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AMPED PRO PakStep-by-Step GuideAMPED products help me kick-start myworkouts and recover better after intensetraining. I can train harder and more effectivelyand I know I’m also getting great nutrition fromthe rest of the Isagenix range.RICO GEARFORMER ALL BLACKS RUGBY PLAYERMaintain MuscleExperience Faster RecoveryImprove Performance

AMPED PRO Pak overviewYOUR AMPED PRO PAK CONTAINS THEFOLLOWING PRODUCTS:(2) IsaLean PRO (chocolate or vanilla) (14ct)Maintain lean muscle and improve satiation with this nutritionallybalanced meal replacement that contains 36g of undenaturedprotein per serve.(1) IsaLean Bar (10ct)Protein-rich, nutritionally-balanced bars to keep you satisfiedwhile on-the-go. Available in four delicious flavours.(1) Cleanse for Life A blend of minerals, antioxidants, gentle cleansing herbs and Aloevera to nourish your body and support your immune system.(1) e (6ct)A nutrient-packed liquid shot with caffeine from green tea andyerba mate to help improve focus and physical performance.(1) Ionix SupremeA mineral-rich drink formula with specialised adaptogens to helpyour body adapt to stressful situations.(1) Replenish (24ct)A refreshing, natural drink mix with electrolytes and vitamins tosupport and revitalise your body during and after exercise.AMPED PRO PakThe Right NutritionTime in the gym won’t get you the results you want without the rightnutrition and supplement support. Now you have the perfect nutritionalprogram to help you reach your fitness and performance goals. The AMPEDPRO Pak is convenient and easy to incorporate into your active lifestyle,whether you’re an athlete, gym-goer or weekend warrior. The specialisedproducts in the AMPED PRO Pak will help you: Build lean muscle Maintain muscle strength Increase performance Improve stamina Train harder Experience faster recovery(1) AMPED PowerA pre-workout supplement designed to offer athletic supportby preparing your body before training and helping to improveperformance.(1) AMPED NOx (6ct)The perfect pre-workout shot to help prime muscles for maximumperformance during high-intensity exercise.(1) AMPED RecoverA post-workout drink for better muscle recovery and rebuilding.FOR BEST RESULTS:1.Use the Shake and Cleanse Day planners on page 3 to help youremember when to take the different products. Print additional copiesat to help you continue to follow the program.2. Concentrate on nutrient timing and give your body appropriatenutrition at times when it is primed to use the nutrients mosteffectively. AMPED products are designed to support your body’sneeds before, during and after workouts.Visit for helpful tips.For full ingredients listing visit read the label. Use only as directed.

