 and 3500WeldingVersatilityforProfessionals

Kemppi Mastertig MLS 2500 and 3500– Welding Versatility for ProfessionalsThe Mastertig MLS 2500 and 3500 offer outstanding TIG performance in the most demanding weldingenvironments. Super-efficient and compact, the Mastertig MLS is designed for professional welderswho expect the most from their welding equipment.CONVENIENT AND SAFEThe Mastertig MLS series builds on the success of Master MLS MMA weldingmachines. That means you benefit from Kemppi’s strong track record in innovativewelding technology. Micro-processor controlled IGBT DC power sources: 250 and 350 AProtective casing for outdoor useEasy-to-access controlsInterchangeable control panelsEfficient spark transformer for high frequency ignition with cables up to 50 mWide voltage range (340-440 V) for use with power generatorsCompliance with key international safety norms and certificates

MASTER PERFORMANCEThe Mastertig MLS is also a trailblazer in disturbance-free welding. The new ICS (Isolated Cooling System) prevents dust and metal particles frompenetrating the machine’s interior. The cooling air now flows from the back of themachine forward – that is towards the point being welded. As a result, the particlecontent of the air is smaller than if the air flowed in the opposite direction.Other advantages Effective protection against over and under voltage Cooling fan that runs only if necessaryPREMIUM WELD CONTROLMastertig MLS delivers excellent weld control with three interchangeable controlpanels. Whether TIG or MMA welding, you can choose the optimal panel for yourwelding needs.CONTROLLING YOUR TIG WELD Choose between high-frequency (HF) ignition or contact ignition if the formercauses interference in nearby equipment. Adjust pre- and post-gas time to protect the weld pool from oxidisation. Preset the welding current’s up-slope and down-slope time to avoid defects at theends of the weld.The panels’ auxiliary functions can be adjusted from the setup function.(Set Up). The Set Up has four different levels and you can adjust the top level.The other levels require a Kemppi service pro.

SMART TORCHESThe new Kemppi TTC torches help you make the most of yourMastertig MLS TIG welding machines.Feel the benefits Lightweight and ergonomicFlexible cable up to 16 metersIndustry certified and reliableGas or liquid-cooled modelIntegrated torch controls for optimalperformance with panelsCOOL WELDINGWith water-cooled TIG torches, you can improve weld quality by installing aMASTERCOOL 10 water circulator. The cooling liquid unit is connected below thepower source.Dependable Quick connector with safety screwsEasy-to-access controls on the power source panelTop reliability thanks to simple structureTorches against clogging or rotary pump failure

COMPACT AND PORTABLEMoving your Mastertig machines is easy with the new T 200 transport unit.Designed for superior mobility and functionality, the T 200 can handle even largegas bottles and fits in most vans. A quick connection mechanism allows you tofasten the bottle safely. There is also a handy storage compartment for weldingaccessories.LESS MAINTENANCEKemppi welding machines are built to last, and require minimal maintenance.The Mastertig MLS series features Durable casingShielded panel knobsUnique service channel for troubleshootingICS technology for minimal particle intakeKemppi TIG welding machines also include a robot connectionthat allows you to use the equipment as a power sourcefor mechanical or automated welding.THE KEMPPI PLEDGEThe Kemppi Mastertig MLS welding machines are manufacturedin Finland according to CE directives. As part of Kemppi’s commitmentto welding excellence,all products and componentsundergo extensive testingduring and aftermanufacture.

MTLThe MTL panel offers smart MMA and TIG weldingfeatures. Separate indicator lights for power connection,overheating, and power source voltage. A panel switch allows you to adjust the welding currentwith the remote control unit, the foot pedal or the panel’spotentiometer. You can also control the current from theKemppi TTC torch. The remote control unit improveswork ergonomics and productivity. Welding current and arc voltage are shown on a cleardigital display, which also indicates both the set values andthe values used. For time-specific adjustments, the displayshows the time in seconds (s).

MTXThe MTX panel has the same functions as the MTMpanel except for the MINILOG function. The 4T LOG function is ideal for arc control.The Search Arc helps you find the exact spot whereto start, while the Tail Arc fills tail craters and preventswelding faults. Synergic Quick Pulse TIG welding offers a high weldingspeed, an even run and a narrow deformation area. This isuseful when welding stainless steel because of the constantrisk of weld deformation and after work. The Quick Pulsefunction speeds up joint completion and reduces weldingcosts. This method is based on a set high-frequency pulsedcurrent in which the pulse parameters are controlledsynergically. Pulsed-TIG welding offers a similar control for the weldpool. You can use the MTX panel to set the pulse current,pulse ratio, frequency and the base current level. The TIG SPOT welding automatics adjusts the length ofthe current pulse between the slope-up and slope-down ofthe current. The welding current setting is based onmaterial thickness. TIG SPOT welding reduces surfacetreatment costs compared with resistance welding.

