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PAWNEE HILLSCOMMUNITYASSOCIATION35644 CHEYENNETRAILELIZABETH, CO 80107(303) 646-0126Pawnee Hills NewsA covenant protected communityVolume II Issue VIBoard of DirectorsTina O’Bryan - PresidentPam Schultz– V PresidentMary HillLiz KrupinskiApril OsbornJune 2009Reminder-Clubhouse ReservationsActivities CalendarThe busy season is upon us when the clubhouse is reserved on a regular basis. As a community resource,the clubhouse is available by reservation to all homeowners who are current on their HOA dues. Anyonewhose dues are not current will forfeit their reservation.Please check the mailbuilding for dates forthe monthly coffee andbook club meetings.Fall FestivalMayBOARD MEETINGThursday, June 117:00 pmThe Activities Committee has confirmed that they willhost a family fall festival on October 10, 2009 in placeof the Halloween party. Festival ideas include a bonfireat the barbecue pit for an old fashioned wiener roastfollowed by a marshmallow roast. Any further detailswill be published as they are confirmed.At the Pawnee HillsClubhouseSkunk Bath for Dogs2ndSaturdayof the MonthJune 13,11:00 a.m.CommunityTrail Ride(WeatherPermitting)If your dog gets sprayedby a skunk, the bestchance of reducing thatodor comes with aprompt bath. Delaying thebath until the spray drieshelps set the smell in for amuch longer time. Here isa recipe that has beenused with great success ateliminating skunk odor.1 qt hydrogen peroxide1/2 C baking powder1 TBS liquid dish soapMix well and massage allover the coat, especiallythe face which is wheremost dogs get sprayed.Let soak for 15 minutes.Repeat. Follow with athorough shampoo addinga product called OdorHandler with the shampoo.Odor Handler is dilutedwith warm water andJune 15– 7pm book clubat Kelly Gardener’s 1605Pawnee ParkwayJune 29-10 am Ladiescoffee in the clubhouseJune/July-Stick HorseRodeo and GymkhanaJuly 25-Semi-annualhomeowners meeting andclubhouse open house andbarbecueSept11/12-Communitygarage saleOctober 10-Family FallFestivalDecember-Annual holiday decorating contestmassaged in with theshampoo. It is made by acompany called Coat Handler and can be purchasedonline or in some doggrooming shops.

Page 2Pawnee Hills NewsMonthly Financials - Balances as of April 2009OPERATINGBeginning DepositsMonthlyACCOUNTSBalanceInterestPetty Cash Checking 9,048.48Savings 10,719.53 TOTAL OPERATING 20,018.01250.00 0.00 9,615.620.00DisbursementsBalance 100.00 0.00( 9,927.59) 9.16 9,615.62 109.16Ending0.00 0.00( 9,927.59) 350.00 8,736.51 10,728.69 19,815.20RESTRICTED RESERVEACCOUNTSReplacement Fund 18,628.30 1,268.00TOTAL RESERVES 18,628.30 1,268.00TOTALS 38,646.31 15.92 15.9210,883.62 125.08 0.00 19,912.22 0.00 19,912.22( 9,927.59) 39,727.42BARN AND ARENA NOTICE!!If you leave horses at the barn or arena/round pen make sure to have plenty of foodand water for them. Please notify the clubhouse if you are leaving horses overnightor longer so we know the horses are not abandoned. It’s also a good idea to leaveemergency contact information.GO GREEN!!SAVE A TREE AND A STAMP!!!Receive your newsletter via email.Just send your request to Liz Krupinski at panni THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT AS WE CONTINUE TO GETOUT THE NEWS AND SAVE THE SUBDIVISION MONEY!

Volume II Issue VIPage 3Did You Know?Book Club NewsThe book club has selected the followingbooks for the next fewmonths. If you see a bookyou would like to read,feel free to join the bookclub discussion for justthat one book.June 15-Empire Falls byRichard Russo. Discussion at Kelly Gardener’sat 1605 Pawnee Parkway.July 20-Three Cups ofTea by Greg Mortensenand David Olive Relin.Location to be determined.August 17-Worst HardTime by Timothy Egan.Discussion to be held atTim Bintner’s at 35588Cheyenne Trail.September 21-TheGuernsey Literary andPotato Peel Pie Societyby MaryAnn Shaffer andAnnie Barrows.Approximately 15% ofhouseholds receive ournewsletter online. Postage to mail newslettersthis year will be approximately 730.00,which does not includethe cost of printing.Help us reduce thatcost by signing up forelectronic newsletters.Isagenix helps you prosper in every economic market!Earn the income you desire working with Isagenix , the world leader in nutritional cleansing.Healthcare is “recession-proof” and Isagenix , the world leader in nutritional cleansing, has oneof the most generous compensation plans in the industry. Work part- or full-time helping peopletransform their health—it’s up to you.If you’re looking for the easiest and most promising income opportunity, call Mary Powell at 303-646-2746 or303-475-8242 and learn more today!

