USB Server MFP/Printer Compatibility List

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USB Server MFP/Printer Compatibility nCanonModel 7030HL 1110HL 1210WHL 2040HL 2140HL 2170WHL 2240DHL 2320DHL 20cnMFC-3320cnMFC-4800MFPMFC-4800J MFPMFC-6800 MFPMFC-7220 MFPMFC-7420 MFPMFC-7820N MFPMFC-8440 MFPMFC-8840 MFPMFC-8840D MFPMFC-J200MFC-J2320MFC-J3520CanonScan Lide 5.0D660E400ImageClass MF3110ImageClass MF3112ImageClass MF3220ImageClass MF3222ImageClass MF4010ImageClass MF4150iP100iP1700UoIP PrintUoIP ScanUoIP N/APassPassPassPassPassPassPassPassPass

0iX6770LBP 1100LBP 1120LBP 1120KLBP 1210LBP 3000LBP 3200LBP 3300LBP 3700MG6170LBP 430WLBP 510LBP 660LBP 800LBP ssPassPass-


psonEpsonEpsonEpsonEpsonEpsonEpsonEpsonEpsonPIXMA MP780PIXMA MP830PIXMA MG2470PIXMA MG2570PIXMA MG2970PIXMA MG3570PIXMA MG5470PIXMA MG5570PIXMA MG5670PIXMA MG6270PIXMA MG7170PIXMA MG7570PIXMA MX320PIXMA MX457PIXMA MX527PIXMA MX727PIXMA MX927MX700MX7600MX850Pixus 990iPixus MP770Pro9000Pro9000 Mark IIPro9500Pro9500 Mark IIPhoto 720Aculaser C1000Aculaser C1000SEAculaser C1600Aculaser C1700Aculaser C1900Aculaser C2900Aculaser C3000NAculaser C4000Aculaser C900Aculaser M1200Aculaser PassPassPassN/AN/APassPassPassPassPass

5L555L565L605L655L800L805L1300L1455L1800LP sPassPassPass

LQ-635CLQ-690CLQ-2190ME 320ME 340M188bPerfection -5800PX-A640PX-A740PX-FA700PX-V780Stylus C43UXStylus C45Stylus C60Stylus C61Stylus C65Stylus C66Stylus C67Stylus C90Stylus PassN/A

s CX-1500Stylus Color 670Stylus CX2900Stylus CX3100Stylus CX3500Stylus CX3700Stylus CX3810Stylus CX3900Stylus CX4700Stylus CX4800Stylus CX4900Stylus CX5300Stylus CX5500Stylus CX5505Stylus CX5700FStylus CX5900Stylus CX6900FStylus CX7300Stylus CX7800Stylus CX8300Stylus CX9300FME Office 82WDME Office 900WDME Office 940FWDME Office 960FWDStylus Office TX320FStylus CX7803Stylus EC-01Stylus Office TX300FStylus Office TX510FStylus Office TX600FStylus Office TX610FStylus Office TX700FStylus Office TX800FStylus Photo 1270Stylus Photo 2200Stylus Photo 830Stylus Photo 915Stylus Photo TX820FWDStylus Photo R270Stylus Photo RX210Stylus Photo RX430Stylus Photo RX510Stylus Photo RX530Stylus Photo RX630Stylus Photo RX650Stylus Photo RX690Stylus Photo T50Stylus Photo AN/AN/APassN/A

EpsonEpsonEpsonEpsonEpsonEpsonEpsonFUJI XeroxFUJI XeroxStylus Photo TX800FWStylus R310Stylus R320Stylus RX510Stylus RX530Stylus RX590Stylus T22Stylus TX130Stylus TX220Stylus TX235Stylus 0WStylusTX510FNStylusTX550WStylusTX610FWWorkforce 2XP-721DocuPrint 120DocuPrint sPassPassPassPassPassPassPassPassN/AN/A

