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rn”By: Melissa & DougAges: 1 year and up Loving FamilyDollhouse,people, furniture Dora castle, Doraplayhouse Learning toListen phrasesVocabulary andcategory names –furniture, people,roomsFollowingcommands thatoccur in the home“daddy is cookingdinner”, “mommyis giving the babya bathAges: 3 and upImaginext Pirate Ship Ages: 3 and up Shake and go Speedway(3 ) Michelle Leach, M.S., CCC-SLP, LSLS. Cert. AVTArkansas Children’s HospitalVocabulary –pirate, treasurechest, island,ship, sail, net,mast, flag,anchor, patch,cannonPretend playFollowingcommandsPrepositions“ing” verbsDescriptionsAuditoryawareness for carsoundsLearning toListen sounds andphrases – “roundand round”, “1, 2,3, go”, Car(voicedraspberry), “uhoh, crash!!”

Who Lives Where Game(target) Ages: 3 Bugville ButterflyTreehouse (Wal-Mart)Ages 4 Playmobile CircusPlaymobile HospitalAges: Generally 3 , eachset may be different basedon parts includedAnswering andasking questions“who”, “where”,“which”Matching colorsand shapesPrepositions –“under”, “on top”Great for Science andlearning about the lifecycle of a butterfly fromcaterpillar to butterfly –Use to make an experiencebook, tell a story insequence, verbs (spin,wiggle), vocabulary(caterpillar, chrysalis,cocoon, wings, antennae) Pretend play FABULOUS forvocabulary andfollowing directions!Tons of potentialAnything by Playmobile!Play-doh Creativity Center(Target) Age: 3 Michelle Leach, M.S., CCC-SLP, LSLS. Cert. AVTArkansas Children’s HospitalLearning toListen sounds andphrases: “push”,“roll, roll”, “cut,cut, cut”, “push”,“pat, pat, pat”,“open”Colors and shapesVocabularyFollowingcommands

Kids K’Nex “Lots of Pals”and other K’Nex sets forpreschoolersAge: 3 Fur Real Friends – newbornpuppy, kitty, monkey, duck,walking puppy Ages: website says ages 4 butI’m not really sure why?Just Like Home MicrowaveOven and food set Ages: 3 and up Michelle Leach, M.S., CCC-SLP, LSLS. Cert. AVTArkansas Children’s HospitalGREAT forfollowingdirections andconcepts! “Looks like”,same, different,long, short, tall,taller, tallest,equal, unequal,above, below,underneath,beside, betweenLL sounds – animalsoundsPhrases – “walk, walk,walk”, “mmmm”, sitdown, turn around,“shhh! Go to sleep”,“no”, “ow! Don’t bite”,“wake up”, “hi”, “byebye”, “stop”, “I loveyou”Learning to Listensounds: “mmmm”, “k –k – k” (cut, cut)Phrases: open, closethe door, “that’s hot”,“ow”, yummy!Auditory memoryVocabulary andcategories

The Littlest Pet shop – playhouses and activities Ages: 3 Any kitchen play set – this oneis advertised at Wal-Mart asthe American PlasticsHomestyle KitchenAges: 3 They have some nice kitchensat the Little Tykes website aswell www.littletykes.comPuppy in my pocket Kitty in my pocketJungle in my pocketPony in my pocketThere are multiple playsetsand animals available atTarget, Wal-Mart, Toys R UsAges: 6 Michelle Leach, M.S., CCC-SLP, LSLS. Cert. AVTArkansas Children’s Hospital Learning to Listensounds and phrasesThese are great forvocabulary, followingdirections, syntax,descriptions, givingdirections, adjectivesFun for pretend play!Learning to Listensounds and phrases:mmmm, ohh, hot, hi,bye-bye, open, close thedoor, round and round, Iwant some more, blowFollowing directionsBasic concepts: hot,cold, rough, smooth(veggies and fruitsadded)Fun for older kids – lotsof following directions,vocabulary,prepositions, expressivelanguage, pretend playSmall parts so notrecommended foryounger kids

Fun Games forArticulation/Speech Slides and Ladders (Target)Beware of the Dog (Target)Zimbbo’s game (Target)Rhino Rampage Game (Target)Marble Run (any marble run game) – Internet, Toys R usTinker ToysConnect FourCariboo – TargetJenga – Target, wal-mart, Toys R UsHi Ho Cherry-O (Wal-Mart, Target)Hungry, Hungry Hippos (Wal-Mart, Target)Michelle Leach, M.S., CCC-SLP, LSLS. Cert. AVTArkansas Children’s Hospital

Puppy in my pocket Kitty in my pocket Jungle in my pocket Pony in my pocket There are multiple playsets and animals available at Target, Wal-Mart, Toys R Us Ages: 6 un for older kids – lots F of following directions, vocabulary, prepositions, expressive language, pretend play Small parts so not recommended for younger kids

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INSTRUCTION SHEET SPECIFICATIONS Toy: Toy No.: Part No.: Trim Size: Folded Size: Type of Fold: # colors: Colors: Paper Stock: Paper Weight: EDM No.: FCW02 - 0970G3

dog. See if you can get him to resume interest in getting the dry dog food out of the toy. If this does not work, you may need to place something very tasty at the opening of the toy again, to remind your dog that the puzzle toy is very . interesting and that tasty things come from the toy. 5.