Temperature Control Systems

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Temperature Control SystemsProduct Reference Guide for Truck and Trailer Applications

EXPERT SERVICE ANDSUPPORT ARE ASCLOSE AS THIS SIGN.Enjoy the support of theThermo KingDealer Network.Over 200 factory-authorized service centers nationwide-FIND ONE NEARBY AT WWW.THERMOKING.COMThermo King isthe Green LeaderThermo King offers industry-leading products andsolutions that enable businesses around the worldto reduce energy consumption and costs anddecrease harmful environmental emissions.

Delivering What Matters.Since inventing transport refrigeration in 1938,Thermo King has never stopped innovating. Thisculture of innovation is demonstrated by the currentline of temperature control systems for trailer and truckapplications as well as the TriPac APU system.Lower life cycle costs. Lower fuel consumption. Cleaner,quieter operation. Unmatched performance and reliability.Greater capacities at lower operating speeds. Precisetemperature control. Ease of use and service.Delivering what matters.Unit selection may vary depending on road, ambient temperature,insulation of body, number of door openings, etc. Please consultyour Thermo King dealer. Specifications are subject to changewithout notice.

Table of ContentsTrailer UnitsSB-110 .4SB-210 .5SB-310 .6SB-400.7SPECTRUM SB with SR-2.8SPECTRUM DE.8SB-200TG.9HK-400/HK-400 HO. 10Rail/Intermodal UnitsSB-310R. 12Direct Drive Truck UnitsV-200 Series. 14V-300 Series. 15V-520 Series. 16B-100. 17Truck Units - Self-PoweredT-600R. 19T-800R. 20T-1000R. 21T-600. 22T-800. 23T-1000. 24T-1000 SPECTRUM. 25ST-CR. 26ST-CR MT. 27Tractor APU SystemsTriPac. 29TriPace. . 302

Trailer Units

76.11”23.26”84.65”SB-110 Refrigerant.R-404ARefrigeration Capacity (Btu/hr)Engine PowerStandardETV35 F. 43,500. 53,0000 F. 30,000. 30,000-20 F. 18,000. 18,000Heating CapacityStandardETVEngine. 24,000. 24,000Air Flow (cfm) 0” Static Pressure. 3,500Weight (lbs.).1,635Dimensions (in.).76.11 x 23.26 x 84.654

76.11”23.26”84.65”SB-210 Refrigerant.R-404ARefrigeration Capacity (Btu/hr)Engine PowerStandardETV35 F. 51,000. 60,0000 F. 32,000. 32,000-20 F. 21,000. 21,000Electric StandbyStandardHO35 F. 30,000. 55,0000 F. 22,000. 33,000-20 F. 15,000. 20,000Heating CapacityStandardETVEngine. 26,000. 47,000Electric. 32,000. 32,000Air Flow (cfm) 0” Static Pressure. 3,500Weight (lbs.)Without SmartPower electric standby. 1,635With SmartPower electric standby. 1,870Dimensions (in.).76.11 x 23.26 x 84.655

76.11”23.26”84.65”SB-310 Refrigerant.R-404ARefrigeration CapacityEngine PowerBtu/hr35 F.64,0000 F.37,000-20 F.25,000Heating CapacityBtu/hrEngine.54,000Air Flow (cfm) 0” Static Pressure. 3,500Weight (lbs.).1,635Dimensions (in.).76.11 x 23.26 x 84.656

frigeration CapacityEngine PowerBtu/hr35 F.60,0000 F.40,000-20 F.30,000Heating CapacityBtu/hrEngine.26,000Air Flow (cfm) 0” Static Pressure. 3,200Weight (lbs.).1,690Dimensions (in.).76.11 x 23.26 x 84.657

