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The Department of Public Safety Standards and Training’sFIRE PROGRAM NEWSLETTERMARCH 2021VOL. 4ISSUE 3INSIDE THIS ISSUESKID AVOIDANCE TRUCK TRAININGPOSITIONS OPEN FOR RECRUITMENTAfter an extended hiatus due to challenges related to the recruitment process, COVID-19, and an unprecedented fire season, we are pleased to announce the forthcoming job announcement for two DPSST Regional FireTraining Skid Truck positions. Both positions will be duty stationed in Salemat the Oregon Public Safety Academy. However, these positions will delivertraining throughout the state with the mission of providing Skid AvoidanceTraining to the Oregon fire service. The trainers will deliver this class regionally and on campus and work in partnership with the Regional Coordinatorsto maintain the program fire equipment, buildings, live fire training props,apparatus, and equipment by ensuring maintenance logs are accurate andcurrent. They will also assist Regional Fire Training Coordinators with training activities for volunteer and career fire personnel of all levels of experience throughout the state and for various training opportunities as assigned.There is a considerable amount of travel associated with these positions, sowe advise interested applicants to be aware of this work requirement.When the position opens we will send a govdelivery mass email, so sign upnow to receive this and other announcements from the Fire Program. If youare interested or have questions, please contact Fire Program Manager JulieOlsen at (503) 378-2297 or Bags AvailableThe Fire Programto hand out bagsfor cancerpreventionPAGE 2February FPCMeetingWhat’s thelatest?PAGE 2Online TrainingOpportunitiesTake advantageof these classesfrom NFFFPAGES 3

PLASTIC BAGS AVAILABLE FOR CANCER PREVENTIONAccording to the National Volunteer Fire Council’s (NVFC)Lavender Ribbon Report: 11Best Practices for PreventingFirefighter Cancer, firefighters responding to incidents“should begin immediate grossdecon of PPE using soap waterand a brush, if weather conditions allow. PPE should thenbe placed into a sealed plasticbag and placed in an exteriorcompartment of the rig, or ifresponding in POV’s, placed in Above: The five easy cancer prevenƟon steps that appear on the plasƟc bags.a large storage tote, thus keeping the off-gassing PPE away from passengers and self.”The Fire Program has an abundance of plastic bags available for this use. Each bag is adorned with theFive Easy Cancer Prevention Steps featured in the picture above as a quick reminder to the Oregon fireservice of steps that can be taken to help prevent cancer. Fire Program staff will be handing out thesebags as they visit training associations and departments throughout Oregon. If you have immediate needfor these bags, please contact any Fire Program staff.For more information on cancer prevention, please visit,,and Timeless Reminder on theImportance and Roll of Training OfficersA fire agency’s training officer isa vital part of all your organizations. They are charged with carrying out a department’s missionwhile ensuring proper training,safety, organization, and quickresponses to emergency situations.Whether you’re a new trainingofficer or have been one forseveral years, here is a great article from Firehouse that bothhighlights a training officer’s importance as well as provides 10timeless tips that all training officers need to know. Take a minute to refresh your knowledgewith this article.MARCH 2021FPC RECOMMENDS PROPOSEDSTANDARD UPDATES, PUBLIC COMMENT PERIOD OPENSThe Fire Policy Committee (FPC) met on February 24, 2021 to reviewand discuss the proposed updates to the Oregon AdministrativeRule (OAR) related to NFPA Fire Officer and NFPA Marine Fire Fighting for Land-Based Fire Fighters. The proposed updates came fromtwo well represented Task Forces made up of Oregon fire servicecontent experts which discussed the importance of adopting themost recent NFPA editions of each level.These two proposed updates are currently in the Public Commentperiod until March 22nd. This is your opportunity to review potential changes and make a comment if you deem appropriate. Pleasecheck DPSST’s Statutes and Rules webpage and sign up for Govdelivery emails to ensure you are aware of all rule updates and futurePublic Comment periods. Following the Public Comment period, ifno negative comments are received the proposed updates will go tothe Board on Public Safety Standards and Training for final decisionon April 22, 2021.VOL. 4ISSUE 3PAGE 2

