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January 2021Official Home of Australia’s Lotteries

02 - Have Fun & Play ResponsiblyContentsAbout The Lott03Our Responsible Play Program04Have fun and play responsibly05Age to play05Help is out there06Barring06Self-exclusion (online)06Set play limits07Know the odds07Odds of winning on lottery products07Odds of winning on Instant Scratch-Its tickets09Complaints about the operation of the Code11Players 1st11Summary of the Code12

January 2021 - 03Official Home of Australia’s LotteriesAbout The LottTattersall’s Sweeps Pty Ltd (Tatts), Tatts NT Lotteries PtyLtd (Tatts NT), New South Wales Lotteries Corporation PtyLimited (NSW Lotteries or NSWL), Golden Casket LotteryCorporation Limited (Golden Casket or GC) and TattsLotteries SA Pty Ltd (SA Lotteries or SAL) (collectivelyreferred as The Lott) lead the way in innovative andsocially responsible lottery games in Victoria, Tasmania,the Northern Territory, New South Wales, the AustralianCapital Territory, Queensland and South Australia.-Tatts was originally founded by George Adams in 1881.Golden Casket has been operating since 1916, whenit conducted its first lottery to raise money for WorldWar I veterans and their families.NSW Lotteries has been operating since 1931, when itwas then known as the State Lottery Office.SA Lotteries sold its first lottery ticket on 15 May 1967.Responsible play is having fun while knowing your limitsand staying informed. With our retail partners (retailers oroutlets), we’re all about encouraging people to play ourgames responsibly.We’re also committed to the Responsible Gambling Codeof Conduct (Code) for each state and territory in whichwe operate, and to making sure lotteries stay funand entertaining.

04 - Have Fun & Play ResponsiblyOur Responsible Play ProgramThe Lott’s Responsible Play Program is our commitmentto responsible gambling. For most Australians, lotteriesare just a bit of fun, but it’s still our job to ensure thereare a range of measures in place so Australians can playin a responsible way. This ‘Have Fun & Play Responsibly’brochure is here to keep you informed so you can keepenjoying our games.The Responsible Play Program is built on the ResponsibleGambling Code of Conduct (Code) that applies as relevantin each state and territory. We’ve put together a high-levelsummary of all the Codes in this brochure, but there’s afull copy of the Code relevant to your state or territory atyour local lottery outlet or at thelott.com.Tatts, Tatts NT, NSW Lotteries, Golden Casket and SALotteries, along with our retailers, each commit to:-Not selling lottery products to minors.Treating customers fairly and honestly.Maintaining our customers’ privacy andconfidentiality.Providing accurate information about game rulesand information.Honouring all legitimate prize claims.Supporting customers to set a gambling limit thatworks with their own circumstances.Where relevant, providing access to copies ofgovernment and regulator-issued codes of practicein-store and at thelott.com.

January 2021 - 05Have fun and play responsiblyPlaying lotteries should be enjoyable, so we recommendsetting a gambling limit. If you find playing lotteries is nolonger fun for you, there’s support out there to help.Worried you’re gambling too much? There are some keysigns to look out for, including:-Spending more and more time or money on gambling.Not knowing when to stop.Borrowing money to gamble or to get out of financialtrouble caused by gambling.Spending more than you can afford.Feeling guilty about gambling.Someone close to you raising worries aboutyour gambling.Becoming angry or distressed when losing or trying tocut down on gambling.Doing things that risk a relationship, job, home life orgood opportunity so you can gamble.Age to playPeople must be at least 18 years old to buy a lotteryticket or claim a prize in any game. It’s unlawful tosupply an entry or prize to a minor, whether that be aretailer selling tickets or an adult purchasing an entry onbehalf of a minor.