RUM Multi-TempSPECTRUM SBSPECTRUM DERefrigerant.R-404A.R-404AEngine PowerBtu/hrBtu/hr35 F.51,000.45,0000 F.31,000.29,000-20 F.20,000.17,200Electric StandbyBtu/hrBtu/hr35 F.32,000.N/A0 F.24,000.N/A-20 F.14,000.N/AElectric Standby (HO) Btu/hrBtu/hr35 F.49,000.N/A0 F.31,000.N/A-20 F.19,000.N/AHeating 5,500. N/AAir Flow (cfm)0” Static Pressure. 3,200.1,600Weight (lbs.). 1,635.1,635Weight Electric (lbs.). 1,885.N/ADimensions (in.).76.11 x 23.26 x 84.658

Refrigeration CapacityBtu/hr35 F.51,0000 F.32,000-20 F.21,000Heating CapacityBtu/hrEngine.26,000Air Flow (cfm) 0” Static Pressure. 3,500Weight (lbs.).1,635Dimensions (in.).76.31 x 23.26 x 84.659

44”15.9”34”HEAT KING 400Heating CapacityBtu/hrHigh.30,000Low.10,000AirFlowCFMHigh . 3,000Low . .1,800Weight (lbs.). 370Dimensions (in.). 44 x 15.9 x 34HEAT KING 400 HOHeating CapacityBtu/hrHigh.50,000Low.10,000AirFlowCFMHigh . 3,800Low . .1,800Weight (lbs.). 410Dimensions (in.). 44 x 15.9 x 3410


efrigeration CapacityEngine PowerBtu/hr35 F.64,0000 F.37,000-20 F.25,000Heating CapacityBtu/hrEngine. N/AAir Flow (cfm) 0” Static Pressure. 3,500Weight (lbs.).1,635Dimensions (in.).76.11 x 23.26 x 84.6512

Direct DriveTruck Units

7.9”46.5”19.1”Evaporator ES200/ES200 MAX38.2”20.2”5.1”V-200 SeriesV-200V-200 MAXBox Length.6-8 ft.8-12 ftRefrigerant. R-134a.R-404ARefrigeration CapacityEngine PowerBtu/hrBtu/hr35 F.5,930.7,1600 F.3,410.4,775-20 F.—.3,170Electric PowerBtu/hrBtu/hr35 F .4,700 . .5,2500 F.2,120 . .3,410-20 F.— . .2,265Heating ,000.5,000Air Flow at 0” Static Pressure (cfm). 650 . . 650Weight (lbs.).154 . . 154Dimensions (in.).46.5 x 19.1 x x 19.1 x 7.914

300V-300 SeriesV300V300 MAXBox Length.10-12 ft.12-16 ft.Refrigerant. R-134a.R-404ARefrigeration CapacityEngine PowerBtu/hrBtu/hr35 F.9,590.10,0150 F.4,130.5,835-20 F.—.3,535Electric PowerBtu/hrBtu/hr35 F.6,690.5,8010 F.2,425.3,790-20 F.—.2,565Heating ,000.5,000Air Flow at 0” Static Pressure (cfm).765. 765Weight (lbs.)Without Electric.111. 111Electric.165. 165Dimensions (in.).46.5 x 19.1 x x 19.1 x 7.915

rES300V-520 SeriesV-520V-520 MAXBox Length. Up to 18 ft. Up to 20 ft.Refrigerant. R-134a.R-404ARefrigeration CapacityEngine PowerBtu/hrBtu/hr35 F.13,700.16,6000 F.5,410.8,700-20 F.N/R.5,300Electric PowerBtu/hrBtu/hr35 F .10,000.10,4000 F.3,500.6,600-20 F.N/R.3,500Heating CapacityBtu/hrBtu/hrEngine.17,000 . .17,000Electric.14,000 . .14,000Air Flow at 0” Static Pressure (cfm).1,415.1,415Weight (lbs.)Without Electric.146. 146Electric.297. 297Dimensions (in.).50.9 x 18.7 x 17.6. 50.9 x 18.7 x 17.616