MTMThe MTM panel supports quick-pulse welding, pulsewelding and MINILOG interruption automatics. The MTM panel includes a memory block for storingadjusted values. With the MINILOG interruption automatics, the weld poolis controlled from the torch switch by periodically loweringthe welding current below the actual level needed forwelding. This innovative technology cools the weld pooland improves welding speed. The MINILOG function isselected from the switch in connection with the 2-/4-tactfunction. If necessary, this function can includea low-current Search Arc. You can reuse settings by retrieving them from the panel’smemory as Set values. The memory function can beaccessed from the panel, the remote control unit or thecontrol module of the welding gun. Other MTM functions are a selection of MMA/TIGmethods, a foot pedal control for setting current limits,gas flow testing and the TIG 2-/4-tact switch to selecttrigger logic.

Order InformationMastertig 2500MLS6114250Earth cablesMastertig 3500MLS6114350Earth cable16 mm2, 5 m26184015Cooling unitMASTERCOOL 106122350Earth cable25 mm , 5 m6184211Control panelsMTL6116000Earth cable35 mm2, 5 m6184311MTX6116005Earth cable35 mm2, 10 m6184312Earth cable2618451126184512MTM611601050 mm , 5 mEarth cableWelding cables50 mm , 10 mWelding cable16 mm2, 5m6184005Remote control unitsWelding cable25 mm2, 5m6184201R10 Remote control unit6185409Welding cable35 mm2, 5m6184301R 11 F Foot remote control6185407Welding cable35 mm2, 10m6184302Extension cable for remote controlWelding cable50 mm2, 5m6184501Cable for remote controlWelding cable250 mm , 10m10 m61854816184502Tig-torchesLength/Order numberTTC 130TTC 130FTTC 160TTC 160STTC 220TTC 200WTTC 250WTTC 6627020516627025516627025716Transport unitsTransport unit T2006185258

Technical data: MASTERTIG MLS 2500MLS 3500Mains voltage3 50/60 Hz380V -10% 415V 6%380V -10% 415V 6%Rated power30% ED TIG300 A400 A60% ED TIG205 A285 A100% ED TIG160 A220 A4 x 1.5S - 5m / 10 A4 x 2.5S - 5m / 16 AConnection cable / fuse delayedWelding current5 A / 10.0 V 300 A / 22.0 V5 A / 10.0 V 400 A /26.0 VMax. welding voltageTIG36.0 V / 250 A45.0 V / 350 AElectrode sizes to be weldedØ1.5 5.0 mmØ1.5 6.0 mmWelding current controlsteplesssteplessOpen circuit voltage80 V80 VEfficiency86% (250 A / 30.0 V)86% (350 A / 34.0 V)Power factor0.95 (250 A / 30.0 V)0.95 (350 A / 34.0 V)Open circuit powerapprox. 10 Wapprox. 10 WStorage temperature range-40 60 C-40 60 COperation temperature range-20 60 C-20 60 CTemperature classH(180 C) / B(130 C)H(180 C) / B(130 C)Degree of protectionIP 23CIP 23CExternal dimensions (mm)WeightLxWxHTIG power source500 x 180 x 390 (650)500 x 180 x 390 (650)(TIG power source cooling unit)(TIG power source cooling unit)22 kg23 kgCooling unitConnection voltageConnection power380 V -10%.415 V 6% 50/60 Hz100 %ED250 VACooling capacity1.05 kWStart pressure, max.4.5 barCooling liquid20 % - 40% glycol-waterTank volumeabt. 3 lOverall dimensions (mm)WeightLxWxH500 x 180 x 26010 kgKemppi OyP.O. Box 13FIN-15801 LAHTIFINLANDTel. 358 3 899 11Telefax 358 3 899 428www.kemppi.comKemppi (U.K) Ltd.4-6 Sergeants WayElms Industrial EstateBEDFORD, MK 41 OEHENGLANDTel. 44 1234 213 581Telefax 44 1234 215 128www.kemppi.comKemppi Welding MachinesAustralia Pty LtdP.O. Box 404 (2/58 Lancaster Street)INGLEBURN NSW 2565AUSTRALIATel. 61 2 9605 9500Telefax 61 2 9605 5999www.kemppi.comA10060ENPrinted in Finland by Esa Print Oy, Lahti 2002 / 120106“S” marking, “CE” marking

Micro-processor controlled IGBT DC power sources: 250 and 350 A . The Mastertig MLS 2500 and 3500 offer outstanding TIG performance in the most demanding welding environments. Super-efficient and compact, the Mastertig MLS is designed for professional welders . With water-cooled

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