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2014-2015Catalog SupplementVersion 9Effective: 10/20/2014www.bryanu.edu12014-2015 Catalog Supplement, published10/20/2014

Tuition and Fee s (effective July 1, 2014)Tuition 341.00 per credithourInternational Student Tuition Rates International Student Partnership:-20I eligible students, campus-basedprogramsʹ 100 per credit hour Other Non-immigrant students, residing in US, campus-based programsʹ 100 per credit hour Students of the Freely Associated States including the Federated States of Micronesia and the republics of Palauthe Marshall Islandsʹ 100 per credit hour International students, studying online outside of ʹUS 100 per credit hourBryan University may offer the following tuition rates to eligible individuals associated with the following businesses oragencies:Business/AgencyTuition Rate per Credit Hour*Trade Act Assistance (TAA)Workforce Investment Act- WIAVocational RehabilitationʹVR (State)Department of CorrectionsVocational RehabilitationʹVR (State)Trade Act Assistance (TAA)Workforce Investment Act- WIAMissouri Department of Economic DevelopmentSercoVocational RehabilitationʹVR (State)Missouri Career CenterTeletechCommunication Solutions10 FitnessChase Card ServicesWyndham Vacation PlanningHy-Vee StoresU.S. SecurityMidwest SecurityPhoenix Home CareKum and Go Stores 80.00 80.00 80 220 80.00 80.00 80.00 80.00 220 80 80 220 220 220 220 220 220 220 220 220 220,ĂƌĚĞĞ͛Ɛ ŽĨ DŝƐƐŽƵƌŝ ĂŶĚ ƌŬĂŶƐĂƐ 220Boomerang Car Wash (Boomerang Holding, LLC)Vocational RehabilitationʹVR (State)Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation 220 80 80LocationColumbia, MOColumbia, MOColumbia, MOColumbia, MORogers, ARRogers, ARRogers, ARRogers, ARRogers, ARSpringfield, MO/OnlineSpringfield, MO/OnlineSpringfield, MO/OnlineSpringfield, MO/OnlineSpringfield, MO/OnlineSpringfield, MO/OnlineSpringfield,MO/OnlineSpringfield, MO/OnlineSpringfield,MO/OnlineSpringfield, MO/OnlineSpringfield, MO/OnlineSpringfield, MO/Online;Rogers, ARSpringfield, MO/Online;Rogers, ARSpringfield, MO/Online;Rogers, ARTopeka, KSTopeka, KS*Effective date of this pricing is for new students or re-enters beginning 10.20.201422014-2015 Catalog Supplement, published10/20/2014

Tuition and feesmay be subject to change at one or more of the following points through each calendar year (March, JulyOctober). Ample advance notice will be provided of specific effective dates associated with tuitionand feechanges, andthese will be communicatedvia thecatalog supplement.Students that are eligible and take advantage of reduced tuitionrates are not eligible for other discounting programs offered by Bryan University, including institutional payment plans andmay not be eligible for need-based nstitutionalischolarships and grants.All tuition and applicable fees are due and payable in full the day the student transitions to a regular active student.llIf afinancial options, including an alternative loan have been exhausted, other arrangementsmay be made at the discretion ofthe Financial Assistance Coordinator. Students sign a promissory note to pay the portion of tuition and applicable fees nomet. The terms of this promissory note will include a schedule of installment payments. All arrangements for financialassistance should be made in advance of the beginningBook and Resource FeesBooksStudents are able to purchase books through Bryan University as a convenience. The University uses a combination ofelectronic (non-print) books (eBooks) and physical print books for its courses. In instances where an eBook is used for acourse, each student must purchase access to the eBook. Long-term access to eBooks varies by publication, but is limited, insome instances, to two years from the time of validation. In instances where physical print books are used for a course,etextbook must be purchased by each student. An -to-dateupbook list by course is available at:http://www.bryanu.edu/consumer-information/. Bryan University reserves the right to issue used books when deemednecessary.The following table lists the costs of books per quarter (based upon-timefull enrollment):ProgramLevelPer QuarterBook ChargeSecurity and InvestigationDiploma 550.00Business AdministrationDiploma 550.00Computer NetworkingSpecialistDiploma 600.00Personal TrainerDiploma 485.00Medical AssistantDiploma 485.00Medical Office AssistantDiploma 485.00Criminal JusticeAssociate of Applied Science 550.00Business Administration & ManagementAssociate ofApplied Science 550.00Computer Information Systems- NetworkingAssociate of Applied Science 600.00Exercise SpecialistAssociate of Applied Science 485.00Healthcare AdministrationAssociate of Applied Science 485.00Medical AssistantAssociate of Applied Science 485.00Medical Administrative SpecialistAssociate of Applied Science 485.00Medical Billing and CodingHeating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning andRefrigeration TechnologyAssociate of Applied Science 485.00Associate ofApplied Science 435.00Information Systems Security & AssuranceAssociate of Applied Science 600.00Bachelor Business AdministrationBachelor of Science 600.00Bachelor Allied Health ManagementBachelor of Science 500.00Master of BusinessAdministrationMaster's degree 750.0032014-2015 Catalog Supplement, published10/20/2014