Now You’re Ready to BeginSHAKE DAY PLANNER – 2 Shake Meals per dayCLEANSE DAY PLANNER*Morningqq Drink 1–2 glasses of purified water.To benefit from ‘Everyday Cleansing’, drink 1 serving of Cleanse forLife in the morning.Breakfastqq Enjoy 1 packet of IsaLean PRO with 240mL of purified waterand ice.qq Take 2 Essentials †.qq Drink 30mL of Ionix Supreme liquid or mix 1 level scoop of IonixSupreme powder with 180mL of purified water.Mid-Morning — Snackqq Drink 1–2 glasses of purified water.qq OPTIONAL: 1 ‘Shake Day Snack Ideas’.Lunchqq Enjoy 1 packet of IsaLean PRO with 240mL of purified water andice OR eat a healthy, balanced 2500 kJ meal.qq Drink 1–2 glasses of purified water.Mid-Afternoon — Snackqq Drink 1–2 glasses of purified water.qq OPTIONAL: 1 ‘Shake Day Snack Ideas’.Dinnerqq Enjoy 1 packet of IsaLean PRO with 240mL of purified water andice OR eat a healthy, balanced 2500 kJ meal.qq Drink 1–2 glasses of purified water.qq Take 2 Essentials†.Pre-Workoutqq Take 1 AMPED NOx followed by 1 e and 1 serve of AMPEDPower prior to working out.Mid-Workoutqq Sip 1-2 serves Replenish while you train.Post-Workoutqq Have 1 serve of AMPED Recover and 1 serve of IsaPro†.Cleanse #1 (Morning)qq Enjoy 2 level scoops of Cleanse for Life with60-120mL of purified water.qq Take 2 Essentials†.qq Drink 30mL of Ionix Supreme liquid or mix 1 level scoopof Ionix Supreme powder with 180mL of purified water.qq Drink 1-2 glasses of purified water.Mid-Morning — Snackqq Drink 1-2 glasses of purified water.qq OPTIONAL: 1 ‘Cleanse Day Options/Support’.Cleanse #2 (Lunch)qq Enjoy 2 level scoops of Cleanse for Life with60-120mL of purified water.qq Drink 1-2 glasses of purified water.Early-Afternoon — Snackqq Drink 1-2 glasses of purified water.qq 2 Isagenix Snacks †.qq OPTIONAL: 1 ‘Cleanse Day Options/Support’.Cleanse #3 (Mid-Afternoon)qq Enjoy 2 level scoops of Cleanse for Life with60-120mL of purified water.qq Drink 1-2 glasses of purified water.Early-Evening — Snackqq Drink 1-2 glasses of purified water.qq 2 Isagenix Snacks†.qq OPTIONAL: 1 ‘Cleanse Day Options/Support’.Cleanse #4 (Evening)qq Enjoy 2 level scoops of Cleanse for Life with60-120mL of purified water.qq Drink 1-2 glasses of purified water.qq Take 2 Essentials†.SHAKE DAY SNACK IDEAS:CLEANSE DAY OPTIONS/SUPPORT: 1 Slim Cakes †1-2 e 6 almonds (unsalted, raw)1 boiled eggFibre Snacks †** Follow ‘Deep Cleansing Directions’ on the Cleanse for Life labelto ensure proper serving size.2 Isagenix Snacks†1-2 IsaDelight † chocolates (maximum 2 per day)1-2 e 1-2 servings of Replenish (if you are exercising)† Recommended product is not included in the AMPED PRO Pak and must be purchased separately.* The AMPED PRO Pak contains one canister of Cleanse for Life, which is perfect for daily cleansing. If you wishto follow the Cleanse Day Planner, you will need to purchase one additional Cleanse for Life canister.For more Shake and Cleanse Day tips and tools, see the guidelines section on Page 4 and visit IsaProductAU.com3

2500 kJ Meal IdeasPlan to eat sensible meals that are high in protein and fibre and contain a healthy balance of complex carbohydrates and healthyfats. See table below for suggestions and serving size recommendations. Combine one choice from each of the categories belowso that the kilojoules in your meal add up to around 2500.*PROTEIN(20 – 35 g protein)COMPLEX CARBOHYDRATES( 45 g carb)HEALTHY FATS( 10 g fat)VEGETABLES(unlimited)OTHER( 25 g carb)Free Range Chicken Breast(140 g.)Organic Old FashionedOatmeal(1 cup cooked)Olive or Flax Oil(1 tbsp)Dark Greens, Broccoli,Kale, Spinach(2–3 cups)Organic Apple or Pear(1)Salmon Or Other Fish(140 g.)Organic Brown, Wild orBasmati Rice(1 cup cooked)Cottage Cheese(½ cup)Mixed Salad Greens(2–3 cups)Melon or Papaya Fresh(1 ½ cups)Gluten Free Chicken orTurkey Burger(140 g.)Quinoa(1 cup cooked)Organic Almond Butter(1 tbsp)Capsicums, Tomatoes& Onions(2–3 cups)Organic Berries(1 cup)Steak(140 g.)Gluten Free orWhole-Grain Pasta(1 cup cooked)Avocado(½)Steamed Mixed Vegetables(2–3 cups)IsaDelight (1)Tofu or Meat Alternative(1 ½ cups)Corn Tortillas(1 or 2 small)Unsalted, Pumpkin,Sunflower or Sesame Seeds(1 tbsp)Sliced Tomatoes(2 cups)Fresh Herbs, Basil,Rosemary, Corianderor ParsleyFree Range Egg/Egg Whites(1 egg and 5 whites)Sweet Potato(1 cup cooked)Raw Almonds or Walnuts(12)Asparagus(6 spears)Herbal Tea with 1-2 tspHoney, Hot or Iced(1 cup)Free Range White TurkeyMeat (Sodium-Nitrate Free)(4 slices)Beans or Lentils(1 cup cooked)Reduced-Fat Feta Cheese(2 tbsp)Green Beans(1 cup)IsaLean Bar(½)*kJ and macronutrient ranges reflect differences in serving size and variety of item selected4