ONLINE TRAINING OPPORTUNITIES FROM THE NATIONAL FALLEN FIREFIGHTERS FOUNDATION (NFFF)In a time when we are limited in class sizes and how we can accomplish hands-on training on the fireground, there are exceptional online opportunities recommended by the NFFF. Taking advantage of theseopportunities could improve the safety, health, and well-being of the firefighters within your department.Stress First Aid (SFA) for Firefighters and Emergency Services PersonnelTraining Type: Firefighter Behavioral HealthFormat: ClassroomDuration: 4 hoursStress First Aid (SFA) is a flexible set of tools used to care for stress reactions in firefighters and rescuepersonnel. Unlike other acute stress management procedures, SFA was designed specifically to supportfirefighters and rescue personnel. The goal of SFA is to restore health and readiness after a stress reaction. SFA is a toolkit that emphasizes the importance of continuously monitoring the stress of fire andrescue personnel and to quickly recognize and appropriately help individuals who are reacting to stressand are in need of interventions to promote healing.SFA monitors the progress of recovery to ensure a return to full-function. SFA fosters strong leadershipand unit cohesion. SFA is individualized to meet the needs of each person in each context; there are noone-size-fits-all SFA solutions.Get Training: Sign Up for Stress First Aid (SFA) TrainingOnline Training: Stress First Aid for Fire and EMS PersonnelLeadership, Accountability, Culture and Knowledge (LACK)Training Type: LODD PreventionFormat: ClassroomDuration: 4 hoursIs your department on the path to a LODD? This compelling presentation by the National Fallen Firefighter Foundations examines the root causes of LODD’s and the role of Leadership, Accountability,Culture and Knowledge as it influences the end result. Many fire departments across the United States“LACK the Right Stuff” to prevent them from being on a path to a line of duty death, with Leadership,Accountability, Culture and Knowledge being the elements that need to be addressed and managed inthose environments. Through education and training, those departments can improve their survivabilityby understanding the root causes of firefighter fatalities and tackling these four elements with specialemphasis on understanding fire service culture.Get Training: Sign Up for Leadership, Accountability, Culture and Knowledge (LACK) TrainingBe a LACK Instructor: Sign Up to Teach Leadership, Accountability, Culture and Knowledge (LACK)Online Training: Leadership, Accountability, Culture and Knowledge (LACK)Subscribe to NFFF's online newsletter now!MARCH 2021VOL. 4ISSUE 3PAGE 3

FIRE TRAINING REGIONAL UPDATESFor the last several months, the increase in COVID 19 cases across the state caused DPSST’s Fire Training Coordinators to postpone or cancel several classes. Additionally, the Training Coordinators foundthat several fire departments were also postponing and canceling training. Postponed and/or canceledclasses are to ensure the safety of the Oregon fire service as well as our Fire Training Coordinators. Thankyou for your patience as this environment is ever evolving. Please work with your region’s Fire TrainingCoordinator to reschedule postponed classes when it is safe to do so.Northeast Region: Mike BozemanNortheast Oregon RegionalCoordinator Mike Bozeman’srecent training included thefollowing:FLAG training with North Gilliam County RFPD, BuildingSearch and Victim Removalwith Dufur Volunteer Fire Department and Firefighter SelfRescue with Baker RFPD.Mike’s upcoming training includes:Driver/ Mobile Water SupplyBaker RFPD, Car Fire West SideRFPD, FLAG Umatilla CountyFire District #1, and Fire Officer II hybrid with Baker City Fire Above: Mike instructs a Mayday course.Department.For more information on this or other training in your Eastern Oregon Region, please feel free to contactMike Bozeman at or (503) 303-3303.Northwest Region: John WestNorthwest Oregon Regional Coordinator John West’s recent training included the following:February 20thFLAG Classroom & HOTSutherlin Fire DepartmentFebruary 23rdNFPA Fire Instructor II (FULL)North Bend Fire DepartmentJohn’s upcoming training includes:March 5 & 6NFPA Fire Officer IMarch 11 & 12NFPA Fire Officer IIMarch 14 & 15MFTUMarch 18 & 19NFPA Fire Officer IIMarch 23 & 24MFTUMarch 27 & 28NFPA Fire Officer IIMarch 30NFPA Instructor II (Full)March 31Traffic Incident ManagementCannon Beach RFPDMcMinnville/Amity Fire DepartmentsCoos Bay Fire & RescueMcMinnville/Amity Fire DepartmentsCoos Bay Fire & RescueBaker City Fire DepartmentClatskanie RFPDMcMinnville/Amity Fire DepartmentsFor more information on this or other training in your Northwest Oregon Region, please feel free tocontact John West at or (503) 559-5756.MARCH 2021VOL. 4ISSUE 3PAGE 4