Page 4Newsletter TitleCommunity RulesThe clubhouse andpool hours are 9 amuntil 9 pm.Pool RulesAnyone under theage of 13 may notswim without adultsupervision. An adultis someone over theage of 18.Any resident over theage of 18 is allowedto have a maximumof 2 guests at a time.However, homeowners may have unlimited guests.No swimming in cutoffs. Swimming suitsare required. (Thethreads from cut-offsclog the filter.)No running, shoving,pushing or excessively rough play isallowed.Toddler flotation devices are the only flotation devices allowed when morethan one group is using the pool (i.e. norafts).No rocks in the pool.Do not tamper withthe flow regulator as-sembly, skimmer baskets or any other poolequipment.The life ring is for emergency use only. It isnot for use as a recreational flotation device.No sitting, standing orjumping on the centerrope.No food in the pool.No littering. Put trashin trashcans provided.Help keep the areaclean by picking upyour own messes. Noglass around the pool.Restrooms are provided; use them, notthe pool.No dogs or bicycles areallowed in the poolarea.Watch that your children do not play withthe chlorine tablets.During swimming lessons, no other swimming is allowed.Your key is your passto enter the pool area.Forgetting your key isno excuse for climbingthe fence (which is notallowed).Pool use by swimmersages 13-17 may be restricted if they areshown to be in violationof the above rules.Multi-Purpose/TennisCourt RulesFor Pawnee Hills Members and their guestsonly.Use facilities at yourown risk.Abusive acts or language will not be tolerated. This is a familyfacility.Do not remove equipment from court area.Do not hang on thenets or rims.Do not sit on the nets.Do not over-tighten thenets.Pick up after yourselves; dispose of trashin clubhouse receptacles.Common courtesy isexpected at all times.Sauna and SteamRoom RulesNo children under theage of 18 without adultsupervision.No food or drink allowed.No smoking.No street shoes.Swimming suits mustbe worn.Do not enter withmuddy feet.Barn and Arena RulesFor Pawnee Hills Members only.Use facilities at yourown risk.Pick up after yourselves; dispose of trashin arena receptacles.Remove any barrels,poles or other equipment from the arenaafter use.Please turn off arenalights after use.To reserve a stall,please call the clubhouse at(303) 646-0126.

PAWNEE HILLS COMMUNITYASSOCIATION35644 CHEYENNE TRAILELIZABETH, CO 80107(303) 646-0126www.pawneehillshoa.orgTreasurer - Sandy PerryCheney’s Helping HandsNewsletterAdvertisingRatesSecretary - Tina O’BryanFacility CoordinatorCynthia CreggerCertified BabysitterExperience with Special Needs 5 Per HourPhone: (303) 688-8523Email: Business Card 5.00/month or 55.00/year Half-Page Ad 15.00/monthNewsletterLiz Krupinski(303) 646-6267 Full-Page Ad 25.00/monthWelcoming & NominatingCommitteePam Schultz - Chairperson (303)646-3638Advertise your business orservice!Activities CommitteeKarlene Herbrand(303) 646-3918Architectural ControlPete Smilanic – Chairperson(303) 419-7815- cell(303) 646-9986 - faxEquestrian CommitteeRC Cuellar – Chairpersonrcuellar26@msn.comWebsiteSandy Perry - ChairpersonContact Liz Krupinski atpanni for information.Deadline - the 15th of thepreceding month

Book Club News Volume II Issue VI Page 3 Isagenix helps you prosper in every economic market! Earn the income you desire working with Isagenix , the world leader in nutritional cleansing. Healthcare is “recession-proof” and Isagenix , the world leader in nutritional cleansing, has one of the most generous compensation plans in the industry.

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Thank you to the Pawnee Nation Employees, the Veterans Organization, War Mothers, Pocahontas Club, Employees Club and all those who support this great nation. My prayers and best wishes go out to all and may the Lord bless his people and the Pawnee Nation. Marshall R.

About Inver Hills. INVER HILLS COMMUNITY COLLEGE 651-450-3000 ADMISSIONS@INVERHILLS.EDU 2020-2021 CATALOG, ABOUT INVER HILLS. Founded in 1970, Inver Hills Community College is a member of Minnesota State and offers more than 50 degree and certificate options, including liberal education courses and career-related degrees in leading

historical facts, and inspired by the richly detailed picture stories of the Plains Indians, this fictional account tells of a young Sioux warrior's childhood adventures on the Plains, and his journey east to the white man's school. Fiction for Teachers Cheyenne Autumn (1953). Mari Sandoz. The heartbreaking story of a band of Cheyenne Indians

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Sep 10, 2010 · Winslow White Crane, Northern Cheyenne Tribe, Lame Deer, MT Gilbert White Dirt, Northern Cheyenne Tribe, Lame Deer, MT Activities: All activities were on 30 September and 1 October 2010. Summary: 1. Members of Northern Cheyenne Tribe from Lamb Deer, Montana, were present to observe the E

The composite score was 14.8 in the 2016-2017 school year, 14.95 in the 2017-2018, and 15.1 in the 2018-2019 school year. While Cheyenne High School's graduation rate remains over 90 percent, the graduation rate fluctuated over the last three years. Cheyenne High School's graduation rate

Body Anatomy Semester 1 / Autumn 10 Credits Each Course is composed of Modules & Activities. Modules: Cardio-thoracic IMSc MIAA Musculo-skeletal IMSc Abdominal IMSc MIAA Each Module is composed of Lectures, Reading Lists, MCQ self-assessments, & Discussion Boards. These Modules are taught on the following Programmes, or are incorporated into blended Courses which teach students enrolled .