06 - Have Fun & Play ResponsiblyHelp is out thereIf you feel like you or someone you know has a problemwith gambling, there are services available to help.You can access free and confidential counsellingand advice through the National Gambling NumberHelpline on 1800 858 858.You can also contact:-Gambling Contact Officer (for customers in ACT):1300 882 296 during office hoursResponsible Play Liaison Officer(for states and territories other than ACT):1300 138 132Our Responsible Play Liaison Officers are available to help.You can ask them:-For information and contact details of gamblingsupport services, orTo remove you from the membership program bydeactivating your card and online account, and/orstopping promotional offers from being sent to you.BarringSA Lotteries offers players the option to bar themselvesfrom using their online account or playing at nominated SALotteries outlets. Third parties can request the barring ofa player they think has a problem with gambling. Chat toyour retailer or call 1300 138 132 to speak to a ResponsiblePlay Liaison Officer.Self-exclusion (online)If you need a break from your online account, we offerplayers in Victoria, Tasmania, the Northern Territory,New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory and

January 2021 - 07Queensland the ability to self-exclude for a period ofsix months.Just call 1300 138 132 to speak to a Responsible PlayLiaison Officer (or complete the process online).Set play limitsYou can set a weekly limit for online purchases. Head toyour account page on thelott.com for details on how toset a weekly spend limit. We recommend setting a playlimit according to your own circumstances.Know the oddsWe offer a wide range of lottery products. Just as theprizes on offer differ from game to game, the chancesof winning also varies across our games.Odds of winning on lottery productsFor ease of comparison, the odds of winning (also referredto as the ‘chances’ of winning) for each lottery gameare presented for one standard game. Please note, thatit may not be possible to play just one standard game inall lottery games as some games have a minimum entryrequirement.The odds presented reflect the chance of winning aDivision 1 prize and for winning any prize. The odds ofwinning any prize refers to the chance of winning at leastone prize on one standard game on an entry across theavailable prize divisions for a particular lottery game.The actual odds of winning for each lottery game willvary depending on the number of games (referred to as‘equivalent standard games’) on your entry.These odds have been verified by a qualified andindependent statistician.

08 - Have Fun & Play ResponsiblyOdds of winningDivision 1Odds ofwinningany prizeSat TattsLotto1 in 8,145,0601 in 42Mon & Wed Lotto1 in 8,145,0601 in 86Sat Lotto1 in 8,145,0601 in 42Mon & Wed Lotto1 in 8,145,0601 in 86Sat Gold Lotto1 in 8,145,0601 in 42Mon & Wed Gold Lotto1 in 8,145,0601 in 86Sat X Lotto1 in 8,145,0601 in 42Mon & Wed X Lotto1 in 8,145,0601 in 86Oz Lotto1 in 45,379,6201 in 55Powerball1 in 134,490,4001 in 44Set for Life1 in 38,320,5681 in 51LotteryproductLucky LotteriesLottery productOdds of winningDivision 1Odds of winningany prizeLucky LotteriesSuper JackpotJackpot Prizes:1 in 18,385,8771st Prize:1 in 270,000Any prize: 1 in 24Any cash prize: 1 in 69Lucky LotteriesMega JackpotJackpot Prize:1 in 9,483,1681st Prize:1 in 200,000Any prize: 1 in 17Any cash prize: 1 in 48Lottery productOdds of winningDivision 1Odds of winningany prizeSuper 661 in 1,000,0001 in 51Lottery productOdds of winningDivision 1Odds of winningany prizeLotto Strike1 in 3,575,8801 in 12Super 66Lotto StrikeNote: All odds above are based on one standard game.

January 2021 - 09KenoLottery productOdds of winning atop prize in KenoSpot 10:1 in 8,911,712KenoSpot 9:1 in 1,380,688Spot 8:1 in 230,115Odds of winningKeno Coin TossOdds of winning Headsor Tails: 1 in 2.6Odds of winning Evens:1 in 5Note: All odds above are based on one standard game.Odds of winning onInstant Scratch-Its ticketsWhile the odds of winning a prize on Instant Scratch-Itstickets are generally 1 in 4, this does not mean that iffour tickets are purchased one has to be a winner. Theseoverall odds are based on the total number of ticketsavailable for sale in a game, not on an individual purchase.The odds of winning presented in the table shown overleafare based on the total number of tickets that are generallyprinted for each game type. However, as the total numberof tickets printed for each game type may vary fromtime to time, the odds of winning prizes may vary fromthose presented in the table overleaf. All prize amounts(including the top prize) are only available until won. Thismay occur prior to all tickets in a game being sold.Additionally, new Instant Scratch-Its games may be addedto the range from time to time and may not be listed in thetable shown overleaf. Not all Instant Scratch-Its gamesare available in all state and/or territories. For updatescheck thelott.com.