7.9”31.1”19.7”24”19.3”Evaporator ES1007.4”B-100Box Length.up to 6 ftEvaporator blower performance at 0 in.external static pressureAir Flow (cfm) engine or electric. 400Refrigerant. R-134aRefrigeration CapacityRoad OperationBtu/hr35 F.3,6000 F.1,300Electric StandbyBtu/hr35 F.3,7000 F.1,400Amp draw (approximate).65 A/13.5Vdc and 32 A/27 VdcVehicle battery minimum rating:.90 Ah(will vary depending on other electrical requirementsof truck)Weight (lbs.). 130Dimensions (in.). 31.1 x 19.7 x 7.917

Self-PoweredTruck Units18

74”36”24”T-600RCargo TempBox Length35 F.14-26 ft.0 F.14-20 ft.-20 F. N/RRefrigerant.R-404ARefrigeration CapacityEngine PowerBtu/hr35 F.17,5000 F.10,500-20 F.7,000SmartPowerTM Electric StandbyBtu/hr35 F.15,0000 F.10,000-20 F.6,000Heating Capacity at 35 Btu/hrEngine.10,500Electric.5,800Air Flow at 0” Static Pressure (cfm). 1,900Weight (lbs.)With SmartPower electric standby. 1,032Without SmartPower electric standby. 977Dimensions (in.). 74 x 36 x 2419

74”36”24”T-800RCargo TempBox Length35 F.28 ft. max0 F.22 ft. max-20 F. N/RRefrigerant.R-404ARefrigeration CapacityEngine PowerBtu/hr35 F.20,0000 F.12,500-20 F.7,800Electric StandbyBtu/hr35 F.17,0000 F.10,500-20 F.7,000Heating Capacity at 35 FBtu/hrEngine.10,500Electric.5,800Air Flow at 0” Static Pressure (cfm). 1,900Weight (lbs.)With SmartPower electric standby. 1,032Without SmartPower electric standby. 977Dimensions (in.). 74 x 36 x 2420

74”36”27”T-1000RCargo TempBox Length35 F. N/R0 F.24-28 ft.-20 F.14-22 ft.Refrigerant.R-404ARefrigeration CapacityEngine PowerBtu/hr35 F.24,0000 F.16,500-20 F.10,500Electric StandbyBtu/hr35 F.20,5000 F.13,000-20 F.8,000Heating Capacity at 35 FBtu/hrEngine.14,000Electric.7,700Air Flow at 0” Static Pressure (cfm). 1,900Weight (lbs.)With SmartPower electric standby. 1,178Without SmartPower electric standby. 1,016Dimensions (in.). 74 x 36 x 2721

WE’VE GOTYOUR BACKThermo GardTMPlatinumFixed Costs. Easy Budgeting. No Surprises.Contact your Thermo King dealeror call (952) 886-6014 to enrollin a Thermo Gard maintenanceprogram for your reefer unitsand TriPac systems.

Cut Costs and Emissions withSmartPower Available on Thermo King’s SPECTRUMTM SBand SB-210 Trailer Units as well as onT-Series Truck Units.SmartThe SmartPower electric standbyoption allows the units to operateon electric power in addition tobeing powered by the standarddiesel engine.During SmartPower operation,power to the unit is supplied byan electric motor connected to ahigh voltage power source.Choose SmartPower f Reduced operatingcosts of up to 75% Reduced dieselemissions Reduced noise Lower maintenance costs

Powerfrom Thermo King and get: Less waste generatedReduced life cycle costExtended reefer lifespanA technology refinedfor over 50 yearsby Thermo King

Don’t trust yourinvestment toanything lessthan the best!GenuineThermo King Parts and AccessoriesASK FOR GENUINE There Is A Difference.

74”36”24”T-600Cargo TempBox Length35 F.20-26ft.0 F.14-20ft.-20 F. —Refrigerant.R-404ARefrigeration Capacity (Btu/hr)Engine PowerACTiVETV35 F.

Thermo King is the Green Leader Thermo King offers industry-leading products and solutions that enable businesses around the world to reduce energy consumption and costs and decrease harmful environmental emissions. Enjoy the support of the Thermo King Dealer Network. Over 200 factory-authorized service centers nationwide-

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