Resource FeePer quarter Resource fee charges vary according to the program of study, as outlined in the table below:ProgramLevelPer QuarterResource FeeSecurity and InvestigationDiploma 0Business AdministrationDiploma 0Computer Networking SpecialistDiploma 480.00Personal Trainer (campus-based)Diploma 50.00Personal Trainer (online)Diploma 35.00Medical AssistantDiploma 50.00Medical Office AssistantDiploma 50.00Criminal JusticeAssociate of Applied Science 0Business Administration & ManagementAssociate of Applied Science 0Computer Information Systems - NetworkingAssociate of Applied Science 210.00Exercise SpecialistAssociate of Applied Science 50.00Healthcare AdministrationAssociate of Applied Science 0Medical AssistantAssociate of Applied Science 50.00Medical Administrative SpecialistAssociate of Applied Science 50.00Medical Billing and Coding (campus-based)Associate of Applied Science 50.00Medical Billing and Coding (online)Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and RefrigerationTechnologyAssociate of Applied Science 35.00Associate of Applied Science 115.00Information Systems Security & AssuranceAssociate of Applied Science 0Bachelor Business AdministrationBachelor of Science 0Bachelor Allied Health ManagementBachelor of Science 0Master of Business AdministrationMaster's degree 0Additional FeesIn addition to book and resource fees, the following additional fees are or may be experienced by students depending uponthe unique circumstances of their enrollment:Graduation Fee (mandatory for all students)Technology Fee (per quarter - Campus Based)Technology Fee (per quarter - Online Programs)Technology Device Fee (includes all applicable taxes)Credit Transfer Fee (per course)Program Transfer Fee (each occurrence after first quarter)Program Change Fee (each occurrence after first quarter)Re-Entry FeeApplication Fee (campus-based student applications and Non-VA student applications)Diploma Reissue Fee 100.00 215.00 170.00 600.00 100.00 200.00 200.00 100.00 50 25The application fee along with all monies paid is refundable within three working days, exclusive of weekends and holidays.Beyond that, books and resource fee charges are non-refundable.42014-2015 Catalog Supplement, published 10/20/2014

Monthly PaymentsStudents attending Bryan University may be required to invest financially in their education by contributing a monthly cashpayment.Minimum Wonderlic Scholastic Level Examination (SLE) scores accepted for AdmissionProgram NameDegree*Minimum SLE ScoreBusiness Administration & ManagementComputer Information Systems - NetworkingCriminal JusticeExercise SpecialistMedical AssistantMedical Administrative SpecialistHeating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration TechnologyHealthcare AdministrationInformation System Security & Assurance* AAS Associate of Applied Science degree program5AASAASAASAASAASAASAASAASAAS2014-2015 Catalog Supplement, published 10/20/2014151815151515151515

Teletech 220 Springfield, MO/Online Communication Solutions 220 Springfield, MO/Online 10 Fitness 220 Springfield, MO/Online Chase Card Services 220 Springfield, MO/Online Wyndham Vacation Planning 220 Springfield, MO/Online Hy-Vee Stores 220 Springfield, MO/Online U.S. Security 220 Springfield, MO/Online

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