Cleansing Calendar & GuidelinesCLEANSING CALENDAR (START ON ANY DAY OF THE WEEK)SHAKE DAY GUIDELINESEndorsed by Isagenix Founder andMaster Formulator John W. AndersonSSDay 1Day 2SSDay 8Day 9SSDay 15Day 16SSDay 22Day 23SSSDay 3SDay 4SSSSDay 18SDay 19SDay 24Day 25Day 7SDay 12CDay 13Day 14S*CDay 20SDay 21SDay 26 If your training regime requires extra protein, you can addIsaPro to your Shake.CDay 6SDay 11Day 17SDay 5SDay 10 Isagenix recommends enjoying an IsaLean PRO Shakefor breakfast.CDay 27Day 28SDay 29Day 30S Shake DaysC Cleanse Days* To ensure product for next month, make sure to order nolater than day 20 or enrol in the Autoship Rewards program.To follow the above calender, you will need to purchase extraCleanse for Life .Track Your ProgressDay 30Total If you are exercising a lot, be sure to adjust your kilojouleand protein intake to account for your output. Dependingon how intense your training is, you may need toconsume an extra meal each day, or consume IsaLeanPRO or an IsaLean Bar between meals. Consult yourphysician for optimal kilojoule intake. Drink plenty of water throughout the day. As a guidelinefor healthy adults living in a temperate climate,the National Health and Medical Research Councilrecommends total daily water consumption of 2.1L forwomen and 2.6L for men. Additional if exercising. Isagenix recommend you do no more than 2 Cleanse Daysconsecutively or within a week unless there are modificationswhere more kilojoules are consumed on specific Shake Days.Upper Knee (right)Upper Knee (left)Calf (right)Calf (left)Upper Thigh (right)Upper Thigh (left)ButtocksAbdomenWaistDiaphragmChestUpper Arm (right)Upper Arm (left)NeckWeightMeasurementsDay 11 Engage in an exercise program with both aerobicand resistance training. Consult your physician beforeundertaking a new exercise program.CLEANSE DAY GUIDELINESMEASUREMENT TRACKERDay 1 Prepare your 2500kJ meal for lunch or dinner. For mealideas, purchase Better Living from visit Only participate in light to moderate levels of exercise onCleanse Days. Complete at least 2 Shake Days (also referred to as PreCleanse Days) before beginning a 2-Day Deep Cleanse. Drink plenty of water throughout the day. As a guidelinefor healthy adults living in a temperate climate, the NationalHealth and Medical Research Council recommends a dailytotal water consumption are 2.1 litres for women and 2.6litres for men.Additional tools can be foundat IsaProductAU.comLost /GainedGoalsUse the tape measure included in your Welcome Kit.5

