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Applied-BioResearch, Inc.OverviewDevelopment of a new pharmaceuticalto remove toxic metals from the body

What is one of the world’s most severehealth and life-threatening problemsknown to humankind?

The Problem Toxic Heavy MetalsThey are Everywhere3

Diseases Associated with Heavy MetalsCancerHeart DiseaseJoint & Bone DiseaseNeuro-degenerativeDiabetesChildhood Diseases and more

One of the Worst Problems is Lead240,000,000People in theworld havehigh lead levelsin their bodiesRef: World Health Organization

DevastatingFacts in ChildrenNo Safe Levels of Lead Brain damageSpeech & hearing problemsHyperactivity & juvenile delinquencyBehavior & learning disabilitiesContributes to cardiovascular diseaseDire consequences through entire lifetimeNumerous publications – available upon request

Percent of Dangerous Levels of Leadin Children's’ BodiesNorthAmerica7%Central &South America34%SoutheastAsia20%WesternPacific20%

Chelation Therapy EDTA I.V.Removal of Toxins FDA approved in IV formUsed for over 45 yearsMust go to doctor’s office3 to 4 hours per therapy30 Treatments @ 150 each

BackgroundChelation Therapy - Improved Sixteen years ago Dr. Ron Bennet, MD chelation specialistpatented a simple and safe way to chelate using suppositories! A marketing company was needed and Dr. Bennet approachedKendal Svedeen, . World Health Products was established forsales and distribution. Mr. Svedeen, CEO, built the company to amulti-million dollar business! The new product was called Detoxamin

Former CompanyWorld Health ProductsRevolutionary Chelation Suppository

FDA CurrentStatus of Detoxamin In 2010 FDA determined chelation suppositories should beregistered as pharmaceuticals instead of dietarysupplements! We were encouraged by the FDA to seek drug status forDetoxamin! A new R&D company was established .!Applied BioResearch,Inc. (ABR)

Detoxamin Chelates (Removes)Many Toxic Heavy MetalsMajor Heavy Metal Toxins LeadMercuryCadmiumArsenicNickel

Advantages of Detoxamin Over IV Chelation!IVChelationDetoxaminSimple and easy to useNoYesInexpensiveNoYesVery safeNoYesWorks while you sleepNoYesGentleNoYesConveniently used at homeNoYesNon invasiveNoYes

Former Detoxamin Marketing Performance Ten year sales2500 health care professionalsAveraging over 2,000,000 per yearOver 50% net profit28 International medical presentationsDistribution in over 50 countriesPublications, articles, newslettersTried and proven marketing materialsBooks and collateral materials

Detoxamin International Medical SalesAs a Former Dietary Supplement U.S.A. Israel Canada Australia New Zealand Hong Kong Ghana South Africa Greece The Netherlands Finland Italy England Norway Chile Philippines Thailand Malaysia Singapore Turkey Saudi Arabia France Portugal Ireland Venezuela Poland Bulgaria Lebanon Japan China India Spain Cyprus Switzerland Sweden Egypt Czech Republic United Kingdom Denmark Mexico Jordan U.A.E. Qatar Costa Rica Peru Ecuador Guatemala Nigeria Ethiopia Scotland Panama Brazil Bahrain Cambodia54 Countries Over Eight Year Period

ABR TeamAppliedBioResearch,Inc.Kendal SvedeenCEOGarth Nicolson, PhDChief Scientific ConsultantGordon McLaren, MDClinical ResearchEvan Siegel, PhDFDA ConsultantRita Ellithorpe, MDMedical DirectorJerry Silver, JDBusiness ConsultantRobert Settineri, MSDirector of ResearchErnie Pfadenhauer, MSSenior Research ConsultantAndy ChowInternational BusinessConsultantChristine McLaren, PhDResearch ConsultantDel NewmanBusiness ConsultantHerman PhilhowerBoard of Directors

AccomplishmentsTen-year safety track recordOver 3 million dosesno major side effectsOver 1 million in researchalready completedTwo Patents Pending

Accomplishments2500 health care professionalsused Detoxamin themselves/patientsClinical studies presented at 28international med conferencesNew & improved formula underwayHighly skilled & experiencedprofessional team already in place

Impact of Global Lead Toxicity 240 million people have significant lead in their bodies! One third of children in China – dangerous levels! Total estimated lead-attributed economic costs are 977 BillionRef: World Health Organization (WHO)

Exit StrategyIND ApprovalPatentLarge Pharmaceutical Co.Negotiate for sale of Detoxamin plus royalties on product sales

Potential Buyers of ABR’s Detoxamin:Pharmaceutical Sales in Billions 58.5 32.5 44.4 22.4 39.8 21.7 37.4 19.9 36.2 19.5

Foreign Pharmaceutical CompanyLetter of Intent Pharmaceutical distribution intent Will support all of the country’s FDA requirement to get government approvalfor the product Will buy our product directly from ABR’s manufacturer Will pay for all promotion, advertising, marketing and training – use all means- TV, radio, print, billboards, more Largest Pharma company in the country 500 sales support staff In every pharmacy and doctors’ office Population . 55,000,000

Letter of Engagement Leading Manufacturer/Pharmaceutical Company!! “We believe we have the expertise and resources requiredto support continued development and commercializationof the Product.”

Thank you very muchfor your consideration for ABR’s VisionWe strive to improve health and quality of life formillions of people worldwide.

Chelation Therapy - Improved Sixteen years ago Dr. Ron Bennet, MD chelation specialist patented a simple and safe way to chelate using suppositories! A marketing company was needed and Dr. Bennet approached Kendal Svedeen, . World Health Products was established for sales and distribution. Mr. Svedeen, CEO, built the company to a

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