FUJI XeroxFUJI XeroxFUJI XeroxFuji XeroxFUJI PHPHPHPHPHPDocuPrint 240ADocuPrint C2090FSDocuPrint C525ADocuprint P205 PS730PL730PS/GALAS400CLJ CM1312MFPColor LaserJet1500LColor LaserJet2600NColor LaserJet2840Color LaserJet3500Color LaserJet3600DeskJet 1010DeskJet 1110DeskJet 1510DeskJet 2130DeskJet 2540DeskJet D1560DeskJet D2020 hcDeskJet IA D2050 hcDeskJet D2460DeskJet D2560DeskJet D4260DeskJet D5560DeskJet F4280DeskJet F4480DeskJet 2050LaserJet 1005LaserJet 1012LaserJet 3020LaserJet 3030LaserJet 3050ZLaserJet 3055LaserJet 3200LaserJet 3300LaserJet 3380LaserJet 5200LLaserJet M1120 MFPLaserJet M1120NLaserJet M1319F MFPLaserJet /APassPassN/AN/AN/APassN/AN/AN/APass***N/A

serJet P1006LaserJet P1505LaserJet P2014LaserJet P2015DLaserJet P3005DLaserJet Pro M127fnLaserJet Pro M26aLaserJet Pro M26nwLaserJet Pro M425dnLaserJet Pro M521dnOfficejet 2620OfficeJet 4110OfficeJet 4355Officejet 4610Officejet 4620Officejet 4630OfficeJet 6000Officejet 6100 ePrintOfficeJet 6110Officejet 6310Officejet 6500Officejet 6600OfficeJet 6610OfficeJet 7000OfficeJet 7130Officejet D165Officejet H470bOfficejet J3608Officejet J4580Officejet J5780Officejet J6480Officejet K80Officejet Pro 6230Officejet Pro 6830Officejet Pro 8000Officejet Pro 8100 ePRINTEROfficejet Pro 8500WOfficejet Pro 8600Officejet Pro 8600 PlusOfficejet Pro 8610Officejet Pro 8620Officejet Pro L7590PhotoSmart A520PhotoSmart B109aPhotoSmart C309aPhotoSmart C4180PhotoSmart C4280PhotoSmart C4385PhotoSmart assPassPassPassPassPassPassPassPassN/APassPassPass

otoSmart C4580PhotoSmart C5180PhotoSmart C5380PhotoSmart C6180PhotoSmart C6280PhotoSmart C6380PhotoSmart C7180PhotoSmart C7280PhotoSmart C8180PhotoSmart D5360PhotoSmart D5460PhotoSmart D7360PhotoSmart 5510Photosmart 5520PhotoSmart 6510PhotoSmart 7510PhotoSmart Plus B209aPhotoSmart Premium C309aPhotoSmart Premium C309gPSC 1510PSC 2110PSC 2310PSC 2355PSC 2410PSC 2510PSC 950Color Laserjet 2700NColor Laserjet CM1015 MFPColor Laserjet CP1215Deskjet 1125CDeskjet 1180CDeskjet 1220CDeskjet 3520Deskjet 3745Deskjet 5652Deskjet 640CDeskjet 830CDeskjet 920CDeskjet D2360Deskjet 2000 J210Deskjet 3000Deskjet 3050Deskjet D1560Deskjet D2360Deskjet D2460Deskjet D2560Deskjet D3745Deskjet D4160Deskjet ssPassPass

skjet D4360Deskjet D4160Deskjet F300Deskjet F340Deskjet F350Deskjet F370Deskjet F379Deskjet F380Deskjet F4185Deskjet F4280Deskjet F4480LaserJet 1000LaserJet 1010LaserJet 1015LaserJet 1018LaserJet 1020LaserJet 1022LaserJet 1160LaserJet 2420LaserJet 2600nLaserJet 3015LaserJet 3050LaserJet 3330LaserJet M1005LaserJet Pro P1102wLaserJet Pro M1132LaserJet Pro CP1525nwLaserjet Pro 400 M401nLaserJet M152n MFPOfficejet 4255Officejet 4500Officejet 5510Officejet 5610Officejet 6000Officejet 6210Officejet 6500Officejet 7210Officejet 7500AOfficejet J3608Officejet J4580Officejet J4660Officejet J5780Officejet J6480Officejet G85Officejet Pro 6500AOfficejet Pro 7000Officejet Pro 8000Officejet Pro 8500AOfficejet Pro ss