FIRE TRAINING REGIONAL UPDATES CONTINUEDCentral Oregon Region: Hayden JonesCentral Oregon Regional Coordinator Hayden Jones’s recent training included:February 1stMFTUCrook County Fire & Rescue (Postponed)February 2ndyMFTUCrook County Fire & Rescue (Postponed)February 3rdMFTUCrook County Fire & Rescue (Postponed)February 9thMFTUCloverdale RFPDFebruary 12thNFPA FF1 AcademyJohn Day/Burns/Hines/Canyon CityPrairie City/Long Creek (Postponed)February 13thNFPA FF1 AcademyJohn Day/Burns/Hines/Canyon CityPrairie City/ Long Creek (Postponed)February 14thNFPA FF1 AcademyJohn Day/Burns/Hines/Canyon CityPrairie City/ Long Creek (PostponedFebruary 17thNFPA Fire Instructor IKlamath CountyFebruary 23rdMFTUCloverdale RFPDFebruary 26thTPE’sCrescent RFPDFebruary 27thVehicle FireAlfalfa Fire DistrictHayden’s upcoming training includes:March 3rdFLAGMarch 4thFLAGMarch 5thFLAGMarch 5thNFPA FF1 AcademyMarch 6thNFPA FF1 AcademyMarch 7thNFPA FF1 AcademyMarch 8thMarch 11thMarch 13thMarch 15thMarch 16thFLAGFLAGFLAGFLAGFLAGCrook County Fire & RescueCrook County Fire & RescueCrook County Fire & RescueJohn Day/Burns/Hines/Canyon CityPrairie City/ Long Creek (Postponed)John Day/Burns/Hines/Canyon CityPrairie City/ Long Creek (Postponed)John Day/Burns/Hines/Canyon CityPrairie City/ Long Creek (Postponed)Thomas Creek/Westside RFPDRedmond Fire & RescueLa Pine RFPDSisters-Camp Sherman & Cloverdale RFPDSisters-Camp Sherman & Cloverdale RFPDFor more information on this or other training in your Central Oregon Region, please feel free to contact Hayden Jones at or (503) 779-5744.LeŌ: Hayden instructs an eveninghands-on FLAGcourse.MARCH 2021VOL. 4ISSUE 3PAGE 5

ABOUT DPSSTOur mission is to promote excellence in public safety by deliveringquality training and developing and upholding professional standards for police, fire, corrections, parole and probation, and telecommunications personnel, in addition to licensing private securityproviders and private investigators in Oregon.DPSST also regulates and licenses polygraph examiners, determinessheriff candidates’ eligibility to run for office and provides staffingfor the Public Safety Memorial Fund. We strive to provide resources and certification programs that public safety officers and localpublic safety organizations need to maintain the highest professional skill standards, stewardship and service to Oregon’s communitiesand citizens. These services are based at our 236-acre academy andextend across the state through a network of regional training coordinators.Agency functions are guided by several Oregon Revised Statutesand our authority is defined specifically in Chapter No. 259 of theOregon Administrative Rules. We are governed by a 24-memberBoard and six discipline-specific policy committees; we serve morethan 35,000 public safety constituents across the state.The Department ofPublic Safety Standardsand Training4190 Aumsville Hwy SESalem, OR 97317Phone: 503-378-2100Fax: 503-378-4600Find us Follow DPSST on FacebookDPSST FIRE PROGRAM CONTACTSJulie Olsen, ManagerPhone: 503-378-2297Email: julie.olsen@state.or.usKayla Ballrot, Certification SupervisorPhone: 503-378-2596Email: kayla.ballrot@state.or.usJonathan Chayse, Support SpecialistPhone: 503-378-2408Email: jonathan.chayse@state.or.usBrooke Bell-Uribe, Certification SpecialistPhone: 503-378-2254Email: brooke.bell-uribe@state.or.usJohn West, Northwest Regional CoordinatorPhone: 503-559-5756Email: john.west@state.or.usHayden Jones, Central Regional CoordinatorPhone: 503-779-5744Email: hayden.jones@state.or.usRobert Farino, Salem Regional CoordinatorPhone: 503-871-4944Email: robert.farino@state.or.usMike Bozeman, Eastern Regional CoordinatorPhone: 541-303-3303Email:

The Fire Program has an abundance of plastic bags available for this use. Each bag is adorned with the Five Easy Cancer Prevention Steps featured in the picture above as a quick reminder to the Oregon fire service of steps that can be taken to help prevent cancer. Fire Program staff will be handing out these

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Le genou de Lucy. Odile Jacob. 1999. Coppens Y. Pré-textes. L’homme préhistorique en morceaux. Eds Odile Jacob. 2011. Costentin J., Delaveau P. Café, thé, chocolat, les bons effets sur le cerveau et pour le corps. Editions Odile Jacob. 2010. Crawford M., Marsh D. The driving force : food in human evolution and the future.

Le genou de Lucy. Odile Jacob. 1999. Coppens Y. Pré-textes. L’homme préhistorique en morceaux. Eds Odile Jacob. 2011. Costentin J., Delaveau P. Café, thé, chocolat, les bons effets sur le cerveau et pour le corps. Editions Odile Jacob. 2010. 3 Crawford M., Marsh D. The driving force : food in human evolution and the future.