10 - Have Fun & Play ResponsiblyInstantScratch-Its*GameTop prizeOdds of winningtop prizeOdds of winningany prize 1.00 10,0001 in 875,0001 in 4 2.00 25,0001 in 1,250,0001 in 4 4.00 50,0001 in 810,0001 in 4 5.00 100,000From 1 in 550,000to 1 in 1,000,0001 in 4 5.00Crosswords 100,0001 in 1,700,0001 in 3 5.00Live the Life 1,000 a weekfor 5 years1 in 750,0001 in 4 10.00JumboCrosswords 150,0001 in 390,0001 in 3 10.00 250,0001 in 420,0001 in 4 10.00Live the Life 1,000 a weekfor 10 years1 in 640,0001 in 4 15.00 200,0001 in 225,0001 in 3 20.00 1,000,0001 in 1,251,0001 in 3*Games are conducted by: GC in QLD, TAS AND NT; NSWL in NSW and ACT;Tatts in VIC; and SAL in SA. The details in this table provide examples of thetypes of prizes and odds of winning across the Instant Scratch-Its range.Prizes can be won across GC, NSWL, Tatts and SAL jurisdictions. Checkticket back for details on where prizes can be won and claimed.Find out more about how to play lottery productsand Instant Scratch-Its tickets in the “How to Play”information brochures and the Rules of AuthorisedLotteries (in Tatts and Tatts NT), Game Rules (in NSWLotteries), the Lotteries Rule (in Golden Casket) andLotteries Rules (in SA Lotteries), available at your locallottery store or at thelott.com.

January 2021 - 11Complaints about theoperation of the CodeThere’s a Complaint Handling Charter (Charter) thatoutlines the process for people wanting to lodge acomplaint, including their rights and responsibilities.If you’d like a copy of the Charter or have a responsibleplay related complaint, including complaints about thesale of lottery products to minors, please call us on1300 138 132 or visit thelott.com.Players 1stPlayers 1st is our program that makes sure the right prizegoes to the right person.We have over 3,800 retailers in our network who are welltrained and trusted with the responsibility to sell, promoteand distribute Tatts, Tatts NT, NSW Lotteries, Golden Casketand SA Lotteries games.We’re busy processing tens of millions of transactionsevery year, always ensuring that customers’ privacy andconfidentiality is protected.If you’re unhappy with an experience at a lottery outlet, orconcerned about the way a lottery transaction has beenhandled, please call our Players 1st Hotline on 1300 PLAYERor 1300 752 937 as soon as you can.