Your Success is Our Success!WE’VE DEVELOPED A RANGE OF RESOURCES TO HELP YOUACHIEVE A HEALTHIER, MORE ENERGETIC LIFESTYLE.Science: ISAPRODUCTAU.COMWant to know more about our life-changing products? Hereyou’ll find information sheets, fast facts and videos to ensure youhave the best product experience ever.Inspiration: ANZ.ISAMOVIE.COMOur diverse video suite allows you to share Isagenix witheveryone. Learn about our four incredible solutions, nocompromise products and business opportunity.News and information: ANZ.ISAFYI.COMSubscribe to our buzzing news portal. Sharing all the latestsuccess stories, tools, promotions and products, we’re here tokeep you informed.Community: SOCIAL MEDIAJoin us for daily encouragement, business building support andnetworking opportunities on the following social orporating AMPED Recover into my dailytraining routine has taken my results to a levelI didn’t think was possible. I can train longerand harder but then wake up the next day ableto train hard again because my recovery isphenomenal.ANNA RICHARDSFITNESS ENTHUSIASTDO YOU WANT TO LEARN HOW TO GETYOUR NEXT PAK PAID FOR? Do you have friends or family that would benefit by using the AMPED PRO Pak? Do you want to manage your weight or feel healthier?Information provided in this publications and on all packaging and labels is for general purposesonly and designed to help you make informed decisions about your health. It is not intended tosubstitute advice from your physician or health-care professional. If you are pregnant, nursing,diabetic, on medication, have a medical condition, or are beginning a weight control program,consult your physician before using Isagenix products or making any other dietary changes.Discontinue use if adverse events occur. Isagenix programs and products are not intended todiagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. For best results, use your Isagenix program inconjunction with regular exercise and a balanced diet. Do you want to earn a part-time income (holidays, car payments, mortgages)or even a full-time income?Go to or talk with your sponsor tolearn more about the Isagenix Opportunity! 2016 Isagenix International, LLCAll Rights Reserved 16-7055 18.04.166

CLEANSE DAY OPTIONS/SUPPORT: 2 Isagenix Snacks† . CLEANSING CALENDAR (START ON ANY DAY OF THE WEEK) Track Your Progress MEASUREMENT TRACKER S Day 1 S Day 2 S Day 3 S Day 4 S Day 5 S Day 6 C Day 7 S Day 8 Day 9 Day 10 Day 11 Day 12 Day 13 C Day 14 S

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5 Chakan, India Gotemba, Japan Kunshan, China Rayong, Thailand Tetra Pak Homogenizer TA 300 Tetra Pak TBA/19 0100 Tetra Pak Cap Applicator 30/Flex 0400 DreamCap Tetra Pak A3/Speed 0500 Tetra Pak Separators H20 Tetra Pak TP A3/CompactFlex 0300 Tetra Pak Accumulator Helix 30 0500 Tetra Pak PHE M10, C6 Tetra Pak Accumulator Helix 0500 Tetra Pak Straw Applicator 30 0300

(PRO MIG 140) 11175 111131 (PRO MIG 180) 11300 211111 (PRO CORE 125) 11302 211111 (WELD PAK 125HD) 11303 311121 (WELD PAK 140HD) 11304 111131 (WELD PAK 180HD) 11440 311122 (MIG PAK 140) 11441 111132 (MIG PAK 180) 11501 311121 (SP-140T) Magnum 100 L Gun & Cable K530-6 P-202-E.2 Wraparound & Door Assembly P-532-G 5 Case Back .

1 Ageless Essentials with Product B IsaGenesis . BUSINESS BUILDER'S PAK THE ULTIMATE PAK (Great Pak for Business Builders. It was called the Business Builders Pak) BV: 640 Price: US 1,099.00 1 Whey Thins 1 IsaPro 2 Isalean PRO 4 IsaLean Shakes 2 Cleanse for Life 2 Ionix Supreme

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The FROTH-PAK Refill System is designed for ease-of-use. The following instructions should be fol-lowed strictly to assure maximum equipment performance and efficiency. SYSTEM INFORMATION 1.1 Densities SYSTEM DENSITY (kg/m3) FROTH-PAK 30 QR HFC B2 Polyol/FROTH-PAK HFC Isocyanate 30 FROTH-PAK

The PAK-ALERT distress alarm is a PERSONAL ALERT SAFETY SYSTEM (PASS) intended to assist in locating a respirator user who is incapacitated or in need of assistance. The SCOTT PAK-ALERT distress alarm, P/N 201160-SERIES, is an optional accessory intended only for use on SCOTT SCBA respirators including the AIR-PAK X3 CGA and AIR-PAK X3 SNAP