ficejet Pro L7380Officejet Pro L7590Officejet Pro K5300Officejet Pro K8600PhotoSmart 2610PhotoSmart 3110PhotoSmart 3210PhotoSmart 3310PhotoSmart 335PhotoSmart 7830PhotoSmart 8030PhotoSmart A310PhotoSmart A520PhotoSmart B109aPhotoSmart B109nPhotoSmart B110a AIOPhotoSmart B209aPhotoSmart B210aPhotoSmart C309aPhotoSmart Plus C310aPhotoSmart Premium C309gPhotoSmart C410aPhotoSmart C3180PhotoSmart C4180PhotoSmart C4280PhotoSmart C4380PhotoSmart C4480PhotoSmart C4580PhotoSmart C5180PhotoSmart C5280PhotoSmart C5380PhotoSmart C6180PhotoSmart C6280PhotoSmart C6380PhotoSmart C7180PhotoSmart C7280PhotoSmart C8180PhotoSmart D5360PhotoSmart D5460PhotoSmart D7360PhotoSmart P1000PSC 1210PSC 1315PSC 1350PSC 1402PSC 1410PSC 1610PSC 2210 All-in-oneScanjet ssPassPassPassPassPassPassPassPassPass-

HPIBMKonica MinotaKonica MinotaKonica MinotaKonica MinotaKonica MinotaKonica MinotaKonica MinotaKonica MinotaKonica MinotaKonica MinotaKonica MinotaKonica MinotaKonica MinotaKonica MinotaKonica MinotaKonica MinotaKonica rkLexmarkLexmarkScanjet 4370Infoprint 1332MC-2430DLBizhub 160FBizhub 162Bizhub 210Dialta Di1611MagiColor 2300WMagiColor 2400WMagiColor 2430DLMagicolor 2500WMagiColor 5430DLMagiColor 5440DLPagePro 1250WPagePro 1300WPagePro 1350WPagePro 1380MFPagePro 1390MFPagePro PassPassPassPassPassPassPassPassPass

Epson ME205 Pass Pass N/A Pass Epson LQ-635C Pass N/A N/A Pass Epson LQ-690C Pass N/A N/A Pass Epson LQ-2190 Pass N/A N/A Pass Epson ME 320 Pass Pass N/A Pass

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To set up ReadySHARE Printer: Step 1: Connect the USB printer to the router’s USB port with a USB printer cable. Step 2: Install the USB printer driver software on each computer that will share the printer. If you do not have the printer driver, contact the printer manufacturer to find and download the most recent printer driver software.

Fax) of a MFP printer, printing of GDI printer, and even other multimedia software of any MFP/GDI printer. For the detail information, see the “Using The PS Software” chapter in this manual. ¾ PS-Wizard - A simple tool for you easily adding a printer on your computer.

86 hp laserjet 1536dnf mfp 2 87 hp laserjet 500 mfp m525 1 88 hp laserjet enterprise mfp m630 1 89 hp laserjet m1120 mfp 2 \ 90 hp laserjet m1522n 2 1 91 hp laserjet m4345 mfp 2 j ( 92 hp laserjet m5035 mfp 1 93 hp laserjet m521dn 1 94 hp laserjet p1606dn 2 95 hp laserjet p1616dn 1 96 hp laserjet p3005dn 1 ,,--5/— hp laserjet p4015 1 98 hp .

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5. To set the printer as the default, in the printer window, right-click on the printer, and then select Set as default printer. If successful, the printer is displayed with a green checkmark next to it. Your default printer has been set. Canon Printer To add a print code and set a Canon printer as your default printer: 1. Select the Windows .

ONE SUPERSPEED USB 3.0 PORT—Up to 10x faster than USB 2.0 READYCLOUD USB ACCESS—Enjoy personal & secure cloud access to USB storage anytime, anywhere READYSHARE PRINTER—Wirelessly access & share a USB printer READYSHARE USB ACCESS—Wirelessly access & share USB hard drive & printer via two (2) USB ports

4. USB 2.0 connector Connect USB-compatible devices, such as a USB keyboard, USB mouse, USB storage device, or USB printer. 5. USB 3.2 connector Gen 1 Connect USB-compatible devices, such as a USB keyboard, USB mouse,

In-box 1m cable or Jabra 1.8m cable How to connect using Anker PowerLine/Newnex cable USB-A USB-C 3m USB-A to USB-C cable How to connect using Startech USB 3.0/USB 2.0 Startech USB Extender Power Adapter USB-A USB-A USB-C In-box