12 - Have Fun & Play ResponsiblySummary of the CodeAt The Lott, our businesses are committed to encouraging theresponsible play of our lottery products. The Lott ResponsibleGambling Codes of Conduct (Codes) are the cornerstones of ourResponsible Play Program. Below is a high-level summary of thevarious Codes:-------A full copy of the relevant state or territory ResponsibleGambling Code of Conduct is available for inspection at Tatts,Tatts NT, NSW Lotteries, Golden Casket and SA Lotteriesoutlets, or online at thelott.com.Rules of Authorised Lotteries (in Tatts and Tatts NT), GameRules (in NSW Lotteries), the Lotteries Rule (in GoldenCasket) and Lotteries Rules (in SA Lotteries), along withinformation on the odds of winning, are available uponrequest at Tatts, Tatts NT, NSW Lotteries, Golden Casket andSA Lotteries outlets, or can be viewed at thelott.com.We encourage you to set a gambling limit according to yourindividual circumstances.We have a Gambling Contact Officer (GCO) for NSW Lotteriesoutlets in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT). The GCO canbe contacted on 1300 88 22 96 for any problem gamblingissues in the ACT.Our Responsible Play Liaison Officers are available on1300 138 132 as a point of contact for any problem gamblingissues in states and territories other than the ACT.We have a complaint handling process for any complaintsrelated to the operation of the Codes or any other complaint.We have a Players 1st Hotline on 1300 PLAYER for concernsabout lottery transactions or prize claims.Retailers are not permitted to sell to minors or any personpurchasing on behalf of minors. Retailers are also notpermitted to pay prizes to minors.All advertisements and promotions must comply with theResponsible Gambling Codes of Conduct and the relevantstate or territory government’s Responsible Gambling Codesof Practice or legislation.Retailers cannot provide credit or lend money to playersfor the purposes of purchasing a lottery entry. Restrictionsapply on the payment of prizes: over 1,000 in NSW Lotteriesoutlets; over 4,000 in Tatts, Tatts NT and Golden Casketoutlets; and over 5,000 in SA Lotteries outlets. Cashing ofcheques is not permitted in any outlet.Customers who are intoxicated are not permitted to buylottery entries.Together with our retailers, we provide a safe gamblingenvironment and discourage customers from engaging inextended gambling.We provide responsible gambling training and materialto all relevant staff members and retailers prior to theircommencement at an outlet. Each retailer is providedwith responsible gambling material for the purposes ofon-training their staff members. In QLD, NSW, VIC andTAS, responsible gambling training is allocated to retailersannually and can be allocated to relevant staff members. InSA, ACT and NT, all retailers and staff members are allocatedannual mandatory responsible gambling refresher training.In ACT outlets, the ACT Gambling and Racing Control (Codeof Practice) Regulation 2002 is available for inspection onrequest.In SA Lotteries outlets the South Australia Gambling Codes ofPractice Notice 2013 is available for inspection on request.

January 2021 - 13Summary of the Code (Chinese)

14 - Have Fun & Play ResponsiblySummary of the Code (Vietnamese)

January 2021 - 15Summary of the Code (Greek)

Head OfficeLocked Bag 1Spring Hill, Queensland, 4004Customers call: 131 868Retailers call: 132 315thelott.comTattersall’s Sweeps Pty LtdABN 99 081 925 662New South Wales LotteriesCorporation Pty LimitedGolden Casket LotteryCorporation LimitedTatts NT Lotteries Pty LtdABN 18 146 244 984ABN 27 410 374 474ACN 142 890 195ABN 27 078 785 449Help is close at handGambleAwaregambleaware.nsw.gov.au1800 858 858Gamble Responsibly 1800 858 858.Tatts Lotteries SA Pty LtdABN 41 146 245 007

top prize in Keno Odds of winning Keno Coin Toss Keno Spot 10: 1 in 8,911,712 Odds of winning Heads or Tails: 1 in 2.6 Spot 9: 1 in 1,380,688 Odds of winning Evens: Spot 8: 1 in 5 1 in 230,115 Keno. 10 - Have Fun & Play Responsibly Game Top prize Odds of winning top prize

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Le genou de Lucy. Odile Jacob. 1999. Coppens Y. Pré-textes. L’homme préhistorique en morceaux. Eds Odile Jacob. 2011. Costentin J., Delaveau P. Café, thé, chocolat, les bons effets sur le cerveau et pour le corps. Editions Odile Jacob. 2010. Crawford M., Marsh D. The driving force : food in human evolution and the future.

Le genou de Lucy. Odile Jacob. 1999. Coppens Y. Pré-textes. L’homme préhistorique en morceaux. Eds Odile Jacob. 2011. Costentin J., Delaveau P. Café, thé, chocolat, les bons effets sur le cerveau et pour le corps. Editions Odile Jacob. 2010. 3 Crawford M., Marsh D. The driving force : food in human evolution and the future.